Ep III Combatant Analysis

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I just saw Episode III and it revealed some stuff as far as I'm concerned. I'll put signs next to each name describing how everyone was:

+ Better than expected
- Worse than expected
= Exactly as expected

On we go.

- Anakin Skywalker (=/-)

Anakin is a great combatant, just as previously expected. He can really handle a lightsaber and he does genuinely defeat Count Dooku with an awesome close-combat move. However, Anakin proves he isn't a very smart combatant.

- Obi-Wan Kenobi (+)

Kenobi is even more badass than we thought. At first we considered him sub-par when compared to other combatants, but he really kicks that notion in the face. Obi-Wan royally messes Grievous up with a lightsaber; he loses the hand-to-hand fight, but that's to be expected. But Grievous' four lightsabers just weren't enough for Kenobi's ultra-skilled one. And against Anakin Skywalker? The movie leads to believe that Obi-Wan is short of being or is on par with Anakin; he genuinely wins their fight. Neither combatant ever shows any signs of gaining the upperhand until the very end, when Obi-Wan strategically places himself and defeats Anakin.

- Mace Windu (=)

Every bit as bad as we thought. He messes the Emperor up even when everyone else dies.

- Emperor Palpatine (-)

Don't buy into the hype; Palpy is badass, but not all that when compared to other great combatants. Despite what others have said beforehand, Palpy does not defeat Windu nor does he feign any sort of loss; his ass gets kicked and he might have died were it not for Anakin's interference. He's still a hard-ass, though and would beat most other people. He's almost a one-trick pony, however: everyone that matters gets lightning-ed.

- Yoda (+)

I'm hesitant to put a plus here, because we all thought he was the man, but he does show some umph here. Yoda owns everyone. Everyone. So much, in fact, that I'm unsure why he left his fight with Palpy. Yoda meets each of Palpy's lightsaber strokes without much difficulty and even Palpy's lightning is met, overcome, and forced backwards. So when Yoda gains the upperhand... he leaves. I assume he gets injured from his fall and that's what causes him to go. That, or he only ever wanted to distract Sids from Obi/Vader's fight.

- R2-D2 (=)


So in re-cap: Mace is bad-ass, Obi's better than ever, Anakin is good but not that smart, Palpy is overhyped but still awesome, Yoda's the man, and R2-D2 is better than them all.

Nice still have to see the movie myself, don't know anybody to go with.. Nobody feels like seeing it sad

chilled monkey
Wanderer259: That's very interesting. Thank you very much.

i dont agree with you about R2.
I didn't expected he would beat two super battle droid and the way he did was just great I'll give R2 a +.

Darth Revan33
I agree with Wanderer but I would give Mace and R2 a plus. R2 destroys two super battle droids so yeah, he's better than I thought anyway.

Oh, come on! You guys didn't already know in your heart of hearts that R2 could kick that much ass?! Non-believers...

As for Mace Windu, we already knew he was bad-ass. The only thing standing in his way was Palpy and he proved to be not what we thought, so that's not a true '+', in my opinion.

R2 is the man in that movie smile

The best i've seen so far, and palp deserves a --. I thought he would be able to at least handle himself against great Jedi, but he doesn't stand a chance against either Mace or Yoda who were both really unlucky in this case, or was the power of the OT that made them lose?

Either way Palp may be nice against normal Jedi but against any good one he doesn't stand a chance

Yeah, Sidious and Anakin's powers are sealed as concrete by the might that is Working Backwards From OT(tm).

Yeah well, I can agree that Anakin is powerful everybody recognizes that, he did put up a few amazing fights in that movie not to mention that he said he could beat Palps, Palps thought so, Obi agreed with it...

He really was amazing in potential

And it was shot down, like some Olympic athelete in a car accient. A shame.

Oh well. Every other Sith Lord owns him after ROTS in my humble opinion. Potential don't make up for fake legs, a missing wang, a penis shaped helmet and more buttons on your torso than a Jaguar controller.

Yeah well you can't have it all..

And actually I like how he gets defeated it makes sense instead of Obi just really overpowering him..

I was really disappointed withalpy, butIlovedthemovieoverall. I also didn't like how the fights went differently from the book. They were shorter in the movie and Obi didn't use his secret awsome forsce power in the movie.

What secret awesome Force power was that?

He kept making them open there mechanical hands against their will. Dosen't get more awsome than that does it?

My special Force power would be head implode. It's a darkside power, but it works well.

I can imagine...

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