Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

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The sun raised into the centre of the sky and heat was deadly. The clouds moved across the sky, and the sun beated down onto the lawns which were now dry and dead. The residence in Privet Drive were no where to be seen as they were inside their houses, with the air conditioning on full, and some of the kids had their heads in the freezers to try cool down. The Dursley's at number 4 were lying on the couch, trying to stay cool. The tv was on and Dudley was lying infront of it, 5 bowls of ice cream and watching some game show.

If anybody thought that there was someone else in the house, no one would believe them. For Harry Potter was outside in the garden, under a tree, where no one could see them. The Dursley had kicked hiim outside, and so Harry was lying there; cooking.

The day went slow and by 8 o'clock that night the sun started to go down. Harry made his way into the House were his Uncle glared at him. He made his way to his room, where he closed the door behind him. Hedwig was in her cage; and had a letter attached to her leg. She must have come back with a letter from Ron, Harry thought to himself. Ron and Hermionie has been writing to Harry everyday to make sure that he was alright. After last year in the Ministery, they were worried that Harry wasn't taking his God Father's death proply.

He grabbed the letter off Hedwigs leg and ripped it open, he noticed Ron's handwriting. He read the letter:

Dear Harry,

I have great news. The order is really getting under way and we have heaps of information. I can't tell you all about it now in a letter, but I have better news. Mum said that you can come over to the Burrow for the rest of the holidays. I know that your Uncle and Aunt won't have a problem, but I was just making sure that it was alright with you. Hermionie is coming over tonight to stay as well. And we were all love for you to come over and stay.

What do you think? Send an owl back with your answer.
Hear from you soon.


P.S. My Dad has sent you Aunt a letter telling her that we'll be there to pick you up at 11am. Cya


Harry sent a letter to Ron straight away telling him that he would love to come over. Harry wondered how they were going to come, and prayed that it wasn't through flu powder again. Harry didn't get that much sleep after he packed; he was to excited about going to Ron's house. In the morning he woke up at 10 and was running late. He finished his packing and someone knocked on the door. He spun around to see his Aunt in the door way. They just staired at each other for awhile.
"Umm.....i got the letter from your friends the Weasley. They will be here in about half an hour."
"I know." Harry said, and wondered why his Aunt was evening talk to him. She had been acting strange all summer, she could hardly look at him for more than a second with out her turning away.
"I just wanted to ........." She thrust a letter into Harry's hand and left his room. She was getting stranger and stranger as the time went on.
Harry still had the letter in his hand and decieded to open it later on that night.

Harry was standing there for a couple of minutes when he finaly relised that the Weasley's would be here any minute. As he ran around the room like mad, packing every last thing and making sure he had everything he wished that he hadn't slept in. Once he was finished he lay down on the bed; exahusted.
A few moments later he heard banging from down stairs. Ohh no, he thought. He jumped off his bed like lighting and ran down the stairs. He saw his Uncle making the way to the door; half afraid of what might be on the other side.
"Ohh Uncle Vernon. I think that might be for me. You see......" But Harry was cut off by a sharp and spitful galare; so he left it be.

Uncle Vernon opened the door and jumped back, as there were 6 Weasley's at the door, all with flaming red hair on them. Harry's face lit up when he saw them and there was soon a large scream which flowed through the house which actually managed to make Dudley un-glue his eyes from the tv, and come and see who it was. Because Mrs Weasley had noticed Harry standing on the stairs and had pushed passed Uncle Vernon to give him a hug; (half chocking him at the same time) he could tell that Ron, Ginny, Fred and George could all feel his pain. Will Harry greated all the Weasley's and was telling them how he'd been, Mr Weasley was more interested in the letter box. He was opening and shutting it, expecting something to appear inside. Vernon was a little worried that the neighbours were thinking about this strange man at their house so he invited them in.
"Ohh no, we better not stay." Mrs Weasley said and she took one look inside and obviously did not want to go in. "We better be on our way!" She firmly stated as Mr Weasley pocked his head inside; investagated all he saw. "Got all your bags Harry dear?" She asked, and a look on Vernon's face showed that he thought why any one would call that good for nothing child 'dear'.


With that glare from Vernon, Harry knew it was time to go. He made sure he had everything and made his way through that door. As he was walking down the path he heard Mr Weasley' voice and by the tone, he wasn't talking to his children or his wife.
"Excuse me, but your nephew will be gone for the rest of the year. And you're not even going to say good by to him" Mr Weasley said, as he had stop looking around the house and was watching him with both eyes. Vernon looked like he was going to hit Mr Weasley but Harry guessed that he thought better of it as he had 7 withces/wizards standing on his door step infront of him.
"Good bye Harry!" He managed to sqeeze out. "I'll ahhh.... miss you" He continued, and he looked like he was going to puke with the words that had come out of his mouth. And with that the Weasley's and Harry turned and made their way to 2 beautiful cars waiting for them.

"We got the Ministery cars back, well since everyone knows that 'You Know Who' is back we are allowed to have the cars again. And Dad got a promotion as well." Ron said, looking prouder then he had when they had won money and went to Egypt. Harry was glad, and he couldn't think of anyone else who deserved that promotion.

Everyone pilled into the two cars and they made their way down the street. Harry remembered last time when he was in one of these, the moved fast and managed to fit through gasps that even the smallest muggle car couldn't fit through. It was a bumpy ride back to the Weasley's, with Mr Weasley making his own short cuts and Mrs Weasley yelling it him from the front. Apart from that, Harry enjoyed the trip; thinking about leaving the Dursleys far behind.

After a couple of hourse they made their way up the drive and around the corner where they could now see the Burrow. A great wormth came across Harry. He was home, and with his friends. As the car came to a stop, Harry saw someone runining towards them, it was Hermionie. She's grown so much, she's so...so.. prety, he thought. But kept it to himself.

Harry and Ron both climbed out of the car, and just after their feet had touched the ground, Hermionie had pulled them into a hug.
"Hello Harry. How have you been?" Hermionie said, now letting go of him and Harry looked at her.
"I've been alright, you know" Hermionie didn't know how he felt, but she did know what he meant.

After Harry, Ron and Hermionie had finsihed their welcomes, they grabbed Harry's bags and made their way inside. As Harry stood in the lounge he noticed how messy this place was compared to the Dursleys. No wonder Mrs Weasley didn't want to go inside; it must have looked very strange.




Harry woke that morning to Ron poking him, with his wand. He came round and reached for his glasses and saw Ron with an anxious look on his face.
"Morning, sorry that I woke you up. You were muttering about seeing someone, and also mum said that we have to leave soon so you have to get ready." Ron left the room and left Harry lying in bed remembering that he had seen Sirius again in his sleep.
Harry got up, feeling a little dizzy and wishing that Ron hadn't heard him talking in his sleep, he felt alittle worried that he was going to bring it up again. He found a suit at the end of his bed and noticed that it was the exact same one he had wore to his hearing at the Ministry when he thought that he was going to be expelled. This suit doesn't have that many fond memories does it! Harry finished getting changed and made his way down stairs.

Everyone was in the kitchen eating breakfast, Harry sat down but suddenly didn't feel hungry anymore. He was dreading Sirius funeral and would rather just stay at home. He was sick of bring up the memories and it hurt to much. After having breakfast in silence with everyone not sure of what to say, half not knowing what to say, helf to scared to say the wrong thing, guests walked in. Dressed in black and walking through the door was:

Mr Weasley
Mrs Weasley
Percey (which Harry now thought that Percey must of forgiven his parents!)
Snape ( who recieved a glare from all Harry, Hermionie and Ron.

As the guests entered the kitchen they all seemed to stop and look at Harry; this was the last thing he wanted. He hated the attension, and he hated it even more so when he knew that they were feeling sorry for him. After everyone was there and ready they made their way outside where the cars were waiting for them. Most the people disapeared suddenly as they apparted to Dengue, but Harry, Ron and Hermionie hoped in the car and waited the short drive to the hill.

Five minutes later they pulled up on the side of a hill, they made their way out of the car and gathered near the top. Everyone was there with in a couple of minutes and when Harry looked up and around at everyone; he swore that Dumbledor winked at him! They all stoof around and he wondered if anyone was going to say anything or do anything. Harry felt alittle strange standing on a hill dressed black, as well as not wanting to say goodbye, every seemed to be stairing at him and if Harry happened to catch their eyes then they would just smile and turn away. A few minutes passed by before Dumbldor stepped forward to the middle and just then Harry noticed a small box in the middle. The curiousity grew as he wanted to know what was in the box, Hermonie looked the same. She mustn't of been to a Wizard funeral as well, he thought.

As Dumbledor stood there for a second or two, he then suddenly spoke which gave both Harry and Hermionie a fright; but the rest seemed quite relaxed.
"Sirius was a good friend to those, and a great god father to Harry. He was a trust worthy man and he stuck by his friends. He wanted to live his life dangerously and could not stand being stuck in a house; he would always want to be out there. But he died a hero, a true hero." Deumbledor finished and everyone lifted there heads to the sky, as they were looking up to heaven. They don't believe in Heaven or God do they? Harry thought, and was very interesting in the way they were doing things. Dumbledor reached down and picked up the box. It was small; no bigger then a small box of chocolates, it was hard black and solid. He opened the box and a butterfly came out and flew away. Harry was surprised for what had just happened and the people still stairing at the sky.

Harry was not like everyone else, he still didn't want to be there and would rather be someone where else, may be flying round on his broom stick. He then looked across the land and to the end of the hill where he saw a glimps on someone. Who was it? He looked formiliar but he couldn't see them properly. Harry couldn't help but have to find out who it was. As everyone was stil stairing up at the sky; which he could think of so many more was of saying good bye he moved back and started walking over there. Mr Weasley gave mrs Weasley a look to say, 'just leave him'! he made his way closer and closer to the edge, every step me made on the grass he came closer to the figure. It was half behind a tree and he still couldn't make it out. When he was only a few meters away he stopped dead, out of the shadows was a man. He knew him and Harry couldn't make himself to move. It couldn't be true, after all summer and his dreams, it couldn't be. Standing infront of him was a man, shaggy black hair and not shaven. His eyes were not empty like they had once been, but now alone and depth. Harry staired into them, as he could not move. For so long he had dreamed, so long he had wanted this, but now he didn't know what to do.
"Hello Harry" He said, it was Sirius!

Sirius made his way from out of the tree's shadows and came closer to Harry. He wasn't sure if he should move away as he aprohiate or what; it wasn't a choice in the end as he still couldn't bring himself to move his legs, he found that he couldn't think straight. He wondered if anyone else had noticed him move away and the stranger over by the trees. Harry turned around and they were gone; there was no one up on the hill as he turned back to Sirius, he had his hand reached out. Harry put his out infront of his to touch his god fathers hand when he suddenly heard Hermionie's voice. He turned his head but there was no one there; what is it? Where is everyone? Hermionie? He yelled. Sirius was gone! Harry looked franticly around, but there was no one around, he called and shouted but there was no one. Just the gentle wind blowing on the trees when Harry suddenly fell backwards. He landed on the ground with a smack and saw Hermionie looking over him.
"Harry, are you alright? It looked like you were asleep or something." She put down her hand and helped him up. Half the people had left and Dumbledor and the Weasleys were now stairing at him.
"Sorry, I just...I didn't feel to well and yea." Dumbledor looked deltful, but hurried them along towards the car. As Harry looked back towards the trees where he saw Sirius there was no one, but only by chnace of the sun reflecting on a piece of paper he noticed it on the ground. He quickly went over there and pocketed it, before making his way back to the car.

It was a long trip home and Harry often noticed the same awkward glares from everyone, he didn't even remember half of the funeral. It didn't matter to much, Harry saw his God Father, no matter what anyone said. When he got back to the Weasleys, he went up to Ron's room in a hurry and everyone left him to it, thinking he just needed space after a hard day. He sat on the ground where he had slept and reached into his pocket. He noticed the paper was the same parchement he used at school. His heart began to beat even faster as he wondered if it wasn't just a dream. He opened it up and saw his God Fathers hand writing, it mearly said 5 words:

I'll see you VERY soon !!!


Harry sat on the ground with the letter clutched in his hand, he didn't know what to make on it. It had felt so real when he saw Sirius but then Hermionie said that I was dreaming. It just didn't make sense, with the letter and all in his hand writing. He must of been there at the funeral, there was no other way.

Harry lay back and thought about his godfather. He pictured what he looked like and sonn that image started to fade. He didn't want it to, he always wanted to remember him. He soon heard footsteps coming up the stairs and Harry sat bolt right up and pocketed the piece of paper. He didn't feel like telling anyone right now about his dreams and now this. They will get more worried and concerned and thats exactly what Harry didn't want. The door opened and Ron's face appeared. As he suspected he looked concerned and a little afraid to come in the door. He came in though and sat on the bed.

They both sat there in silence, but when Harry looked up Ron was fiddling around with a poster. Harry guessed that he felt the awkwardness and was trying to distract himself and act busy.

"So Harry...well I was wondering...remember...umm...hey do you wana go out side and play three on three quidditch?" He finally said, but Harry was guessing he wanted to say something. He didn't care and without hesitation he agreed and staired away from answering any awkward questions.

They got up and made their way down stairs and into the kitchen. It suddenly went silent when they entered the room, and Harry guessed they were talking about only one person. Ginny, Fred, Hermionie and George agreed to play and soon they were underway with their teams.

Team 1: George, Harry, Hermionie
Team 2: Fred, Ron, Ginny

When the teams were picked everyone notived again that Ron got alittle pipped that he was on different teams then Hermionie but didn't make a deal out of it and started the game. Harry loved to fly and it took his mind of everything. With his long messy black hair flying everywhere he felt there was no better way to clear his mind.

They soon retired when the sun disappeared and it was dark enough that they couldn't see each other. They entered the house with flushed red checks stating to Mrs Weasley that the cold air had hit them and it was necessary to put on thick woolley jumpers. She displayed 6 of them and the teenages were forced to wear them as she stood guard. Mrs Weasley was in a happier mood then she had been before the funeral but kept on giving sudden glances at Harry; making sure that he wouldn't suddenly drop dead, he was recieving those looks from everyone.

That night at dinner, everyone silent. It was a long day and everyone wasn't really sure of what went on. Harry had been acting stranger than usual, but everyone was to chicken to ask if he was alright or what happened in case he snapped. The plates were cleared away and one by one people disappeared into their rooms. Harry, Hermionie and Ginny were left alone as Ron wanted a early night and he was still a bit annoyed that Hermionie had scored 5 times against him and everyone said that she should try out for keeper for the Gryfindor team.
Harry's and Ginny's eyes contected a few times and Hermionie senced that something might be going on. She announced that she was suddenly tired and made her way up stairs to bed.

"So Harry, are you excited about your birthday?" Ginny asked, and Harry going a bit red at the direct question.
"Ohh, yea. Not really ay, I kind of get use to nothing on my birthday from the Dursleys and after awhile you get use to it." He replyed now imagining what it would be like if they actually remembered it for once,he put on a half smile. But thats going to change soon isn't it she thought.

He turned back to Ginny now, forgetting and leaving the memories of the Dursley's behind him. This last week of the Summer he was going to enjoy, he wasn't going to think about Sirius and how much he missed him, he made up his mind.
"Nervous about your 'OWL' results." She asked, obviously trying to make conversation.
"I don't think I did that well, I had to much on my mind. I couldn't really concentrate on most of then. He finished, now dreeding the next day and imagining what hermionie's reaction would be when she saw his results.

Harry and Finny continued to sit in silence, they had run out of things to say. After 5 minutes, Ginny announce she was going to bed.
"Well im nearly behind the viel. She said, and then really relised what she said and looked at Harry for forgiveness.
"It's alright." He said. "Don't worry about it."
"Okm well sorry and goodnight." Ginny said, but before she stood up she leant over to kiss Harry on the check. But he wasn't aware of waht she was going to do and turned face on and ended up kissing her on the lips.

Ginny now suddenly red and she reminded Harry so much of Ron, made her way up stairs wuickly, leaving Harry sitting there and stunned. He sat there on the floor for awhile wondering weather that was a good thing or a bad thing. He didn't hate it and was much better then Cho's. But then it wasn't a real kiss, he thought. He soon made his way up to bed. He lay on the ground of Ron's room, thinking about the next day. Ron rolled over and muttered something about dancing and a fat boy, which harry couldn't help but laugh at.

Harry woke the next morning to the sun flooding throught the window and the room empty. He chucked on a jumper and made his way to the kitchen where Ron and hermionie were waitin for him with straight faces. Harry hoped that no one had died. Ron held up a letter, which then immediately reminded harry that their owl results were in.

He made his way over to the bench and took a seat next to Ton, who looked like he was going to be sick; Harry didn't blame him. Hermionie placed a letter infront of him, addressed:

Mr Harry Potter

Harry then got an erge to read his alone, he didn't feel like opening it even infront of his best friends. But he couldn't change his mind now, they had agreed over the holidays that they would open them together on the day they recieved them; Harry's birthday.

Hermionie grabbed hers and ripped is open. The smile from her face suddenly disappeared as she read down her letter and then threw it infront of Harry and Ron.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Results
Hermione Granger

Defense Against the Dark Arts(Practical): Excellent
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Written): Excellent
Charms(Practical): Outstanding
Charms(Written): Outstanding
Transfiguration(Practical): Outstanding
Transfiguration(Written): Outstanding
Potions(Practical): Excellent
Potions(Written): Excellent
History of Magic: Outstanding
Herbology: Outstanding
Care of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
Ancient Runes: Outstanding
Astronomy(Written) Outstanding
Astronomy(Practical) Outstanding
Arithmancy: Outstanding

Harry and Ron both wanted to know what she was on about, this was an awsome result and far better then they were expecting for themselves.
Ron grabbed his and opened it, secretly praying it wasn't that bad.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Results
Ronald Weasley
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Written): Excellent
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Practical): Excellent
Charms(Written): Exceeds Expectations
Charms(Practical): Acceptable
Transfiguration(Written): Acceptable
Transfiguration(Practical):Exceeds Expectations
Potions(Written): Dreadful
Potions(Practical): Dreadful
Care Of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
Divination: Poor
Herbology: Exceeds Expectations
History of Magic: Dreadful
Astronomy(Written): Acceptable
Astronomy(Practical): Acceptable

Ron left his on the table and recieved a pat on the back from Harry and a half smile from Hermionie who was trying to stay possitive.
"It's not that bad, Ron!1 I mean it could of been worse." She said, now indicating for Harry to open his. Harry's hands were shaking a little bit, and he wasn't even sure why.

Ordinary Wizarding Level Results
Harry Potter
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Written): Outstanding
Defense Against the Dark Arts(Practical): Outstanding
Charms(Written): Outstanding
Carms(Practical): Outstanding
Transfiguration(Written): Outstanding
Potions(Written): Acceotable
Potions(Practical): Acceptable
Care Of Magical Creatures: Outstanding
Divination: Poor
Herbology: Outstanding
History of Magic: Exceeds Expectations
Astronomy(Written): Outstanding
Astronomy(Practical): Outstanding

Harry wondered if they had a mistake witht he marking of his exam with someone else, not even Hermionie could believe it, and had to look of doupht on her face. Harry didn't feel that much of offended, as him himself didn't think he was hoing to do that well.

For the next couple of minutes the three of them went over their marks and Ron was a little jelous of them both getting high marks. Soon enough everyone pilled into the kitchen to see what everyone got. Mrs Weasley was proudf of all three of them, but gave Ron a lecture about how he should work harder like Hermionie and Harry did. This made both of them feel even worse.

They didn't have that must of a celebration, when Harry thought there would be. They had a quiet meal and a couple games of 'Wizard Chest;, where Ron won of course and that seemed to raise his hopes. Harry had soon forgotten about his birthday the next day and so did it look like everyone else did. He heard congradualtions all night from everyone and many ended in ;considering the cirumstances', Harry knew what everyone meant.

One person who avoiding him and hadn't congradualted him was Ginny. She had been avoiding eye contact all day, he didn't want what happened last night to interfer with their friendship. On sereval occasions he went to go talk to her, but she would see him and move away and talk to someone else. He gave up after awhile and told everyone that he was tired and was goingto bed.

He lay up in the room, thinking about his results. They were way better then he had expected. He then suddenly wondered if they had been mistaken for someone elses. Or maybe Lord Voldermort got my real results and switched them to make me think that I got good marks. Hermionie came in to say good night and he told her what he was concerned about.
"Sheshh Harry, do you really think thats possible? One day you will read something about this house, and then tell me what you think." With a wave of her hair she left with a good night behind her as the door closed.
Whats she on about, he thought. He lay back onto his pillow, and before he knew it he was dreaming about Sirius again.


Harry woke the next morning with saw neck, he rolled over and saw his exam results. He couldn't halp by smile, he had earned it and he was proud no matter what. There was again no one in the room and insteed on the curtains drawn back, they were still closed. This was a little strange he thought, but made nothing of it. He made his way down stairs where the house seemed empty. Where is everyone, he thought. Have they gone to shopping with out me, many ideas where going through his head, but he didn't relise what was going on till he entred the room.

High above him was a banner:


He had forgotten all about his birthday and he couldn't believe that he thought that the Weasleys would forget as well. Mrs Weasley ran forward and sqeezed Harry till he was nearly bursting. Everyone wished him a Happy Birthday and they had a huge breakfast. It was nearly enough food to feed the great hall, he thought. After the meal and present ( where he reseved books from Hermionie, a set of Quidditch balls from Ron; which they could practice with, another jumper from Mrs and Mr Weasley along with something extra that he would open later when he was alone, and a gift voucher for Fred and George's shop ) everyone cleared away and Harry was left at the table by himself.

Ginny came back and saw that he was alone, and he quickly sceed the opertunity to sort things out and talk to her. He got up and before she got a chance to diappear again, he grabbed her arm and took her upstairs into Ron's room. She stood there looking confused and alittle frightened.
"Look, what happened the other night..." He started off and Ginny straight away went red. "I don't want it to get in the way of our friendship, I like you Ginny!!" He continued, and he stopped and thought about it......I like you!!

She wasn't sure on which way to take it, did he mean he likes me or does he llllike me, she thought. They stood there and before he knew it they were kissing. Hermionie suddnly burst in the room and let out a little scream before putting her hands over her mouth. Ginny and Harry looked at her and if Ginny had gone any redder then she would of popped, he thought. They all stood there for alittle while.
"Cakes......ready!" Is all that came out. Harry took the chance and quickly ran down stairs where everyone was waiting for him.
"Where's Hermionie and Ginny?" Mrs Weasley asked, looking around the room.
"Ohh, they're up stairs sorting something out. It doesn't matter, I'll see them later." Harry answered as he blew out the candles which was frightening Ron for some reason.

Everyone sat around the table eating; where suddenly screams came from upstairs. Harry was a little worried that Hermionie didn't approve or something. But after awhile he relised that they were frightening screams but happy screams. Maybe she does, he thought which Harry had a smile on his face all day that he couldn't seem to shake off !!

Hermionie and Ginnny soon came down, arm and arm skipping. Everyone wondered what they were so happy about, but Hermionie had promised that she wouldn't say a word, not even to Ron.
Secretly, Harry was wondering weither he did the right thing. Even though he had feelings for Ginny, they weren't as strong as they were towards someone else, but he couldn't tell anyone, not even Ron.

That night was so enjoyable and Harry was not wanting it to end. As well as a huge meal and cake, they flew around on their broom sticks, played games, dueled. Before he knew it, it had come to an end and the following day they were off to purchase their school supplies.

Many hours latter Harry lay on the floor with a small sheat over him, trying to remember and capture every moment of this day. He had never enjoyed his birthday as much as this one. He hadn't thought about Sirius alday and he wasn't going to until something happened; but Harry wasn't sure that it would any more. He had started to give up hope that they would be able to see each other and talk again.

As the full moon reached the angle of Ron's room, the glowing light flooded through the window and Harry Potter roled over. Pictures of his parents flittered through is head and disappeared to Harry's dismay. Lord Voldermort suddenly appeared and lifted his wand and pointed it at him as Harry suddenly sat up. He looked around and relised it was only a night mare as he wiped the sweat off his head and lay back down.

Harry woke again at 7am and couldn't be bothered trying to go back to sleep, and instead made his way down the stairs and saw Hermionie in the lounge.
"Morning stranger. What are you doing up this early." Harry asked, while making his wya over and taking a seat opposite her.
"Oh, Harry, Morning. You scared me." She said, now quickly putting away a small note book where she was writing notes. "I couldn't sleep, its Hogwarts tomorrow and Im just to excited. Why are you up?" She asked.
"Yea Hogwarts tomorrow, Im going home again." He said, with a huge smile on his face. "I couldn't sleep either, to...er...excited as well." He finished, Harry didn't want her to know that he was having nightmares.

Hermionie looked at Harry, trying to sort him out, but gave up with a shrug.
"Oh, I remember something I wanted to ask you Harry. Don't get angry now but I was wondering if we were still going to do the DA this year." She said, half holding her breath. Harry just sat there, stunned and wondering what she was on about. Harry opened his mouth, but closed it. He wasn't sure what to say.
"Are you say that you want to carry on learning?" He asked, very confused.
"Of course we do." said Ron, who entered the room and took a seat next to Hermionie.
"People have sent me owls over the holidays asking about it. She said. "I got over 100 owls from people asking about if the DA is going to continue, and if they were allowed to join."
Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing, after everything in the Minastary last year, people wouldn't want to learn from me. This is un-believacle he kept saying to himself in his head.

Hermionie and Ron continued to look at him, waiting for an answer.
"Well, I guess if people want to learn how to defend themselves, Im not going to be the person to stop them." Harry answered, now many ideas flooding through his head of the lessons they were going to do.
Ron and Hermionie couldn't believe that harry agreed, they thought that after what happened he wouldn't be ip for it. Hermionie suddenly pulled out the note book she had before and immediately started. She had to get more people involved, Dunmbeldor would let him, wouldn't he?

Hours past before Mrs Weasley came in and saw them in their PJ's, she looked a little annoyed to put it at the least.
"Don't worry about going to Diagon Alley." She said. "I've got your school book lists and I'll stop by Gringots and get some money out for you Harry." She said, and with a turn of her feet she was off.
All three of them looked at each other with worried lookes, and decieded to go get ready for tomorrow. They packed their trunks and left spare room for their books. Mrs Weasley returned later that afternoon, bags filled and over loaded.

She sorts them out and then handed Harry a small bag which ratiled. As he grabbed it, he felt the wright in his palm and thought then and there that he was going to buy everyone in the DA something to say 'thank you'.
After they had all finished packing, it was supper. Mrs Weasley had set out another feast, at this rate im going to look like Dudley, Harry thought.

There was chicken, turkey, ham, bacon, fum sticks, chips, salad, potatoes, and that was only on one table. As two extra tables had appeared and they also were layed out with plates and plates of food. Mr Weasley hadn't been around too much, Harry relised, When he had a chance, he grabbed Fred and George and asked them about where he's been.
"Well, thanks to our trusty 'Extendable ears' whish are now a nation hit all over the wizarding world, we caught him and mum talking the other night." George said.

"We heard Dad has been checking out 'You Know Who' and trying to track down som eof his own death eater. "Fred continued. "Looks like he's trying to get more followers over to his side, and its working. Its been Dad's job to get to people first. Either convince them not to join, or see if they're willing to be a spy for the Minastary. We now have over 10 spys in there right now, risking their lives."

Harry looked interested and wanted to know more, but thats all that they seemed to know, but Harry wondered if they were holding something back. He wasn't frightened about Voldermort coming back. He felt more angry that he was, as he was the reason Siriur was dead, he would pay! Harry made a row right there and then that Lord Voldermort would pay for his God Fathers death.


Both Ron and Harry woke, to their ribs feeling like they were caving in and Dudley on top of them. I was 10.15 and the Hogwarts Express was leaving in 3/4 of an hour.
Mrs Weasley chucked their trunks on them and not a glance of sympathy went their way. For the next 15 minutes they ran around mad, making sure they had everything. Thanking themselves that they had packed the day before. By 10.35 they quickly made their way outside, where the cars were waiting.

Harry had never been car sick before, but this was an exception. With all the bends and sharp turns they were taking, he wasn't surprised when Hermonie stuck her head out the window as well. This was totally different driving style, Harry thought. With the Dursleys they would drive as slow as they could making sure that everyone in the neighbour hood saw their new flash car.
Faster then ever before; Harry was very thankful when they arrived at the transtation at 7 minutes to spare. They half walked, half ran and half pushed over to plateform 9 and 10. Harry was litually pushed through the wall and emerged on the other side, infront of him was the Hogwarts Express, puffing away. It never ceased to put a smile on Harry's face, a huge smile.

All four of them ran to the train, they said good bye to Mrs Weasley ( Mr Weasley had work issues and couldn't make it ) who if you could, would of hugged them to death and like always told Harry to be careful. They made their way by all the courages, looking for an empty one. They came to one, where there was a teenage boy and girl who Harry reckonised. They opened the door and greated both Neivelle and Laun; Who looked very pleased to see all four of them. It feels alittle different not hooping on the train and going to Hogwarts with out Fred and George, Harry thought. But we'll go visit them and their shop on one of our Hogmans visits.

Harry sat down next to neville who asked about his summer. He told him all about the Dursley's and how he went to stay with Ron, but Harry had a feeling he wanted to know something else. They all sat there for awhile, before Neville asked.
"Ahh, Harry. I was wondering....are you going to carry on teaching the DA this year?." "I know if you decied that you don't want too thats fine, but i thought that you did such a great job that maybe....." He never got around to finishing as Harry had a huge smile on his face.
"Yes, of course Im going to." He answered. "And everyone who was in it last year is going to help this year to teach other people, well if we get enough people." He finished. Neville looked like he was going to be sick.
"I don't think that I should teach people Harry, you know how much I get nervous and can't do anything." He said.
"Neville you were awsome last year. You were a true hero and you stood up to Lord Voldermort." To his surprise, no one flinched. After the following year, they had been through enough to not be afraid as much, well at least not a name anymore. Harry felt quite proud that he had helped them out as Neville had said, he really was going home!!

As the steam from the train got thicker and thicker and the train started to edge down the tracks, they stuck their heads out the window, to say good bye to the now weeping Mrs Weasley. They were soon at top speed heading towards the mountains and Harry lay back in his seat, a long journey home was ahead of him. Neville and Luna chatted away for most of the journey, and all four of them suddenly wondered if something was going on. There seemed to be alot of that going around, Ginny thought. She had taken a seat next to Harry and Ron and Hermionie opposite her. It was a bit strange, she had to admit. As Ron wasn't aware of what was happening and she was sure that Harry didn't want to tell him just this yet that something was going on.

As the mountains past in rows, the chatter came to a hult, and there was silence. Harry saw Ginny out of his eye and saw her smiling at her. He couldn't help but smile as well. He didn't notice how happier he could be with someone who doesn't cry all the time, he still wasn't that sure about his feelings for her. He liked her, he admited that, but he still had someone else in his mind, someone that would never end up like a guy like me, he thought. I can't tell Ginny that theres someone I would rather be with, and lets face it, she's kind of taken. He put those thoughts behind him, as there was nothing he could do right now and enjoy the journey. It wasn't ever day now that you got to be around your friends and going back to the place you wish you could live forever.

The scretching of wheels made their way closer and closer to their compartment when the door opened and the food trolly appeared. Each year on the train, Harrry and Ron would buy at least one of everything and eat them all before they arrived. Once Hermionie stated that the trolly woman could probably live off the amount of money they spent. Harry didn't care, after a summer of the Dursley's eating Dudley's stupid diet, he needed to replenish himself. But this year, they had 4 other people in the conpartment, so Harry bought out a few extra gallons and brought some more food; which was thanked by everyone to Hermionie's dis-pleasure.

Soon enough Harry's good friend Draco came by with his two good for nothing thugs of friends. For some reason Draco was alittle bit more nicer then ususal; which made everyone uneasy and wondered what was going on. After all it was only before the holidays that Harry had put his father into Azkaban but he was sure that he wouldn't be there for too long, as the Demators were all but on Lord Voldermorts side.
"Well, well, well.......its Potter, Weasley and Granger." He said, but still in the colded and evil voice, that still happened to give Ginny cold chills down her back. "Hope you three have much fun as you did last year, see you round!! "And with that and one last glance around the room he turned and left.

"What was that all about." All three of them said, staring at each other in confusion. Malfoy and Harry had been enimies from day one at Hogwarts and he pridicted that they always would be. Malfoy didn't believe anyone other then pure-bloods ( full blood wizards ) should be at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledor thought differently.
"Forget about him, he's just up to something like usual." Ron said, trying to change the subject and onto something different. The way that Hermionie looked at him, it was confusing him. He didn't know what the look was or if there was anything in it, but there was something different Ron thought, but as like Harry brushed it away. "I wonder who our new Defence Against The Dark Arts is going to be. Any suggestions?" He asked, and that seemed to get them going.

For the rest of their trip to Hogwarts, talk and jokes were made about who their teacher was going to be and who the worse teacher could ever be. Harry was thinking about this alot; as everyone said that the possition was jinx and they hadn't had many good teachers. At his first year of Hogwarts he had the stumbling Proffesor Quirrell who happened to have Lord Voldermort plasted on the back of his head. Next year they had Proddesor Lockhart who happened to be a complete nut case and knowing nothing at all. Third year came around and they had the best DADA teacher ever; in Harry's Opninion, Proffesor Lupin. He tought Harry most of what he knows today but had to leave as he was a warewolf when the moon came out. Forth year came along and they were stuck with mad eye moddy who seemed really good. Untill he took Harry and tried to kill him and then they relised that he was an imposster and the real mad eye moddy was locked in a trunk all year. When last year came they had the worst teacher ever; Harry was pretty sure that everyone would agree, except for Draco of course. She worked for the Ministary when they thought that Dumbledor and Harry were lying; she made is her job to torture Harry.

But thats all over with, he thought. Everyone knows the truth now, so who is going to be our new teacher??
"Maybe they'll get back Lupin" Ron said, with hopes up. "He was the bestest teacher ever.
"Yes Ron, he was, except the fact still remains that he's a warewolf." Hermionie said, which made Ron's hopes disappear in the flash of a light.

As the sun went behind some hills, they knew that they would soon be at Hogwarts. They went and got into their robes, and this made a grin appear on Harry's face. He sat back down while everyone was still getting changed and looked out the dusty window. Even though that sun had gone down, he could still make out the tips of the hills. As they went around a few bends, which sent his trunk across the other side of the room, he suddenly saw lights. The Castle was now in full view now, and there were lights from the inside windows flooding out and rebounding off the lake, which Harry remembered breathing under 2 years ago. For some reason, he thought that this trip to Howarts was the bestest ever. He had never looked forward to it this much and as soon as he saw Howarts around the bend his heart missed a beat.

The train steamed on and on, and soon Ron, Hermionie, Luna, Ginny and Neville came back and as Harry did, they peared out the window; gazing at the now fully lit beautiful castle. Harry could think of no place he would rather be, and nobody he would rather be with. It took only a couple more mintues till he felt the train slowing down, and he breathed a sigh of relief. He was here! A sad thought came over Harry, he would only have one year after this. One more year to play quiddich for the school, one more year to hang with his friends, and one more year at the place where counted down for all summer holidays!

Soon enough the train came to a complete stop and everyone started pilling out in a hurry. Harry followed Ron through the pushing crowds and out into the open air, where he breathed it in and looked around, waiting for something firmilar. From not that far away a deep but friendly voice broke through the cold night air.
"First years, over here! Make way, make way! I want frist years over here, quickly now." Hagrid said, Harry could see him easily over the small first years. His scrathes and bruises had started to heal, and soon there would be no marks left. Hagrid was a full sized half giant, but was a friendly as a cat. He normally wore a huge drench coat which Harry was sure it would be able to spread out and cover the Dursleys whole back yard. Hagrid had let his hair grow longer then it had been, it made him alot more dark and scarier. But he was the same friendly man that Harry grew to like.

Hagrid spotted Harry and they stared at each other. Harry didn't know weather he should go up and say hi, but soon was un-able to as he pulled in the opposite direction.
It was a clear night, and there was hardly no clouds in the skies, and the full moon shinned down on the lake. It looked more beautiful then ever, he thought. He followed the rest of the the crowd who somehow knew where they were going. As Harry worked, he passed many first years who looked like they were going to die of fright. They were smaller then ever, and Harry couldn't imagine himself being that small. He walked by a small kid who reminded him of himself a bit, Except for the falming orange hair; which would be Ron. He was small and skinny, he wore glass's that seemed a bit to big for his head ( they kept slipping off his nose ) his hair, although orange, was long and messy. Many other students walked past him stairing and he couldn't help but remember when that happened to him.

He soon bumped into the person infront of him, as he wasn't looking where he was going and was to busy looking at the first year kid. He turned and saw that they were right at the edge of the lake. Are we going to go across in boats, hw wondered. There was a large box infront which was looked, and it seemed huge enough which made him wonder what was inside it and how they were going to get to the other side of the lake. Suddenly out of nowhere Madam Hootch appeared and looked quite happy. Harry was thinking exactly what Ron was thinking, were they going to ........!
"Right, if everone could please step forward and take a broom each. You have already taken flying lessons and should know at least how to fly straight and over the lake without drowning." Everyone moved forward towards the box, and excited murmours begun. "Ohh Potter, please come here frist." She said, and he made his way over.

She handed him a broom and he straight away noticed that it was his Fire Bolt in his hand. He walked over to Ron and Hermionie, who had managed to grab some clean sweeps which weren't that exciting. Ron's eyes open as he relised that Harry had his broom. All three mounted them and kicked off, and soon the freezing cold air was rushing onto Harry's fast. As he speed off infront and circle back around, he remember the joy of flying, and soon enough he would be back on the Gryffindor team. He could think of nothing he would rather do, he could fly again!

As the lake glissend below them as they flew over, the weeds floating on the cerface, and the lights making the lake look magical. They soon flew over the edge of the bank and Harry landed with out even a thud. They were made to put their brooms back into the box, which was now on the other side and Harry gave his to Madam Hootch. All three of them made their way up to stone steps and in through the huge front gate. Harry was just about to open the door to enter the Great Hall, when Proffesor McGonagal appear to the side of him. Harry couldn't help but jump back a little and stear at her with un-be knowings of why she sneaked up on him.

"Evening Potter, Grandger, Weasley." She said, a small smile approhiating her face. "Professor Dumbledor would quickly like to see you two."
Pointing at Harry and Hermionie, which were both quite shocked. They left Ron, who was alittle sulky that he never got to go to see Dumbledor, which Harry thought was quite strange because in a muggle thing, you do NOT want to go see the headmaster. Both Hermionie and Harry followed Proffesor McGongal to the entrance staircase, where they steped in; which was quite a tight sqeeze and Harry turned to see the ground spiriling below, as the last words they heard was 'Clean sweep' from McGonagal from below.
"Thats a change." Harry said, giving alittle laugh to himself.
"Why, whats a change." Hermionie said, she was now jammed in a corner, and Harry moved around trying to give her more space.
"Nothing." He said, he didn't feel like telling Hermionie, it wasn't that funny.
They stopped turning round soon after and the door suddenly slip open and they both pilled out. Hermionie landed on Harry, and there was an awkward moment, till she quickly hoped off him and helped him up. They stood there for a moment and then remember about Dumbledor. They walked up to his door and he looked at Hermionie, he wondered what he wanted with both of them. As Harry went to knock on the door, and his hand came close to the door it swung open. Both of them jumped back expecting someone to be there in the door way; there was no one. Harry made his way in first and looked around, remembering all the times he's been in this office. He saw the portraits all around the room, which seemed to be stairing at him. Just the other year he had came in here claiming that Ron's Dad was hurt, he might of saved his life; but no one seemed to believe him and espicially seen he saw him in a dream/vision. Harry walked around, and Dumbledor didn't seem to be anywhere in sight, and they took a seat waiting for him. A minute or so passed, before a voice came behind them.
"Harry, Hermionie, Im glad that you made it. Im taking it that indeed Proffesor McGonagal told you that I wanted to see you." Harry spun around in his chair, and standing by the doorway was Proffesor Dumbledor. "Sorry that I have held you up, but I was taking care of a err an accident which involved hot Pumpkin juice." He continued, with a worried but a small smirk on his face. "Im sure that Mr Malfoy, will be alright." He finished, and Harry thought this was the best news of the whole day.
He imagined Malfoy in pain, and that surprisingly brought pleasure to Harry.
Dumbledor made his way over to his desk, and sat down on the chair. He looked older then last summer, he seemed to be showing more of his years, he thought. His beard had grown longer and there were now more grey strands all over the place. Harry wondered if he would carry on being the principle for ever, and who would the new one be.
"If you don't mind Miss Granger, I would like a quick word with Harry first, and then I shall speak to you." He asked, now standing as Hermionie agreed and shut the door behind her.
He noticed that every time Dumbledor looked at Harry, but he was pretty sure that he was looking past him and not into his eyes. Harry guessed that he was still scared that Lord Voldermort might be trying to posess him!
"So, Harry. Im taking it that you enjoyed your holidays at the Weasley's? And i hope you liked the funeral that was put on for Sirius." Just at that moment, the mention of his name, all the memories came back. When he was in this room last year, angry, he wanted Sirius back, and Dumbledor didn't seem to be answering any of his questions, when it seemed like Harry needed him the most.

That was when he told Harry about the prophecy and that he must kill Voldermort or Voldermort will kill him. He hadn't really think that it would be Neville, truth be known, he didn't even think about it much. It was all part of last year and in a way he wanted to forget about last year. "As I was saying." Quickly giving Harry a side look and then carried on looking behind him. "I wanted to quickly talk to you about a few things."
Harry shuffled uncomfortably in his chair and wasn't sure what he was going to say.
"First, I would like to say that inspite of the 'events' which happened last year, they were not anything to do with your 'Owl' marks. I looked at your results and was very impressed and thought I would let you know that. Secondly, I have talked to Professor Snape and he was alittle un-happy about carrying on with your lessons Occumency, so again inspite of the events from last year as of now you have a new teacher." He finished.
"Well, who is going to be teaching me Professor Dumbledor? Are you going to." In a way, Harry wouldn't mind if Dumbledor taught him, he's sure that he wouldn't act like he was hacking him brain.
"In sorry Harry, but you know as well as I do that I can't teach you. Not with Lord Voldermort returning to power and him having the possibility to enter your brain." And his hopes fell, but anyone had to be better then Snape.
"Professor McGonagal will me teaching you, and I hope you give her the same respect." He continued, now looking down his glasses but still behind Harry.
It wasn't too bad, Harry thought. As he said, anyone will be better then Snape. He was actually quite glad, but he knew he had to try, with everyone know that the Dark Lord was back and he knew that both Dumbledor and Professor McGonagal would be on his back if he didn't try and learn. "Since we've got that sorted, we have a few more quick things to discuss, on a more.. er .. happier note!" He said, trying to find the right words. " Professor McGonagal, has also kindly reminded me that the Gryfindor Quidditch Captain positions is up for taking, and the latest news that I heard was that you're it. Congratulations Harry." He said, and giving him a smile and looking into his eyes for yet only a second and then looking away again.







"What is that?" She asked, looking across at Harrys hand as he still had the letter.
"Letter." He said, looking up at Hermione. He recieved a `well obviously` look and expected more. "My Aunt, she wanted to tell me something, but I must of left it behind in Privet Drive. I looked for it last night but I couldnt find it. I.......I dont know what it is." He continued, confused but curious.
"Well....open it then!" She protested.
Harry wanted to, but didnt, what he knew that it must be important and that he wasnt going to open it here, that was for sure.
Harry jumped to his feet and started for the Great Hall doors.
"Where are you going?" She asked, hesitated to follow.
"Outside, I cant read it in here." He stated, waving his hand in indication for her to follow him.
She half ran half walked to catch up with him, many people now coming down the Marble Staircase for breakfast.

Many people were now walking down the Marble Stairs and making their way to Breakfast in the Great Hall. Harry how ever, didnt turn left and pass everyone but made his way to his right towards the Entrance Hall.
Hermione caught up, panting abit, she looked at Harry, obviously concerned about what was going on, why didnt he just open the letter in the Great Hall??
As the morning was still new, and the sun was rising, the lake looked beautiful as both Hermione and Harry amerdged outside, a cold wind blew across their faces and Harry moved on.
Hermione follozed him close behind, thinking he was headed towards Hagrids Hutt, but was mis-taken again as he turned towards the lake.
The trees around the forest suffled slowely in the wind and there was almost silence around.
Harry stopped beside the lake, looking out over the water. This morning it seemed soclear and still, that you could almost see right down to the bottom. Only 3 years ado he had swum down to rescue both Ron and Hermione and harry went red in thought of this. He had felt so stupid when he had thought he must save both, and coming up out of the water, feeling like an idiot infront of everyone.

Hermione appeared beside him, wondering still what they were going outside. Harry wasnt sure why he was going to do what he was going to do next; Ron would kill hil and never talk to him again, but yet he did. Harry grabbed Hermiones hand next to him and heldd it. surprisingly she didnt draw back and they stood there together both looking out over the lakr.

Harry was surprised on how warm her hands were, even in the cold morning wind.
After 5 minutes, when she looked awkwardly at him out of te corner of her eye, Harry made his way to a tall Oak tree behind him that had stood there for years and sat down. He let go of her hand, to his dis-may he felt more alone then he hand from when he was with her.
"You know my Dad was once sitting here, with his friends!" He said, almost as if he had to say something. Trying to break the silence but also awording what they were outside for.
She simply nodded her head and looked down.
"Siruis use to sit here;" He continued, a smalls mirk across his face, turned to anger.
Hermione looked concerned and confused, like she had been many times. Both her and the Weaslys.....everyone really had been very careful to not say anything about Siruis and what happened last year.
They all knew that Harry wasnt taking it very well and though Harry didnt knoz, Hermione had found the note Harry had found at Siruis's rememberal but her frighteness grew and grew as she wondered what it was all about.
" Harry... what is this all about? The letter!" She asked.

Harry let out a sigh of relief.
"Before I went to stay with you guys in the holidays, my Aunt gave me a letter. She had been acting strangly all summer. I decieded not to open it there, but wait and open it later. I totally forgot about the letter with Siru....with err....everything going on until last night.
I searched and searched but I couldnt find it. Obviously I had put it down somewhere and forgotten to take it with me. I dont know what its all about. I wouldnt be anything important, would it??" Hermione just shrugged. "What would she have to say that she couldnt wait till next summer and send this to Dumbledor." He thought out loud. The letter, still in his hand, tightly losened as he placed it one Hermiones knee.He lay down on the grass and put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, acting as if he was enjoying the sweet sun.
Hermione raised her eyebrows in complete astonishement.
"What?" She asked, picking up the letter and reading the front. "Why did you give it to me?"
"I dont want to read it, you might as well. Im not" He said, trying to sound cool but anyone could tell he had a slight hesitation in his voice.
She was sure that if she didnt read it now; then Harry might never.
She let out a sign as she ripped open the envolope and bought out several pieces od paper.
The birds that had once been singing and the insects flying around became more louder as Hermione read from left to right for minute after minute. The sun continued to shine on the lake as the birds had fun flying in and touching the water before quickly flying back up into the trees.
Harry couldnt see Hermiones reactions but if he could, then he might of been alittle bit worried about what was coming...
As Hermione seemed as shocked as she had been in along time.
As Harry lay there with his eyes closed he suddenly had a strong pain in his head.
He sat up to see that Hermione had apparently smaked him across the head.
"Hey!! What was that for?" He asked, now rubbing his head, trying to make the pain go away.
"Read this!!" She demanded, putting out her hand and handing the letter to Harry.
"Why, it isnt anything important!!" He stated, turning to his left and looking towards the grounds.
"READ IT!!" She demanded again, her voice so persistent, that Harry turned around and nodded.
Harry took the letter from Hermione and took the pieces of paper from behind the envolope out. Not only was it a long letter, but it seemed to have blotched of ink on several pages that made Harry wonder if she had written it will a quill and ink.
For the next minutes to follow, like Hermione, there was silence around and only the birds could be heard.
After wahile, Harry lowered the paper, stiared out on the lake, refusing to say anything.
Not even Hermione knew what to do and just simply placed her hand on his shoulder. Quickly as anything, he shrugged it off and jumped up. Instead of looking shocked, he looked full out in rage.
He lookes down at Hermione who seemed to know one of these moods and looked scared.
"Its not true!" He yelled, not minding who heard him. The birds never the less had stopped singing and the insects were not still. "Shes lying....she has to be!" As he screwed up the letter and chucked it next to Hermione. "My Aunt didnt love my.....father. They werent toge......they werent....ok!!!!!!" Was his last statement before making his way up towards the castle.
Hermione thought it would be better to let him carm down first, as she took hold of the letter, thinking he might want it later on.
Harry entered the Enterance Hall and made his way through the Marble Staircase, banging into people and taking no notice of appoligising. Dumbledor saw from the Great Hall, Harry pass and as like Hermione, thought it would be better to leave him for awhile.He reached the Fat Lady and partly yelled the passxord and slammed the door behind him, spilling the Fat Ladys hot drink.
Everyone seemed to be now down at breakfast as the fire was blazing with no one infront of it.
He went up into the Boys Dorm, as he entered, he couldnt help but kick his trunk, which he regretted after as he was sure his toe was now broken.
Her grabbed a piece of parchement and wrote but two simple, stronge words. 'YOUR LIER'

~~ I've given up on actually writing what chapter number!!

and addressed it to his Aunt. Hedwig who had been eating her breakfast in peace, seemed to be yanked out of her cage and was demanded to fly to Private Drive, with a hoot of anger, she set out, leaving Harry to think alone.

the picture of his parents sat on his draws, as Harry lookes at it, it made him more confused, which made him more angry.
How could this be true, how could he have Dudley as a ..... a ..... step brother.... It cant be true, he yelled to himself.
Dad how could you? He said, lowering his head, a small tear fell down his cheek and landed on the picture. His arm reached up and sent he picture flying across the room, smashing into pieves on impact. he burried his head between his knees and puddles of tears appeared on the bed spread.


Hours on hours passed by as Harry still lay on his bed, looking up at the roof. Mean while Hermione had filled Ron in on what was in the letter.
Hermione wasnt at all surprised when Ron burst out in laughter as he thought it was Official Wizard Joke Day. He only started to take things serously when one, he notived it wasnt the 16th of march and two.....Hermione didnt tell jokes...
"Bloody Hell...." Is all he managed to squeeze out for awhile. "But...she must be lying." Ron deciede, with Hermione rolling her eyes.
"Thats what Harry said, but she cant be. Dumbledor gave Harry that letter, he must of known what it was about, he knws what went on....but we cant tell Harry that. It would just be another reason for him to get angry at Dumbledor for." She stated, a worried look on her face indicated to Ron that she was worrying about him.

The day went on never the less, as the students were handed out their time tables for thr following day. Harry hadnt come down at all and both hermione and Ron extanged concerned looks over their meal.
Moans and froans in the great Hall as they compared their classes for tomorrow with each other.
After their 3rd year at Hogwarts, Hermione had dropped most of her classes and was now taking pretty much all the same as both boys.

Disruption aroise again from the corner of the Great Hall as more and more people made their way over to see what the big deal was.
Curious as they were, Ron and and Hermione went to go see what was going on.
People were pushing and shuving to get to the front, but soon the crowds died down, as many people had done what they had went over for.
Soon it was Ron, Hermione and other 1st years (who looks very pale) were left in line.
They must be excited about their classes tomorrow, hermione told Ron, and he rolled his eyes when she wasnt looking.
She straight away relsed what everyone had been doing up here and Draco and his friends werent. Someone had posted the House lists for the DA in the Great Hall for final names. both of them erupted into huge smiles as nearly the whole school was going to be in the DA this year.
They seemed to be thinking along the same track as each other...
"Do you think that Harry will still want to tak ethe DA, after he found out about....well...you know, will he?!" Ron asked, not daring to say anything on the subject as it was a sore one and Hermione seemed to perfectly knoe what he was talking about.
Ron didnt look very sure that he would, but Hermione put on a brave face.

"Of course he wil." She said slightly nodding her head back and forth slowly. "He loves the DA, he wouldn't give it up.." She finished, not looking to sure not.
They finished their meal and mucked around with their fellow Gryffindor class mates that afternoon. AS the sun started to set over the mountains far off and over the lake, the students one by one disappeared into their common rooms.
Neville, Ginny, Hermione and Ron made their way up the Marble Staircase.
Surprisingly a few people wondered where Harry was, and thinking fast on his feet, Ron announced that Harry wasn't feeling well.
The fire blazing when they entered and soon all four calapsed into the front row seats of the fire.
"Did you hear about our first Hogmades visit?" neville asked, looking excited and continued to tell them it was this weekend.
"Awsome, maybe we could all visit Fred and George's shop, I havn't really had a look around yet!" Ron put the idea forward and soon all agreed that they would definitly visit the shop. Chatting soon broke away in different corners as many people headed up into their dorms to sleep.
Ron was busy telling Neville about all his brothers new invensions and Hermione and Ginyny giggling about something as they did.
When they both turned and looked at Ron - laughing, he went suddenly scarlet. This didn't seem to matter as they laughed even harder about something.
Neville soon disappeared, closely followed by Dean, Semus and a new 1st year behind them.
"Well, Im off to bed." Ron announced, hoping for alittle attension as Hermione seemed to ignore him all night and as he dreaded, he didn't get much.
"ohh....right...night." Was all that was said from both. Hermione andGinny returned too some gigglying conversation.
Ron, tired and annoyed, started off to his form, slowely dragging his feet behind him. e opened his door and looked around.
Everyone was in their 4 posted beds for as far as he could see.
Though the night silence was broken by Neville's heavy breathing he made his way over to his bed.
Sitting down and slowely getting into his night gare, Harry rolled over and was now facing Ron.
Ron noticed this and gave his a sympathetic look. He reched into his pocket and pulled out their time tabel for tomorrow and placed it on Harry's side tabel.
Harry mouthed thanks.
Both boys now lay in bed, feeling both misrable but for different reasons. They soon both roled over and drifted off.
Silence now filled the dorm once more as the 5 days slept soundly, shiftying so often and turning over.
A small knocking could be heard on the glass, as Hedwig was wanting to be let it. She seemed to of come back from Private Drive. She tapped her beak several times before giving up and flying to the owlery.
She pertched on a post next to Pig and slowely closed her pale blue emeral eyes, to sleep.

The night sky was still out as sweat pored franticly down Harry's face as his mind was racing. Even though his eyes were
shut and he appeared asleep, it must have seemed very real.
he was use to nightmares about Sirius but this one was different, it was real.
"Harry it's alright!" Sirius said, reaching out and placing his hands on his shoulder.
Shrugging it off like he did to Hermione, he staired at him.
"It's not alright. You're gone! Everyone won't stop thinking im crazy for seeing you and now finding out about Dad and...."
He couldn't finish, not now, he had to forget the lies.
"What about your Dad?" Sirius demanded an answer. Even though his own son, Sirius would let no one put down or speak
un-fondly of James.
"What have you heard about your father, what about James?" He places both hands on his shoulders again and looked into
Harry's eyes. Harry looked back at Sirius, he didn't want Sirius to be gone.
He would give anything to have his back.
He hadn't seemed to of aged anything, but as like last time, his eyes seemed alone and empty.
He missed the days when they were filled with light and hope.
Harry lowered his head and mumbled. "Dad was together with my Aunt."
The words slipped off his tongue and as he finished he felt like he had said something wrong and he should wipe his mouth out.
Siriu's grip losened on Harry's shoulders before he let go and stepped away from him
"That was way in the past Harry! Why bring it up now?" He asked.
"I only got told today." Sirius looked both amazed and shocked.
"Are you telling me that Patunia never told you that they were together. Why the heck didn't she?" He asked, half asking, half
Harry just shrugged, Sirius seemed more concerned about him not knowing then what actually happened between them.
Harry looked around but couldn't see anything as pitch black surrounded them like each time they talked. Silence whispers
voiced far off carefully.
"What's it like?" Harry suddenly asked, which took Sirius by surprise who seemed to be thinking about something....
"What's what like Harry?"
"Behind the curtain, what's behind the vail? People, are there other people with you?" Harry couldn't believe that he had never

.... asked Siruis this and felt like an idiot. They had always talked about how Harry was, and what he was thinking or feeling. It was never about Siruis, Harry felt selfish all of a sudden.
Surius was taken back by the question and turned away avoiding Harry's face.
"I wouldn't know Harry, not any more." He said, his head now lowered and his shaggy hair covering him head as he shoke it from side to side.
"What do you mean Siruis? Tell me.....You died!" Harry was hoping for what he had been ever since last year.
Siruis wasn't dead, he saw him, he talked to him, he mustn't of died, he couldn't of. And that's what Harry held on to, that's what was keep Harry going all this time.... It seemed like it was all that was left.... Left of his family.
He kept on repeating it to himself half hoping it would come true.
"I died Harry, yes that is true. You can not miss death, it is not comprimisable, it does not change, it is there, there always with you." Harry's expression dropped like anything, not looking interesting in anything much that Siruis had to say.
"When you die Harry, there is a choice everyone has to make, everyone who has passed has made this choice. Your parents have when they died, this choice is to carry on into a new world, I can't say where or what that is, I wouldn't know, I didn't choose that. Your parents did though, they thought it would have been better for you to start on your own feet as you grew up and away from their influence, and everything. They thought that it would be best for you, remember that Harry, that will keep you going, it's what Dumbledor always says, your parents died for you...and not only did they do that, they gave up the oportunity to stay....to say with their friends and family.... all for you Harry, it was all for you. This is why you went to your Aunt and Uncles."
At the sound of her name, Harry shudded but wanted to know more.
"What about the other choice, do they get to live again? Why didn't my parents live then?" Harry didn't understand why did his parents leave him.
"Im coming to that harry. You do get another life, we ...... everyone has had their time on earth, we are not allowed to change what happened, that is life, not even Wizards are allowed, if they were, then imagine this world, there would be time changing at every opportunity. The other choice harry, is a life with no ending. Very few people chooce this as it's painful in it's own way. They watch people be bor, yes, and grow up and live their lives. Their happiest times of their lives but everyone died and that they must see as well, they watch their loved ones go as they stay, as they watch and have no choice but to let them go, let them go on with out them. You are as good as dead in a way. DO you know what this is Harry?" He asked.
Harry stoof there for a moment, buzzment spelt on his face.
He simply shrugged his shoulders.
"They became a ghost harry, hey live on earth but don't eat, sleep, tastle, smell, they are not live in a way." He waited for any emotion to fill his face, Harry looked up.
"But... Neraly Headless Nick said that weren't coming back, he said that you were gone, gone for ever Siruis"
"Im back harry. Im's back and im not leaving you again!" Harry reached out to grab his hand as someone shock him furiously and his eyes opened franticly, seeing Ron standing over him.
"Time to get up mate, class is starting soon!"
Harry felt like he could of hit Ron, as he didn't mind missing class, he wanted to be with Siruis.
Ron who was fully dressed in his full Gryffindor robes, shrugged and went back down to the Common Room.
The morning sun floaded through the open window as Harry burried his head to his pillow. He wanted to capture every last though and memory of Siruis.

What had Siruis fully meant, he didn't understand everything. He pounded his head on the pillow, annoyed of the lack of information he could remember.
Harry had no choice in the end but to get up and get ready for class.
He grabbed his time table, without looking at it and screwed it up into his pocket.
The Common Room was completly empty when he went down and Harry left through the portrait.
As he closed the door of the Fat Lady, she gave him a solimbed look obviously still angry at him for spilling her drink as he slammed the door last night.
Harry half shrugged his shoulders, swung his bag over his back and quickly walked down the Marble Stairs and into the Great Hall.
Everyone had left for class except Hermione and Ron, who had seemed to wait for him. The breakfast plates and food had been cleared away and Harry's hopes of grabbing something to eat quickly before class were torn away. His stomach gave a slight grumble from not eating in awhile.
They both smiled at him as they stood up, but somehow Harry knew they were holding something back, they were scared and Harry seemed to know why.

Harry looked at them both side ways, and left the Great Hall, not aware where he was going, Harry made his way towards the Entrance Hall, wanting to go outside.
He heard a small mumble behind him, and when he turned around both Hermione and Ron had stopped walking and were standing still.
"Umm....Harry.....we have double potions with Snape now. Where are you going?" Ron asked, not wanting to sound to into it.
He looked around and relised that he had no idea where he was going and where he was suppose to be going, so he trusted them both and made their way torwards the dungeons, Harry feeling more worse then when he woke up. Everything couldn't get worse, with his Aunt, his friends and now Siruis. He wanted to hammer his head and make half the things he was thinking about to disappear and half of the questions he wanted answering to be answered. But Harry knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon....


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Harry couldn't concentrate during potions; it's not like he usually did, and most of all Snape seemed to relise this and was frequently asking him questions that even Hermione seemed to be stumped on. They were soon instructed to carry out a simple potion, that he still manage to stuff up.

"Harry.... Psstttt ...... HARRY! What do you think you're doing. You shouldn't be mixing them together.... you'll blow this whole place up!" Hermione said, in her voice that wasn't as proud as it normally would be when correcting someone, she knew something was up.
"What..." Harry mumbled as he looked down and relised what she was on about, he half srugged and sat down.

Harry thanked Hermione after she fixed the mixture in his cauldron, as the contents were now nicely simmering away just like hers.
You couldn't say the same thing about Ron's though, as he seemed to be having the same amount of trouble. Harry was sure that he was getting more and more nervous around Hermione and in the long run, it would affect him more and more.

He can't handle her, he thought to himself. She'll be better off with someone like me! He thought, and automatically shock his head as hard as he could to get what he was thinking out!! How could i have thought that, Rons my friends, Hermione's my friend .... Im with Ron's sister. It was all too much again, thinking about everything. Harry seriously needed a way to get everything out of his head.

Draco looked over from the corner of the room and saw Harry shaking his head which looked extremly funny, and by the time he had stopped, mostly all of the Slytherins were laughing and pointing at him. He looked up and saw this, turning a shade of Red that Ron knew quite well, put his head down and pretended he was reading the ingrediants.

"Mr Potter ... If you can not control your lice, would you mind going to see the health nurse and getting treatment for it" Snape said, just loud enough so that the whole of the East side of the castle could hear. "5 points from Gryffindor, for Mr Potters attension seeking little act" He finished with a smirk.

Minute after to minute seemed to drag on, and points after points were coming off the Gyffindor House and by the end of the period, no one really cared any more.
Harry swung his bag over his shoulder, and made his way out of the damp, dark dungeons and into the air grown hall. It was now lunch time and everyone seemed to have had the worse morning ever.

As the students gather outside the Great Hall, talking and chatting excitedly to each other, Harry approuched with Ron and Hermione on his heals.
He stopped behind Neville, Ginny and a few other people that he didn't notice.
"Whats going on?" He asked, standing tall to try see over everyone. Like every holiday, Harry had grown amazingly over the holidays and could easily see over everyone with out even trying.
"We're not sure, we know somethings up. They won't let us in there yet. And im starving." Neville added in the end, and Harry relised that he was considerably hungry after not havnig breakfast.
"Yea me too" He mumbled. "How long will this be?"
He looked around and by everyone's faces he could tell that no one was really sure what the hell was going on and when they were allowed to eat.

After waiting around for 10 more minutes, and Harry noticing his stomach grumberling more and more as the time passed, the Great Hall doors opened wide and Professor McGonagal was standing with her arms out.
Everyone waited around with out stepping forward to hear what she had to say.
"You may all come in for lunch. Please DO NOT touch anything" she finished.

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Professor McGonagal moved to one side and established by the expresion on her face that yes, it was alright to enter.
But that didn't make everyone rush in, it seemed that everyone was trying to look inside to see what had been going on first before entering.
Slowly people started moving in relising that there was nothing to see.

Lunch had been layed out already and Harry didn't wait to chat, as he tucked into the large meal that was waiting for him after 24 hours.
He wasn't concentrating on anything apart from his lunch and what he was going to diguest next until Hermione suddenly spoke.
"What do you think they were doing in here?" She said, putting down the half eatten sandwich and looking up at the two boys.
Both Ron and Harry who weren't thinking about anything got quite a shock when they heard her voice. They looked up and gave her a look.
"I mean, they must have been doing something in here. When they opened the doors all the teachers were moving up to the Staff table. They must have had a meeting about something! And I noticed that Hayden guy was in here. Why was he allowed to stay and none of us were even allowed in!" She finished like she had just finished a performance which she knew she got a 'A' on.

"I didn't notice anything" Ron said, acting more interesting in his food.
"Well, thats because you pay attension to nothing Ronald!" She looked over at Harry. "What do you think Harry?"
He hesitated for a moment, "Yea, there might be something going on. Theres something about that Hayden kid. He doesn't belong in Slytherin. Somethings up ....."


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