Freddy vs Jason video game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heres the scoop:

The Freddy Vs. Jason's License Fight Is On!
One of the more interesting and potentially gory licenses that's in the midst of a bidding competition right now is that for Freddy Vs. Jason. You know what the potential game could be like, gory, bloody, brutal, and filled with potentially cheesy and funny situations. Who's bidding for it? The companies we know of are Midway, Eidos, and Electronic Arts. Expect to hear a license announcement by the bidding war winner sometime later this year.

Whats do you guys think? i'm so excited!! eek!

That sounds retarded

That sounds awsome

what the hell would the plot be? you cant just fight freddy or jason for the whole game.

Well it would be the same as the movie, if you pick to be freddy you have to stop jason as well as kill teens in thier dreams, and if your jason you just have too try and kill lots.

This sounds pretty stupid...

Sephiroth ff7
i would hope midway got the liscense lots of gore

i think the plot will be if u r freddy u find places where jason strikes fear
and kill the children there and if u r jason u will kill the kids until freddy tiks u off and u fight him in the end

it will prolly be some shitty game like ...

you be the teens and try to avoid jason and freddy ... then you have to try to kill both of them .... then if you win you can play the game as jason .... and do the jason story part ... and then you beat that and then you could play the freddy story..

hey wait ... that shounds kinda kool ..

well....................the game could be great, but it would be hardly a romp with freddy as jason or visa versa.

if it were maybe a teen dreaming and running from freddy but not cheesy more like silent hill level horror and you maybe have to play jason and freddy off each other like a strategy game then it could be rad

Well I'm pretty sure you'll get to pick to be Freddy or Jason, I'll post some more news when I find it. I think it would be kool if they made a killer-malee game, with Ash, Freddy, Jason, Micheal Myres, Leather Face and some other famous horror killers.

that sounds hella gay

You wouldn't know a good game if it hit you in the head!

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