I am the only one with this problem?

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I loved the movie, but am I the only one that has a problem with Toby Maguire? I just think they could have chosen a better actor.


A better actor for SPider-Man maybe, but not a better actor for Peter Parker.

Lord Ryugen
Hmm! I'll go with that, Toby made a great Peter Parker but they should of used someone else for Spidey.

Lord Shadow Z
Toby Maguire looked too young , sounded like a whiny petulant child and during those scenes when he tried to frown like he was angry were laughable to say the least. He didn't fit or even come close to the character of Peter Parker and as Spiderman...... laughing laughing

Mr Parker
I think you met to say he looked too OLD though for the part in the manspider movie though right? yeah he was laughable as spiderman,err manspider is the term that fits hum better now since they screwed up the spiderman character so badly.see my sig below. big grin

No offense, but this this is at least the second time in recent history that you've managed to drag the "man-spider" thing into a completely unrelated topic. Do you always do that?

Mr Parker
When its a discussion about the movie of SONYS yeah.If we were talking about the upcoming Catwoman movie which ALSO betrays the source material,I would be referring to it as CRAPWOMAN all the time.

I liked Tobey Maguire as Spider-man. No, he wasn't perfect (who is), but he was certainly more than okay. He is a good actor and he has the perfect body to play Spider-man: not too muscled, but more the body of a trained athlete. Compared to many heroes, Spider-man hasn't the most impressive muscles. Neither has Tobey.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with him. Besides, if you don't like him, then propose another actor. But finding a truly good actor who also looks like Peter Parker (Tobey does look a bit like him) and who has the ideal figure to play Spider-man will give some difficulties. And the idea to have two different actors (one for for Spider-man, one for Peter Parker) sucks.

The only bad idea in the Spider-man movie was the laughable costume of the Green Goblin. But Tobey was okay.

Tobey was great as high school, nerdy shy Parker. But shouldn't he have grown into a more confident and wisecracking attitude once he achieved his spidey powers? As Spider-man his wisecracks didnt' flow well enough to me. The scene where he told off Jameson while Gobby attacked the Bugle was kinda awkward to me--it wasn't funny.

Mr Parker
your forgetting the OTHER bad idea they had for the movie which will be in the next sequel also.see my sig below on what that horrible idea was.

I didn't mind him as Peter Parker. It's when he wore the spandex that bothered me. He sounded like a dweeb. Especially the part where he saves MJ for the first time and swings away with her. He just sounded too much like Puny Parker. I liked the original spider-man cartoon where Parker would deepen his voice when in costume. Just my 2 cents.

'nuff said.

I would have proposed one if I could have thought of a good one, but truth be told it's big shoes to fill. Maybe introducing an unknown actor would have been a better choice.

Don't laugh, but I can see Brendan Fraser as a good Spider-man. He is an underestimated actor who plays roles ranging from nerd-kid to tough hero. I loved him in The Mummy, but despite the fact that his most other movies aren't that good (some were pretty good, the rest sucked), he always plays very well.

But then again, he maybe is a little bit too old.

I think Tobey was a pretty good choice. I was pissed at first becuase I couldn't picture him as Spider-Man, but then I remembered he isn't relly playing Spider-Man, he was cast as Peter Parker.
I think Brendan Fraser is too tall to be Parker. Also, you have to remember that the movie took place right after he had gained his powers. I think we will see much more wisecracking in the next one because he has had time to grow into his powers, and has had two years to become more confident.
And as a final note; everyone should really try to ignore Mr. Parker before he ruins this thread just like every other one. (Although I do agree on the Catwoman). He just can't let a topic drop, he needs to bring it into every other thread he posts on. Gets kinda old.

Freddie Prinze Jr was going to play him at 1st and I thought that was awesome until Tobey got the part at the last minute. If Freddie got the role, he would have been good.

As far as who's cast as Peter Parker, isn't it a bit late for that? MacGuire is cast, and we'll be looking at him for at least one more movie. Brendan Fraser would have been an execrable choice; the mere idea makes me laugh out loud. He's the same character in every movie, and the loveable-goofball schtick gets old fast. Seen it already.

a wisecracking spidey is definitely needed...

even a wise-cracking Parker....he does that a lot too in the comics. To Jameson, to Gwen, to MJ, to Flash, etc...

The best portrayal would have to be Peter Parker in Spider-man 90s Animated Series. If only they didn't make him look so Nick Hammond (sp).

dami wilson
a wise cracking spidey is definately needed! Maybe Slyvester Stallone? Or that guy in the Grudge? Spidey has to be annoyingly funny next time out ! Geez, where are the annoying wise cracks? That's what made me a fan of ol spin head! Tobey playts Parker brillaintly but if they needed someone else, make it Nicholas Cage!

Alpha Centauri
"Toby Maguire looked too young , sounded like a whiny petulant child and during those scenes when he tried to frown like he was angry were laughable to say the least."

Exactly. That's why he was perfect. You would look at Peter Parker like the pathetic kid, just makes you respect all the more when he does the right thing.


I thought he was great as both. I think what they could've done better at casting was Mary Jane.

Actually they didn't betray Catwoman. They made up their own completely different character, Selena and Patience are compleely different characters living in the same world, it didn't betray anything.

I think Tobey was perfect for the part! he rocks and made a perfect Peter and a perfect Spider-Man.

I don't know if you guys realise this but, Peter doesn't really exist, so they had to get someone similiar to him, not the actually character, and Tobey was obviously the best actor to do it, it's not like they can pick a complete Peter look-a-like, you guys make it sound like there's thousands of Peter look-alikes out there. Would you rather have Leonardo DiCaprio or Freddie Prince Jr. to play the part? roll eyes (sarcastic)

The person that said he couldn't do the 'anger' face right, how about you go up there and try acting roll eyes (sarcastic)

Alpha Centauri
Ok so this is bothering me.

BC, is that woman in your sig from the zombie movie where they experiment on the zombie in the lab and he starts going mad and proceeds to cave that man's head in on the window?

I love that movie. So so so horrifically gruesome. Love it.

On topic, The only time Tobey was Spider-Man was in the suit walking around and wire work. All the other times it was CGI.

So saying that he makes a shit Spider-Man is dumb.


She's from that movie but that zombie in the experiment is a guy. Her and her boyfriend are watching secertly from above. Her boyfriends' Dad is running the experiment then later on when the boy has a fight with his Dad, him and the girl flee on his motorcycle, there is an accident and the girl Julie is killed. The boy Curt brings her back using the chemical but she's got a strange hunger. She soon learns that only brains will nourish her, so in order to stop it she unflicts pain upon herself which makes the hunger go away.

I've got the uncut version too!

Sorry, off topic for a bit embarrasment

You know, I hate it when characters are played by someone famous. I thought Toby fit with being Spidy, but to know that he's been in other films (or that he is famous), I just can't seem to grasp him as Spidy. Just like X-Men characters, especially Hale Berry (although I think she's fine). I do however liked that woman who played Jean and the dude who played cyclops, the likeness is there. And Jackman (Wolverine) does have the likeness of Wolvie, but he's more of a pretty boy.

He's boyish looking. That's why he's like a 30 year-old playing a 20 year-old.

I also find it a bit hard to picture his as Pete, when I see him in there I usually think of Tobey. But I'm getting the hang of it.

It's annoying when they use famous actors playing are heroes. So BlackCat, whenever you see Spider-Man, you think of Tobey right? Same here, that pisses me off. When I think of Daradevil, I think of Ben Afflick, and I loved Daredevil growing up. I think Ben is cool, but he's been some other character before. I can't see him as Daredevil.

Toby was very good with the role! He played Peter well!

Toby did a good enough job but he wasn't perfect. At least they did get somebody young to play Spidey. I think they are going to be 4 spiderman movies or are they making 5?

Let's just hope they do stay with Tobey and not follow the batman plan where they changed Bruce Waynes.


Tobey's the one and only Spider-Man.

It would make the most sense to stick with Tobey. That batman junk helped to kill their movies off.

I KNOW! Stupid movie makers.

toby was a nerdy goofball who was a kinda annoying peter parker...which is exactly why he was a good peter parker.....i agree that the wise cracks need to become more prominent....and some of the scenes when spidey is talking reminds me of the poweranger shows...*smak....powerrangers....omg....have u ever seen worse acting in ur life....

Don't get me started with PowerRangers.

Cut them some slack.
It's tough acting in a costume.

Man... If I were directing Power Rangers, I'd make them cool like Wayne Brady.

Yeah it is hard to act in a costume but Spiderman does need to amke more wise cracks.

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