Superman vs. Marvel/DC

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Superman vs:

Ra's Al Ghul
Mister Freeze


long pig
Unless superman takes his time and doesnt go light speed and knock all these foos out he wins easy.
but if by some slim chance he tries talking to em...magneto could possibly create a black hole and suck supes in.
but i doubt it.

superman can go light speed ( since when)

Originally posted by kgkg
superman can go light speed ( since when)

Superman has always been able to move at amazingly fast speeds.

Before Pre-Crisis he could move faster than the speed of light, and after Pre-Crisis the current Superman could move at near-light velocities. This is still ridiculously fast .....especially once you consider that a man-sized object moving at a 'mere' mach-10 (hyper-sonic speed) would be virtually invisible, then imagine what a super-dense Kryptonian body moving at near-light speed could do?

The other major difference between Pre-Crisis and current Superman is their ability to use insane velocities in Earth atmosphere.
Pre-Crisis Superman could go at light speed anywhere.
However Post-Crisis Superman can only use his near-light speeds in outer space. The reason is not because he cannot use them on earth, but rather because if he was to go faster than a certain speed on Earth he could ignite the atmosphere and cause significant damage. Hence on Earth he normally limits his speeds to standard escape velocity.

The Flash (even the current Flash ...who is even faster than the Pre-Crisis versions) can go at light speed in Earth atmosphere. The reason for this is because of the Speed Force, which basically removes such factors as friction and its detriments.

Anyways, Superman can go at near-light velocities.
And facing the team above all he would need to do is move at such speed, in Earth atmosphere, for a mere 10 feet! That would ignite the atmosphere for a several mile radius, and it would be over for the teams.
Or if he wants to be cruel he can decide not to stop and just knock them all out in a couple of picoseconds.

NB: I'm talking about the comic book Superman, not the pathetic JLU cartoon version.

ya i knew that he can move near light speed. But i don't think he can go beyond that (post) if he did there will be no need for the Flash.

I still think the current Mag can take Superman.

While the other are distracting him.

Mag can take him down.(am talking about the uber powerful mag who can create Black hole etc.)

long pig
well, there was really never any reason for the FLash but whatever.
Superman as gone LS and beyond.
if he did this, he could knock them all out before they could even comprehend where they are.

black wolverine
u guys are wrong pluse superman is gay and magneto himself can kill him and carnage himself can beat him remember superman fought aliens and had a togh time so supewrman sucks

come on all those guys against a gay little pussy superman worst enemy is a rich white guy that tells on people wat kind of villian is that and he has all those powers i hate superman

superman died within seconds

black wolverine
and venom already defeated spiderman and superman at the same time so this is a waist of room

Cosmic Cube
Pre-crisis Superman couldn't go at lightspeeds. When Mxyzptlk forced them to race, he could barely keep up with Barry (pre-crisis Flash) who could only go about 128mps. Current Superman can only go at about 7410mph (Mach 10) in earth's atmosphere.

Kryptonian bodies aren't "super-dense" spetznaz. Superman weighs a mere 225 pounds.

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