NEW Clone Wars season coming

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George Lucas Talks Star Wars TV Series
Source: StarWars.Com Hyperspace
March 29, 2005

Subscribers to SW.Com's Hyperspace section recently got the chance to see excerpts from the book "The Making of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith -- The Final Chapter". The excerpt covers a lot of the dialogue recording with the actors. In a section where Frank "Yoda" Oz comes in to record dialogue, George Lucas briefly chats about the upcoming TV series:

"We have this other little thing we're doing," Lucas continues, "this Clone Wars cartoon on TV. It's so successful, we're going to put it out as half-hour shows, and all the main characters
are in it." He then adds, "Have you ever thought about directing an animated film?"

"I've been asked, but it takes a such a long time and I do like to work with the actors."

"Well, you don't have to be there the whole time; you can jump in," Lucas notes.

Note that the continuing Clone Wars TV series is only one of the shows that Lucasfilm is currently developing. Visit the link above for more of the book!


best part is they are a half hour woohoo!

Yeah - but that kind of takes away from the "specialness" of the ones we have already seen. Where would they fit? Because the clone wars end in Episode III. Is Lucas going to let them go back and detail tons of stuff between volumes 1 and 2?

Darth Jello
well, maybe it's the same animation team but different stories. like things before the prequals or during the 20 years between episodes 3 and 4 or between 4 and 5.

That would be great... it could provide entertaining stories, while remaining away from live-action, thus not bringing any harm to the movies...

Yeah - I wouldn't mind seeing more stories from the same clone wars animation team set in different Star Wars time periods. It would be perfect if they got some of the original actors to do voice overs for the series. Very interesting. wink

They'd have to change the name of it though...Clone Wars wouldn't work for after the OT or before the PT.

jango fatt
wow u a bright light

don't be a dick.

Maybe "Rise of the Empire" or "The Dark Times", something to that effect...

jango fatt
What the .............. ya say i'm a Dick?

well, you did make fun of lance for stating what you percieve as obvious, when he's just thinking out loud, thinking what we all thought when we heard an extension of the cartoon would be made. It wasn't even that much of an insult, I'm just saying cool it with bein' rude for no reason.

jango fatt
Thats 2 times
But forgive & forget O.K

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