Hal Jordan Returns as Green Lantern!

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Next month (May) DC will be launching the new GL series with Hal Jordan returning as Green Lantern. Personally I'm quite thrill to have Hal back as GL. The whole Kyle Ryner character just wasn't clicking for me. Mostly because Hal is da man!

I'm hoping DC won't go an ruin Hal again by turning him into a superpower madman. I also hope pie and other characters return as well. For me DC made a huge mistake by turning Hal into the Spectre. He just wasn't that kind of Superhero. Hal is more like the man without fear! He's bold and Daring and that's what appeals the most of Hal. Kyle just didn't have that image. I know most fans have their own favorite GL like John or Guy. But the most appealing has to be Hal. So I'm pretty sure GL will grow a larger fanbase now that Hal is back.

He's gonna play a MAJOR role in the upcoming Infinite Crisis. They brought him back for a reason.

If's Hal's back i just my start reading GL again

Dude, where've you been???

This has been known for about a year.

Right, and no one started a thread on this topic.

hal jordan is extremely overrated...kyle rayner is DA MAN if you ask me, hell i'll take stewart over jordan in my list it goes


Hal's pretty cool. They gave Guy Gardner a ring again too, didn't they? It'll be cool to see how he suppliments his Warrior abilities with the ring, if any of the writers can think of that at all.

John stewart is a big piece of crap

I wonder what DC will do with Kyle? Maybe he'll become Hal's sidekick. lol!

I was always a Klye GL man....but Geoff Johns is one of my favorite writers.....Hal in good hands.

Kyle will be in the Thangarian/Rann war until infinite crisis, and then who knows what??

hal ownes ryner

Since this in the Comic book movie forums are they making a movie or wrong forum.

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