Cameron: The Lone Samurai (Inuyasha Fan Fic)

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In the village of Naraokagawa, a small boy ran home from a story teller. The story teller told stories of great demon slayers far north of the village. She had also said that there was a young girl there too who was training. Cameron was facinated by her stories and dreamed to become one and hopefully marry this girl.

On the 6th day of Cameron's 6th birthday his home town was destryoed by a massive army of demons. most of which resembled animals. Cameron hid under a house as he saw 12 animal like demons walk from the fire. The 4 guardians of the village had failed their job and were later banished from teh village. From a coner as fox demon came out from the shadows. He grabed Cameron and threw him to the ground. Cameron grabbed a sword that belonged to his father inder the house and tried to take down the demon, but failed. He was scared on his cheek by the fox demon and he left him there to rot. The demon and his 12 generals that represent the Chinese Zodiac, left the village. As did Cameron.

4 years later Cameron returned to the village a proud Samurai of a near by village. He trained under his father's master. Upon returning to the village, Cameron became the new guardian of the village. And on the same day another demon army came to attack, as the village was still rebuilding itsself. During the great battle Cameron's sword had gained a dark energy and, like the Tetsiga, it transformed into a black blade. Cameron fought untill the end of the the battel and trained somemore. At age 20, Cameron left the village to go find the demon slayers.

One day, while traviling, he found a blue wolf like creature under a pile of leaves to keep him self warm during the rain. As the rain got harder Cameron went to the wolf and grabbed him in his arms to keep him warm. After the rain cleared Cameron took in the wolf and called him Tiger, because he acted like one. Cameron trained Tiger to fight side by side whenever he needed it too.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.