The Matrix Overloaded

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Ghost, Captain of the Aries, but before that he was a highly trained expert assain. The Agents were lookinf for a setain someone, by the name of Thomas "Neo" Anderson. At first they wanted to kill him so they hired an assain. Anthony , "Ghost", Wong was hiered to follow Neo. They put something in him a bug and Ghost didn't notice untill he was set free.

2 days before Neo's mysterious disappearence, Ghost was founded by a man named Hard Drive and a lovely woman named Jue. Shortly after Ghost fell in love with Jue and Neo was freed. One day, Commander Locke had Jue transfered because of his grudge with Hard Drive, but that was a mistake. Jue was trannsfered to the Osiris who was destroyed by sententials. This was the Final Flight of the Osiris. Jue was making an emergeny drop, mail, in the matrix. Ghost was jumping from building to building and saw Jue. The messege was sent but her life was cut. She died in Ghost's arms.

Everyday, before every mission, Ghost would go to her grave in the matrix by her request. From that day on Ghost was no longer the same person.
(Fan Fic from The Matrix Part 1.)

Hard Drive an Ghost were on a retine check to look for a new crew member. They couldin find any. One night a girl named Nancy had adream. She some how dreamed of Zion and sent it to Morpheus. The same night an Agent picked it up and went to Nancy's apartment. He tried to kill her but Ghost arrived just on time. He killed the agent by a useful method developed by Hard Drive.

They set Nancy free and she was apart of teh Aries' crew. But at the exact same time, a 9 year old boy and a 19 year old girl, awoke at the same time that Nancy had awoken. They too became apart of the crew.

Danny, the 9 year old boy, was the first every child to be apart of a crew. He took up the name mouse due to his small size. Jackie, the teenager kept her name as well as Nancy. Both Jackie and Danny adapted to the matrix faster than any one else has, and that was partly the reason why Mouse stayed on the Aries.

(Fan Fic from The Matrix: Reloaded)

One day, the Aries was returning home from a breif check in the matrix. When they reched the gates of Zion they saw a swarm of sentenals trying to break thorough. The sentenals saw the Aries comming back so they went to attack. They broke through the hull of the Aries and entered. One of them killed Hard Drive. Ghost grabbed a gun and put up a great fight against the sentenals, but his anger and hunger for revenge got the best of him.

The Human-Machine Treaty was made short after and the sentenals left. The crew and the ship were out cold on the ground. Some one brought the Aries back into Zion. After that the crew members of the Aries swore that they would get revenge....especial Ghost.

(Fan Fic from The Matrix: Revoulutions)

Crew members for the Aries

Hard Drive: Former Captain of the Aries
Ghost:Captain of the Aries
Nancy:Lutenit of the Aries
Jackie:3rd mate
Cabel: Operator
Modem: Operator

Before the Death of Jue, Jue and Ghost had a child. THe little girl was seperated after birth and Jue never saw her child again. She never told Ghost because she didn't want him to know about it. Ghost wouldn't have gotten mad and he wouldn't have had any problem but Jue still didn't want him to know. The child was sent to a low near the bottom of Zion were she was raised by an old woman. The child never had a name so she took up her mother's and as now know as Jue.

Around the time of the war Jue changed her training simulater to jack her into the matrix. She acted as a guradian angel for her father and his crew.

Jue has been spoted from time to time by Ghost..but he thinks that it is just a mindtrick. Jue has also been spotted by agents is now on their top list. They have been tracking her and have traced that she is related to Ghost.

Captain REX

So this is the same Jue and Ghost from the trilogy? Cause that kinda screws with continuity, seeing as Ghost loved Trinity and Niobe isn't mentioned in there... erm

Well thanks for the complament...

Ghost is a different person but with the same name as the one on the Logo's and Jue is from the Animatrix

And sorry for the 4 in a row posts but I didn't want to make a new topic and the rules say to have like 1,000 characters in it...

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