Marvel And DC : The Secret War

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Ok make beleive that the Marvel and DC is together as one. For this story.

One year ago: Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. the world peacekeeping task force and international espionage coalition, discovers that dozens of low rent technology-based supercriminals are being secretly funded by someone who America thinks is a new ally. The new Prime Minister of Latveria. Homeland of Dr.Doom.

When Fury tells the President his alarming news, that these crimnals are now technically terrorists to the U.S.A. , he is blown off and dismissed.

Fury, in a panic, knowing that something big is brewing, something nightmarish, vows to stop it even if his government wont. At the same time Batman and his intel group, gather the same info as Fury did and are preping for a secret ops war on the Latverian government. Helping Batman is Nightwing, Green Arrow, Elongated Man, Wildcat, Hawkman, Cyborg and the Flash.

Fury gathers some of his old friends for a covert ops mission to overthrow the Latverian goverment. Helping Fury is Cap. America,
Punisher, Wolverine, Daredevil, Spiderman, Luke Cage and Black Panther.

The Mission:

The Marvel Spl.Ops team and The DC Spl.OPs team will teamup and meet at the Check point, in Latveria. There plan is to enter the country of Latveria with 1 day of prep and take down the terrorists group first then the government. Can they do it or will the die trying.

Team Marvel.-----Team DC-------------VS--The Latverian Terrorists
Cap.America------Batman----------------------Dr. Doom----King Cobra
Nick Fury----------Flash-------------------------Deathstroke--Shocker
Spiderman--------Elongated Man--------------Lady Deathstrike--Bane
Black Panther-----Hawkman-------------------Boomerang---Sandman
Luke cage---------Cyborg----------------------Scorpion-----Crusher Creel
Wolverine---------Green Arrow----------------HobGoblin---Lady Octopus

Is it a contest? If it is then DC wins.

Flash is a HUGE advantage ofr Team DC. The extra muscle of Team marvel won't make them more effective than Team DC.

That said who knows if either or both combined would be able to get the job done

Flash can take all of them by himself

Originally posted by Draco69
Is it a contest? If it is then DC wins.

Nope, its not a contest. Both Marvel and Dc are working together.

Plus remember that The terrorists have high technology weaponary.

Not a contest? Then the good guys win.

Blair Wind
I think that you have Batman and prep and flash and closed everyone goes to lunch

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