Comic book to movie.good idea?bad idea?

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Spiderman, hellboy (wot a flop),the incredibale hulk, Constanine,X-men now the Fantactic four.Hollywood has turned our childhood comics into 4D action packed Movies with well known ( and some unknown) celebrities. admitidly not all have been a succes, or remain true to comic book fashion ( they've edited and changed some of the characters features,appearences, background etc ..) was/is it worth at? where will it end?

It was worth it. Simply for Sin City, it was worth it.

In some cases they need to pay more attention to content and quality first, and trademarks second.

I liked Hellboy, thought it was funny and an enjoyable movie.

Was it a blockbuster revolutionary film? No. Was it meant to be? No. Could it have been better? Yes. Could every movie or comic ever made have been better? Yeah.

Though I do think they should have upped the ante a bit. A movie with Hell in the title should be a bit more gruesome.

I'm tired of those who say things like, "it can't just appeal to comic fans, everyone has to enjoy it" because I think if 'everyone' read comics they would feel the same way we do! (I hope you understood that)

What I mean is, we love Rogue the way she is for many reasons and because we read comics doesn't mean we're seperated from the 'others' the public is the public and a character who is popular amongst the comic fans will be popular amongst movie goers as well for the same reasons that make them outstanding characters. The only difference is that they have never picked up a comic and we have. I really hope that makes sense to someone... yes

Uhhhhh!!! I mean, 'they' would love the comic Rogue better than this movie one if they ever got to know her for the very same reasons we do... the characters are popular in the comics for a reason and we are not aliens from another social brachet, argh! does anyone get what I mean???

that they could learn to appreciate the comic characters through film the way we did through comics and tv shows?

Ooo, yes, for the same reasons we love them! It's not like comic lovers are not 'normal' people too!

yea i get u ^_^

Yeah!!! sometimes I just don't make sense... only in MY mind. roll eyes (sarcastic)

haha i know how that is...i do that all the time stick out tongue

i've liked all these new comic movies that have come out.
On the exception of the hulk.
I realy just thought that sucked.
I liked elektra but the way the villians got killed sucked

Just a note for those who may not know, Marvel is hot on the trail for more Comic-to-movies in production. Latest movies on the hotsheet are:

Fantastic Four
Punisher 2
Hulk 2
Spiderman 3
X-Men 3
Ghost Rider
Luke Cage
Iron Man
Multiple X-Men spinoffs

It's only a matter of time before we see X-Factor, Captain America, & if Deathlok is getting a movie, Maybe they will give any comic hero a movie?

Ifor on movie releases found at:


I would like to see how characters like Galactus and the Celestials given the enormity of their size can be illustrated. I would also like to see Multiple Man being shown, but I don't think he's carrying enough popularity to warrant it. But then again, I was rather unfamiliar with either Blade or Hellboy before movies were made on these characters.

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