Rodriguez is about to launch another 3D film for kids.

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"Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3D". The picture will open in
thousands of theaters on June 10th in the US and in August in the UK.
The technology will be similar to that used with "Spy Kids 3D".
He is still going with the cheesy paper mounted red/cyan gel glasses.
It is too bad they want to do this with 15 cent paper glasses, when they
could get a much better effect with the next step up in 3D technology.
That involves both a better color process and sharper images. It is
based on plastic glasses with precision acrylic lenses, that only cost about $2. Several Hundred, perhaps as many as 500 theaters will in fact offer the better glasses at the ticket window, as well as the free paper
type. The film will be projected with the lower tech format, but the better glasses will provide a better 3D experience. It would be great if he were to release the film in a few hundred polarized digital theater dates, as his paper glasses are a certain turn-off, when compared to the
beautiful polarized effect in "Polar Express". Still, if you want to see 3D
movie come back, support this film so the studios get the message.
Then email Disney, and tell them you want to see POLARIZED 3D.
There is a new 3d 35mm format that uses a 6 perf high image to get
two brighter, high res. wide-screen images on a single frame. This
is called CINE160 3D, which refers to the fact that the images that
form the 3D are 1.60 times larger. That is a very simple mechanical
conversion...thousands could could be running within a year. This would
clear the way for a true resurgence of 3D stereoscopic feature films. The
Plastic glasses I mentioned work great with HD TV and the new Blu-Ray
HD disk format. I say a Warner test of "Kiss Me Kate" in HD with that kind of technology and it was killer. Don't believe them, when they say
3D home HD is impossible...I've seen it with just the $2 plastic glasses!
Hopefully, Polar Express will come out in that format for home viewing.

Jackie Malfoy
Yea I can heady wait!jm roll eyes (sarcastic) wink laughing

I saw the trailer and this movie looks like...sick... Sorry got to run!

i tried out for that movie, i auditioned for a role in it, but didnt make it,....o well its a gay movie

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