the next harry potter

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cheeky munkey
i started this just messing about in another forum ,and sum1 said i should post it here..............
first i must say that i didnt come up with any of the ideas...... they are all thanx to JK rowling, and her genius creation of harry potter..................
anyway... here goes.... i have started it, can other ppl please carry it on big grin

here goes.....
it was a fine summers day in privet drive, and a small skinny boy was sat in his room, alone, finishing a letter.
This was harry potter. He was a wizard. He was finishing a letter to his friend Ron, who had invited him to stay at his house.
harry was alone in the house, because his aunt, uncle and cousin had gone to look at a new car.
harry was making the most of having the house to himself as he didnt get along very well with the Dursleys. His own parents had been killed when he was a baby by the most powerful dark wizard of the time. He had tried to kill harry too, but for some reason his curse had rebounded upon him. He was however back, and rebuilding his power. Only last year had he tried, for the fifth time to kill harry... Once again however he had failed.
harry laid back on his bed, and thought about this time next week, when he would be at his best friend rons house. Rons family, unlike the Dursleys were all wizards, and loved having harry around. He would be able to play wizard chess, and ride his broomstick again..... He shut his eyes and imagined the feeling of being on his firebolt again.
However, the slamming over the door alerted him to the fact that the Dursleys were back
harry sighed, rolled off his bed, and went downstairs to meet them.
"there you are" snapped uncle vernon
"hope you've been making yourself useful while we've been out"
Dudley wandered in, looked at harry, and hurried over to his father "dad.... im going to Malcolm's tonight.... ok"
"ok duddykins... just dont stay out too late, and make sure you have enough to eat" crowed aunt petunia
" you boy"... snapped vernon "go and get the tea ready"
harry walked slowly out into the kitchen, wishing that he was already at Rons house.
Harry was in the kitchen preparing the salad when a large screech owl swooped in through the window. it was carrying Harry's copy of the Daily Prophet. he paid the owl and it tok off through the window. quickly he scanned the front page for news of Voldemorts activities. there were a few disappearences but nothing other than that. Harry paused and wondered where Voldemort was now, and whether he was planning his next attack.
Harry finished preparing the dinner and took it in.
"Uncle Vernon.... do you think it would be ok if i went to stay at Ron's house next week untill the end of the holidays?"
Harry watched his uncle's large purple face as he thought about whether to let harry go... Harrycould see that he was torn between the idea of getting rid of Harry two weeks earlier than normal, and between giving harry what he wanted.
"fine... but they'd better not come through the fireplace again"

Harry left the room, struggling to contain the urge to jump around..... he was so excited... he only had to spend one more week here..... he rushed up to his room, pulled across the parchment which had his letter to Ron on it, and scribbled at the bottom the muggles say i can come... but i dont know how you can get me... using the fire place probably wouldnt be a good idea, after last time.... let me know
he rolled up the parchment and picked up the Daily Prophet... he would finish reading it whilst he waited for hedwig to get back.

The next few days past slowly. Nothing much happened. Dudley kept out of the house mainly off with friends while Harry's aunt and Uncle completly ignored him unless they were barking orders at him. He would of thought with the talk from some of th Order they would be a little nicer but obviously he was wrong.

It was the night before Harry would be leaving to the dursleys. They would be borrowing one of the ministry's cars again now that they were on there good side.

Harry lazily strolled downstairs his legs automatically taking him to the kitchen where he knew his Aunt and Uncle would once again bark at him to cook tea but when he arrived all he found was a not on the table

Theres food in the microwave, DONT TOUCH ANYTHING just gone to the Williams for tea be back around ten.

Great, Harry thought, he wouldn't have to put up with Dudley giving hi weird looks across the table and Uncle Vernon on purposly not loooking at him and..

Just then......

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