Write you favorite character's Theme Song!!

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long pig
Preferably something akin to Spiderman's or Batman's.

P.S Yes, i'm bored as fook!

"The Main Man, The Main Man, he's the last Czarnian. If he comes, you'd better run, cuz he's fueld by hate and rum..."
That's all i got offa the top of my head.


Devil man, devil man,
does more than anyotherblindperson can,
can he walk without a cain
apparently he can.. sing it again......


Oh man, there are so many good ones. Here there are a ton of theme songs.

Hulk's '66 one is hilarious

Doctor Banner, belted by gamma rays, turned into the Hulk. Ain't he unglamo-rays!

All the 60's-70's and early 90's songs are pretty funny.

long pig
jubilee, jubilee
Gotta stupid mutant ability
When she's around, we all frown , maybe shell starves or drowns.
now why the hell, is she still alive, whoever kills her gets a big high5.
radioactive jubilee!

Flying through the sky
at the speed of light
trying to stop crime
oh $h!te
here comes some aliens
then he has to deliver a package
watch out here comes the Sphinx

what do ya think?

Mr. Von Doom is a naughty man... Doo doo doo doo doo... He gone and killed another man... Doo doo doo doo...I have a good idea... Just you keep me near...I'll be so good for the fantastic four"


any "Little Britain" fans in here?

all powerful
how come you always loose
Apocalypse is more powerful
the X-men always cook your goose

oh well you have your faithful followers
why do you want to bring your wife back to life
well she tryed to kill you
with a knife

how come your archenemy
is your best friend?

One for Doom to Pearl Jam's Do the Evolution.

I'm the head
of my land

Bow to me or feel my wrath, yeah
I'm a threat
To the world
'Could take it over a-gain just like that, yeah
It's domination, baby

I'm a beast, but a man
Buildin' clones to take out my trash, yeah
Designing tech... tears up Reed's
Arrogance my only path to defeat, yeah

I am your savior
It's domination, baby

Admire me, worship my word
Fear my name
Join my herds

This realm is mine
a matter of time
probably give it up
bored out of my mind

I could only get half way through the song before I started wondering what the heck I was doing.


Hit the kids and kill the cops, thats what Joker likes to do. Robbed the banks and shoot the men for laughing out of line. I do these things to make Batman laugh, because we are pals.

He locks me in Arkham, and thows away the key, Knowing all 2 well, I be starting other body count.


Joker, Joker, take a toxin chemical bath.

bleach his skin, pure white, Turn his hair, Dark green.
But what look at that smile.

He kills people, just to get a few laughs, oh yeah. Thats the Joker.

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