Can a Hulk in absolutly rage be beaten down ?

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the situation:

a hulk... in full rage ... so he is absolutly mindless... and fell no pain.....absolutly out of controll...... who can stop such a Hulk...... i remember .... when Hulk was under the control of somebody i think .. calles Nighwing or similar..... (Dr. Strange then banned Hulk in another Universe)

this was an awesome strong Hulk.... WHO can stop such a strong Hulk ???? whooooooo ?

ummmm captain universe presumably. silver surfer, dr. strange,

King Burger
Physically it would be difficult, especially if the goal is to
just restrain him or knock him out.

Otherwise, he can still be vaporized by the likes of Silver
Surfer or other such powerful beings.


JP could take im.
thor...most likely not. just based off their showings in the past.

David Duchovony
Yeah, jp would force him to seek therapy.

Hehehehe, I hope that never gets old.

Actully many beings, not phisically, but overall.

JP can take him....infinite power....JP did go toe to toe with thing,champion,rune thor, cosmic spiderman, superman prime/....and won.... ninja

yeah but that's only because he had his trusty stick of death and he got the drop on them.....if they were ready they could've lasted at least 5 minutes with him.

binary, silve surfer, virtually any cosmic level being

thanos aswell

Gamma Crush!
Hulk is very one dimensional. If he's absolutely enraged, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to physically overpower him. However, he's susceptible to many other forms of attack. It wouldn't be difficult for a telepath, a sorcerer, or a cosmic being to dispose of him.

Gamma Crush!
Originally posted by ALEMASTER
thanos aswell

I doubt Thanos would brawl with Hulk. Thanos is far too intelligent, and much too powerful for Hulk. Cosmic Blasts, Telepathy, etc. would give Thanos an easy win.

No, JP is no fool.
JP looks for the nearest exit and I do a flo-jo(run the f#ck out of there).
Nobody can take the Hulk in that condition, not even supes.
I would beat the h#ll out of Bruce Banner though.
Yeah, I'd whoop the good Dr. like one of Joe jackson's kids.

Thanos is on a completely different physical tier than hulk.

SS could not go toe to toe with an absoloutley insanely enraged hulk.

Damage could if he could sustain enough energy

Superman went toe to toe with Hulk for three days

Fanboys would have you believe apoc could do it (I disagree)

Quick Freeze
that would be so cool if hulk was just destroying everything in sight because of the worst tantrum ever, then being restrained by cosmic spider-man coming out know where and webbing him up with his admantium webbing

the hulk can only get so angry. there is a limit to anger you know

Quick Freeze

Cosmic Cube
Originally posted by WOLVERINEFAN
the hulk can only get so angry. there is a limit to anger you know

Prove it.

lol limits hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Cosmic Cube
"...for the madder Hulk gets - the stronger Hulk gets - and as anyone who has ever met the green goliath can tell you - his rage - and his power - are boundless!" - The Incredible Hulk #198

Cosmic Cube
"You are nothing but power incarnate! An infinity of power with no finite element inside!! Worse yet, you remind me of someone." - Beyonder - Secret Wars 2 #8

onslaught took down hulk when he was in a huge rage, so i say anyone above onslaught in power could probly take hulk.

Cosmic Cube
Hulk destroyed Onslaught's physical form, and the resulting blast defeated Hulk.

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