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This is the map of Alvadurian (forgot to attach it in the main post)

Woops Silly me forgot you guys don't know the DnD gods

I'll give you guys their titles that should prolly do (if you want more info after you picked a god ask me)
Kord is god of Strength. His alignement is Chaotic/Good
Ehlonna is goddess of woodlands and is Neutral/Good
Boccob is god of magic. His alignement is Neutral
Fharlanghn the god of the roads and is also Neutral

Obad-hai is god of Nature. He is Neutral
Hextor is god of Tyranny. His alignement is Lawful/Evil
Heironeous is god of Valor. His alignement is Lawful/Good

Pelor is god of Sun. He is Neutral/Good
St. Cuthbert is god of Retribution and is Lawful/Neutral

Trickster made a better version of the pantheon (without the mysterious ????)

What does the title the God of Roads entail, Fire?

(don't have my book here so I can't tell you) I'll tell you tomorrow wink

Well Trickster I can tell you this:

Quoting the PHB:
"His title is the Dweller on the Horizon. His wayside shrines are common on well used roads (which are the bulk in my campaign) Bards, merchants and other wondering adventurers favor him. His domains (specialties) are Luck, Protection and Travel. The quarter staff is his weapon of choice"

My own addings:
In all realms of man there are Inns run by clerics of Fharlanghn in each town. These inns are cheap and modest but offer a warm place to sleep for even the poorest of travellers.

Fharlanghn his paladins roam around the roads to keep them safe. Rendering assistance where ever possible.

Fharlanghn is always depicted as an old man with a long gray beard, a cloack and a travelingstick

Damn, a toss-up between Roads and Magic.

Well I'll give some info about Boccob

PHB: "His titles include the Uncaring, Lord of All Magics and Archmage of the Deities. Boccob is a distant god who promotes no special agenda in the world of mortals. As a god of magic and knowledge, he is worshipped by wizards, sorcerers and sages. The domains he is associated with are Knowledge, Magic and Trickery. The quarterstaff is his favored weapon"

Own addings:
Most magic schools believe in boccob to be the source of arcane power. tho unlike clerics boccob doesn't grant mages favors he just released this Arcane power onto the world. Some say boccob was just the first who learned to control Arcane power.

His temples are usually small but with extensive libraries around them. Defended by paladins and guarded by clerics they hold forgotten lore and hidden knowledge.

Boccob is also depicted as an old man with a long white beard wearing a purple and golden cloak.

PS: kinda like Gandalf the Gray (Fharlanghn) and Gandalf the White (Boccob) in physical appearance.

See, that didn't really help...

What specifically does Fharlanghn actually do - does he take part in mortal games?

Most deities don't intervene with the mortal realm (in DnD it is called the material plane) themselves. However they have a whole range of angels and other celestial beings who they can send down there. But they generally do not do that. Fharlanghn mostly watches over all who use the roads both good and evil. Altho mostly good -he despises ambushers-

Does worshipping a god actually do anything?

nope (atleast it aint likely. But it is a fun way to explore a character and that will ALWAYS be rewarded) not unless you are a cleric or a paladin

Fharlanghn's the way to go then!

The new map (made by storm, which way better than mine) will be up here soon (before play starts)

Here's the map Storm reproduced.

What are the major landmarks?

Dark Mousy
Very interesting...

I'll give you the names of the mountainranges and the largest rivers.

(altho wiv a lil looking at the map and the text you should be able to name them yourself.

- Rundarion Mountains: South of Rundarior (6) and north of Takuan bay (1,2 and 3)
- Terandion Mountains: North and East of Rundarior (6)
- Black Mountains: Mountains arround Bruktargot (7)

- Turenna: Small river that divides Takuna-Sato (1)
- Raumo: Small river in the Empire of Toranaga (4)
- Ollos: Large river in Dul'Hanel (8)
- Urn: River that comes from the melting of the East and West Urn in Cuthandrium (12)
- East Urn: Branch of the Linae in Vieuxdrium (13)
- West Urn: Starts from a lake, flows through Jeunedrium (14)
- Linae: Biggest river in Alvadurian it forms the boarder between Mercurionas (10) and Heraldum (11)

the dots are cities but I won't name those just yet.


City of Takuna-Sato

Presumably there's hundreds of little alleyways and smaller roads?

Ofc. but I wasn't gonna draw them all

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Originally posted by Trickster

Bump, again.

Originally posted by Trickster
Bump, again.

and were starting this when? I thought today, but i guess not.

relax, it's a tad busy ATM, I ment to start it yesterday -but it got delayed-

sorry if I sound mad or "jumpy" at you its just i've been waiting awhile and I'am just getting so excited!
Anyways sorry about that.

np the game has started by the way


Since everyone seems a tad settled in now there is one thing about characters that still has to be handled namely languages.

Now to make it a lot easier than how I do it in an IRL campaign (I work with language points but that takes too long to get right for everyone)
I'm using the traditional system which means you all get to pick bonus languages.
Now I have on adaptation to the traditional system which is there is no such languages as Common. There is a language which is broadly spoken across Alvadurian it is called: "Merchants tongue" (As the name does suspect it was invented by merchants and from there on covered the globe)

Now I will list the languages:
Human Tongues
- Merchants tongue: Traditional Language of Takuna-Sato, Zultanae and Glabryn.
- Dul: Traditional Language of The Empire of Dul'Hanel
- Torran: Traditional Language of The Empire of Toranaga
- Rundarian: Traditional Language of Rundarior
- Eodri: Traditional Language of Cuthandrium, Vieuxdrium and Jeundrium
- Low elven: The standard Variant for all non-elf (except half-elf) races, for whom it is physically impossible to speak High-Elven
Dwarven Tongues
- Dwarven
- Terran
Elven Tongues
- High Elven
- Low Elven
- Sindarin
Little Folk Tongues
- Halfling
- Gnome
Half-Elven Tongue
- Mercurion
Special Tongues
- Celestial: Only Paladins and Clerics can take this at creation point.

Now since languages are decided by race I will list who speaks what at the start and who gets which bonus languages to choose from.

Rundarian, Merchants and Eodri
Dul, Merchants
Merchants, Celestial
Merchants and Gnome

Merchants and two bonus languages to be picked from the list, everything except High-Elven and Celestial
Merchants and two bonus languages to be picked from the list, everything except High-Elven and Celestial
High Elven, Low Elven and Merchants

There are lots more languages if anyone wants to learn a new language they can. It takes two skillpoints per language and a tutor in game. Except for Ludill Bards only have to pay 1 skillpoint per language.


Lord Melkor
Does Hextor have a Lawful Neutral Aspect?

well I can look it up for you, but I seriously advise playing something else than someone who worships Hextor.

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