If u could be a jedi, would u choose light-side or sith?

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Say u had enough medichlorians(lol) to be a jedi, would you be a cool lone-warrior ego-driven sith or a wise master of the light-side? I know this poll sounds simple i'm just curious how many people would stright away choose the dark side (it's kind of cooler, but maybe not in the long run).

Belongs here soda pop smile


Depends on my mood

^^haha dark side definitely if u cant remain consistent in ur mood

If I discovered my ways of the force while sitting by the ocean, or doing something joyous like having sex, I probably become a jedi.

If I discovered my powers while at work......

(Imperial March plays quitley in the background)

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Moving to EU...

if i were someone who knew the ways of the force i would definitly be the dark side becuase the dark side KICKS ASS DUDE

Gryn Jabar
Sith. Much as I respect the ideals of the Jedi, the Sith just make more sense.

I would definatly choose sith. Simply because I like being one.

I'd be a rogue jedi.

A Sith of course,and i don't have to worry bout a name.

Gryn Jabar
Sith. I wouldn't be able to be a Jedi.

Neither, there is NO light side and dark side BUWAHAHAHAHAHAH
Plus, you could find out alot more truths than you could if you were corrupted by only one type of teaching.
And, being able to zap people then heal them up would be kick ass.

personally i wouldn't be jedi but i wouldn't be sith. i'd use the darkside but i wouldn;t be sith/try to take over that galaxy just do whateveri iwant to

Darth Dementus
Definitely Sith.

Sith all the way.starwars

Darth Zion
I'd give up being a jedi after about 15 minutes of meditating

I'll be half jedi half sith
sometimes good sometimes bad

Grey Jedi
I would be one of those independent jedi knights. I would wear dark jedi knight robes like Luke Skywalker and carry two lightsabers, one with a green blade and one with a blue blade. But if I turned to the dark side I would become Darth Sadow, a sith lord that waits in the shadows until the times comes to kill all the jedi knights. Lol evil face .

I'd only be able to hear one lesson of "there is no emotion, there is peace" and then i'd join the sith ranks.

i am the only one so far but i wouldbe a jedi, in the end the jedi alwyas win and all the sith eventually die , its truth

Originally posted by WillKempsgirl
Sith all the way.starwars
The reason whay I would be a sith is because so I could be with my baby Anakin.

Being a sith seems to be like slapping a "DISMEMBER ME!" sign on your own back so I'd probably go Jedi.

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