Anyone thought Rambo III was funny?

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I'm talking about the scene where Rambo heals himself with gunpowder to his wound then lits it on fire with a flame briefly going out of the wound and Rambo turning his mouth going "Hurahhhh"! in pain, anyone thought that was hilarious?

and what about the part where he says "F*** em"? now that's comical genius.

King Burger
I think Rambo III was the one in Afghanistan. I believe the
gun-powder healing scene was in II.

I may be mistaken though.

But III wasn't as good as the previous two though.

Gunpowder fire would actually cautreize the wound, but probably melt through flesh and you might not be able to put it out..

I've never seen a Rambo movie in my life.

Gunpowder was used as a remedy during wars(but taken oral, not put onto wounds), also it has been known to be used by cultures to cure snakebites.

The first one is a classic in all ways, but the rest is stupit, SPECIALY THE 3th!

Recently in a bid to escape all the violence and terrorism on the news I watched Rambo III to cheer myself up and I laughed my pants off at the end when it said "This film is dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan". My, how times change.

yeah i know, and in the movie they make them out as heroic freedom fighters. now their "terrorists"

I always consider Rambo III as anti-soviet propaganda. How times have change indeed.....

One thing about Rambo III is that there was some company which endorsed the movie (i.e. "Three Stars!! Slam-bang entertainment" and the like) and after they found out how awful it was, they tried to remove their endorsement before it was released in theaters.

The production company wouldn't allow them to remove their endorsement, and it stuck.

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