Aquaman VS. Exodus

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Who takes it? Anything goes in this battle.


What kind of powers does this Aquaman have?

Telepathy super strength, supposedly strong enough to go toe to toe with Wonder Woman, dense tough skin, and some kind of healing water hand.

O.D Geist
well if u take Exodus from the x-men comic now the 1 he got suck into the black hole than aquaman would win, but if u take him from blood tied
than Exodus will win.

and i dont know bout aquaman going toe to toe with wonder women

He can't. Not long anyway. Maybe five or six minutes.

Aquaman can probably resist Exodus long enough to rip his head away.

Aquaman could call us some flying fish to destract Exodus then he could zap 'em with a telepathic knockout blast proffessor X style!

Exodus can reach considerable flight speeds, he speedblitzed Holocaust and he is an expert aerial combatant, he can teleport worldwide distances without effort, he can perform sufficiently powerful mind assaults to damage Morg or the other guy with cosmic powers that even Magneto wasn't able stand against.
He can enhance himself through the use of psionic energy granting himself Class 100 Strenght and enhanced physical abilities, and superhuman durability through creating a skin like force field, he was able to stay fist to fist with Holocaust after all and give him hella time, destroying the space station Avalon, he can project burst of concussive or destructive psionic energy, levitate objects, and he can also drain the life energy of a being to enhance or heal himself.
Exodus can just float around him, blast him and then mind assault him.

O.D Geist
i see some1 reads comics, thx k3vil. Zap Exodus with telepathic attacks which will enhance his own abilities. do me a favor and read up on Exodus before u bring up stuff like zap him with telepathic knockout blast proffessor X style because proffessor x did that and Exodus took it{read bloodtieds part 5 page 41}

Darth Trinew


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