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Are there any heroes, or villains, that you feel have been left behind in the swirling temporal mists? Or any old copywrites you feel could benefit a renewal? There are a few I can think of, but I'd rather hear any of your ideas first.

Next Venom_girl
What about Scream?

Definatly get rid of the 80's leftover big hair.

Quick Freeze
the Phantom!!!

and i want them to bring back Access! maybe he can go to the image universe or something!

Night Thrasher. They should bring his a$$ back. He should be back from his world travels by now. A grown, and experienced fighter. He should update his armor as well. Something similar to that of T'Challa's. A virbranium body suit. I know his main weapons were those dual escrima sticks, he can keep that, just make it out some stronger metal like vibrainium or adamantium. His suit would also be cool if it had some kind kind of strength amplification to it. Not to rip off Iron Man's thing you know, amplified 10? 20 times? Speed amplification unit as well, not flying, but running. Not that fast you know, maybe like Quicksilver's old speed? Not much. He should also have some back up projectile weapons too. He kind of had the upper hand on the Punisher, but looked away for moment, and Frank blasted him point blank with an M-16 or an M-60? He is kinda rich, so maybe he could have guys like Tony or Reed do it for him, or help him create something for him.

Rage-The former New Warrior and Urban Avenger. At last I heard he could press at least 90 tons and nearly invulnerable, and as he ages he gets stronger and more durable. He was like 15? 16? Maybe 17 when we saw him last? He should be a class 100 by now, and he was fast as the Whizzer's cruising speed back then, he should be faster now. This guy would be a perfect partner for Night Thrasher.

Ohhh, good ol Simon Williams. They should give his own mini-series like Herc. They should upgrade his powers too. When he was being used as a puppet by Black Heart in an attempt to overthrow his father Mephisto, he battled Goliath(aka Erik Josten) and he grew to match the size of Goliath. Although it was only temporarily, I want the writers to make it permanent. Also, since he is a living battery of Ionic energy, he needs energy attacks. C'mon, it looks like his body is pure energy anyways, might as well give Ionic eyebeams and hand beams. The concussive force type. They should also upgrade his strength, speed, and durability. Try to make him close to Superman, kinda like Shazam. They should make him resistant to Count Nefaria's ionic draining attacks and make him his arch enemy.

yes bring scream back!!!! she was the best

I'd love to see Night Thrasher come back, and he is in the new New Warriors series, and he does feature a cool new look. However, I'd rather keep him Nightwing-street level type. That's just my preference however. He does own a subsidary of Stark Industries, I believe, so he could afford the armor you want.

Wonder Man definatly needs to have more done with him. I don't know about the growing, as he's strong enough to take out Atlas at his regular size, but as living energy, that would make sense, to accrue more energy, or disperse some to gain or lose mass. Also energy manipulation for blasts, increasing his strength and more. He's ionic energy, he should be able to manipulate ions the way Blackbolt does electrons, that means he could destabalize elements and compounds by playing with the ion count in them.

There are a few Golden Age characters I want to see come back (of course SS, we know, we know Golden Age blah blah blah)

Dynamic Man: silly name, but he was an android who had magnetic and electric powers. "Able to fly and to repel bullets by manipulating magnetic fields. He can also use these fields to attract and manipulate metal objects, yanking guns out of criminals' hands. He can generate electric "thunderbolts". Superhuman strength and inelligence. Able to alter his appearance at will. Possessed X-Ray vision. He is vulnerable to certain rare compounds, such as "lantholum". " from http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/t/timelycomics.htm

Basically an android Superman, whom I'd love to see return and give today's heros a spanking, but then come to the good side after his bought of intial 21st century confusion is over.

Marvex--The Super Robot: created by aliens in the fifth dimension, he decided that he would aide humans instead of fight against them. Super strength, speed, can do Hulkian leaps, and has a super brain with which he can send and recieve radio transmissions (which I would update to be able to manipulate anything on the Electromagnetic spectrum (radio, gamma, infra red, visible light, ultraviolet and x-rays)

who where the other sybonite kids

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