Revenge Of The Sith: The Novel by Matthew Stover**SPOILERS**

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Well i thought this was more Literature than anything, so i decided to post it here. I dont think this has been discussed before?blink but plz, merge it or move it to another forum if so.

I just wanted the chance to discuss how much the war had changed Mace Windu, he almost seems blood thirsty on tracking down Sidious, and, ofcoarse, the downfall of Anakin Skywalker. I felt betrayed!

so what did you think?

Ken Kenobi
It's sort of explained in the novel, the Dark Side is clouding the Jedi so much and it's sort of making Mace not himself. At least that is how I interpreted it.

well im not even finished reading. I just read up to the point where Anakin is given the name 'Darth Vader'

somehow i get the feeling the book will be better than the movie lol, its gave me a whole new understanding about the force and the Jedi/Sith. I was very much on the Sith's side and felt just as betrayed as Anakin did right up to the point where Mace gets it though. I just thought, how could you do that??? he had a chance to kill palps on the spot!? and he cuts his fricken hand off messed cant wait for yoda v palps, anakin's slaughter of the jedi temple, duel on mustafar LOL, i cant see how there gonna cram all of that action into the last 100 pages!

The movie will be just fine...going to make visual reality of what Stover put in our imaginations.....this is one i think we will not be disappointed with as far as book vs movie(not like red october..ugg that bummed me though that dude looked like dooku a ...those of us with the novel info behind us will just understand the movie that much more...and better! I mean just seeing the saber duels ! #STARWARS# WOW I think what you just read (MACE vs PALPS)will be best of the duels even Obi and Annie...anyway happy reading! nuff said!

The book was amazing. I can't wait.
The whole scene between the Jedi and Palpatine was great. I know that part of that scene was created by Stover, but still it was awesome. The whole part where he is recording and winks at them. That was great.

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