Spider-Man vs. the Thing

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This outta be good...

well..................spidey was able to hold off juggernaut so i think he could do it.

Now let be clarify this.I DID NOT say spidey out fought him or was stronger or any of that shit.I said he held him off and was able neutralize the threat.

I belive he could take thing 7 out of 10 times

No, not really, Thing just claps his hands and Spidey goes through a few walls and gets knocked out. Spidey is fast but he cant move at the speed of sound, which is how fast the thunderclap blast moves at.

doesn't impress me.
Thing nowere has spideys agility.Plus spidey has super strength.
Plus his spider sense.

Actually, it's how fast his hands move. And I doubt Spidey would get knocked out with just one thunderclap..

sometime Spidey is written where he can move the Thing...other times he cant...Didnt Spidey throw Thing off a building a few months back in one of the Spiderman comics?

It was a Venom comic. And Sue had to catch him.

it doesnt matter how much faster or more agile spidey is, he's not strong enough to hurt the thing so how the hell is he gonna beat him.

I asked the same thing during the She-Hulk vs. Spider-Man thread...and it reached 200 posts.


In Thing #5 puppet master uses Wonderman who gets KO'd to fight the Thing...then She Hulk to, but Thing takes her out...and then he uses spiderman on an extremely exhausted Thing and spiderman is able to knock the Thing over, although it explicitely says he wouldnt have moved the Thing if he hadnt just gotten done fighting WM and SH...but there r other times, like the Venom comic, where Thing is just a one-dimensional tough guy, where Spiderman takes him down...it is all relative, but if Thing is written at his best and Spidey is written at his best it would be an entertaining fight with spidey just avoiding the Thing the whole time. the problem is spidey wouldnt stay conscious if Thing flicked him with his finger.

if spiderman can take a punch from the hulk and keep fighting,
then he can surely take one from benjy as well.
spidey can hurt ben if he hits him enough times and swing-kicks him.
the problem is thing is a great hand-to-hand fighter.
he'll have a better chance of hitting spidey than most of the
other powerhouses would.

spidey never took a punch fomr savage hulk, only gray hulk, who is only like 1/3 of ben's strength.

Originally posted by armandovalles
spidey never took a punch fomr savage hulk, only gray hulk, who is only like 1/3 of ben's strength.
One third ? Let's make it at least two thirds, shall we ?

SM doesn't have the raw power you need to knock down Grimm, Thing isn't exactly a pushover.

But he can annoy Thing much more than vice versa. He CAN throw Thing away - he has done it in the past (even with Hulk), so he can do it again. But I think in this fight he better use his webs.

SM 6/10.


theres a story that was only printed in the uk where The thing absorb spider powers


When Professor Hulk was possessed from a living gamma virus, he goes mad, and K.O.ed Doc Samson, then he proceed into killing Spider-Man, he punched the ground with so much physical force, it exploded like a bomb was dropped on it, and the shockwave leaved Spidey like he was nearly comatose, he then talked to Prof. Hulk and reached his real ebsence into his mind, then Hulk pulled out the virus.
The low rank Class 100 Thing can certainly do something similar, that would mean Spidey's end.

professor hulk is approximately twice as strong as even current thing.

I don't think you can compare the "shockwave" of a berserker Hulk with that of Thing.

Spider-Man smashing Thing into the ground repeatedly if he gets a hold of him with his webs will eventually take a toll on Thing. I've heard of Hulk's thunderclap, but never Thing's...I'm sure he can do it, but it wouldn't take SM out.

Otherwise Thing would never touch SM...SM is too fast, and has dodged stronger and faster opponents for a long time, including Juggernaut and Hulk. If he slips up and Thing gets a punch or two in then SM might be toast, but more often than not that won't happen. After a long-ass fight, Spider-Man wins this. SM 7/10.


Depends... if they're just in a featureless arena, then Thing will eventually get his big rocky mitts on Parker, and that will be the end of it.

If Spiderman can use the terrain to his advantage, he could say.... catch Ben on the business end of a webbing line and yank him over the edge of a cliff.

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