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ok, so i got this crazy idea today for a movie, tell me what u think.

so this movie is set back a few years, back to the time of prejudice and martin luther king.

a boy is born with very strange condition. his skin is red. he has no idea who his parents are, but he is eventually adopted. his parents know he would never survive in the world being a red boy, so everyday, before school his skin in painted the normal skin color. he goes to school and sees racism happening right in front him all the time. he grows a huge hate for this racism and fights against it. his mom dies eventually as he grows older, and he continues to paint his skin, until one day, he changes his mind. decides to go out into the world as a red man. he is inspired by the likes of martin luther king and he makes motivitional speeches as well, and does everything in his power to fight racism. he ends meeting a very nice woman, and the two marry. they have a kid together, but one day, the child is murdered by a black man. the Red man is very upeset, but doesnt let a tear fall. his wife on the other hand cant even handle it. it is at that moment that she decides she hates all blacks with a passion, and she cant handle being married to a red man who fights for these people's rights every day. she just cant take it and she ends up killing herself. the red man is very upset by this. he kneels down next to his fallen wife after finding her dead upon arrival at home. he starts to cry. for the first time in his life, he cries. the tears actually start to take away the red on his skin, and it turns out, that under the red substance that everyone thought was his skin, was his true skin. he is actually a black man. after this shocking revealation and the fact that his love killed herself, he also kills himself.


what do u think of the plot line??

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