The Life and Adventures of Bardock Rusiam, Jedi

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40 years before the Battle of Yavin


Rininn: Wait Bardock. Where are you running to?
Bardock: Master Yoda is here. He will give a lesson to us younglings.

They run to to the meeting place where already about 10 younglings gathered.

Yoda: Ah I see, anxious to learn you two are.
Rininn & Bardock: Yes Master Yoda!!
Yoda: Hmpf. But not here for a lesson I am.

You can see upset expressions on the younglings.

Yoda: Assigned as Padawans to your masters soon you will be. Here to tell you that I am.

That brightens the faces of the younglings again.

Yoda: Excited you should be. A new time for you it will be. An active member of the Order you will be. Prepare yourself you must. Tomorrow assigned to your Masters you will be. Go on with your practice now you do.

With these words Yoda walks away. The younglings split up, Bardock, Rininn and there friend Eli-Nar Torith walk together through the large hall back to their rooms.

Rininn: I am so excited
Eli-Nar: But we will be separated.
Bardock: We will still be friends. We are Jedi we will do what we must.
Eli-Nar: But I will miss you.
Bardock: Do not. We will always be connected. Don't fear to lose us. Remember Master Yodas lessons.
Rininn: We will meet again, if not soon then when we will be together in the Council
Eli-Nar: Haha.
Bardock: Now, lets not be will be a whole new life for all of us. We......

Suddenly Bardock feels the presence of someone familiar.

Bardock: Master Fay.....?
Fay: Yes Bardock, I see you practiced your usage of the force.
Bardock (excited): It is such a long time since I saw you last. I am happy.
Fay: I am happy to see you again too.
Bardock: I am going to be a Padawan soon.
Fay: I know, thats why I am here, I asked permission of the Council to train you.
Bardock: ...
Fay: We will need to leave for Dralon Gamma today though. Can you be ready in an hour?
Bardock: Yes, of course.
Fay: Good, I will have to the Council, you do what you have to do, I will meet you here in an hour.

Fay leaves the Hall in the direction of the Council Room.
Bardock walks over to his two friends that waited for him.

Rininn: This is wonderful, I am happy for you.
Bardock: You listened?
Rininn: Yea, well... Master Yodas training must have made my hearing better. And I couldn't help....
Bardock: Haha, sure Rininn....I am so happy, that Master Fay will be my Master.
Eli-Nar: But you will have to leave so soon.
Bardock: Yes, we will have a mission right away it seems. Come now, help me packing.

An hour later.

Fay waits stands in the center of the large hall. She seems to gather her thoughts, when Bardock enters the hall from the sleeping room section.

Fay: Are you ready?
Bardock: Yes Master Fay.
Fay: Good my Padawan. Our Spaceship is right outside.

They walk to the Starting Platform where the Spaceship waits.
Bardock hesitates:

Fay: What is it?
Bardock: It is just, I will leave my life behind....
Fay: Yes, thats what we Jedi have to do, it is not lost to you though. You will always remember your time in the Temple.
Bardock 8sighs): Yes....

They walk to the Spaceship
Suddenly Rininn and Eli-Nar appear on the platform

Eli-Nar: BARDOCK.....!

Bardock looks around and sees his friends. He looks at aster Fay, who just nods with a soft smile on her face. He runs over to his friends and gives them a hug.

Ridinn: We had to say Goodbye.
Eli-Nar: We will always think of you. Friends forever, I swear.
Bardock: Thank you, we will always be together.

He then turns around to walk back to his new Master. Eli-Nar cries silently.

Rininn: Bardock! May the Force be with you.

Bardock turns around.

Bardock (laughing): May the force be with you too.

Rininn and Eli-Nar still stand on the Platform even a long time after Master Fays ship disappeared.
But they know, they will meet again.

If you were wondering what the hell kind of style I am writing this in. Hmm well its a mixture between Drama and you could call it Drovel....or maybe Nama? Hmm something like that.

lol, not bad

laughing out loud
It's good so far, and it's written more like a script. stick out tongue

Originally posted by DCLXVI
laughing out loud
It's good so far, and it's written more like a script. stick out tongue

Thanks.....yeah probably script would describe it....but drovel sounds cooler doesn't it?


I like it.

Yoda rules! I might do somehting like this.

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