The Love and the Heart's decisions (Short story in every chapter)

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Author's Note:

My story may be unrealistic but if you have read through them, they actually meant something. A something that was actually that I didn't have this courage to tell a guy my true feelings about how I really loved him and whom I really like a lot face-to-face in person but I only just put the feelings into the story itself. The meanings itself already tells my feelings for him. Though he's got someone else in mind, the feelings in my heart made me want to carry on, aiming only for him and not wanting to give up on him that easily. It seems like my senses in them doesn't want to give up that easily at all!

The boy's description that I've mentioned in the story, 'Louis", are about his looks, height, etc. are actually how he would look like in real life in the same college as me. Though he tends to talk about the girl he likes or even maybe made that girl as his girlfriend already for i might not be so sure whether that's true a not, I will feel completely broken down and totally helpless by this as it seems like I've given all my precious time just to be with him, spend time with him often with our friends together and even stayed up late every night at the Student Council room just to see him again. But the best love there is in the whole wide world is to have natural love with your partner and it's way better than confessing your love to your partner. I hope you'll like my story and I'm sure you'll understand how I feel about this, about how I have experience this in my life.

The most important is that i hope you'll understand the story itself after you have read through them. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Author's Note: Actually, my story in every chapters are quite short but there'll be lots of chapters so I hope that you'll give me some comments on it so that i can improve it. Thanks.

Chapter 1 - Nightmare

"You'll never going to get away this time, boy!"

A voice screamed shrilly as white mist floated, blurring her vision as she glanced around. Everywhere was dark as night, as empty and deserted as an empty starless night sky. Gabrielle glanced around her. There wasn't anyone in sight but soon, a mysterious blurry figure came running towards her direction. Was she going to run or was she going to wait for whatever it was to run head log into her? Questions ran through her unfocused mind as she waited breathlessly as though she had ran through a marathon for whatever that's coming towards her. Soon, the figure came into view out through the mist and it appeared to be a young boy in his mid teens. He was running, a fear of look on his face. There was even greenish blood on his baggy green shirt and jeans as cuts were shown all over his arms and face. The voice spoke again. It was louder this time.

"Run all you can, boy! There isn't a place for you to hide!"

Before Gabrielle could even blink, suddenly, the boy had collide into her and sending them to fall backwards onto the ground. He was on top of her but his hands had broken his fall without putting his weight onto her body. Gabrielle stared speechlessly up at him, her eyes full of confusion. He had a charming look but his eyes were full of fear. She held her breath as a hand suddenly shot through the boy's back, piercing through in the middle of his back and it came out from his chest. Blood flowed out of him and stained her clothes, scaring her. She screamed and so did the boy. The voice laughed eerily as evil eyes appeared out from the darkness. It was creepy.

"This is what you get if you run away from me..... Never..... ever... mess... with........... me...."

And so, the voice slowly faded and so was everything else. The boy was gone and she was left alone, lying there, stunned........
Gabrielle shot up. Her breathing was hashed her eyes wide with fear. Sweat formed onto her fore head as her heart beat was beating painfully against her ribs. Awoke to find herself back to where she was in her room, Gabrielle gave sigh of relieve as she wiped the sweat off her with her sleeve. She must've dreamed again -the same murderic dream again. Was it a fact or was it fiction?

Chapter 2 - Trapped

It was three am in the morning. Gabrielle glanced around her room and found herself covered in the same blood in her nightmare. Her face suddenly grew sickly pale, her lips dry. Tears of fear began to form thickly on her eye lids. This can't be true, right or was it? Breathing hashed, Gabrielle shot out of bed and undressed herself in a quick flash as she dumped all her bloody clothing onto a pile at a corner of her room. Without thinking, she ran out of her room and ran down stairs, two at a time.

Her foot steps echoed loudly and soon enough, a loud angry voice rang through the halls from the other end of the second floor. It was her step father's voice. She must've woken him up when he was fast asleep. Getting him to bed every evening wasn't an easy task and now her punishment would be even much worst.


Stopping suddenly in her tracks as her fear of her earlier dream faded away, Gabrielle groaned deeply as she made her way back up towards the stairs again -towards the master bedroom.


She made a run for it and managed to be there in a flash. Her step father was sitting on the bed, his voice sounded in an outrageous furry. Gabrielle knew what was coming for her next as she stepped towards him, her eyes starring at the floor in front of her. When she was right in front of him, immediately, before she could even take a breath, a force of a cracked whip rang at her ears as uncontrollable tears flowed down her face. She had been slapped by him! Gabrielle quickly held onto her side of her right side of her face with her right hand. The slap was way too unbearable. She laid there, standing, starring as she was too stunned for speech. What was it that she had deserved to be slap by him? She stood there for a few seconds before blinking her eyes as her eyes were sore from crying. She glared up at him, right at his eyes but his face had been blocked by the shadow of the room. There wasn't much light and now; she had a hard time letting her eyes to adjust to the darkness around her.

Before waiting for a response from him, Gabrielle ran out of the room as an insane mad laughter rang through her ears behind her -right from the master bedroom itself. It was eerie! Her step father was indeed a mad man escaped from a mental hospital! Dark shadows surrounded her as she ran. There wasn't a place for her to hide -let alone her morel to save her. The hairs behind her neck stood on end as a huge wind blew against her from behind. At the same time, a spine-chilling howl with the wind sounded from every direction, trapping her. How was Gabrielle ever going to get out of this situation apart from saving her skin from an insane step father?

Chapter 3 - A Nightmare within a dream

She ran, ran till she was breathless -her ears were ringing from the pressure of her breathing. Her face was stone pale. Her eyes were wide with horror. His laughter was still stuck in her head, laughing and laughing.....


Gabrielle landed at the foot of the stairs. She had landed onto her butt painfully as she hadn't watch to where she was running off to and she realised that her legs must've had carried her towards the stairs. Gabrielle tried to get up but immediately, she winced a little as pain alerted her from her right ankle. She glanced down and realised that she must've twisted her ankle after the fall. It was in an awkward angle. Biting her lower lip as she straggled with the pain, Gabrielle immediately sensed a weird feeling and glanced up at the end of the second floor balcony where the master bedroom was.

"What the-?" Gabrielle gasped aloud, her twisted ankle lay forgotten.

On what she was seeing, a black figure was hidden by some sort of cloak clothing, was moving in an unusual way that looks like it was crawling. In a quick flash, it vanished completely in a blur and appeared suddenly at the top of the stairs, its arms could be seen as it began to crawl again, this time, down towards her direction! Gasping in fright, Gabrielle made a turn towards the main door but her ankle wouldn't even support her that she fell face forward onto the floor in front of her.


Before she could even sit up on a sitting position, everything grew cold, way too cold that the atmosphere was totally freezing. It was like stepping into a freezer or the North Pole. Darkness swept over her as she wheeled around just in time to see its palely transparent hands reaching out for her. Scrambling backwards, Gabrielle desperately tried to get away but her energy felt like leaving her slowly. Her eye lids were too heavy to lift that her mind became drowsy. There wasn't a chance of escape! Not before long, she finally closed her eyes and felt hands-like clutching her throat. It was suffocating her! Her limps began to grow limp and she felt her self floating away.....

Gabrielle awoke with a start. Again, she had a nightmare within a dream. How could that possibly be? It was somewhat linked to each other accurately. Clutching her throat, Gabrielle felt around for marks of any finger pressure marks and felt none. She glanced down quickly and found her clothing that were back to the way it was before of her nightmare. Sweat formed thickly on her fore head again. The murderous hands-like that suffocates her was the same hand that had pierced through that boy's back. What does that mean in her dream?

Chapter 4 - The mysterious letter writer

The next morning came. She couldn't even remember a single bit about her earlier nightmare within a dream. It was five in the morning. Gabrielle was used to this timing as she would always be awake at that time since young. Now being taken care of her step father, Gabrielle sighed bitterly as she dressed herself up. Always the usual dressings -a plain old faded green t-shirt with a hood and a faded blue slightly worn-off jean. The strange thing about her was that, since young, she had always had four pierced small loop ear rings on each ear and green pupil on her right eye and blue on her left. Definitely, she was somewhat strange. Like what I've mentioned in the earlier chapters, she was born with dreams or nightmare about people being killed or murdered in front of her.

Giving out a yawn, Gabrielle dazed around her bedroom as the sky outside was still dark. The sun wasn't up yet and she had lots of house chores to complete. Not waiting any longer, she picked up her small, slightly, squarish-sized lightning blue frameless spectacle, wore them on, began making her way towards her door and left her bedroom. Her step father was still soundly asleep in the master bedroom. If she were to make any racket in the early wee hours of dawn, she would be punished torturously by him. Hopefully, she would escape his punishment today. Tip toeing down the stairs in silence as a mouse, Gabrielle made her way down and dashed quickly towards the kitchen, making breakfast.

What she saw in the kitchen when she entered nearly felt like yelling in frustration but she kept it all to herself and only gave a sigh. Every previous evening before going to bed, she would always scrub the kitchen clean but to what she was seeing now, it was in a total mess -plus, filthy. Plates were broken into pieces on floors, foods from the refrigerator was now stained on floors, tables, cabinets and even choked up the sink. The door of the refrigerator was even left opened. What does he treat her as? A servant?

"Does he always have to mess the kitchen up in the middle of every night?" she thought grumpily as she grabbed a brush and a bar of soap by the sink.

Without wasting any more time before her step father wakes up, Gabrielle was set off to work and hours later, it was speckling clean again -not even a speck of dust was left behind. By the time she started preparing breakfast, it was already nine in the late morning and the postman had already arrived. Her step father was now making his way towards the kitchen where she was. He took a seat by the kitchen table and sat down, setting his dark gaze at her, his lips tight. Gabrielle knew an instant what this meant.

"Where's MY breakfast, Gab'?" he demanded as he banged his fist against the wooden table.

Gabrielle murmured darkly from behind him as she brought a plate of bacon, sausages and eggs but her expression immediately changed to blank when she laid it in front of him. Instantly before he could comment on her cooking, she left the kitchen and went towards the front door. Straight away, she saw three posts on the door mat. One was a bit thicker then the rest and it was in black too. Curiosity spread through her like wild fire as she picked them up. To her surprise, it was mailed to her! The other two was for her step father. Excited, she peered at it closely just to see whether there was any mistake in the writing but there wasn't.

Ms G. Francis
13th Street

Feeling curious, Gabrielle slit it open with a letter opener from a nearby table. Who was this mysterious person and how did he or she get her address? No one has ever sent her any letter before as she normally won't even give anyone at all. Questions exploded through her confused mind as she slowly took the paper out from the envelope. The writings appeared to be in bright green and cursive -surely, this must be someone mistaken her address for someone? Without waiting any longer, Gabrielle glanced through it and it made her even more confused.

Dear Ms Francis

We're pleased to informed you that you've been selected to be transferred to attend a boarding school of gifted for seven years in total. Terms begin on the 1st of June this coming month and items, attire, books, etc. that needs requiring will be shown to you on another parchment. We will hope to hear from your respond of acceptation from your parent or guardian once you've read this letter. Thank you.

L. Anderson
School of Gifted

Gabrielle reread her letter again and again. Her facial expression was totally blank. What's going on and how did she manage to end up in a gifted boarding school which wasn't her kind? What were they playing at? Too confused for words, Gabrielle felt another paper underneath the other and slip it above the latter, wondering what it could be. To her surprise, it was a list of attire, books, items and such for her school. Too tight for speech, Gabrielle thought through it over and over again. Since from young, she hasn't been able to go to any of the schools at all as her step father had banned her from even starting into Primary one till now. Secretly, she has been studying under the moonlight every night without his noticing but if he were to catch her studying, Gabrielle would be tortured with even more piles of house work load.

"I haven't had any money for years..." she thought for it for a moment as she recalled her past....

"Eh Hem!"

A voice sounded aloud from the kitchens and Gabrielle instantly knew who that belongs to. It was her Step father, the only man in the house. She made another face as she ignored him and went up to her room and shut her door tight. She turned around and faced her room, wanting to lie onto her bed but something nearly made her scream in horror. A teenage boy, around the age of eighteen and the same boy from her dream, was standing right in the middle of her bedroom, his arms held behind his back in a formal position, was looking at her. He wore a white t-shirt that fits perfectly onto his upper body and blue demin jeans that looked as though he had worn it lots of times. He even had an ear ring on his right side of his ear and he looked as charming as ever. Who is he? Her face flushed bright red the minute he smiled at her. Lips too tight for speech, she could only just ask him directly.

"Who are you?" She asked and suddenly realised her mistake -she'd been rude! "-Sorry, I mean, I don't mean to be rude or anything but who are you may I know?"

He only gave her a bow without speaking as though he was a handicap, a total mute. When he was back up, looking back at her, Gabrielle frowned slightly, confused for what is happening now that a total stranger, the same person from her dream was standing here in the middle of her bedroom. He even wore a half frameless spectacle on him and his height seems a little or even the same height as her. He seemed too cute for her to even look away or blink. She had an urge to hug him tight, not letting him go but hugging a total stranger in her room? Was she even mad to even do such a thing? His charmingly dark brown eyes made her melt on the spot, his smile made her legs like jelly, his coolness made her to lose her senses......

Gabrielle came back to her senses when her letter slipped off her fingers and floated onto the floor beside her right foot. Hastily, she bent down to pick it up and gazed back at the boy again. He was still standing there! Gabrielle opened her mouth to speak but stopped when the boy held out his hand. He was holding onto something. It was a bit of paper that was torn out from the other and there were some writings on it. Frowning, Gabrielle went up towards him and took it with trembling hands, her face blushing red as ever even more. Her heart was pounding hard and fast that almost felt like it was about to pop out of her. Her hands were freezing pale white that felt like she couldn't move a single finger when she took hold of it. She even felt his gaze locked onto hers without blinking. Gulping down her nerves, Gabrielle gazed down at the paper and read.

My name's Louis and I'm didn't mean to be here. I'm actually looking for a girl named, Gabrielle Francis -have you seen her?

Gabrielle shot up to look at him, her eyes wide with surprise. Looking for her? Now? Why?

"Yes and you've found her. She's standing right in front of you. Why are you looking for me?" She asked politely.

The boy named Louis, smiled even broader. Gabrielle could see that his teeth weren't even. She felt uneasy, standing in front of a guy whom she had never even see before but her dream, was standing here in the middle of her room, looking for her. Words of undescribable were stuck on her mind about her feelings towards him. What does it mean? What is it? What could possibly be making her weak in the knees, her heart pounding deeply, her senses going senseless, her mind dizzy with his image locked in her mind and his charming ness?

Chapter 6 - The explaination

There was silence between the two as they stood, faced-to-faced with each other. No one spoke after he bowed as his gazed was totally locked onto hers. Why was he staring at her like that? Immediately, a voice of her step father suddenly cut into the silence between the two. He sounded like he was on the hunt for a kill.


Gabrielle hastily glanced at her closed door as though she could see it through and then glanced back at the boy again. This time, he wasn't standing there in the middle anymore but he was moving closer towards her. Surprised to see that, Gabrielle moved backwards, looks of uncertainess overcome her. Was he going to take advantage of her?

"Look, Louis-" she began quickly but stopped when she couldn't move back anymore but stick to the wall behind her.

Soon enough, he was so close to her she could even felt his breath on hers. She looked at him, afraid that he might do something horrible to her as she thought many ways of escape from him. His eyes were so close to hers, his forehead was resting against hers as she couldn't move her head. His arms were lose by his sides as he lifted up his right hand and touched the side of her face on the left. Her heart pounded even more, faster and faster that she couldn't bear to hold onto anymore. He was so close to her! She even could feel his body contact with hers. She even felt his heart beat on his muscular chest from the contact she's having with him that made her legs even weaker. Her senses felt like leaving her, her eyes in a dreamy expression.

"Louis, I-" she began again but stopped when he laid a finger on her lips, asking her to be silent for a moment.

"Shh....." He spoke suddenly and her eyes widened in surprise as he gave her yet another smile.

"So you're Gabrielle Francis?" He began and smiled. "You've received a letter from a gifted boarding school, am I right?"

"Er, yeah"

Louis moved back a step backwards so that he wasn't leaning onto her anymore and was facing towards her as normal; his hands were back to where they were, back to his formal position.

"Good. Actually, I'm sorry for my earlier behaviour back there just now. I didn't mean to be in your house right now but then, I've heard a lot about you from the headmaster about your life here with your stepfather that you were being tortured by him all the time so he's sent me here to ask your stepfather's permission to allow you to go for school, to the school where I'm currently studying at." Louis explained as he looked at the closed door of her bedroom.

"Erm, I don't think he'll allow me to even attend anything at all, Louis."

He only just smiled at her as he made his way towards her wooden door. "Don't worry, Gabrielle, I'll have a little chat with him right now -you'll just wait for me"

And with that, he left her room and disappeared towards the stairs. Gabrielle stood there, unable to speak. Were her chances of getting out of the house for the first time of her life would be allowed by him? Excitement flood through her as she ran towards the stairs, looking around for a glance of him before he disappeared through the kitchen but he was already gone. He must've gone into the kitchen before she could even step out of her bedroom. Hopefully, as her fingers crossed that she would be allowed to be away from her horrible stepfather soon. Probably.

Chapter 7 - Is this the end of her?

Gabrielle's heart beat faster and faster as she took every little step down the stairs. The entrance of the kitchen appeared into view and she took a peek slightly, only seeing two shadows, one of them was sitting down by the table and the other, was standing behind the latter. There was a moment of silence as Gabrielle held onto her breath, her fingers crossed again behind her back as she put all her hopes onto Louis, himself. Immediately, she heard Louis spoke first but he was speaking to the other, her stepfather in another language, somewhat French. When he was done, there was a pause as the sound of pouring into a cup could be well heard.

"Hmmm..." Her stepfather began as the sound of a laid down jug onto the table could be heard. "-I'm sorry to say but she's isn't the sort to be accepted into any kind of schools, stranger and you're breaking an entering. I do not accept her leave in this house -not a single hair of hers to even leave this entrance."

Gabrielle knew he would say something like that. She knew him perfectly too well that every time whenever she sees him or even laid eye contact on him, she had been wanting to kill him with her bear hands, stabbing him at his chest, suffocating him, etc. all the time she could whenever she can but after all, he's her only relative that she can reply on to be supported. Clenching her fists tightly till they bleed profusely, Gabrielle controlled with all her might on her temper as she waited with bated breath on Louis' response for his answer. Soon, he replied in English.

"But Sir, you just can't keep her in this house forever! She needs to be on her own freedom, her own will -like everyone else. She's not a prisoner to be kept in a jail; somewhat she's not like a criminal. Gabrielle's name had been on the school's name list before she was even born! Please-" Louis began to explain desperately but he was suddenly cut in by her stepfather.

"Gabrielle's been living under this roof by my name. You don't even know about her a single bit; she's not the kind you will even want to take her even if I threw her out into the cold night street!"

Before anyone could say or do anything, the sound of the chair falling onto the floor in a dead drop echoed around the house and both of them were pinned against the wall. Gabrielle guessed that her stepfather must have lost his temper that he had started choking Louis by the neck against the wall. Her eyes widened in shock as she wanted to do anything to stop him but only her upper body was responding to what she was seeing but the other half was glued to the floor. Only the hash breathing and the choking of words of Louis was soon heard aloud from the kitchen.

"G-Gget. A-A-Aa. G-Ggrip. Of. Y-Y-Yyour. S-S-Sself!" Choked Louis as he desperately tried to pull her stepfather's hands off his neck.

"NO!" Gabrielle screamed as she managed to move her legs and ran towards Louis' aid.

Gabrielle ran towards the kitchen from the stairs but immediately, she didn't see a step from the starting of the stairs and tripped over, falling and falling face forward towards her front and straight away knocked her fore head onto the table in front of her. She lost her conscious totally, fainted and dropped dead onto the floor, a deep cut appeared on her fore head and bleed profusely where she had knocked onto the table -the edges weren't smooth but rough and uneven....

"Gabrielle! Gabrielle! Please wake up!" Louis' urgent voice rang through her head as she slowly starts to gain conscious.

Louis helped her to sit up as she slowly opened her eyes, her breathing low and shallow. Gabrielle gazed up at him in a sitting position, her eyes unfocused and his image was blurrily. Her spectacles must've slipped off her from her fall.

"Ugh.... Where am I?" She asked as she tried to get up but fell off balance from the lost of blood.

"Please, don't stand up. You're hurt, Gabrielle." Louis replied calmly as he laid a hand on her shoulder to stop her from getting up. "You're still in your house, your stepfather's"

Gabrielle looked at him, unfocused as she looked like she was going to faint again. "Am I?"

Louis gave a nod as he put her spectacles on her and sat down beside Gabrielle, pulling her close towards him as he let her lean against him. His arm was wrapped around her back and onto her right shoulder, putting her close. Instantly, he took out his handkerchief and gently wiped the blood away with it and pressed onto it to stop it from keeping it to bleed but she was bleeding even more. There was certainly nothing he could do to stop it.

"Louis.... I-I-I'm tired...."

"Sleep, don't speak" Louis replied softly as he laid his chin onto her head gently. "I'll find a solution, a way to keep you alive. Somehow -trust me."

Without a word, Gabrielle's body grew weaker and weaker and felt colder and colder as she slowly closed her eyes. She's in his arms, his warm arms that felt so secure, so loving, so full of hope and calmliness. Slowly, she felt herself leaving, herself slipping away as she closed her eyes and grew limp......

Chapter 8 - Is there a another chance of survival for Gabrielle?

White mist swivelled around her, surrounding her and even carried her around the spacious surroundings of nothingness. Where is she? What place is she in? Is she still alive or is she..... No! She's still breathing but in a place where the whiteness surrounds her and she even wore white? Probably this has got to be a mistake. Where's Louis, her stepfather's house and even anything around the house? Gabrielle stood on her ground, looking around cluelessly as she glanced around for a sight of a human being. Sadly, there weren't anyone but herself.

"Where's everyone?" she said to herself with a tone of disappointment as she looked down at her dressing.

From what she was seeing, she was totally in white. Not dirt was seen nor any spots of neither dust nor hair that was on it. Her dressing was like a plain white dress with long sleeves but she was bare footed. All these whiteness reminded her of Louis, of how pure he seemed, how gentle he was and how the feeling of calminess was shown always on his expression. Gabrielle bitterly wished that she could be back with Louis, back to where she was -to where she was in his warm arms. Tears of loneliness and sadness flow from her eyes as she broke down completely. The pain in her heart doubled, her mind buzzed with only Louis in her mind as she slowly sat down on the white ground helplessly.

"Louis....." mumbled Gabrielle sadly as she cried terribly for someone whom she wishes to see again.

Suddenly, a voice, somewhat gentle, calm and soft spoke out of the quietness around the surroundings that it totally took her by surprise, her sadness and loneliness was suddenly forgotten completely.

"Gabrielle.... Are you crying because of Louis or for yourself?"

"W-W-Wwho are you?" Gabrielle shivered slightly, spinning around to look at who the speaker was.

"I'm the creator of all beings, Gabrielle"

"Oh...." she replied, starring up above her as she sniffed slightly. "-I'm actually depressed to leave Louis' arms and I actually-"

Gabrielle stopped speaking when she thought of Louis again. The image of him was totally stuck in her depressed mind only and nothing else. The pain, the feelings of someone who she misses most dearly stung her broken heart. The speaker finished her sentence when she became silent.

"-loved him. You're in love, Gabrielle. I can see that. Not by your words but by the feelings from your heart and your mind's thinking."

"Loved him? But how can I be in love? Unless....." Gabrielle began but paused for a minute or two as she recalled her previous actions with Louis before continuing and gave a nod. "-you're actually..... right"

"You see, it's all here in your heart that chose who you want to be with and who suits you best for you. There's no right or wrong decision about loving someone whom you have never even loved anyone before other than to hate your stepfather for seventeen years under the roof of his. I'm surprised to say that your time of ending your life hasn't end here yet. You may carry on with your life again, Gabrielle. Good luck for now....."

"Wait! What do you mea-?" Gabrielle spoke quickly but immediately, she felt herself being pushed down and down into the white mist and disappeared in a second.

On and on she fell. There was nothing to break her fall as she fell, as though she had fallen from the sky above her......

Chapter 9 - it's not time yet!

Gabrielle opened her eyes slightly. Her breathing was back on again but it was shallow and her breathing was difficult as though she was having an asthma attack. Her heart rate was slow and her body temperature was freezing. She felt weak, very weak that she couldn't even lift up her hand to rub her eyes. Was she back to where she was again or was she up in Heaven? That was her first time for being dead and was suddenly brought back alive again. Perhaps she was indeed lucky for now.

"Ugh....." She moaned slightly from the pain on her head that she was having now.

She tried to shift herself, to stand but her legs were too weak to even react. Louis' voice was the first thing that she heard from the silent house around her. This time, he was indeed completely close with her that she was now leaning on his right side of his chest; his right arm was on her right shoulder. She even felt or heard his breathing really clearly beside her and even felt his chest moving up and down from the breathing he had.

"Thank God that you're alive again!" Louis spoke with a tone of relieve.

"Yeah, I am -how long was I, erm.... gone?" She asked him weakly.

"Erm, I wasn't keeping track of the time because I was thinking only about your life but it seems to me that it only took a while"

"Really?" She asked as she leant her head onto his shoulder, more onto his neck that she even smelled his body scent. "-I felt completely drained."

"And you're freezing too" Louis added as he held onto her even tighter and tried to rub her arms with his hands. "-hope this'll help a bit."

Closing her eyes as she felt exhausted completely, Gabrielle dozed off straight away. It was good to be back in Louis' arms again, his warm and comfortable arms around her. When she was fast asleep, Louis stood up slowly and shifted slightly in order to slip both his arms underneath her. One of his arms was on her upper part of her back and the other was underneath her knee. Without difficulty, Louis carried her up and slowly brought her up to the second floor. He knew instantly where her room was as he was informed by the headmaster of the school of gifted before in school. Carrying her as easily as it looked; Louis gently laid her down onto her bed and laid her head gently onto her pillow before sitting down onto the side of her bed, looking at her calmly with a smile. Indeed, he knew that she was somewhat different from the looks in her eyes. Green and blue. Somewhat completely strange from the others, just like what he was. Strange. Plus, she even escapes death for the first time in her life. That was somewhat something that anyone could never ever do something like that before. Soon, he leant back and slowly closed his eyes as he began to droop off to sleep beside her....


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