Rogue VS Superman

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Rogue or Superman.
Rogue she'd suck him dry.

Id go for superman. He's not only a lot faster and stronger but he's also alien so u cant be certain that rogues powers would actually work on him. She is so outclassed. Even if they did she wouldnt be able to lay a finger on him b4 he'd knocked her out. She needs at least a second of skin to skin contact for her powers to kick in so supes could quite fearlessly bludgeon her to death

King Burger
Originally posted by RogueGambitdare
Rogue or Superman.
Rogue she'd suck him dry.

I think you could have re-phrased that a bit...

Still, Superman would knock her out with one punch
before she could even see him.

But I love Rogue (especially the cartoon version),
she's not only hot, but super-cool, and has great

Wonder if she grabbed him would she really touch his skin with the biometric field that protects him? And would she be able to drain him or is his will to strong for her to control.

I still think Rogue wins.

Heat Vision.

Supes no problem. There's countless ways for him to mash her into pulp before she could drain his powers. IF she could drain his powers.

Rogue is suppose to invincable right? What makes you think if he hits her it would have much of an effect on her?

Rogue used to have high durablity but I dont think it would be enough to take the heat vison of Superman which can go to heat of the sun. Rougue right now does not have superstrength and her other powers. Just her absorbtion power.

one hit from Superman and she is done for.

NO contest.

she give her best shot to thor and he was smiling.

and Sups is as stong if not stonger in term of strenght.

Thanos the Lord
Superman just keeps on blasting her with his laser until Rogue dies.

rogue isn't that easy.
but she would sooo beat up the cardboard cut out.

Alpha Centauri
Rogue isn't supposed to be invincible.

What the hell is wrong with you? Does anybody here actually have the ability to think?

Rogue Vs Superman? Jesus.


Originally posted by RogueGambitdare
Rogue or Superman.
Rogue she'd suck him dry.

is this a fight or a scenario in a porn film?.......... lol

black wolverine
i dont kno but i hate superman so rogue because rogue is sexy

Touching won't work. Supes has a half n' inch forcefield around his body.

Yeah Supeman would kill her if he did not have that value of life.

You know, I keep hearing about this forcefield, but I've never seen any evidence of this. Superman gets cut all the time, but all kinds of opponents. He's had his jaw broken, he's cried out in pain, Lois can touch him, he's been absorbed by Parasite and Starro...this isn't Juggernaut, who's never been shown to be cut or bruised or anything. Superman has been shown battered plenty of times. Where did this whole forcefield thing come from?

The Official Encyclopedia of DC Heroes. Oh and that big book on Superman from Barnes & Noble.

Superman would simply pulverize this even debatable??

You guys give Rogue far too much credit, first I see Rogue vs Hulk now its taken a step further, what next Rogue vs Galactus and Onslaught??

I know not whether or not Superman has a forcefield around his body, that matters not in this debate because Superman has many other ways of battering the country gal..

Firstly, Superman is just "too" versatile as he has too many advantages to work with while applying his "superior" battle experience. Before she can manage a blow Superman could warp right behind her and deliver a "damaging" blow the likes of which she may not recover..

Secondly, not only is Kal-El quicker but he has loads of times stronger as he withstood a direct hulk blow(something Rogue could never do) and didn't even bear a single stratch..

Rogue is a "teamster" and needs team assistance to topple guys like Juggernaut, Omega Red, and Gladiator(whoms is supposedly Supes equal)..

This isn't even debatable, Rogue would lose nuff said...

Rogue is definitely outclassed here. If they were both going at each other all out, Rogue would get pummeled, or he'd drop her with his heat vision.

But, in a normal conflict, Superman's first response wouldn't be to beat Rogue to death.

Rogue would probably come at him swinging, and being the rational guy that he is, he'd probably just knock her around a bit and try to reason with her.

Seeing that she's outmatched she'd probably go for the power absorption trick.

Sometimes her powers work on aliens, sometimes they don't, but this would be her last chance at pulling out a win.

If she touches him its over.

Alpha Centauri

Quite funny Jplat.


It depends on where she "touches" him that could decide the fate of this battle....j/k

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