Have you forgoten the women?!

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Spideys Sister
Black Cat, MJ, Gwen Stacy, and of course, his daughter, May Parker are all important and full of attitude. Post Your favorite and explain why.
( Let me Know if I missed any, too.) embarrasment

The Black Cat. Because she is brave and is out going.

she is not brave, she is empty minded, aired head,
GWEN STACY, forgive me mary jane, but gwen stacy is for me the one and only woman in spiderman life, very pity she died..........since they brough everyone back they should bring her too, but im afraid really afraid of the excuse they might possibly use to explain it.

She is too.

Next Venom_girl
Black Cat, Spider-girl, and She-Venom. They rock! cool

Spideys Sister
Oh, sweat. I'm REALLLLLY sorry I forgot She-Venom

Next Venom_girl
Peace. It's cool. thumbup1

Doc Ock
Black Cat sucks.

Shriek is an awesome villainess.She will kill you without giving it a 2nd thought.

St Eddie Brock

droolio I only care about this guy droolio
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y96/ILoveEddieBrock/Eddie/reed.jpg *sighs* love Eddie Brock love
And the BEST thing is......HE'S SINGLE!! jump

dude.,....or dudette....calm down, u got problems...

Anyways, more Spidey female characters:

Betty Brant
Debra Whitman
Jill Stacy
Liz Osborn
Madame Web
Sarah (Gwen Stacy's daughter)
All the Spider-women

Come to think of it, Spider-man doesn't have that many female villainesses...

How could you forget Aunt May?

Gwen Stacey. Before she died, Peter didn't even care about MJ. She was like his second place medal.

Sherik, Lady Octopus, The Queen, Scoporia, The White Rabbit all female all villians.

The Black cat is awesome but she makes a better love interest than a hero. I wonder if she will ever be in one of Spider- man's movies?

OMG, nice remembered dock ock, i forgot my fav villain woman, shriek, how could i have done that? lady octopus had a cool suit, but i dont like her character.
who the heck is jill stacy? gwen didnt had a sister.............well after the cheapest attack norman could ever done, geting laid with gwen (BLERGH - how could those motha fuka do such a thing in spiderman comic just to sell it.

Spideys Sister
Hey can we leave the language to me?!
Any one hear of Fury, the goblin queen

no, never and for that name i supose he is gay? lol

1- Black Cat (real fine sexy girl, know what I mean)
2- She-Venom (Naomi Kenshi not Ann Weying of course)
3- Spider-Girl
4- Mary "sexy fox" Jane Parker
5- Spider Woman III

Next Venom_girl
I thought Ann Weying was cool, except for the part where they have her wig out and kill herself.

I've heard of Fury. She's Normie's (Harry's son) betrothed, a member of the Order of the Goblin-- Norman's (the Elder) private cult (or as Mayday calls them "the Goblin Groupies" stick out tongue)

Originally posted by Spiderman_RJ
who the heck is jill stacy? gwen didnt had a sister.............

Jill's Gwen Stacy's cousin. She started flirting majorly with Peter during that incident when they thought MJ died....but then stopped once she returned.

does she look like gwen?

naw...she has black hair...but I guess that's about it...

but yea, she was making advances towards Peter and causing some tension there...

Spideys Sister
LOL! LOL! don't wanna know eek!

Doc Ock
I forgot about Lady Ock.She was cool.Didn't care for her pink hair though wink

Spideys Sister
I never saw her. You got a pic some place?

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