Skyler- a "Teen Titan" fanfic

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I did this story all in script first so it might have a little too much talking in places. I will have more narration in my next one.

Some clarification
< > means thoughts
* * means whisper
~ ~ means narration inside speech.

Teen Titans (part 1)
It is a very rainy day. Everyone had a rough day. The Titans had just finished stopping Jynx, Mammoth, and Gizmo at a 2nd bank robbery and when nobody thinks that today could get any worse, (inside where they all lounge) Cyborg makes an important announcement.
"What!? Your leaving!?" Beast boy says while dropping his jaw.
"Yeah afraid so..." Cyborg tries not to laugh.
"When do you have to leave?" Robin wondered.
"I'm going in 3 weeks." Cyborg said, still trying not to smile.
"Where you going to go?" Beast Boy asks.
"I don't really know. I think I'm going to see if my mom will recognize me, then go after Brother Blood," Cyborg answered.
"What are we going to do now? We can't have one person in the theme song, who isn't really a Teen Titan," Starfire cried.
"Your right, Starfire, I think we need to get some recruits," Robin said while looking at his computer screen.
"April fools!" Cyborg jokes. They all laugh when suddenly there is an unexpected ring at the door.
"Wonder who that could be," Beast Boy says. Beast boy leaves the room and goes down the hall to get to the door. When Beast boy opens the door, he sees this kid with a backpack overloaded with stuff, and has a pretty sad face. The kid has Short blonde hair and green eyes. He is about the same height as Beast boy, and looks like he hasn't been home for at least a couple months.
"Is this where Raven lives?" the boy asked.
"Yes it is, but the Teen Titans don't give tours, Autographs, or sell merchandise to anyone. Sorry about that." Beast Boy stated.
"Im not here to get merchandise, im here to talk to Raven," the boy said.
"All right, just be careful, she can be a little bit rude." Beast Boy warns.
"I already know that. Hey, can I tell you something I'm going to tell Raven later?" the boy said.
"Sure, its not going to be like you have a crush on her or anything. Is it?" - Beast boy
"How'd you know? Just kidding, I cant have a crush on my own sister." - Boy
Skyler smiles a littly bigly. The rain slowed a little bit.
"You're Raven's sister!?" Beast boy was surprised.
"Yeah. Although, I have never seen her." Skyler sadly speaks. The rain sped up a little more.
"Are you kidding me? How do you know that Raven is your sister, if you haven't even seen her?" Beast boy wondered.
"Because, I was told by my mother. I know she is dead but when I was really little my mom somehow told me that I was related to her." - Boy
"Tough break. <I wonder if Raven knows about him. And if she does, why didn't she tell us? Maybe this is one of our enemy's tricks too. That's what happened with Terra.> Hey, what's your name anyway?" - Beast Boy
"My name is Skyler. One quick trivia question ... when did the rain start?" Skyler asked.
"A couple minutes before you got here. Maybe 10." - Beast Boy
"<That's how far in distance? Oh yeah, from the docks. That's a pretty far away.> ok." - Skyler. Beast boy and Skyler went into the lounge. All the Titans look at Beast boy.
"Beast boy, what does this kid want?" Robin questioned.
"Ok before you jump to conclusions, this is Skyler. I had to take him in! He was soaking wet. Even Starfire wouldn't let him stay out there..." Beast Boy complained.
"Ok, let's hurry this up." Raven closed her book. Beast boy keeps babbling on...
*to Raven* "Hey Raven, does that guy look like you?" Cyborg wondered.
*to Cyborg* "I don't know. Maybe." RAven said.
"Beast boy, can Skyler talk now?" Starfire asked.
"All right. Skyler can explain himself." Beast boy said.
"One question. Do you want to be a Titan?" RAven said.
"Well sort of." he answered, "Raven promise you wont go crazy... Now I'm going to hurry with this so I can leave. Raven, your my sister..." Starfire, Robin, Cyborg and especially Raven are shocked (they had those shocked like japanese faces).
"How are you my brother? I-I dont get it." Raven said.
"You see, we were separated at birth, because you showed your special power as soon as you were born. They gave you up for adoption at the orphanage and our mother wasn't able to get you back in any way. My power wasn't revealed until our mother died. It rained until one day I felt so happy at the time there was no rain until someone made fun of me. I was so made at him I wanted lightning to hit him, and it did. I met some good people on the way, and they will always be remembered. I am so happy to see you Raven!!! (Within that, there is some flashback here and there.)" - Skyler Suddenly the rain stopped and the cloud's disappeared. The Sun came back out.

OON (Out of Narration): I'm going to leave the rest in script form cause its going to take too long.

RAVEN: You started the rain? Really? What else can you do?

SKYLER: I can control air and lightning, and water. There were only clouds there because you cant really have rain without clouds, right? Rarely ever, I can control weather. Basically everything in the sky. Hence the name.

BEAST BOY: What about ice, you know like snow?

SKYLER: You didn't know that snow is really cold water? I can just focus air into a small section and then make it snow or ice, or whatnot.

BEAST BOY: Smarty pants.

RAVEN: Cyborg, can you run a DNA check please?

CYBORG: No prob.

Cyborg takes a small blood sample from both Skyler, and Raven. The test comes out positive.

CYBORG: Skyler here is really your brother, Raven.

RAVEN: Wow... I don't get how this is.

SKYLER: I don't know what's not to get, I kinda already explained what happened. I'm just so happy to see you!

Skyler hugs Raven and she doesn't like it.

RAVEN: Get off me!

SKYLER: All right, now since I got that out of my system, I gotta go.

Skyler grabbed his bag and was about to leave.

STARFIRE: Hey Robin, does he have to go?

ROBIN: Well, I really don't know. I think he should stay with us for a couple of days.
Hey, Skyler, you can stay for a couple of days, if you want.

SKYLER: No, that's ok, I'm going to go now, I'm probably going to come back tomorrow if you wouldn't mind.

BEAST BOY: No, problem.

SKYLER: See ya tomorrow then, I guess.

CYBORG: Just so you know we might not be here tomorrow. You know, bad guys robbing banks, finding ways to rule the world, we've got to put them in their place.

SKYLER: Yeah I know, I know. I will find a time to see you.

Skyler left the room, and Raven was in front of the door.

RAVEN: Tell me about my father. Just to know if you know him or not.

SKYLER: I really don't know your father but I know your mother. You see When mom and dad "died" they both took one of us to stay in contact. Dad was supposed to tell you about me, but he paid more attention about world domination than anything. I got mom and you...

RAVEN: dad. (Raven pauses.) Guys, I'm going out with Skyler. We've got a lot of catching up to do.

STARFIRE: Ok, see you tomorrow. (After the door closes) Guys, I'm going to go sleeping now. See you tomorrow.

BEAST BOY: Hey Cyborg you want to play me on Robot Smash?

CYBORG: Sure... But if you want to win you'd have to play me when I'm sleeping.

ROBIN: How do we know if this guy is for real?

CYBORG: Why do you have to be like that all the time we see someone new.

ROBIN:I'm going to follow them.

CYBORG: Fine. You can go follow them. I think that he is Raven's Brother. I think it's not a trick.

Somewhere else at a diner.

RAVEN: So... your really my brother, huh?

SKYLER: Yeah i am. It's very confusing. I mean, like you i have to control my powers in a special way, but i don't need to do it in meditating. I have to wear this, that only release energy when I want to.

Skyler shows Raven his Ring.

SKYLER: It helps control the electrical powers of my body. Anyway I can only control Water and Air with these two jewels. I found them when i encountered a villian like person. I stole them. He steals energy for a living, do you believe that!?

RAVEN: Great living (sarcasticly). ~ Skyler and Raven laugh really quick~ I told Terra I have to meditate four hours a day to keep my powers in check.

SKYLER: Who's Terra.

RAVEN: She was once a Teen Titan. She first stayed with us to get information on us all, for a villia named Slade. I really didnt trust her anyway. Then she ended up coming back suddenly controling her powers. I told her if you want to be trusted, you have to earn it. Then it ended out, Slade, and Terra triggered a volcano underground and Terra sacrificed herself to save everyone. It happened very recently


Skyler sees Robin look over his menu.

SKYLER: It appears that we're being followed.

Skyler points to Robin. Robin makes a wierd face and then burries his face into his menu.

The next morning, Raven's cloak is the slightly lighter. Raven and Skyler came back; with the amazing follower Robin.

BEAST BOY: Yo, Skyler! What's up?

SKYLER: Not much! Wanna play Robot Smash? I want to try it out.

BEAST BOY: Sure you can play, but just so you know I'm the best there is, next to Cyborg.

STARFIRE: Raven!! You are home! I want to ask you something. If your leaving, what are you going to do with your room.

The alarm started ringing.

CYBORG: Bb, Star, Raven, Robin, lets go!

SKYLER: Hey can I come?

BEAST BOY: Sure, lets go!

Teen Titans (part 1 cont.)

The Teen Titans went to the bank, and to there suprise Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth were robbing it.

JINX: Hey look, its the Teen Titans and they brought a friend. Skyler, you will pay for what you've done!

RAVEN: You know them?

SKYLER: I kinda destroyed one of Brother Blood's hideouts.

RAVEN: Really.

SKYLER: You can get sidetracked for looking for someone for too long. So when i got onto the hideout i destroyed it by overloading the system.

RAVEN: Good for you.

ROBIN: Titans, go!

Beast boy and Skyler went for Gizmo, Cyborg and Starfire went for Mammoth, and Raven and Robin went for Jinx.

BEAST BOY: Skyler, you follow me!

Beast boy and Skyler went after Gizmo, flying around grabbing everything he can. Gizmo duplicated himself.

GIZMO: You can never catch me!!!

SKYLER: If I did it once, I can do it again!

Skyler ran over and to his suprise, something grabbed him (this will introduce a new villian). Beast boy was thinking it was Brother Blood.

BEAST BOY: I'll get you Gizmo!!

This goes into the episode "Deception".

~Just so you know I'm making Skyler one of the improtant charcters in this thread, along with some more characters that will be introduced in my next part.

Young Kento
this is pretty interesting...maybe we could cross it over with my fanfic somehow and push it along

I agree.

OON: You know what? Forget it! Im not going to do it in a regular story guideline thingy. IM keeping it in script

The Teen Titans are fighting Cinderblock, Katarou, Plasmus, Overload, and Johnny Rancid on the island with the "T". Robin is fighting Cinderblock, Starfire is fighting Plasmus, Raven is fighting Katarou, Cyborg is fighting Johnny rancid, and Beast Boy is fighting Overload. The scenes flash back and forth... the teen titans are evenly matched. The titans seem to have lost and then they see a flash of lightning. Suddenly you see Skyler in the sky (he is really using a frozen piece of ice covering his feet to hold his place so he can keep himself up). All the enemies ran and spreadout around him. Skyler uses wind energy and Cinderblock, Katarou, and Plasmus get caught in it and then go flying out of the scene. overload tries to attack but before he can move he gets zapped and gets overloaded (pun) with electricity. Skyler douses Johnny Rancid with water.

JOHNNY RANCID: Is that the best you can do? You're so weak!

Skyler uses wind energy again and freezes Johnny Rancid.


Later at the tower...

BEAST BOY: SKyler, you did an awesome job!!!!

SKYLER: Thanks, dude.

Beast Boy and Skyler high-five eachother.

ROBIN: Hey Skyler! You want to be a member of the team? We still havent forgotten and we have been talking it over.

SKYLER: Really? Me? I'd love to!!!

ROBIN: Alright we are gonna have your "audition" tomorrow. We really didnt know you much since you left when Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx broke into the bank.

BEAST BOY: I told you before! When Skyler was chasing Gizmo, he was grabbed by Brother Blood!

CYBORG: Yes, but i told you that Skyler wasnt with Brother Blood when i was undercover. So that means that Skyler wasnt grabbed. He left.

SKYLER: You're both half correct. I was grabbed by a guy named Lireath. I ran into him when I was younger. So that means that i wasnt in Brother Blood's hideout. Luckily for me i was able to escape and lead him on a goose chase all over the world. He's probably somewhere in Nigeria for all we know.

RAVEN: Pretty funny. Anyway, lets get something to eat.

The titans all go to the Pizzaria. They order a "Beast Boy" pizza (specially made for him) and a pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and extra cheese.

STARFIRE: So who would like a piece of this one?

Starfire points to the "Beast Boy" pizza.

BEAST BOY: Mine! All mine! Ask me if you dare!!

Im sorry for all who dont like script

SKYLER: *to Raven* Is he always like that, when it comes to pizza?

RAVEN: *to Skyler* Pretty much.

Beast Boy basically rolls up his whole pizza and shoves it up his mouth.

STARFIRE: Okay, i guess we all get to do the sharing of this pizza.

CYBORG: No we dont, i can get another.

Cyborg went downstairs to order another pizza when all of a sudden, Lireath appeared.

LIREATH: Skyler! I have come for my powers!

((OON: IF you dont know what tha means, go check it out on "Made-up Teen Titans characters!" in the Multi-author fiction area))

ROBIN: Beast Boy go get Cyborg!

The others get ready to fight, when Beast Boy leaves. Suddenly there is a ring of Fire that wrapped around Skyler. For sme strange reason, the fire doesn't make Skyler burst into flames.

SKYLER: If i can just...

Skyler tries to point his finger out to put out the fire but fails.

LIREATH: Now. Come to me!

Skyler starts to move towared Lireath

RAVEN: No!!!

Spideys Sister
Dude you should send this to the makes of Teen Titans.

Skyler with his quick thinking kicks Lireath in the shins ad he was let go.

SKYLER: Raven!!!!!!!

Raven used her powers to stop Skyler and pulled him up to the smoke.

RAVEN: *to Skyler* here take my communicator. Dont let it go. We'll track you soon. And pretend you dont have it.

Lireath cleared the smoke and took off with Skyler.

ROBIN: Beast Boy, get him!

RAVEN: It's ok. We'll be seeing them real soon. Sooner then this Lireath guy thinks.

Raven shows that she has no communicator.

BEAST BOY: Good one.

*Later in some other city*

Lireath just starts to finish tying up Skyler

LIREATH: It's a good thing that none of your bodies came along, they would've been destroyed with a quick strike of my new born powers.

SKYLER: You'll never get away with this!

LIREATH: But you see, i already have.

Lireath smashes the communicator. He leaves the room and leaves Skyler with no way to call for help. Skyler thinks for about 30 seconds and comes up with an idea. He makes a small electiric zap to the rope that tying his hands together. It comes apart smoking.

SKYLER: *to himself* I've only got to hope that they watch the news for now.

Skyler uses lightning bolts to destroy the light bulbs, but the surge of the electricity kept going throught the building. It surged throught to the power lines and blacked out the whole city, except some buildings, that are in the way of his message. He hopes that a helicopter will spot it.

*At the tower*

ROBIN: I'll try to track Ravens communicator. You guys chill out for a while.

Beast Boy turns on the TV and starts to flip. From the Sports channel, to the cooking channel, and a few others, he comes across a new report.

NEWS LADY: In other news, the whole city of Sacramento, California, a strange blackout has appeared, but some buildings aren't blacked out and they are all in a pattern of a "T" in a circle.

CYBORG: Skyler. Robin we know where he is!

Lireath was watching the news just incase he found any clue about if the Titans were coming after him. The lights went out. He decided that it was probably had something to do with the power plant. Power outages happened often.

LIREATH: What's this?

NEWS LADY: ... they are all in a pattern of a "T" in a circle.

Lireath bursts into the room where Skyler is being held. Skyler looks over.


SKYLER: Uh oh.

Skyler uses an electric zap and Lireath defends by making the water ball absorb it, and he throws it at Skyler. Skyler was paralyzed. Skyler had only experienced it once before and that was when he was in the middle of a hurricane, and he tried to keep the rain away through an electrical field. Stupid idea. He lied there for hours. This time it wasnt as bad, but he was stil paralyzed.

LIREATH: You think i was that dumb in letting you try to do that? I was only getting warmed up. You are not going to get free this time.

Lireath put rubber gloves on his hands. Skyler was thrown back in the chair and tied up.

SKYLER: <why me? I wish i never took those gems>

((( yeah in between the narration and the first voice line, Lireath used his electric powers to turn on the power again


~5 years ago~

LIREATH: Finally i found the Lokami water and air gems. That's all i need and finally i can rule the world!... Hey who are you?

SKYLER: Skyler.

Skyler ran to the podium in the cave and grabbed the gems.

LIREATH: No! I've been looking for those gems for 10 years!

SKYLER: You know what they say... the early bird catches the gems.

Skyler ran as fast as he could and got out of the cave and flew right up.

LIREATH: Where did he go?

Skyler realized that if he wasnt careful, he would be killed so he decided to fly really fast and really high. He didnt want to be seen.

***flashback finished***

*At the tower*

CYBORG: Lets get ready to roll guys!

STARFIRE: I do not wish to roll, i wish to find Skyler.

ROBIN: It's an Earth expression

STARFIRE: Oh! Then does the term, to "break a leg", mean not literally "break" a leg.

CYBORG: Now you know why we canceled our kids puppet show. You had to break my leg. I had to work on that thing for a week. That was the second thing that happened to my leg that was about you.

STARFIRE: he he.

RAVEN: Let's just go.

STARFIRE: I hope we will find him soon.

ROBIN: Wait! The signal on Raven's Communitcator. It's not here.

BEAST BOY: Impossible! How can that be?

ROBIN: It was destroyed... I will track where it was last located. Surely I can find it.

After a few seconds on finding where the communicator was destroyed, he found it was on the top right away from the signal for the titans.

ROBIN: Ok here's the plan...
***Black fade***

SKYLER: < I hope the Titans come soon. >

LIREATH: Now we have to move. but to where?

ROBIN: How about a jail cell?

LIREATH: What!? How could you find me that fast?

ROBIN: Just something we like to call, technology.

CYBORG: Time to take out the trash!

Cyborg shot a sonic blast, and it nailed Lireath and threw him back to the wall.

CYBORG: Boo yah!

RAVEN: *to Beast Boy* Go Beast Boy!

Beast Boy gave a hand motion, "got it!"

Beast Boy turned into a fly and flew to the door, and then turned into a flea to cross in between the crawl space of the floor and the door.

LIREATH: You will pay for that you insolent brats!

Lireath shot 4 shots of fire, earth, water, light, and dark, at Raven, Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire. Raven absorbed the dark, and got hit with the light, and she blocked the others. Starfire got hit with the fire, water, and light, and flew back and the others happened to miss her. Cyborg blasted only 2 of them, and the other blasts hit him. Robin dodged all of them except the fire.

Beast Boy turned into himself.

Skyler didnt talk. He didnt even turn his head. Beast Boy didnt get what was wrong with him.

BEAST BOY: We need to get you out of here!

Beast Boy turned into a rat and chewed off the rope. He changed back and took of the rubber gloves.

BEAST BOY: Hello? Are you awake? ~small pause~ Dude, whats wrong with you? ~Skyler still wasnt answering~ Fine, we have to get you out of here

Beast Boy Popped through the door again, and changed back behind a crate.

BEAST BOY: *to Raven* Raven!!

RAVEN: *to Beast Boy* <Be right there>

Raven took a few of the other crates and threw them at Lireath and flew behind the crate.

***next part in whispers***

IN the backround fighting is happening and Lireath is having a hard time fighting Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg.

(((RAVEN: What? Where's Skyler?

BEAST BOY: That's the problem. He's not moving. Something's wrong with him.

RAVEN: He's paralyzed.

BEAST BOY: We need you to get him out of here.

RAVEN: Ok.)))

Lireath grabs the crate and throws it at Starfire.


OON: Does anyone think i shouldnt put it in script? I mean. It is a whole lot easier to read if you dont ming just talking and barely any narration. I have put lots of narration into other stories. but i did want to send the=is fanfic to the makes of teen titans.

Raven goes into the floor and moves to the other room where Skyler is being held.

RAVEN: Skyler I'm here to help you.

Raven Grabbed him and went through the wall and healed him outside.

SKYLER: Where am I? What happened?
Skyler put his hand on his head. He wanted to get up but Raven put he hand on him to stop him.

RAVEN: You were paralyzed. I just got you out of Lireath's hideout. We need to get away from here.

SKYLER: Not yet. Raven can you get me back in there?

RAVEN Yes, but i dont know what you need.

SKYLER: I need to get the lokami jewels

RAVEN: JUst some jewels? I can do that.

SKYLER: He has a red, green, yellow, blue, brown, white, and a black colored one. Grab the blue one and the green one.

RAVEN: Why am I even getting these?

SKYLER: They have my childhood memories.

Skyler made up that lie to cover up the truth. Raven just went along like he was actually telling the truth. She went back into the rumbling fight of LIreath and the rest of the titans. She went over to Lireath and was about to grab the green jewel, when Lireath grabbed her hand.

LIREATH: I dont think you want to be touching those.

RAVEN: Yes I do!

Raven made dark energy balls in her fist, and threw her opposite hand at his back. Lireath yelped. Raven took the green and blue jewels and went into the floor.
BEAST BOY: Okay lets go!

The Titans ran out of the house and left LIreath all by himself. Raven came back up right next to Skyler.

RAVEN: Here you go *while handing him the jewels*

SKYLER: Thanks.

This is pretty good. And it's better in script. I could barely make out a lot of it when you wrote it otherwise. Anyways, great story and I hope you continue with it.

hey thanks. I like it better in script anyways so thanks and enjoy when i write more

hey sorry i havent been writing lately... very lately. I havent been in a teen titans mood for a little while. I am sorry but i will continue soon i hope.

OON: Haven't seen much of any Teen Titans since last year but i think i will try to get some more of this story done.


LIREATH: You all have no idea how fun this is!

He blasts fire, dark, and light at them. Cyborg and Starfire fall and cant move. He attempts to fire water or air, but he has come to find that the Lokami jewels are missing.

LIREATH: Where did they go?

SKYLER: Right here!

Skyler shoots ice at Lireath and then electricutes him so he would become paralyzed. Lireath falls down completely motionless. The titans round up and get out of the building.
*Back at the tower*

ROBIN: Hey Skyler are you alright?

SKYLER: Yeah fine.

RAVEN: We have something to show you.

The titans get up and go into a room. IT turned out to be Skyler's room.

CYBORG: It's all yours.

SKYLER: But what about the "audition"?

BEAST BOY: We kinda took the fight with Lireath as your audition. We really want you on the team.

STARFIRE: Yes! LEt's be going and getting on to the celbration now. (I have a hard time talking in Starfire)

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