Entire Star Wars History

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Im not sure where to post this but im going to post this here, i think you guys will enjoy this a lot more its the entire star wars history from the very beginning to the death of Luke its all here.


Its a link to my site


What is the source material?

I cant remember I found it a few months

What surprised me first was the file size (5 MB for a PDF). What surprised me second was all the work that went into it.
And what impressed me the most is that all of this started with a guy in California in 1973 with a yellow pad of paper and a great idea for a story.

Thanks for posting it, El Nino cool

Technically this actually goes in the EU section...I'll give a look later. Thanks.

You are correct tlb. Upon checking out the said link it deserves a spot in the Literature and Expanded Universe forum.

Thanks for the timeline btw, El NINO.


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HOLY COW! Thats 980 pages long! huh Thats gonna take awhile.

Is this actually a true story of Star Wars.
Im a little confused. Where did they get all that stuff?

I read it all and appearantly he gathered all this info from books hes read because at the end of ever "event" if you would like to call it he gives reference. I honestly was looking for some info on Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2 and I stumbled upon this, even stuff from every game is in here

The best parts are when you start reading from 100 BSW4 thats when things start to reveal themselves

Just a note...... I will be taking it down in a few days so make sure you save it!

Um....Luke didn't die....confused
Did he?

BTW> The link isn't working for me....

oh crap......... i must have miss read it your right sorry about that guys

its a PDF file so you need ACROBAT READER

lol..................... you cant view the file but you somehow know that luke doesnt die

I remembered that Luke didn't die because I read THE UNIFYING FORCE not TOO long ago, and you said above that it was chronicled until his death....
I have ADOBE: ACROBAT READER, but my Computer's mest, so it may just not be working because of that.....wink

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.