Amanda Peet's New Movie: Lot Like Love

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just saw the trailer for this and i'm happy to see amanda peet in a new movie...what can i say, i think i have thing for her...she's hot and a good actress. i started having a whole new respect for her after whole nine yards.

anyone else seen the trailer for this? plus, whip cream bikini girl from varsity blues is in it too. woot!

i saw the trailor for this and i cant wait untill it comes out! i think it will be a really good movie! Amanda Peet is a excellent actress!big grin

yeah, I also liked her in Somethings Gotta Give...she can hold her own against acting gods like Jack Nicholson.

also just realized that Kal Penn is in the movie too...after harold and kumar, i can't get enough of that kid. glad he's going to be in a really big, mainstream movie.

like your sig btw...saw hackers again this weekend on hbo.

Darth Odious
I respect any actress that has the courage to expose her bingsjawdrop

..or lack there of.

I forgot what I was watching but they showed the same trailer for this movie twice during every commercial it seemed. I was sick of it before I finished the first one, lets just leave it at that.

Two slightly different trailers.

That part where the guys tells Kutcher he sucks was funny.

I caught that trailer in the theatre w/ "Sin City". The audience, myself included, thought it was hilarious.

havent seen sin city, but keep meaning to.

i think the trailer is pretty good as well...shows that the flick has some good writing...not all one liners, but content to back it up.

i know i brought up kal penn before...question: are the frozen burgers as good as the ones from the restaurant? i have to argue that they're BETTER.

This movie looks really good. Ashton and Amanda seem like they have a good chemistry going. And like you said, greyboy, its not all one liners.

I saw Ashton on TV a few nights ago and he said that he actually bet his producer that he would be in an underwear ad if this movie was #1 at the b.o. this weekend... do you think he would actually do it? lol, that would be too funny smile

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