Tommy: The Rock Opera

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STYX Chick
Well...It's nearly 5 am, and, I'm still up! stick out tongue While looking through my DVDs for something to watch....I came up with this one! Anyways, hope this is in the right place!

Anyone out there ever heard of/Seen 'Tommy'?

I think it's one of the best movies I've ever seen...

Based on a Rock Opera written by Pete Townshend of The Who, combine that, and Ken Russle's directing skills, and you've got...TOMMY!

You're senses will never be the same... stick out tongue

Quick Summary from me: When a young boy, 'Tommy' witnesses his father's (Robert Powell) death, caused by his Mother's lover, (Oliver Reed) he is told he 'Never heard it, Never seen it, and he won't say anything to anyone', by his mother (Ann-Margret), and her lover...Because of this, the boy becomes 'Deaf, Dumb, and Blind'. He's taken to the Acid Queen, (Tina Turner) when he's older (Now played as Roger Daltrey), and a specialist (Jack Nicholson). Shortly after this, Tommy discovers a Pinball machine, in a junk yard...This takes him to the 'Pinball Wizard' (Elton John). And, what's with Tommy's fascination with mirrors, if he can't see? Can Tommy win against the Pinball Wizard, and gain fame, fortune...And most of all...Can he get his senses back? Or, is he left as a deaf, dumb, and blind man, for the rest of his life?

yeah, I suck at summaries...But, I'm friggin' tired stick out tongue

-Gives the movie 4 3/4 out of 5 stars!-

Jackie Malfoy
No never heard of it but it sounds cool never the less.JM

I'm a BIG WHO fan and all, but I'm sorry, I hated Tommy!
The Album was great (made in '69!!), but the movie seemed very disjointed. I mean...Jack Nicholson singing??? Ann Margret acting???
The only parts I enjoyed were Keith Moon's 'Uncle Ernie' the pedophile scenes!

The general idea for a Rock Opera was from KiNKS founder Ray Davies
which was called "Preservation Act 1, followed up with Preservation Act 2.

The KiNKS were friends with The Who, The Stones and so on, Ray just mentioned his idea in passing, he was still working on writing parts
of Preservation. Before long The Who nicked the general idea
for a Rock Opera and there was Tommy.

Preservation was released out on two KiNKS records and into the theater but Broadway didn't pick it up, they were too preoccupied with Tommy.

I saw it because of the director, Ken Russell.

I must admit, as often as I heard the song "Pinball Wizard" on the radio, I never really enjoyed it, till I heard it in the film.

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