Spider-man dreams

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I frequently have dreams in which I am Spider-man. Do you?

i've got dreams when i'm harry potter erm

I have dreams that Batman falls in love with me, and I become something similar to catwoman

i have dreams all the time where i am running from storm then she catches me a i have a you know what then she smiles and it's an all-nighter wow thats good!!!!



Maya Zurak
I have dreams where i am flying. smile

I had a dream in which I was a female replica of Spidey(which is normal-I`m a chick), but I was blonde, with curley wavy locks(which is not normal-I have short black hair, not at all curley) and I was fighting zombies (which is cool). The outfit was the same, just that the mask was modified so my not-true-to reality-hair could come out. If I think about it, I resembled my mom more than I resembled myself...

Dreams, go figure!

But this is my coolest dream ever.(other than the one in which I was playing soccer alongside Wolverine)

golden moon
I have a dream where I am spider-man and I am climbing a wall but I keep on falling stick out tongue (that's from the film)

actually I have dreams where I am WITH spider-man and most likely Peter Parker or ever tobey! eek!

Jackie Malfoy
Nope never did.JM

The oddest dream I ever had was were I was singing a song.


Rogue Jedi
i have dreams in which i am jello man.

I have dreams..but mine are different than that

Mr Parker
this really should be in the spiderman section.

I've had a dream that I'm Spider-Man once or twice.

Web-swing kicks some serious ass! eek!

ive dreamt just about everything stated in dream history no expression

Royal Knight
i remember last night i had this dream about me putting hair spray in my hair wow...while driving in a car...how boringerm

I highly doubt that wink

I was talking to Demarthl then.

Royal Knight
duhstick out tongue

Rogue Jedi
what about fruit roll up man?

I normally don't remember my dreams. But when i do theyre really stupid sad

Rogue Jedi
ding dong man!!!

I always remember my dreams, and I dream almost every night.

you dream everynight, its just a matter of if you remember them

Well i do remember a lot of mine. Sometimes i had several dreams a night.

Rogue Jedi
i control the action in my dreams. if i want something to happen, it does.

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