Play God...well not really

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well wat u do here is take 2 heroes or villians and merge em.... doesnt matter what universe, anything goes from your most powerfull being to themost human ass kicker out there.

give them a new name
powers can be mutated, taken away, or given in some casses
make them a villan, hero, or antihero
note any gadgets or weapons

and if you wondering

I introduce you to:
without confusing some Ide frankly say hes Deadpool with SPIDEY: scence, agility, and strength. NO webs instead hes got contractable cables coming out of his hands like Omega Red, BUT he doesnt swing around. NO, no hes to cool for that Shinn is up on the ninja stealth gig.Hes also a Hero who wouldnt think twice about killing (he also has a bad ass prettyboy face) with the DP body.

¨†¨The Mystíc¨†
I didnet reead thAAT

wolverine and nightcrawler
name nightwolf
real name logan wagner
powers healing factor super senses increessed strenght speed teleportation wolverine with long black hair two adimantium samurai swords three adimantium claws mini grenades he can leave behind when he teleports wich range from leveling a skyscraper or a room bullet ,fire,water,freez,and expolsion proof suitt thats able to turn invisable

Quick Freeze
impulse and iceman
quick freeze
bobby allen
powers: ice manipulation, light speed, remember's everything he reads
thumb down

The Silver Sentry...

Powers of The Silver Surfer and The Sentry!!!


Strength - Limitless

Durability - Totally Indestructible

Stamina - Immeasurable

Agility - Superhuman

Speed - Warp Speed

Energy projection - Incalculable

Mental Powers - Some sort of telepathy, and telepathic defense

Fighting Ability - Above Average

The Silver Sentry possesses powers that would seem unfathomable to a normal human. He has the power of a million exploding suns, powerful enough to stalemate Galactus. He then tricked Galactus into makinh him his herald. Already possessing incalculable power, Galactus empowered him with the power cosmic. His once then golden body became a metallic silver material. Adamantium. His skin was glowing with cosmic power and the incalculable golden energy he had before. As soon as Galactus did this, he suddenly realized The Sentry had become more powerful than he could have ever imagined. When he tried to take his power back, it was too late, Sentry encased Galactus in an unbreakable energy shield, and became the jailer of Galactus, and protector of the universe.

why would you create a god that would be a stupid charecter for a comic book no weakness all he gets to do is sit by a giant cage holding galactus yeah that would fly right off the shelves calm down and make some one with a weakness its like every charecter you is like uber powerful and invincable why i ask you why do you a an inferiority complex or something

I would give Superman the Carnage Symbiote:

Don't know what name but he would definitely have to be an Anti-hero or badguy.

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