VS The Mask

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Alright, so ive been away a while, and I come back to see virtually no one knows any Truth behind The Mask character.

Joker Cant Beat Him.

Gog sure as hell cant beat him.

Mr. Mxyzptlk cant scratch him.

Superman especially cant hurt him.

No one in all of comicdom can even puncture The Mask, infact, Living Tribunal would have a hard time dealing with him seeing as how The Mask is a seperate entity out of all control and created for the sheer purpose of being another ruler of the universe in a humans hands.

Thus Being so, The Mask can do anything he wants. If he wants the world to be destroyed, he can do it with dynamite, a snap of his finger, or even eat the earth if he wanted too.

If your dealing The Mask against someone else, say Superman, it doesnt matter if Superman has invulnrebility, The Mask can make it go away with a quick will.

If The Mask wanted too, he could just as easily pull out a Sun Sized atomic bomb and blow up the entire planet, while not even putting a dent in himself. The Mask is immortal, The Mask cannot be killed by ANY means, this includes other gods, (and im sorry but Living Tribunal doesnt have the power to just send Stanley home with a wooden trinket, its been tried, you cant take The Magic out of The Mask while its being worn) and he just cant be broken or injured. The Mask itself is indestructible, and if you think its as easy as magento holding him down and someone else pulling The Mask off him, your dead wrong... The Mask is the source of The Mask's powers, it is an interdimensional super transit warp of ultimate power that cannot be blocked or dissasembled, The Mask and only The Mask chooses when he wants it to come off, no one else in the entire universe can pry it from his face unless he wills it so.

The Mask can run at any speed he wants, The Mask can have any strength he wants, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, sorry, but not even Hulkie can match The Mask's potential Strength level, as in Revamp issue 7 of The Mask's limited edition run in 1997, they pitted The Mask against someone just like Hulk, and The Mask lifted up the world while flying.

The Mask can teleport, he can change himself at will, any clothes he wants are his, any weapons he wants are his, anything he wants is his at his will. Infact, The Mask is so ultimately powerful, that he knows he can take over the entire universe instantly, which is why he doesnt bother doing it because he states himself there would be no fun in running "the place"
The Mask can fly, at any speed, at any time, anywhere he wants, he can breathe in space and create a new planet, he can enslave the entire earth or brainwash xavier if it came to that, he could take The Living Tribunals powers and make them his own if he needed them, and if ten thousand hulks, all at a seemingly incredible strength, all punched The Mask, he could have a choice of shrugging it off, or having fun and go flying backwards, only to stand back up.

So, I hope my little rant about The Mask fighting other heroes has shown some true potential of his, in the fact that, no hes not, no hes not stupid, he is just the ultimate character ever created that very few people actually know the truth about. That being said, The Mask can do anything, at any time, anywhere, he wants. He is not bound by the laws of physics or hindered by logic, and no, The Mask IS not insane.

Weren't you the only one making mask threads? It really is a terrible thing to try to debate.

Well, it seems "Mider" Has been the one doing all that, and I come back to see a few posts where hes saying things that arent exactly true and are easy to argue against, So I decided to do a VS The Mask and put all his REAL info in it.

So he could beat the god? Lucifer? TOAA? Michael? The Endless? Doesn't they all have greater power then he does? They can warp reality even better then he can. So what stops them from just cleaning Mask away from the face of Earth?

Originally posted by IRTMU-Dragon
The Mask IS not insane.

God I love that line. laughing out loud

I dont know where you think someone can be "Better" at bending and warping realities than one another.

Im not saying The Mask is better than anyone. Im saying if he chooses to do something he can do it with no problems.

That quote, makes no sense, BTW.

And no, Lucifer, TOAA, God whatever, Cant beat The Mask, thats why he isnt gone yet. Now im not saying The Mask can beat them himself, but if he REALLY wanted to im sure he could do it with ease, its just essentially impossible to actually beat The Mask, though he may not be able to beat others unless he chooses too.

Which again, he sees no point to beat God, whats that gonna' do for him?

Well, he is part of Dark Horse. I don't think they do many crossovers featuring the Mask. Probably why we don't see DC/Marvel people fighting it.

So if the Mask is so all-powerful... what's the point in making vs threads involving him?

Seems a bit self-defeating towards debate.

The mask is a pathetic comic book character, noisy, boring, with a lame outfit and is the favourite hero of the losers, an idiot who finds out a mask that rends him omnipotent, he's powerful?
But Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Hulk, Thor, Flash, Wonder Woman, Iron Man are real comic book heroes.
The mask is just for childish or stupid child people.

The Entire point, wanderer, is that exactly, why are people making VS threads, it just causes people to deface the mask and say things that people start thinking is the truth when its not, besides the fact im just trying to open up on the truth behind The Mask's real powers and abilities rather than seeing some falses float around.

K3vil, The Mask is noisy? Of course he loves to have fun. I wouldnt say hes boring, especially when he blows up buildings and causes major chaos throughout entire cities, you think he has a lame outfit? Really... which one? Cause hes worn thousands.

Im not a loser, and hes one of my favorite characters. (now what?)

Stanley Ipkiss wasnt an idiot, he just happened to find the mask, and because it grants people omega power, he is omega powerful.

If The Mask is for childish and stupid child people, how come the comics feature countless murders, slaughters, and demonic hellish things?

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