Jedi Academy 2: Dark Apprentice

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Set 7 years after the first Jedi Academy. Master Lukes' students continue training at the Academy on Yavin 4, quickly on the path to becoming Jedi Masters. Soon a mysterious person claiming to be a Jedi Master enrolls at the school, telling a select group of students about the true powers of the darkside and about a special 'Force Septer.' Soon, few students have been twisted and turned by the dark-side. This new teacher/Master reveals himself as a Sith Lord and sends his new apprentices on a mission to find this mysterious force septer. The Jedi must now stop what is The Sith Lords Apprentices, or the Siths will return to rule the galaxy.

We need each student to have a master and someone to be the Sith Lord that convinces the students to fall to the dark side.


Name: Jaden Korr. (Becomes 'Darth Mollock' when changes to the dark side).
Age: 24.
Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Saber Colour: Blue.
Rank: Jedi in-training (More then a padwan but not a Jedi Knight just yet).

We need some characters to stay on the light side and resist the dark side.

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So Jaden is a one of the students who were twisted to the dark side?

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I will go to the dark side later on in the game. But when we start off, I am an ordinary Jedi.

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Name: Dranan Drano
Age: 20
Rank:Exiled Jedi Knight
Species: Human
Saber Design: Single blade hilt, Long Blade Hilt Design
Saber Color: Orange
Alignment: Light
Bio: After being exiled from the Jedi Council, Dranan went to Yavin 4 to help keep the furure Jedi from the Light. Although he has been tained by thye darkside, he holds strong to help fight them with his saber skills and knolage of the force.

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The soft steps of another could be heard through the empty halls of
the Jedi Acadmey. The faint sound of his cloak dragging could still be heard. All was still now. Dranan, only of 20 would take on a new student soon as they would be flocking to learn the skills of the Jedi. He stopped and looked around, closing his eyes. The image of the formor council flooded his mind.

"Dranan... you had a gift... A special power... Why abuse it like you did?" the voice of an older man was speaking

"I did what i was asked of you council. I recived the Data from the-" A younger sounding Dranan was cut off by a council member

"And where is your master? Dranan no use in hiding it. We al feel the darkside in you...."

Dranan snapped back to reality, a cold sweat sliding down his brow. He shook his head and contuined walking, comming to a balcany, peering down over the land on Yavin 4, the wind pushing past him. "I wont let them fall the way I did...." me muttered to himself, lowering his head "They feared me.... what i could become..." still now he had to control himself, control the darkness within him. A calm wind pushed past, and he let out a sigh "They wont be like me..." he turned and walked to the main hall, searching for Master Luke (is anyone Playing him? oh well, im RP as him also)

Luke: He turned from the Vid Screen to face a troubled Dranan. " I sence alot of anguish in you Dranan... Alot of fear." he began walking towards Dranan " You have to put what happen in the past."

Dranan: "Master Luke... You werent there... you didnt see the look in there eyes when I told them..." he dropped his head and looked to the ground quietly "Forgive me Master Luke... But i wish still to teach these new arivals... show them what can happen if they fall to far into the darkside."

Luke: He placed a hand on Dranan shoulder, and nodded "I'm not as sure that would be the wisest my friend" he turned and walked slowly to the window again "These students may have already been tained, and you know it. I can sence the darkness growning in you everyday. Do not dwell on the past. Off in the distance of the galaxy, i feel someone dark approaching... and I am going to need you by MY side...." Luke turned, glaring at Dranan. His words were stiff, and stern. "Dranan, I do not want you to have the same fate your master did when you fell the first time..."

Dranan: His eyes snapped at Luke, a shining of hatered in them He looked away and turned his back to Luke " You dont know what happen Master Luke..." He removed his Rich black robe, and let it rest on the ground, walking up the steps staying behind Luke. " Those dark days still haunt me..." his fists were clenched and shaking as he faught to control the anger that was within him.

Luke: "Dranan... you wish to strike me... what if I was a mere student? Could you hold that on your consence? The death of a defenceless student?" Luke turned around arms crossed over his chest, his eyes on Dranan's.

Dranan: "No Master. But this is why I want to teach them... Just to show them what the Sith can do to you." He walked slowly to the window and rested his hands on the window sill

Luke: "Just remember...." he turned and walked out of the room, leaving Dranan.

Dranan: "Just wait Master Luke...."

Name: Sorgo Di'Oris
Age: 18
Rank: Jedi Knight
Species: Human
Lightsaber: Silver Hilt with Green stripes coming vertically. Purple blade color.
Alignment: Light
Bio: After his academy is slaughtered by Sith, Sorgo flees to Yavin 4 to forget his past and continue his training and help the Academy.

Sorgo slowly walked through the halls of his new esteemed Academy. He smiled at the beautiful structure and work done on this place. All of the sudden, Another student bumped into him.

"Watch were your going." The Student said.
"Hmm...Indeed." Sorgo replied.
"Names Sorgo."
"I am Dranan." Dranan replied.
"Why you running?" Sorgo asked.
"I was speaking with Master Skywalker and he left without letting me finish what i was saying" Dranan said, with a tint of despair in his voice.
"I sense despair in you... and hatred! This is odd...." Sorgo whispered.
"I was once a master of the dark side of the force." Dranan replied.
"Decided that the Sith are stupid?" Sorgo smiled.
"That wasn't funny." Dranan spewed.
"You defend something you supposedly hate so much." Sorgo replied.

Dranan began to clench his fists....

"I wouldn't do that." Sorgo stated bluntly. "Not a very smart place or time to be picking anything. After all, you *are* a jedi now, your primary task is to keep peace, not spit on it."

"Your correct. I'm sorry" Dranan replied.
"No need to apologize, but thank you very much. I will be seeing you in the future." Sorgo said calmly as he walked off to inspect the rest of the Academy...

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Jaden slid his saber back into his belt as he left the training room. It was late, the halls of the academy were dark and frightning at night. Jaden raised his hood, keeping to himself as he passed the other students. "Wondering around the halls at this hour, young jedi?" somebody asked.
"Master Skywalker, I was training sir."
"Hurry off, my young one..." He whispered, his soft, young voice echoing in the hallways. Jaden nodded before turning on his heel. With a swish of his cloak, he was gone.

Over the past few days Jaden had become frightened. He could sense how clouded his future was. Disturbing nightmares had entered his head ever since he had been upgraded into the ranks of a Jedi. He sensed anger in himself. No matter how much Jaden tried to suppress it, it grew with each passing day.

Name: Lance Vale
Race: Human
Rank: Jedi Knight
Personality: wears black shirt and pants with a red cloak has red eyes and silver hair and has two lightsabers both green

Luke: Here is the Datapad, Jedi Knight.

Luke handed Sorgo a Datapad for his first mission.... Which was to hunt down and arrest a Rogue Jedi who was killing training Padawans on the southern co-ordinates of Yavin 4.

Sorgo: Thank You, my master.

Sorgo walked outside of the Jedi Academy and hopped on his Speederbike. Sorgo fled down as fast as he could to the marked co-ordinates on the Datapad.

He saw several skeletons and ravaged Jedi Robes hanging from the bones. Fresh bodies were posted up by the Camp. Sorgo sensed the force in the area... A bit stronger than usual.

Sorgo slowly walked around the Camp area, looking for the Rogue Jedi or any signs of a Jedi that is alive. He sits against a tree and reads his Datapad.

Greetings, Jedi Knight. This Datapad will enlist your current mission: Look for survivers and find the Rogue Jedi and arrest him. If he does not comply to the arrest and threatens you in any way with a weapon, you have the right as a Jedi to defend yourself. I advise you to take caution. He is a Jedi Master. Most of the time i would not send a Jedi Knight to hunt a Master, but your an exception...

All of the sudden, about twenty feet ahead of him, a red glistening blade appeared. It was a Red Lightsaber. A figure wearing a Black Cloak was wielding it.

Rogue Jedi: Foolish Skywalker. Sending mere Children to dispose of a powerful entity such as me.
Sorgo: By the power of the Skywalker Academy of Yavin, i am placing you under arrest.
Rogue Jedi: I refuse, Jedi pawn!

Sorgo: Refusal will not be accepted, Rogue one.
Rogue Jedi: Fool! You will die at this campsite!

The Rogue Jedi runs towards Sorgo. Sorgo gets ready in a defensive position. The Rogue strikes but Sorgo pushes him off. A series of strikes back and fourth is followed. The Rogue is gaining a considerable control over the Young Knight as he steps back and trips over a misplaced piece of Tree trunk. Sorgo quickly continues to roll back and sprouts himself up, igniting his saber again.

Sorgo: I am warning you, Rogue, i am a dangerous Jedi Knight. I insist apon your mutual thought to hand yourself to arrest.
Rogue Jedi: Your merely a Knight? No wonder this is so easy!

The Rogue Jedi charges at Sorgo once again. Sorgo rolls and cuts one of the Rogues legs off, being his left leg, followed by cutting off both of his Arms.

The Rogue Jedi shrieks and falls to the ground. The Rogue writhers to try to get away, but his attempt is sadly impossible.

Sorgo: I am sorry, Rogue Jedi, i did not want it to end this way.
Rogue Jedi: T-take me back to A-a-academy...
Sorgo: As you wish, Rogue.

Jaden stood on one of the top balconys of the academy, over-looking the lands of Yavin 4. He fought to supress his tears, His hood masked his face, his eyes were sad and pitifull looking. He felt alone. It had been seven years since he had last heard about his family back on Coruscant. He missed them. His mother had always told him he was destined for great things. He had never known his father. It was rumored that he was a member of the republic, carrying out requests given by sith lords. Jaden didn't know this. But it explained why hate and fear lingered deep inside.

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The world around him grew cold as the words of sorgo still echoed in his mind. "Keeper of the peace... but what He doesnt know..." Dranan shook his head and turned to walk quietly outside. Slowly he made his way to the Saber Training Area, hoping to relive stress, and get rid of some of his anger. The door to the Arena opened, and he stepped in, breathing slowly. "R6" he spoke, his voice echoing slightly "Set the leval to Eight." The droid beeped and the room went black as Dranan closed his eyes, and opened them to a lust forest. The echos of a battle could be heard in the distance. "Not here..." he wispered. Beside lay his formor master. Dranan looked to his hand and clenched it "They did know...." At that a sith warrior Began laughing loudly.

"Well young Padawan.... your master held nothing to me... now you die" His voice was cold, and unforgiving, as his attacks were. The sith lundged forward, slashing blankly at Dranan searching for a weakness in his defences. Dranan draw his saber to meet the siths. The crackling of the two sabers was loud, and the color was mixed of the two. Dranan pushed the sith away gripping his hilt with two hands, swinging the blade at the sith, the orange glow mezmorizing almost as he slipped into a trance. Fighing hard the sith blocke dthe attcaks, being pushed backwards slowly by the onslaught of the attacks. "Now you die..." Dranan spooke as the use dthe force to push the sith off gaurd. His saber met the center of his core. The sith fell slowly, and the training ended. Dranan switch the blade off and looked to a Balcony above him, seeing a new student.

Slowly he walked behind him, placing a hand on the students shoulder.

Dranan: "I sence pain... anguish... and fear in you young padawan..." he kept his words soft, and calm, stepping beside him, leaning on the Balcony edge

Jaden: A teary eyed Jaden looked to Dranan not saying anything, his face hidden by the hood

Dranan: "You need to say nothing. Your thoughts betray you. Your thinking of your family... unsure of where they are." his eyes drifted to the suns setting " Not a fun feeling." his voice was now sad itself "I once lost the closest thing to a father. That is when i feel to the darkside padawan. Dont choose that road... it is impossiable to figh it as I have..."

Jaden: "You know nothing...." he shook his head, not seeing the truth in the story

Dranan: " I know nothing? My friend, I know more then you think. Tempted by the darkside... and twisted.... both I have felt. And your heading for the same route." he shook his head and stepped back, walking to the opening, stopping. He turned his head and spoke" Let me help you. Together we can prove to Master Luke that the Darkside is not within us."

Jaden: "You speak of the impossiable... Master Luke will not go for this, and you know it" Jaden spoke firmly, but stayed where he stood.

Dranan walked away slowly, pulling his cloak to him with the force, pulling it over him. He stopped "I will speak to master luke...."

Sorgo: Damnit, i tire of the flood of these Former sith Jedi's coming into this school. It itches at me, pulls at my skin. What are you thinking? How does he know that these aren't Sith Assassins? They could even be Sith Lords for all we know!
Luke: Sorgo, calm yourself. I can assure you they are not Dark Lords!
Sorgo: Can you, Master Luke? Can you really? Isn't that what the Jedi said with Sidious?
Luke:...Indeed it was, Sorgo. But i am a powerful entity of the force and i would sense their disturbance.
Sorgo: Can you feel Dranan's anger? Jadens anger? Think, Master! Use your head.
Luke: They will become great Jedi's. I would rather them be here than at the hands of a Sith, Sorgo.
Sorgo : Your correct, Master Luke but i can assure you to be careful. We have witnessed this before.
Luke: Indeed we have... On other notes, i hear you have completed your mission.
Sorgo: Yes. How is the Rogue?
Luke: He is fine. We had some Cybernetic Tech Surgeons come down here to fix him.
Sorgo: Can you explain "Fix", Master Luke?!

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lol, so does anyone want an apprentice?? She doesnt bite.

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Luke: I have a mission for you, Sorgo. An important one.
Sorgo: What is it, Master?
Luke: I recorded the co-ordinates on your Datapad.
Sorgo: What of the mission?
Luke: You will find out when you reach the Co-ordinates.
Sorgo:...Yes, Master.

Sorgo walked out of the Academy and got on his Speederbike, ready to go to the co-ordinates. He finally got to the co-ordinates, only to see two Jedi Masters from the Academy turn around and extend their Lightsabers towards Sorgo. They both had Green Lightsabers.

Sorgo: What is this?
Reudo: I am Reudo, A Jedi Master that grows tired of the stupidity of the Academy.
Trayan: I am Trayan, and i too am sick of the corruption. We have both come to the Dark Side.
Trayan: Will you join us?
Sorgo : I don't think so, Trayan.
Trayan: If you do not join, me and Reudo will kill you here where you stand.
Sorgo: Empty Threats coming from a False Jedi. This is interesting.
Reudo: Enough talk!

Reudo runs up to Sorgo and swings with his lightsaber, only for Sorgo to block it and fatally cut him in half.


Sorgo walks up to Trayan ready to kill him where he stands....


Trayan runs over to Reudo's side.

Sorgo: Excuse me?
Sorgo: Oh my god...This is all my fault...I killed a Jedi Master!
Trayan: No, this wasn't your fault. Reudo probably underestimated your power.
Sorgo: I'll meet you at the Academy.

Sorgo reaches the Academy and requests a meeting with Luke.

Sorgo walks into the main chambers...

Sorgo: I killed him...
Trayan: Master Luke, Reudo is dead. Trayan killed him. Reudo went to strike Sorgo and Sorgo cut him in half.
Luke: I see... It seems as if the test went too far... I apologize Sorgo. This was not your fault.
Sorgo: T-thank you, Master Skywalker.
Luke: You obtained the rank of Master and have been appointed to the Council.
Sorgo: Thank you, Master.
Luke: You will also be working with an Apprentice....

oooh ill post my character sheet

Name: Raevynn Lopez
Race: Human
Rank: not sure... it depends on what my master thinks
Bio: Raevynn's brother was a young sith lord; a major threat to the jedi. He had been injured, and fled home to her family where they hid him as long as they could, but the jedi soon found out where he was hiding and came for him. Her parents did all they could to stop the jedi, but they're struggles were futile and they were slaughtered along with her brother as she hid from sight.

Sorgo: Who is this Apprentice?
Luke: Raevynn Lopez. She is new to the Jedi Order and she will begin her training with you immediatly.
Sorgo: Know anything about her?
Luke: Her family was murdered, along with her brother whom was a Sith Lord.
Sorgo: Hmm...Alright, where is she?
Luke: She is probably wandering the Academy. Go look for her. She is around somewhere within these walls.
Sorgo: Yes, Master. Thank you.

Raevynn wandered aimless through a long hallway. This place was strange to her, and a little frightening. The walls towered over her, making her feel very small. She was not scared however. After what she had recently seen, nothing as simple as a building would scare the young girl. She continued her journy down the hallway, trying to erase the memories of her past. Her family was gone and there was no one who cold bring them back. She wouldn't let anyone see how sad she really was on the inside.

-lance walks down the hall past raevynn-

Raevynn casually walks past the stranger, not making eye contact, or showing and sighn of aknowledging his presence. Once he passes, she then turns and looks. She didnt want to come eye to eye with anyone. Everyone here seemed to be a jedi, and she didnt want to give them the wrong look, or it might be her last mistake.

-senses her worries- and walks by her-
something troubling you??? -kindly-

Raevynn stopped dead in her tracks and turned to look up at the stranger. "Excuse me?"

is something troubling you? -repeated kindly-

Jaden could feel Dranans' eyes burning into his. Dranan searched his thoughts and emotions. But what was he looking for? "If you search my thoughts," Jaden spoke, his voice quivering,'and follow my emotions it will lead you to a place you cannot go."
Jaden looked away in fear of what Dranan might know about him. He walked past Dranan swiftly, not looking back. Jaden was a great jedi, perhaps destined to be a vaulable member of the Jedi Order someday, but his emotions were his weakness. But perhaps Dranan could become Jadens' master and show him the right way. But Jaden didn't know if Master Luke would agree with such a thing.

Sorgo walked down the Academy, looking for his new Padawan Apprentice.

As he continues walking down the hall, he sees a young Girl.

Sorgo: Hello, welcome to the Academy. Is there something i can help you with?
Raevynn: Uh..No...
Sorgo: You fear us. I can feel it. I can assure you we are nothing to fear.
Raevynn:...M-My name is Raevynn.
Sorgo: So your my new Apprentice. I am Sorgo and i will be your Master throughout your long and hard journey to become a great Jedi.
Raevynn: Nice to meet you.
Sorgo: Thank you. I must go now, but i do have a task for you.
Raevynn: What is it?
Sorgo: Before we begin training, i would like you to inspect the rest of the Academy and get to know some of the Jedi. It will be good for you.
Raevynn: Ok.

Sorgo walks off back into Lukes Chamber...

Luke: I see you have met her.
Sorgo: Indeed i have. She is nice.
Luke: When she is done, call her to the Workplace room... She can build her Lightsaber. We need as many Jedi right now as possible.
Sorgo: Lightsaber? Already?
Luke: Yes. You will train her with it constantly until she is perfected.
Sorgo: But Master, I do not wish to teach her my form..
Luke: Hmm... Start her off with Form I.
Luke: Why is it you wish not to teach her Form II?
Sorgo: I never wanted to learn Form II... It is the practice of most Dark Jedi... My old Master was an extremely Practiced Dark Jedi... I learned under him for a while... I know you know of my Private sessions with him shortly before he died...
Luke: Indeed i do know your training with the Dark Lord and It is Indeed a deadly form, Sorgo, and you are exceptionally good with it, and i understand why you don't want to teach her this. I don't think she is ready for such an Advanced and Physically straining Form, such as Form II.
Luke: I understand you know Form I, Form II and Form VI?
Sorgo: Yes.
Luke: I want you to teach her Form I then advance her to Form VI.
Luke: And someday if you have the time, I wish to teach you Form V.
Sorgo: Are you serious, Master Skywalker?
Luke: Yes Sorgo. You are an Exception to Lightsaber skills. I have seen you in training. Your incredible. I will train you whenever you wish.
Sorgo: Thank you, Master Skywalker.

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Name: Zuke Zaxer
Age: 23
Rank: Just finished training and are now jedi knight
Species: Human
Saber Design: duble edged sabre.
Saber Color: blue and red
Alignment: Dark
Bio: The force is strong in him, but he wants more than just the light side of the force.. he know, that if he want to get stronger he have to use the dark side of the force. His mom and dad was killed during a robbery, and he has no other relatives.. he is, you can call it an wanderer that has set camp by the academy.
Personality: mystic wanderer. Always wear a dark coat and has a black band around his head that is covering his eyes and nose. only a little opening that he can see trough. he is kinda agressive, but always polite. he also has an twoheaded black dog as an companion.

Dranan came apon Sorgo and Master Luke. He bowed to them both and looked to master Luke.

"Master Luke" he spoke "May I have a word with you?" his eyes looked to Sorgo, his words still freash in his mind. Dranan fixed his cloak, closing the front, and met Lukes eyes.

Luke: "What is it Dranan? Have you found an apprentice yet?"
Dranan: "Yes Master Luke. A young hopefull named Jaden. I feel much Darkness in him, and i am now wanting to prove to you... I am fully released from the Dark Side."
Luke:"Dranan... you may say your fully released... but"

Sorgo interupted forcefully "Master Luke... Remember my words..."
Luke looked to sorgo, and nodded, his eyes drifting to Dranan once again. "Take Jaden as your apprentice... lead him aay from the dark Dranan... Dont let her fall as you once did."

Dranan bowed and stepped back "Thank you Master." His eyes drifted to Sorgo, and he bowed very slightly, turning to walk back down the halls to find Jaden.

Jaden: "What has Master Luke desided?"
Dranan: "I am to train you in the ways of the force... as my Apprentice."
Jaden: He stayed quiet and looked away, his thoughts wild and untamed about his family, and the training. "What about Sorgo... I heard he doesnt trust You.... or me for That matter. He beilives That we are twisted by the Dark Side..."
Dranan: "Sorgo is overlooking everything. He has a power that he cannot use." Dranan steps next to Jaden and peers to the rising moons. "Jaden... dont fall to the Dark side as I did once... Powerfull yes.... But Painfull."
Jaden: "How did you come back... let alone why did you come here?"
Dranan: "Another time... But for now... get some rest. Tomarrow we shall begin your Training."
Jaden nodded and bowed "Good night Master."

Dranan closed his eyes peering into his thoughts. 'Jaden will soon fell the pull of the Dark Side....' he thought 'I cant let that happen...' Dranan stood, and walked to the Meditation room, kneeling on the ground, placing his hands on hsi knees. He closed his eyes and drifted into the Past, Wrestling his emotions and thoughts. Remembering his darker days.

Zuke has desided to stay here untill he is forced to move on.. he like it here.. and he know this is an jedi academy. he himself was not trained here, but who will know the diffrence.. he take Fluffy (his twoheaded dog) unleashed and walk inside the acadamy acting he is one of them, just to have a look. he has no hostility against them. he sees some jedi he guess and get kinda nervous. but then he thinks "they cant know, its impossible, however.. i know im not the only one here who dream of powers beyond the light... i hope"

While walking the hallway he started to think.. "If I assigned to the academy, and got myself an apprentice i would get my name rememberd and would also get to teach out all I know. but that luke.. hmm.. i dont think he will discover who i truly are... how does this work?" he walk further in searching for a jedi to take contact with..

Master Luke walked into the Meditation Chamber and stood quietly as Dranan looked behind him, standing giving him a bow.

Dranan: "Master Luke... how may i be of service?"
Luke: "Dranan... Sorgo brought it to my attention that your anger seems to be building... Anger leads to Suffering... Suffering is the Dark Side."
Dranan: He shook his head slowly. "With all do respect Master... Was it not Sorgo who KILLED without thinking? Sorgo Fears what I will become... what Jaden will become."
Luke: "And what are you to become my friend?"
Dranan: "Sith."
Luke: "Sorgo worries Dranan. COME to your sences. Stop dwelling on the past."
Dranan: "You didnt see it though... you didnt snap... Your blade never struck an Innocent Child!" His words echoed in the closed room. "Master Luke... I think it may be best if I train Jaden Else where.... someplace where Sorgo WONT Interfrer..."
Luke: "I cant allow that... Dranan... your slipping into the shadows again. I can See it in your eyes... your thoughts... and in your soul. You and Jaden are to stay here untill your first mission..."
Dranan: "Yes Master. But Sorgo reminds me of the Council.... They Feared me... They were afraid..."

He shook his head and walked out of the Chamber, his hands trembling. He stopped and clenched his fists. Quickly he struck the nearby wall, bringing himself to it, resting his head coldly. "Forgive me Master Vallih... I wont forsake you again..."

(no offence to you sorgo, just playin out my chara)

When zuke walked the hallway he entered a room.. and he meet luke and the others.. "i hope i am not disturbing you, if not i would liek to ask you something" he said, with a strange voice.

Sorgo stands up from the Chair beside Luke...
Sorgo: Master Skywalker, i worry for Dranan. He is repulsive. I don't want him taking Jaden from the Academy.
Luke: I thank you for taking what Dranan said well. This is a good thing.
Luke: Don't worry, Sorgo. They wont be leaving. They are not ready. They need the wisdom of true Jedi to rip the darkness out of their souls.
Sorgo: Dranan is a great Jedi. I can feel the Light in his heart, he wants to change and he deeply wants Jaden to change, But how can he change Jaden if he still has a taint of darkness in him?
Luke: You propose a very interesting question, Sorgo.
Sorgo: I will be devastated if they turn, Master. I cannot let this happen. I have personally seen with my eyes how a good Jedi can turn to complete darkness.
Luke: You have trained in Dark ways, Sorgo. With Darth T...
Sorgo: Don't EVER mention his name to me!
Luke: I apologize Sorgo...
Sorgo: It's okay... I shouldn't have yelled at you. Apologies, Master.
Luke: It's okay. But you have trained in Dark ways Sorgo and that is still bad but you never succumbed to the Dark side, and i am proud of you for this.
Sorgo: Thank you, Master. This Dranan has much anger left in him. I am going to request a personal audience with him. We must speak alone...

Zuke enters the room, stating that he would like to speak with the Masters...

Sorgo: Who are you and what would you like?

"i am Zuke Zaxer, and a fully trained knight. i search for a place to live and i am here to offer my services as a knight. I have the experience and can also think of become trainer, if that is needed.. if not, i can participate in other knight services.. if i get a place for me and my dog." he said and bowed before the masters. "I totaly understand if you have to think about it" he said. He felt insecurity withing their minds about him and he got abit nervous.. he was just hoping he was powerfull enough to shut the feelings out from them.

Luke: I will leave this up to you, Sorgo.
Sorgo: As a Jedi Master of the Skywalker Academy on Yavin 4, I grant you a rank in our Academy as a Padawan. You will train with me but not under me, and if i see that your skills are up to par, i will commit you to Jedi Knight. And you and your dog may stay here in Room E-7 of Section 4 of the Academy.
Zuke: Thank you, Master Sorgo.
Sorgo: You are welcome, Padawan. I am pleased to have you here.

Zuke leaves the room with his beastly two headed dog....

Luke: I sense alot of Darkness in this one as well.
Sorgo: Indeed, Master. I have been noticing alot of Jedi that are coming in with Dark Taints or a history of being a Dark Jedi or Sith. This is Akward.
Luke: Sooner or later, we will find out, Sorgo.... Sooner or Later...

after leaving the room he started to think "Oh shit.. im in.. but how dare he. does he dont feel the power within me.. a padwan.. baah.." he sits down in the hallway outside the room with luke and the others and start training mind communication with fluffy..
he know it work.. he have read it.. he have to think of other things than the master, or they defenatly will feel anger within him.

Luke: About this Zuke... I checked his background and he was a Jedi Knight... He will remain a Padawan for now.
Sorgo: You and i both know why...
Luke: Indeed we do...

Sorgo walks from the Chambers and goes to Raevynns section.

Sorgo: Raevynn, let us go train outside. I am going to teach you Form I. It will take several weeks, but you must learn this.
Raevynn: Yes Master.
Sorgo: Go construct a Saber first. I will wait in the Main Chambers...

Dranan's comlink beeps snapping him out of a cold sleep.

Dranan: "Yes? How may i be of service Master Luke?
Luke: "Sorgo has requested a personal audience with you Dranan.... I suggest you take it. He can Help"
Dranan: "As you wish master... and i am deeply sorry for my actions... I will find him immedently"

Dranan placed his comlink back on his Belt, and stood, clipping his saber to his belt. He left his room and spotted Jaden... in the shadows

Dranan: "Jaden..."
Jaden turned to face his Master: "Yes Master Dranan?"
Dranan: "Nothing. We begin training as soon as I return from speaking With Sorgo."
Jaden: "Yes Master."

Again he contuined his walk down the empty hall ways.'There is another...' he muttered seeing a new student sitting in the halls. He payed no attention to him and contuined to the Confrence Chamber, Awaiting Sorgo.

(Sorgo, dont Create to much Diologe with Dranan. I will post tomarrow morning after you do to reveal his Past.)

Sorgo pass by... a while later anotherone.. interesting.. zuke rise and follow him a bit behind.. put fluffy in the room.. stand by a window outside the main chambers, try not to reveal himself to sorgo..

(change Confrence Chamber to Main. Typo)

Dranan walks into the inclosed conference room.

Sorgo: Take a seat, Dranan.
Dranan: You have called apon me?
Sorgo: Indeed i have, Dranan. I sense you. Everytime you Eat, sleep, train, walk or jump. I sense you. I can feel it in your soul and i know it remains within. The dark side taints you and Jaden. I can feel the strength of darkness in Jaden as well. I am talking with Luke and i am having you stay on Yavin 4. You and i both know you are not ready to leave this planet. I realize you are tainted with the Dark side. I once had the option to go over....

Sorgo's face turns pale....

Sorgo: I was personally trained by Count Dooku to wield a Lightsaber. I pretended the entire time i was a Darkside student. I had to let evil feelings enter me so he didn't sense i was a servant of the light. This was long before your time. This was my days of the Clone Wars. I remember i was only 16 when The Great Jedi Purge took place... I almost died.... You must understand that you are not the only one to have had the choice to go to the Dark Side. You have been there. It is not pleasent. Do not hate me, for the only thing i am trying to do is help you become a life long Servant of the Light. I am helping you to utilize your powers as a Jedi to help the good people of the Galaxy. Is there anything you have to say on this?

(BTW, my character is not eighteen, i put that as an accident. He is actually 32....)

Dranan looked at Sorgo. For the first time he noticed that he WAS tring to help him.

Dranan: "Allow me to share something Master Sorgo. Six years ago my master and I were on Dantooine. He had a simple mission, retirive Data from the Data banks. A family was under attack by a Rouge Mandalorian Tribe. We were oblagated to help them. My master fell to a Dark Jedi alligned with the Rouges. he was a father to me... in every way i remember. The moment i felt his presence fade... I snapped. Not only his the Rouges fall.... I killed the family... The mother... the father.... and the four younglings..." Dranan looked down a tear falling slowly "From that day i drifted to the Darkside after the Council Exiled me... for many years i trained myself in the ways of dark untill i met Luke at my tender age of 17. He turned me back and trained me. Please forgive me Sorgo... but this is why i want to help Jaden... he has not known his family for years."

Sorgo: "I understand... allow me to help you Dranan. We cannot lose anymore great Jedi to the Dark. They overwhelm us as it is now."
Dranan: "And what of Jaden Master?"

Dranan stood a cold sweat aopn his brow once again. He walked to the window and peered outside. "And you sence the evil here also... we are not safe here so long as the new student remains able to wander freely..."

Sorgo: Is that Zuke?

Zuke notices that Dranan and Sorgo see him and he slowly walks away.

Sorgo: Anyways, back to relevant subjects... You may train Jaden however you want, but you cannot leave this planet. Although i do have a mission for you, but before i assign you to it, may i ask what your Lightsaber Form is, Knight?

Dranan walked back to Sorgo and seemed more relaxed now. "My form is my masters. Cleix Single. Much like Form VI." he took his seat again as jaden walked into the room. "What will you have us do Master Sorgo?" he asked as jaden stood behind Dranan his hood hiding his face.

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zuke hides behind next corner, taking a breath.. "i see.." he stayed there and keept listening.. "mission?" he thought to himself.. "i gotta hear this.. he stepped into a dark corner..

Sorgo: Hello Jaden. Form VI you say? That is a good form. I know it as well. I know Form I which i learned as a young Padawan, Form II which i learned from Count Dooku, and Form VI which i learned from Jedi Knight Tavi Martt.
Sorgo: But i almost always use Form II. Quite effective, if you ask me.

Sorgo: Here is your Datapad, Dranan. You will bring Jaden with you.

Hello Dranan. It is i, Master Sorgo. And i have your first mission for you. I will warn you now, this is no test. It is a real mission. I am telling you this because of what happened on my Masters Test.
I am sending you to kill a Dark Jedi Assassin who is taming wild beasts in the area to attack innocent Civilians. But i am warning you now, This Assassin is highly dangerous and is trained to kill in Stealth so be very aware of you surroundings. If there is any problems, Comlink me and i will come right away. Good luck and may the force be with you. Your speederbikes await you outside.

"feel hacked" he thought to himself and put down one of his technical things in his pocket.. "i think i'll go rent a speederbike.." when he is about to walk away he drop his sabre and "smack" into the floor. he had forgott to tie it up. "oh ****.. not good.. not good.." takes the sabre up and walk into the corner again.. silent as death..

Dranan stood and bowed as Jaden did. "Thank you master, I will not fail you. Come Jaden." Dranan and Jaden walked outside.

Jaden: "Master... do you trust Sorgo?"
Dranan: "More now then I did."

Dranan got on the speeder bike as Jaden did, and they took off. They arrived in a flattened area. Dranan stepped off his Bike and knelt down, touching the ground. "We are not alone Jaden." The sound of a trampeling grew louder. "Jaden, dont fall behind." Dranan drew his Lightsaber and ignighted it, looking to the horde of Wild beasts. He struck sevral of them, holding out his left hand using the force to push them back as Jaden faught them also. The sound of a lightsaber ignited and Dranan turned to see nothing. "Heres the fun..."

(finish tomarrow)

zuke realise he is playing with death, spying on the high jedis. make sure his sabre is not about to fall out again he ignore the mission and walk away from the place.. stop and looking at sorgo.. he have his back turned away from him.. starting to walk towards him quiet.

Sorgo sensed something Ackward... A dark presence lingering the Academy. Just as he turned around, he noticed Zuke looking at him ackwardly....

Sorgo: Zuke, i know what your up to...

"I am up to no bad, if that is what you are saying" he said quickly.. "im new here and just want to explore the place.. i saw you and the other guy, and did not want to disturb."

Sorgo: I expect you wont be peaking on our conversations again, Padawan.
Sorgo: And stop wandering! Find a trainer, or ask me if you want to train.

"why does all think i need training" he thinks to himself. "and that padawan again.. ARGH!" he smiled and looked at sorgo.. "i dont know were to find a trainer. and if you are free i would not mind train with you"

Sorgo: Sure, let's go to the training grounds.

Sorgo and Zuke walk to the training grounds.

Zuke ignited a Blue and Red double bladed lightsaber.

Zuke: C'mon, Master.

Sorgo ignited a Singular Purple Lightsaber.

Sorgo and Zuke initiated combat. Zuke was striking Sorgo plenty of times, but Sorgo deflected it as a mere Annoyance. Sorgo could feel Zuke's anger. as Zuke went to strike Sorgo's shoulder, Sorgo blocked it and shoved his saber off with his saber.

Sorgo: Your doing good. Nice postu...

While Sorgo was talking, Zuke swung his saber towards Sorgo's legs and Sorgo dashed but still got hit. He had a cut on his leg that shed blood.

Sorgo: Hmm... No Limbs off my body? Your going to have to do better than that!

Zuke screamed and launched himself towards Sorgo. Sorgo blocked his attacks, and slashed Zukes arm. It was a deep wound and it began to bleed. Zuke fell to his knees.

Zuke : Very good, Master.
Sorgo: You did exeptionally well too, Zuke. I am by far impressed. If you wish to train again, Call apon me.

Standing on his knees. he look at sorgo with some hate in his eyes, which by the way was the only thing that was revealed in his face.. and his mouth.. "I never give up." he rose quickly attacking again. He unleash his anger to speed and his force to his strenght in his blows. striking over and over again against sorgo.

Sorgo blocked his attacks...

Sorgo: I have business to attend to!

Sorgo blocked his attack, but Zuke pushed down on Sorgos saber with his double bladed saber. Sorgo thrusted his body and threw Zuke off of the training panlet.

Sorgo unignited his saber.

Sorgo: Now, if you'll excuse me...

"what the.. they should... he was.. i am.. i should.. aaaw.. shit.. ok... i need to calm down.." he feel hate flow trough his whole body.. zuke was defeated.. just like that.. he rose. with quick stepps he stormed by Sorgo, his coat flew up abit because of the quick movement.. squeezing his sabre he walk to his room and take out fluffy.. then stop, and looked happy at sorgo walked by.. he had not been this angry for a long time.

he then sat down with fluffy in the hallway.. petting with him.. and got happy again not long after.. "i will get killed if i dont watch out here" he tought and fluffy reacted and licked him in the face. then he smiled.

-lance wanders the place not sure what to do-

Sorgo: Master Luke, I dueled Zuke.
Luke: Did you? How was it?
Sorgo: He faired, but i sensed way too much anger. He cut my leg when i was compliementing his skills.
Luke: Hmm... Not good...
Sorgo: And i found him peeking in the Inclosed Conference room when i was speaking with Dranan.
Luke: About Dranan...
Sorgo: I have high hopes in Dranan. He is good. I sent him on a mission. He should be back in a half an hour.
Luke: This is good, Sorgo.

Jedi Master Trayan comes bolting into the room....

Trayan: Master Luke! We have a problem! The Rogue Jedi we were working on escaped. He is armed with two Red Lightsabers and has killed all the Lab Technicians and Three Jedi Knights!
Sorgo: What is this Rogue's name?
Trayan: His name was Xeoro Celion, but his project name is "Xeon".
Sorgo: Master Luke, shall i do this?
Luke: Yes, but do not kill him.
Trayan: I warn you, he is dangerous. Half his body is Metal plates and wiring and his face is cracked and scarred with a metal plate covering his mouth. He wont be hard to sp....

Xeon walked into the room and thrusted both his sabers into the Jedi Master Trayan....

Sorgo: I thought you were converted back to the light, Xeoro!
Sorgo: I order you to surrender or i will be forced to kill you.

Xeon charges towards Sorgo. Sorgo force pushes him and he flies against a wall.


Luke ignites his saber and jumps halfway across the room. Luke tries to saber the Man-Machine, only to be punched... Luke flew halfway across the room and hits a wall face first.

Sorgo: Oh...My...Lord....


Sorgo: Even if i have to die to stop you, i will Xeon. You will not kill any more students!


Xeon charges towards Sorgo and strikes. Sorgo ignites his saber and they begin fighting for a good five minutes. Slashing and blocking and jumping and pushing... Sorgo strikes, but Xeon blocks it and cuts Sorgo.


Xeon cut Sorgos arm off from the shoulder down. Sorgos jaw dropped with suprise as he look as his arm lying in front of him....

Sorgo: That's it. Time to p-p-put you down, X-Xeon!

Sorgo gathered all of his strength and began dueling with Xeon. Xeon hit him hard over and over again. Sorgo was starting to fall back. Sorgo almost hit the ground, but just before he did, he thrusted his arm completly forward and launched his saber right into Xeons chest. Xeon screamed and sputtered until he fell to the ground.

Luke finally got up. Lukes forehead was bleeding. Sorgo fell to the ground. Luke ran to his aid.

Luke: Sorgo! Are you alright?
Sorgo: N-no... Arm g-gone...
Luke: Try to relax. I am going to re-heal your energy.

Sorgo all of the sudden felt a blue light around him. He re-gained some of his energy and put all of his strength together to get up.

Luke: Come to the Hospital section of the Academy. You need intensive care.

zuke notice luke and sorgo come bleeding.. sorgo missing an arm..rise quickly and walk up to them with fluffy right behind.. "what has happend? why are you injured? anything i can do?"

-lance hears fighting going on and runs in that direction-

Zuke: What has happened? Why are you injured? Anything i can do?
Luke: A prototype half man-half machine Rogue jedi project named Xeon killed five of our techinicians and three jedi knights before entering the main chambers. He killed Master Trayan and went on to kill us. I tried to stop him but he punched me across the room and i was knocked out. Then Sorgo fought him and lost an arm.... I don't know the rest.
Zuke: May i see Sorgo?
Luke: Yes, you may. He wants as much company as possible right now. He is in Hospital Room Unit 8-DR.

walk there right away... storm inside the room. "how could you loose an arm.. how did you get at hospital... you defeated me.. i expected more of you... are you alright?" he said..

-saw luke and went over-
what the hell happened

Sorgo: You expected more of me? The bloody thing threw Luke across the room. If you ran into that thing, it would have slaughtered you. Anyways, thanks for coming, Zuke.

Sorgo: Hello Lance. Thanks for coming.

-nods- who did this again

"luke said half robotic.. manipulated somehow or what? oh.. i got fluffy here.. i dont think youy have met." lift him up on the table next to sorgo.

Sorgo: I went on a mission a few days back to arrest a Rouge Jedi. The Rouge Jedi and me got in a saber fight because he refused to surrender. I cut his left arm and his left leg off. The technicians here at the Academy turned him into some Robotic thing. We all thought the Rouge had come back to the lightside, but obviously not. It killed 5 Techs, 3 Jedi knights, Master Trayan and just about killed me and Luke.

which way did he go?

Sorgo: Your lucky the thing didn't run into you and Fluffy. Wow, what kind of species is Fluffy?

A Technician walks into the room...

Tech: Sorgo, we will begin working on your Synthetic Cybernetic Arm as of tommorow.
Sorgo: Thank you, guys... Your all great.
Tech: I appreciate that, Master.

"i truely are.. well.. i really dont know what fluffy is.. some mix of all kinda dogs, but with two heads.. kinda twisted party his mother and father must have hade, i guess, but i love him above anything else" he said and smiled..

-waits for an answer-

Sorgo: Zuke, i am going to be here for quite a while and i am close friends with the Lightsaber Architectual Craftsman of this Academy. If you even want a new lightsaber or changes to your current one, come talk to me.

Sorgo: I killed him, Lance.

"ok.. i will.. but.. why? anything wrong with my sabre?" he looked at his sabre..


zuke lift down fluffy who lay down on the floor..

-looks at sorgo- well if you need anything let me know

Sorgo: There is nothing wrong with your Saber Zuke. Besides the fact that part of it is red.

"I dont think we have met" zuke turn and look at the man next to him.

"and red is... bad?"

Sorgo: The color of red on a lightsaber symbolizes the darkside. You are well aware of this, Zuke.

"i might be.. what would it change? if i changed.. would i make an good impression with luke? or wait a minute.. he does not know"

-walks out and past luke-

"Hey you.. i was talking to you" Zuke shouted in the hallway. he anger was about to turn back. "who are you?"

does it matter i'm not going to answer if your going to get upset about it so chill

"sorry.. i get easy upset.." he notice luke looking at him in a negative way.. "man, im sorry.. come back"

unless i'm needed i'm going to my quarters and my names lance as sorgo said when i came in

zuke felt anger and hate flowing trough himself.. "got to controle myself"
he tought..
"Nice meeting you lance, have a good time" he said.

----Via Comlink----
Zuke, get back to my
room immediatly.
----End transmission----

hasty he looked around... then walked back to the room.. gathered power to hide his hate and anger..

Sorgo: I have been noticing your anger lately. I do not like this at all. I am sending you on a mission to dispose of a group of Mynocks in Drosi Cave about thrity feet from the Academy. I can feel your darkness, Zuke. Don't let it go anywhere.

-goes to his quarters still sencing zukes anger- got to careful around him -to self-

(( whats mynocks and with dispose you meen? sorry, dont know embarrasment ))

"i will do this for you, sorgo.promise to be up and running when i get back" he said with a smile in his face.

((Mynocks are Large Bat-like creatures.))

"Im of.." zuke walk away and ask fluffy to stay with sorgo...

he walk outside and to the cave sorgo said. When he went inside the cave it was quite dark.. he started to think abit.. then activated his sabre to light the tunnle up. while walking he said to himself "I better stay away from luke.. i dont think he likes me very much." ge got attacked and slized the beast apart. keep walking.. start to think about the academy and the people. He started to gather anger.. and one after one he strucked the Mynocks down. "what kind of mission is this anyway? no challenge, i dont think they ever will trust me" he got attacked when he was thinking of other things and got bitten in the arm.. "ARGH!!" striking the attacker down two new attacked him....he got bitten again.. and then he started loosing it.. his wrath got unleashed. pushing a Mynock away with the force. lighting start to spark around him.. not much but atleast some sparks.. he strike with enormous power and speed untill every last one of them are dead. bleeding everywere.. full of anger he turned back toward the academy.. bleeding extremly he halt into he hallway and into sorgo.. mission acomplished. falling to his knees...

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exhausted he is loosing his balance.. the world is spinning. he then fall down making a loud noise when hitting the ground. he drop the sabre infront of him. try to reach it but he fainted.

Sorgo: Stupid damn robot had to take my arm off.

Luke walks into the room...

Luke: Zuke's mission was successful, but he substained incredible injury. I am putting him beside you in this bed over here.
Sorgo: What happened?
Luke: He managed to kill the Mynocks but they ripped him up before he did.
Sorgo: He did well. I have never seen a Padawan do something like that.

Two Jedi Knights carry Zuke into the room and plop him down on the bed...

Luke: I'll leave you two alone.

Luke leaves the room.

Sorgo: I heard what you did. It sounds incredible. You did a marvelous job. That is why i am promoting you to Jedi Knight and making you my new apprentice.

-waits for a mission for him-

wooooah, sorry about the late post. heh.

Raevynn wandered through the halls. Her master had instructed her to build a saber? She wasnt sure how to do this, but she was sure if she wandered, the answer would come to her. Maybe she would stumble across something.

Sorgo: Lance, you may go to the east of the Academy and rid us of two Dark Jedi Acolytes who are plotting to destroy the Academy with bombs. Please report back to me when you are finished. If you need any help, Comlink Luke. His Comlink number is LS-02736.

As she continued to wander, she relized she was completly lost in this large academy. She stood and ran her hand through her dark hair. She had never held a light saber, only seen one before her family was slaughtered. She remembered her brothers vividly. It was a red, and the jedis were mostly green and blue. If she ever did find where she was going, she was going to make her saber red. The color that she had been taught to symbolize a warrior.

Originally posted by LordSorgo
Sorgo: Lance, you may go to the east of the Academy and rid us of two Dark Jedi Acolytes who are plotting to destroy the Academy with bombs. Please report back to me when you are finished. If you need any help, Comlink Luke. His Comlink number is LS-02736.
-bows- yes sir -and walks off to the east side holding his two lightsabers-

"I thank you, Sorgo. You wont get disepointed" he said when he suddenly felt something intresting. He felt Raevynn walking the hallway, and he felt insecurity and corruption. "Is this young one the target i have been waiting for? i gotta go check this out when i get out" he thought to himself and then looked at sorgo again.. "I am honured by your words, master"

"Say master, would you like a match of revenge in the traininghall later? i feel i am in shape of fighting anyone right now." He felt electricity in his vains and also greath strenght. He can loost again. Not that easy. he started to pet fluffy while laying in hisbed.

Jaden hacked and slashed with his saber. With an amazing display of blue flashes, Jadens' enemies fell to the ground. He had a taste of power, and he liked it. No, I must not use my anger to fuel my power. Jaden thought. He could not help it, darkness brewed inside him. Power hungry he became. A hint of redness sparkeled in his blue eyes.

Jaden was once the perfect padwan, he portrayed no emotions and had no anger. But that was a long time ago. Since then, anger and guilt had slowly begun to consume his body.

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Raevynn continued down the hallway, her past flooding into her mind as she went. The images of her brother being stabbed through the chest played over and over, and the screams of her parents filled her ears. The girl wanted to fight more than ever at this moment. She wanted to release all this rage that had been traped inside.

he sensed raevynn and smiled.. "hope after all" he said.. then he got the creeps.. did he say that loud...

-lance reached the east part and lit his green light sabers-
now where r they

The Technicians walked in and they came in holding a Cybernetic Arm.

Sorgo: I take it that's my new Arm?

Tech: We are going to have to take you and sumbit you into a Bacta Tank for a few days while we get preperations ready for the arm.
Tech: You will be in a Coma while in the tank. Don't worry, it wont last long.
Sorgo was taken in a Cart along the halls into the Technicians Room. He was placed in an empty glass and had a breather put over his mouth. Wires were placed into his dismembered wound. The Tank began to fill and Sorgo slowly began to sleep.

-looks for the to dark jedi acolytes-

Someone walked past Raevynn and looked down at her with a suspicious look. She arched an eyebrow at the stranger, then continued her journy through the maze of hallways. Still lost, she began to feel bored. Once sure that therewas no one here to see her, she started skipping, trying to keep her mind off the tragety of losing her family

Originally posted by LordSorgo

I am sending you to kill a Dark Jedi Assassin who is taming wild beasts in the area to attack innocent Civilians.

(That's not right. Jedi would not be sent to kill someone. We should be going there to arrest him.)

Jaden shut off his lightsaber and clipped it back onto his belt. The horrible stench of beast carcass pervaded the air. "Master, I sense the dark side...Someone is coming..."

Zuke wake up, noticing the bed next to him is empty.. A bit confused he walked out of the room, feeling healthy again.. he now remeber the feeling of corruption.. he start walking the hallways.. walking after his feelings.. he wander the hallways a long time "How big is this place.. its huge, one could get lost around here" he said to himself..

"I sence it too Jaden... I want you to stay out of this... the Sith here are beyond your training yet Jaden... Head to the village and see that there are no more beasts. I will handle this."

Jaden nodded and headed up the pathway to the village. The heavy breathing of another could be heard in the lust forest. " Show yourself Sith!" Dranan walked slowly through the path, looking from side to side. A red blade ignited as a Black Cloaked Sith attacked him from behind. Quickly Dranan drew his saber, twirling as his Blade met the Sith's. Dranan broke the hold and jumped back some, twirlinf his blade.

Dranan: "I do not wish to kill you Sith. You could be an ally of the Light."

The sith ignored him and lundged forward, striking at Dranan who kept his defence up. The clash of the blades was loud, and fast. Dranan swung for the Siths legs, but was dodged, and struck with the hilt of the siths blade. Swiftly Dranan fliped back behind the Sith only to catch a burning slice to his left arm. Luckily he was grazed, and kept his arm. A sinister look over came the Sith as it faught harder now aginst a one armed Dranan. Now back aginst the Wall of a cliff, Dranan had to fight back. He jumped over the sith, landing behind him, quickly taking his arm, and pushing him with the force into the cliff, knocking him unconsous. Dranan fell to his knees holding his left arm in pain, laughing to himself. "Not again..."

when he had walked for about an hour in this great academy he gave up.. "i will probably sens it anytime else.. he or she is here somewere.." he thought and went back to his friendly hallway.. sat there with fluffy he looked at all people that passed by.. they looked back, but non of them seemed to enjoy looking at him. he loved it.. people feared him... maybe because of the anger and hate. but they have reason to fear, when he was thinking of the cave.. he know he has the power but dont dare train it here... he pet fluffy and just sit there...

Raevynn sensed someone nearby. She peered around a corner to see a guy and his strange looking two headed dog. She had only seen a dog like that once before, and that dog nearly killed her. Luckily she had been carrying a knife that day, and she had an uncanny skill with a knife. She remembered washing the dogs blood as well as her own off of her hands. Raevynn shivered as she turned back around the corner and sat down.

He felt it again... corruption.. and he also found thoughts focusing on fluffy.. his dear fluffy.. he rised.. walked a bit.. took a peak and noticed raevynn.. fluffy started walking towards her..

Jaden came back down the path, the thoughts of power still freash in his mind. His eyes spotted Dranan, who was tending his wound, and the Sith boud to the back of Dranan's speeder bike.

Dranan: "Jaden... i sence something about you... dark.... evil thoughts... Free yourself from them my Padawan."

Jaden: "Master... i felt the power.... and i crave it more now then ever."

Dranan: "Do not let Master Sorgo or Master Luke know of this. Power gets you no where as a Jedi." he shook his head "How was the Village?"

Jaden: " The village was fine Master... and your arm?"

Dranan: "Sore... but it didnt hit anything major." he pulled his sleve back down, hiding the gash that seemed to have just burned a protective plating to something. "Lets head Back... Master Luke will want to speak to us about the mission.

They arive back at the Acadmey, Jaden the first to arrive. He vanished into the acdemy before Dranan arrived. The sith was now awake, but groggy.

Dranan: "Who sent you here?" he asked pulling him to the ground, setting him aginst the speder bike.

Sith: "Dranan Drano... I remember you from Korribean." he laughed evily and stood slowly. With his one good arm he removed his hood. "You dont remember me?"

Dranan: "I do. And now i wish i had killed you... you low life scum." Dranan picked up his comlink and channled it to Master Luke. "Master Luke, Dranan. I finished the mission Master. The Sith is outside here."

Luke: "Alright. And what of your Padawan?"

Dranan: "Already inside. What am I to do?" his eyes drifted to the sith watching him carefully. "He is not valuable to us at all. Just a routine trainee."

Sith: "You are to aarogant... And that is why Lord Vallikh wanted you..."

Dranan: "Can it. Master luke.... i sence there was a hostile battle here... Sorgo... is he alright?" he asked

Luke: "Yes he is fine. Take the Sith to the Holding chambers."

Sith: "Like hell." The sith began to run unevenly due to the lack of balance.

Dranan threw his saber towards the Sith, but missed as he fell. "What...." the sith had just vanished in a second. "This is no stealth..." Sevral shots from a ships cannos came down around Dranan's feet. He deflected the away from the school with his saber as the ship took off. "Damnit...." he muttered running back into the school placing the saber back to his belt. He came to Raevynn, and stopped "padawan, where is your master?" he asked, ignoring the fact zuke was there. "It is important that i speak with him now."

Raevynn looked up and stared at the wall in front of her. She heard something. Soft footsteps that could barely be detected by the human ear. Her sharp senses caught nearly every noise around her. It was not human, it was the dog. She raised herself into a crouched position. The noise grew louder as she steady her concentration on the approaching animal.

oops, i didnt relize you were talking to me

Raevynn nearly fell over as she was approached from behind. She was too busy worrying about the trouble in front of her to notice anything else. She looked up at the superior and forced a stern look. "Im not sure. He sent me to get a light saber, and I have not seen him since."

"If you are talking about Sorgo he is in a coma for the next days.. in the hospital.." zuke said quickly..

Raevynn slowly and stealthfull inched her way along the wall and past the corner as the two talked. She was very nervous around everyone here for some reason. She kneeled down, and kept alert just in case that dog came back.

fluffy peaked around the corner, getting raevynn in sight... started to carefully walk towards her..

Raevynn saw the dog. She crouched down and stared eye to eye with it. Her hand was at her side, ready to defend herself if necisary
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Raevynn had a grip of her knife. Fluffy noticed and got mad.. starting to circle around her. not giving her the kind eye he move closer. Raevynn grabs her knife harder ready to strike. Fluffy barks and rae got panic pulling her knife.. Zuke turn around and notice the situation.. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" he yelled to fluffy who ran of directly and sat next to zuke. He looked at raevynn who was terrefied. He walked infront of her.. "Oh.. im sorry for fluffy.. dont know what got into him... he does not use to act like that if i dont ask him." he said and got the feeling again... corruption.. strange others have not felt it. Must be because they fear to use abillities beyond the light.. its her he now realised.
Zuke : Hi, I am zuke by the way.. nice meeting you.. who are you?
Raevynn : I-I'm Raevynn, she said in a stubbering way
Zuke : sorry for fluffy.. he must have thought you were about to hurt him
Raevynn : Well i was not.
Zuke thought : Yeah right. looking at the knife she had in her pocket.
Zuke : Nice meeting you.. i would like to have a chatt with you sometime. You are quite young.. you are.
*he takes a deep look at her and his feelings.*
Zuke : 15.
Raevynn : no..
Zuke : oh.. sorry. well.. i cant see everything, he said and smiled.
Zuke : Were are you heading before fluffys interference?
Raevyn looked at him. She was not sure to trust him and said nothing at first.. but there was something about him.. "Making a sabre" she said carefully..
Zuke : intresting. what colour was in your mind then? you should realy try red.. it is a mark of power, and many great men have used it. i myself have a red and he show her his sabre.. he does not ignate it but he showed it..

a man walked by and he quickly put it in his pocket.

Zuke : now.. red is a good choise... they here at the academy would say green or blue or something, but they are just frightend of the colour red.. it is a great colour and they are just paranoid. however.. enough talk.

he help her up and notice she does not like fluffy at all, and fluffy does not like her either... "She would not" he thought to himself and looked at her knife..

Zuke : Hey, lets go order your sabre..

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(That's not right. Jedi would not be sent to kill someone. We should be going there to arrest him.)

Jaden shut off his lightsaber and clipped it back onto his belt. The horrible stench of beast carcass pervaded the air. "Master, I sense the dark side...Someone is coming..."
If someone is Dangerous enough and not able to stop or is a major threat Jedi or civilians, the part of the Jedi Code states that they must be killed. That's why people question the Jedi's purity sometimes. Plus, i forgot to mention that we had sent Jedi over there before and the Assassin Killed them.

The Technicians surrounded Sorgo's body as they began to empty the Bacta Tank. Sorgo slowly slipped out of the bottom onto a platform operating table. He was still asleep and had many wires attached to him. The Techs picked up the Cybernetic Arm and began to get to work...

Seven hours later

It was a long and hard process, but they were finished. They took every wire out of Sorgo's body and he woke up.

Sorgo : Ugh.....
Tech: Your new arm has been implanted, Master. Try it.

Sorgo heard a banging near by, only to notice that it was his new synthetic arm smashing the table with his will. Sorgo moved the arm in front of his face and began twiddling the fingers.

Sorgo: This is gonna take some getting used to....

Sorgo got up and put on his Jedi Master garments and began to walk the halls of the Academy once again.

He saw Raevynn....
Sorgo: Padawan Raevynn!
Raevynn: Sorgo! Your back. How are you?
Sorgo: I am doing just fine. Are you ready to create your saber and begin training?
Raevynn: Ready as ever, Master....

Zuke : remember what i said.. zuke said and walked away to the traininghall..

Sorgo: Zuke, as ready as you are to train, i must start training with myself first. This Synthetic Arm is new to me. I need to get the feel of it. Although i feel prime and healthy from the Bacta, i still need time to adjust to the arm.

"Well, i was accualy talking to raevynn... i understand you cant fight, im not stupid. great to se you up and running by the way"

Sorgo: Both my Apprentices fighting? This should be good!
Sorgo: She first needs a Lightsaber that is not colored Red.
Sorgo: And Zuke, change your Saber color. There can be no red. I apologize for this, but it is inlisted in the Jedi Code of the Skywalker academy on Yavin 4.

Zuke: well.. can i get a new one.. i made this one myself and dont want to spoil my masterwork.

Sorgo: Of course you can get a new one. What would you like?

Zuke: double bladed.. a yellow side and a white if possible. thank you..
does it take long time?

Sorgo: Although a White side is not possible because the crystal is extremely rare, i can make you the following colors:

Blue (11 Crystals left)
Green (9 Crystals Left)
Yellow (15 crystals left)
Orange (6 Crystals left)
Purple (3 Crystals Left)
Magenta (1 crystal left)
Pink (1 crystal left)
Turqoise (1 Crystal left)

Zuke: I take then a yellow and a mangenta if you agree.

Sorgo takes Zukes lightsaber and took out the Blue and Red Primary crystals out. He outfitted it with a brand new Diatum Power Cell, Cycling field energizers, Power field conductor, Power vortex Ring and a new Focusing Crystal and a new focusing crystal activator. He placed the Yellow Crystal on the left crystal mount and the Magenta on the right crystal mount. He put it back together and called Zuke to the Main Chambers...

This had helped Sorgo gain some experience with his new CyberArm.

Zuke: My new sabre, he looks at it ang ignites it. start to spinn them around.. wonderfull... but, i did could not keep my sabre?

he look quite confused at sorgo.. i have fought for those crystals..
Zuke: i get to keep them, right?