Hitchcock VS. Kubrick

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Which One Of These Is best My Moneys On Hitchcock

I'd say Kubrick, where as hitchock films always were similar in theme and genre, Kubricks work spanned every genre and were all immensely different from one another.

Fair Enough A Clockwork Orange Was A masterpiece

But Does He Have Any Hugely Influential Films Like Hitchcocks Psycho

Dr. Strangelove
I would say 2001: A Space Odyssey was a very influential film to the sci fi genre.

Yep, along with Clockwork Orange and Dr Strangelove.

Actually, all of his films were influential in one way or another.

I like both just about the same, but Hitchcock comes out tops for me.

King Burger

Like BackFire said, he made all types of movies,
from film noir, to war-drama, to historical epics,
to comedies (black comedies atleast), to horror,
to science fiction, to drama (Lolita...sort of).

The only things he didn't do was straight out
romance or action/adevntures films.

Besides, while Hitchcock's films are enjoyable
to atch, Kubrick's make you think, and often
stay with you for a while after the film ended.

yeah, kubrick wins in my books, i didn't really like Hitchcock all that much, not to mention 2001: A Space Odyssey us possibly the best looking movie of all time

el barto_1
kubrick all the way, full metal jacket was a masterpiece

Hitchcock films stay with me after the film has ended. As well as Kubricks.

While my vote goes to Kubrick, "Full Metal Jacket" isn't a masterpiece IMO, just because it's almost two totally different movies. That's flawed, but I still love it. "2001" I found to be WAY too dark, by that, I mean lighting, settings, etc. It's a very sleep movie.

Best example would be "The Shining". The tracking shot of Jack Nicholson trapsing through the snow ridge, clutching his arm with that scowl. That's master cinematography. Kubrick gets under your skin, Hitchcock I always found to be a little pretentious, from what little I've seen.

good but wouldnt you say Hitchcock paved the way figuratively speaking for that genre of directing

To compare these two is ridiculous. There is so much content to be taken into consideration for these two, when comparing there skills with the lens. Both of these cats had a technique that was never introduced into film before. I think kubrick had more cultivated skill, but i will say that i think hitchcock had a sharper vision of what he wanted and how to present it. Both contributed just as much. When ever you are watching a kubrick or hitchcock film, you know it is a kubrick or hitchcock film , and that is a good thing. These cats used pure camera style, not these horseshit editing techniques that are used by modern directors to gain a style.

They are both excellent auteurs yes. That is why I love both.

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