Pirates of the Caribbean locations

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Hi folks, I am on the island of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) and Disney is busy building the sets all over the island for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3.

Here is what I have seen:

1: On the north coast on a spectacular point with cliffs and lush green backdrop going right up to the mountains they are constructing a huge church like a monestary.

2: Further along the coast they have occupied a large coconut plantation with a river running through it. Huge water powered wheels are being constructed. I saw at least three of them about 24 feet in diameter, also a bridge has been built across the river and paths have been traced all through the coconuts for what someone on site said was a "chase scene". Down the river is a wide beach and lagoon where some action will also take place.

3. Along the coast there are at least two other beaches being prepared for filming.

4. At a river called the Indian River they are preparing platforms for cameras along the banks to film boats coming up through the rainforest.

5. Down south they are constructing a spectacular "cannibal village" up in the hills with fantastic views down the valleys to the sea. In this area they are also constructing dare devil rope bridges across gorges for some fighting scenes.

6. A dramatic gorge with a river cutting through it in the middle of the rainforest is another site.

This island is full of spectacular spots and Disney is one of the first big movie companies to have discovered this gem....get ready for some million dollar scenes and dramatic action set against fabulous secenery.

Johnny Depp will be staying aboard a yacht anchored off the island during filming due to finish at the end of May.



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