He-Man vs. Champion of the Universe

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the Darkone


Champion of the Universe

The champion has come to eternia too challenge he-man. In h2h combat.

Ha! He-Man IS the "Champion of the Universe".

But seriously, unless Champion has some cosmic means of draining He-Man (don't really know, not familiar with the character enough) then He-Man rolls.


K Von Doom
Isn't He-Man "Master of the Universe"?

sorry...my bad



Cosmic Cube
Infinity Power Gem?

King Burger
Champion is the best fighter in the universe, so he may be
able to knock out He-Man before he gets too strong for him
(I am assuming Champion doesn't have the POwer Gem).


long pig
He-Man will become stronger, and Champ can amp his strength indefinatly as well, but strength isn't going to sway a fight against the best fighter to ever exist.

Also, no one has ever been shown to be able to hurt or kill Champ, but you can hurt and kill He-Man.

Awesome fight, neither of these two are really respected by the average reader. They both kick so much ass.

hmm...gonna go with Champion.

Cosmic Cube
Champ, of course. He-Man's strong, but Champ can use the Power Primorial to increase his strength indefinitely, and he is the greatest fighter in the universe.

long pig
I forgot to add the "A well written Champ".
Well written, no one can beat him in h2h.

Cosmic Cube
Champ never gets written well. He's the MU's favorite plot device.

long pig
Probably never will.

How come it's just me and you who thinks he's an awesome character?
Every Champ thread it's me and you defending the guy.

Marvel you bastards, write the man right!

Cosmic Cube
If he wanted to, Champion could be like Silver Surfer, except for a hundred times more powerful. But he has dedicated his existance to hand to hand fighting. Who needs cosmic blasts when you've got fists that can rifle out planet crushing punches in lightspeed volleys? Seldom has Marvel portrayed Champion properly. He is incredibly powerful, but he chooses to fight hand to hand.

I mean, he's the Champion of the f*cking Universe.

Cosmic Cube
Maybe if Marvel's writers would stop writing Champ getting his ass kicked in every appearance, he'd gain more respect.

King Burger
Chamion is badly written because Marvel painted itself in a
corner with him. It created an opponent to earth heros who
is also the strongest and best fighter in the world.

So how to beat him then? Come up with any bulls*** plot
device, that's how!

Same with Galactus. He's one of the most powerful being
in the universe, but he has to get beaten if earth is
to survive (or if the earthlings are to save theday, in case
they're bothi fighting some other villian).

long pig
Yea, he could use his PP like that, but then I wouldnt like him.
He fist fights, and that's just fine.

Champ could be written in full potential and still be interesting. I think that's the fear of the writers "Who can be interested in someone who can't be beaten in h2h".

But he can be beaten other ways.

Hell, I've always wanted to see him as a trainer, teaching the most worthy all he knows about fighting.
Maybe he could vow never to fight again, but would train certian members of earth.
Imagine what he could teach Taskmaster?

I dunno, just pathetic the way he's misused.

He-Man shouldn't even land a punch, unless Champs is in plot-device-patsy mode.

I don't think He-man .....has.....the.....POWER!!!!!!!!

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