The Day After

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~~ I feel like writing a story.... I started this story and I quoted Elie Wiesel...and I aknowledged him here I go...

As the mud splashed from under the boots of humans, and the rain pounded down on the grass, acting like bullets piercing the skin of a person. The hard drops hit the ground and rebounded up, soaking the cloths even more that were sticking to a bunch of kids already.
Six pairs of feet trudged on and on, feeling the strain under their packs, and sinking slowly under the ground. The pressure to carry on got even worse then it had been, and a small chook could just been heard from one's throat.
After hour and hour passed, and minute after minute dragged on as finally they got where they wanted to be.
Six teenagers were now standing outside a house. The pale peach cololured house stood in the dark, a sence coming off it, a sence that made anyone want to back off, anyone to run in the opposite direction. Yet, these teenagers stayed where they were, not moving back, but moving forward.
Moving around to the back of the house, the garden was in bits. Not being like this only 5 months ago, it was hard to believe that a tornado hadn't been near it. The back door was broken down and a window to the side of it was smashed it.
They causiously made their way to the door way, where they made thier way inside, made their way inside that was going to be their home for the as long as it lasted, as long as this war last.

That was the day it started, well to be honest, the day it started really started 3 days ago, if that makes sense.... It started when Germany came over, German soldiars and the Germany army and any other German people they got together came into our country, they came into it and they took it. It seemed as simple as taking candy from a small child, they ripped it out of our hands and watched us beg for it back. But that was never going to happen, for once the German's got what they wanted, and they weren't going to let anyone take it away from them. The strange thing that I don't understand was what was truely happening, blondes, blue eyes, Aryans as they now call them were left, they were taken but not in the way we were. They were taken to be treated.....treated of a life that we once had. As for us people, as for us Jews, we were taken, taken in a different way though, we were taken to be killed. But at the time, we didn't know that, 3 days ago....most of us hadn't seen death. Well I will tell you right now, that changed just 3 days ago, after then, I will never forget what I saw, I will never forget my mother and 2 sisters dragged away from me, I will never forget wishing they had ran like I did, ran like the 6 of us far as we could run. I will never forget that night, as someone always said, "That Night that Ended all other Nights"!

I love how you use such vivid details! Write more Good job!

Thank you.

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