who would win sephiroth or seymour?

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Sephiroth ff7
i personally think sephiroth would

omg sephirtoth would f*cking kill seymour.... oyeah ff7 your new right well welcome sweetie angel




Seymor is a puss, I saw him at a starbucks two days ago and a old guy pimp slapped his goofy ass and Seymor dropped his latee and ran to his parents house. ok that didnt happen but he is still a punk

laughing made a funny story stick out tongue

ah...is this even debatable? Seymour would get his pussy ass kicked back to where he came from.

who the heck is seymour?

could you guys give a rest to this whole sephy vs sumone thing???

obviusly he will win, cuz noone will admit he'd lose (not that he'd lose, especially to seymour)

Lord Ryugen
Once again Someone's posted Final Fantasy's coolest evil doer against someone who has no real chance. Can't we all just leave it alone now? That or at least give him someone decent to fight.

what about sephy VS. all sephirot clones?

Lord Ryugen
Nah! all the Sephiroth clones did was wander around in black cloaks mumbling and dying. Not much of a challange really

Sephiroth vs Syn and if sin or whatever is outmatched throw a couple of the weapons on his side. any FF7 fan will know what i mean

I can set up a nice brawl for Sephiroth... All you have to do is, say it's a four year old Sephiroth, then this poll is actually somewhat of a challenge for are the greatest villian ever to touch a videogame.

Lord Ryugen
Hmm Seph vs Sin? you know that just might work. But DarkHorn I'm afraid a four year old Sephy would still slaughter Seymour

Heh, it's true you know.

I can't see Sephy fighting Sin... but I can see him fighting Cloud. That's all I really can see. Most likely since they're in the same game.... it's hard to determine otherwise.


i still think seph vs link would be a good fight...

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