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for sometime now i was wondering if a MEGAMAN movie would be might be.. or how about another mario bros movie?.. the last one i loved. what are some other good movie ideas you have?

chilled monkey
I'd like to see a movie about witchcraft. Something that shows witches in a good light.

The story could be that a malevolent entity of some kind is released, and a coven of witches have to save the people responsible.

A movie adaption of Kelley Eskridge's 'Solitaire' would also be really good.

Was "Practical Magic" not good enough for us all?

i think the best idea is to stay away from this thread. megaman? another travesty of mario brothers? i speechless, what are you like 12

pratical magic was a pretty good movie. as 4 a megaman movie, i dont think it will get very much popularity and money.

I was really hoping for a Dig Dug movie.

dig dug...Righteous that would be a blockbuster, and even a sequal dig DUG to China

chilled monkey
Nothing wrong with Practical Magic, but I don't see anything wrong with wanting more than one such movie.

Didn't witches duke it out in "The Craft" as well? Anyway, I'm still waiting for the ever-popular "Ninjas vs. Pirates" theme to hit the big and small screens ad nauseum.

chilled monkey
No offence if you liked it, but The "Craft" was filled with negative (and completley untrue) images.

For starters, why is it that when Sarah wants to leave, the other three start tormenting her? Real witches would never do this. Wicca doesn't recruit people, it's not a cult. If a witch wants to leave, they can do so anytime they want.

Nancy and Rochelle frequently do things to hurt people. Again, real witches would not do this. The first Wiccan law is 'And harm ye none and do what ye will'. Basically, do not harm others.

At one point, they mention God and 'the devil'. Witches DO NOT believe in 'the devil'.

Nancy is made out to be a ****. REAL witches would not use sexuality in such a degrading, casual way.

I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

wat was wrong with a new super mario?! i loved that movie

Chilled monkey, don't worry--I wasn't offended, nor did I particularly enjoy "The Craft" (except the part where I got to ogle teenage girls in school uniforms for an hour-and-a-half).

As to why Hollywood would EVER portray a person, organization or concept in a negative, inaccurate way, it's because that's exactly what Hollywood does. If the witches had let their friend leave the coven unchallenged, it wouldn't have made for very interesting cinema, nor would it have given the effects department the chance to try out some of 1996's latest SFX gizmos for the climax.

The studio could have, I suppose, run a disclaimer saying that not ALL witches act like this, that many of them are fine, honorable people...but then, they were likely under no direct threat of lawsuits, protests or hexes from the Wicca lobby. It's a lesson to be learned, boys and girls...if you're a rich, powerful Hollywood entity, you have nothing to fear from special interest groups with a solid history of not complaining loudly or effectively.

Red Superfly
I wanna see a movie about a fat kid who gets superpowers.

Or a movie about a rabid monkey called Sebatian.

ScarFace Clone
I think they should have a sequal to Half/Baked Called Fully Baked lol! or is it just me who thinks thats a good idea?

chilled monkey
roundisfunny: I see your point. The question is how to convince Hollywood that positive, accurate portrayals would make a profit?

Keeping this thread on-topic, other movies I'd like to see:-

Josie and the Pussycats 2
Wrong Turn 2
Tru Calling: The Movie

Wrong Turn 2 starring the Olson Twins, Haley Joel Osment, Queen Latifah, and Meryl Streep.

With special cameos by Eliza Dushku and Jessica Biel as the new-look redneck cannibals. They are immediately killed by the kid in Daddy Day Care who kept dressing up as The Flash.

Red Superfly
How about another Eddie Murphy kids film - only this time, Eddie wants blood!

Maybe Daddy Slay Care??

I dont have any ideas of where hollywood could go from here but what do you guys think the next big movie could be

Tired Thins
It would have to be this: STAR WARS, EPISODE 0.

This would be the prequel before episode 1. There would be no humans in it, and it would only star CG Aliens, muppets, and droids. It would basically start with Yoda being born and show how he becomes so powerful. That's it for now! big grin

Reborn Again
Believe me I certainly do, but I can't discuss it because I'm in talks.

The Smurfs live-action movie starring Sean Connery as Papa Smurf, Nicole Kidman as Smurfette and Jeffrey Tambor as Gargmel (I would suggest Fyvush Finkel, but the ACLU would be all over me).

Star Wars Remake in 20 years.

you gotta be careful who you tell your ideas to

yea people are really going to steal the idea for a movie about the smurfs live action, I mean it better not happen, or the movie industry will be going waaaaaayyyyyy downhill.........Good idea

I have one, its about cannibals and a vietnam vet and a group of highschool kids and a camping trip. Think you can guess what happens. HA I BET NOT. i can twist and shift plot lines lik QT dont mess with me.

The only way forward would be to make METAL GEAR SOLID the movie. Coz lets face it whether its crap or not anyone whos ever owned a PS One, PS2 or any other console with Metal Gear on has been impressed. With lots of Action, A bad-ass spy character, Evil enemies, Geeky Scientists who wet their pants, Love, Sadness it has the lot.

Either that or another crappy American Pie movie coz their so crap. British humour is the ONLY humour. Except Naked Gun ofcourse big grin

Jackie Malfoy
In fact they are two great books!One is 1984!I heard that they have a old movie of this.I think they should make a remake of it!
Another one is a book called "This Present Darkness" and it is about the new age region that is evil in the book!
And I know this the director to direct it.
Mel Gibson would be great with turning this book into a movie!And that is about it for now!JM Happy Dance eek!

At least in a cult horror circle i think Romero's long over due Land of the Dead will be a strong contender, it may even stream over to the cult comedy circuit what with Shaun of the Dead duo Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg supposedly on board.

Also the remake of 'The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe' this is such a beautiful story although i think the 'Hollywood Execs' may ruin its original beauty, it could either be the next 'Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings' or the next 'Five Children and IT'.

I have an idea for a trilogy. I am not going to give any details away, but i will endulge you with the titles. After i finish film school and find a producer you will defenantly see these movies, under ragesRemorse productions. the first movie will be called "the worst movie ever made"
the second will be called "Not the worst movie ever made,but still a bad movie" The last in the trilogy will be called "damn, this is even worse than the worst movie ever made"

When people buy the tickets they will have to ask for a ticket to see the worst movie ever made, so when it turns out to be shitty, they cant complain, but dont worry, they wont be that bad. They will be a contradiction of titles. I'm a visionary people.

Equilibrium 2

That may be the worst idea on this thread.

That's actually a pretty funny idea.

why is Equilibrium 2 the worst idea
Equilibrium kicked ass why not make a sequel

Yes, the first one was awesome, and highly original, but everything that needed to be finished was finished, why make a sequel? What else is there to move on with?

Maybe Preston comes into power and becomes Father and makes everyone stop taking Prozium and WWVI breaks out its the Rebellion vs the Prozium loyalist

ok yea there is no need for a sequel

What about Chucky Meets the Godfather?

Think about it...
the little guy asks the Godfather to get his boys to gang up on someone, but then he pisses him off and it gets all otta hand. Everyone thinks the devil worshiper will win, but then the Godfater whips out a New Jersey girl, and...

I could direct movies, but not think them up. laughing

Just because a movie is good, doesnt mean it is in need of a sequals. the story was told, no need for furthur elaboration. The two stories that Equilibrium was taken from (farenheit 451, 1984) diddnt need sequals, and they are of the most popular books in modern literature.

No, it isnt funny, its pathetically stupid. VAN HELSING 2, would be better.

If you could make any movie, what would it be about, who would star in it, and how cool would it be. You should be ignoring all trademarks, rights, and the free will of actors in order to make your movie happen. (compete ideas, no prize or anything, but there will be a best to show mentioning)

Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, etc. wink

I'd love to film that. yes

jason maddox
mine would be called the end,a sci-fi epic where earth was destroyed years ago and only a few humans are left in the galaxy with a mixed race called the beaters,the lead would be landon who with a small group of humans and beaters who find out that earth is still there so they make the journey but are met with great challenges.

the only actor i can think of is nick stahl to play the lead

Darth Jello
A philosophical epic trilogy loosely based on The Divine Comedy

sonic the hedgehog crossing swords with the republican party

Originally posted by Myth
Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, etc. wink

I'd love to film that. yes

i love you, that would be one of my choices. I would make a movie about the forgotten war. Some crazy shctuff went down in that war.

I have plenty idea's but I think I would make a movie about being trapped in nothingness. Like seeing nothing, feeling nothing.... A philosophical film that shows the experience people would go through if this sort of thing happened and it would star anyone who could act wink I would call it '' Deep waste of space ''.

If I enjoy the book catch 22 when i read that then maybe that i would turn into a film. A war movie about that sort of thing would be great.

I also think a trilogy would be cool like something called '' the beginning of the end '' where it's time that the sun(according to scientists) will hit the earth in a couple of months and the story behind the lives of three men who discovered when it wold come first and how they get all these signs from god telling them what to do about the situation.

I alos think a cool idea would be like a movie about a man who gets in a car accident where the car falls off a cliff and into the water and when he wakes up he relizes the current moved his car all the way to the middle of nowhere and the movie would be called something like '' Citizen of nowhere '' or ''The journey to nowhere ''. Maybe with jamie foxx as the main character.

Also a movie about six people who meet and help out each other with their issues in life for example: Drinking, drugs, inappropriate behavior, threats to kill themselves, screming in their bedroom in the nude or mentally ill and weird twisted things they do for absolutely no reason and how they sort out eachother's problems in way's that effect everyone else and just how everything connects. I would call it '' Crazy america ''.

It would be cool to make a movie based on the book '' angels & demons '' besides them doing a movie on the da vinci code.

I would definitely like the idea of making a spoof on '' the day after tomorrow ''. That was the worst movie of 2004 IMO. It would be hilarious to see a spoof. I should call it '' The day before after yesterday '' LOL laughing

How about a film starring someone like paul giamatti about a man who lost his cool and went insane while he was growing up and hwo now when he's older his wife finds out he might be the most intelligent human on earth. '' The drunk that could ''. That's a good title.

Also maybe a christmas story starring mel gibson, mos def and liam neeson as narrator and it's about a man who his wife throw's him out of the house on christman eve when she finds out he's been cheating on her ever since their engagement party. He bumps into this poor man who tells him the meaning of life and teaches him how to play music from the soul. I can call it '' Left out cold ''.

When I come up with more idea's later i tell them to you guys. I already have other's but they aren't as interesting as what I mentioned so they ain't worth it.

Andrew McLeod
I have craploads of movies in my head and many screenplays I'm writing. I'm getting into filmmaking for post secondary. I think it would be best to keep them private though. Some of them might be crap (in my mind, but they're still good for hollywood) but I have some great ones.

everyone has great ideas. but only about .5 percetn will do anything about it.

So here is my movie idea. Set in the future.

Its in a world similar to the earth. With continents like the Americas on one side and Europe & Africa on the other. Smack in the middle of both continents is a Vast Hostile Ocean populated by monsters, high speed winds, storms and currents that flow over spans of treacherous reefs.

The only good thing about traversity, is that any ship that travels from East to West & vice versa, is an Island Archipelago. Not very big but not very small either. And the only way to get from side to the other safely, are the islands existance.

The People of this world have known that the island is the only place between the continants were one can seek shelter and provisions to carry on the journey to the other continent.

Over the past years, the island has gradually been inhabited by a myraid of cultures and ethnicities that have learnt to co-exist with one another and have also formed there own unique culture.

It all takes a bad twist, when accidentaly a substance similar to Oil is dicovered on the Island and the islanders' people find out how helpful it is in day-to-day life. It imroved a lot of things with its energy content thats not harmful to the environment.

As the word spreads around the globe of this innovation, some countries on either side of the world crave for that power and decide to form a coalition with one goal; INVASION and Total CONTROL of the worlds latest natural resource.

In a nut-shell, we will see Land & Sea Battles for control of the Islands as power see-saws from one side to the other.

lord krondor
How about this. A muslim, who has never sinned, dies and goes to Heaven. Since everyone who hasn't sinned goes to Heaven, this should be perfectably acceptable.

Now the muslim gets to the pearly gates and detonates his coat bomb and kills Peter, Jesus, my cat Skittles, and Rosa Parks.

God gets pissed, incredibly pissed, and sentences this muslim to death by gangsta rap.

Who is most evil? The muslim or God? Consider that Lil' John would be included in God's decree. This type of punishment is worse than anything the muslim could have ever hoped to accomplish with his explosives.

This would be the fundamental argument in my movie. It would leave the audience to decide the answer.

How about the return of Buckaroo Bonzai!

okay, i got one; theres this guy, called harry potter, and he doesnt know that he's a wizard, and then someone tells him, and he goes to this wizard school called, um, hogwarts, and then he saves a load of peoples lives, wha'dya think!? eek!

I Got One big grin

I made it up of is the plot

Emily Winters, a Girl morning the death of her sister is not unfamiliar with death since all her family members died. her only friend Jake trys to help her get thourgh this but is not working,even worse she now is the foster parent of her sisters dauther. when a startling truthi s told about her sisters death not being a acceident.. now Her and Jake must figure out who the murder is..if they don't get killed first


Jessica Alba-Emily Winters
Ioan Gruffudd-Jake Hiller
Emma Watson-Kellie Fostea
Rupert grint-Brian Hiller

Originally posted by nick1811
okay, i got one; theres this guy, called harry potter, and he doesnt know that he's a wizard, and then someone tells him, and he goes to this wizard school called, um, hogwarts, and then he saves a load of peoples lives, wha'dya think!? eek!

That's the dumbest Idea I've ever heard...No one will like that....

no expression well half of the population of the world would love it

deltora movies all the way!! i cant beleive they havent already done it!

I think it would be real cool to see The Dark Tower Series Made into movies. Making books into movies seems to be the thing right now. This series could be cool on screen if its done right. Real cool visual effects could be done. All the characters are well developed. I just think it would be a good idea.

I just recently watched The Stranger and the Gunfighter (aka Blood Money) because I like a mix of East and West cultures in movies. It starred Lee Van Cleef and Lo Lieh so I was just wondering, what if they made a similar kung fu spagetti-western movie in the 70s that starred Clint Eastwood and Gordon Liu? I think that definitely could have worked just as good (if not better).

The One Armed Swordsman and The Man With No Name.

That would have been an epic wuxia/spaghetti western.

I think I'll change something in my previous post.

Originally posted by Bro SMASH
I just recently watched The Stranger and the Gunfighter (aka Blood Money) because I like a mix of East and West cultures in movies. It starred Lee Van Cleef and Lo Lieh so I was just wondering, what if they made a similar kung fu spagetti-western movie in the 70s that starred Yul Brynner and Gordon Liu? I think that definitely could have worked just as good (if not better).

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