The Next Best Thing.

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Spideys Sister
The madness must stop. There are too mant Harry Potter threads. I need freedback. Positive and negitive. You can ignore this thread or you can be nice and post your thoughts. Now, I've started a story and I'm not sure if I wanna finish, so I wanna ask you guys. Okay...:

I can't renember what day or what time of night it was when it all began. I just renember I was too young to understand.To understand what was happening in my parents room. With their old boss. All I know is they never came out. 15 years later and a whole lot more mature I sit in my west side appartment with him. The man I know no one can take from me.Working on the project that could get the landlord of our backs and under our feet. Nearly done; a few scatterd peices around the city but not too much missing. The silver against black I glared at me. My prize, hard work and dedication won me. Rays and my own. I wasn't going to hide the fact that this was mine. I was going to show off for all I was worth to get back at the man who stole everything from me. My family. My work. My life. But that was all about to change. All of it.

They called him Shockwave Dave because when he spoke you could swear there was an earthquake going on in the city.Gravis had kept a close eye on me since I was about 3. Making sure this child prodijy didn't outdue him. Lucky me. His eye wasn't close enough for this.

'' Now, Kay,I told you before. We went through everything.''

" Yeah, I know, Ray, I know." I muttered.

I strapped the long black mesh strap around my waist. The Belt itself was heavy. My many worry of the mesh being too thin returned as the buckle sagged low.

" Keep it short and sweet. Can't overload the memory now.''

''Ray, I got it.''

His eyes stayed on the buckle as it began reacting.

" We finish this you never take it off again."

" Raymond!"

He stopped. I hit the largest nerve in his body.He knew it was all over if he fliped now. I couldn't screw up another test run. The last two blew the circuts. Repairs were expensive and as good as Ray was Income was bad.I thought it over. I get the last 10 circuts we're in buisness. The Image wouldn't be a seacret. And I would get even. Life would be better.

" We get this done and we get that Full Metal for you."

His eyes shrunk. He'd had been wanting a Full Metal since before I'd met him. The latest technology. THE best. The Full Metal was "live" metal. The Full Metal got its name from that kids show Full Metal Alkamist. The Full Metal is bonded to the paitants nerves. The nerves then "grow" inside the almost hollow inside. Almost being the support beam steel ''bone''. Blood flows and the Full Metal give feeling actual feeling in the lost limb again. The only differance was that the Full Metal is gold colored and metal. Ray could care less.

''Don't screw it then, Kayna."

''Don't screw it then, Kayna.'' I retorted.

Being 18 and the very intelegent person that I was, I enjoyed being the child I missed being.

'' Try something simple...."

''What the hell is simple? I'm not sure superpowers are concidered simple."

"Try going invisible."

Simple? E=MC2 was simple. Making yourself invisible.... You do the math.


embarrasment Post Your thoughts, please.

Good so far. There were a few grammar and spelling problems, but this sounds like an interesting idea! smile

Spideys Sister
Thank you...I'm sorry I had to tare you away from HP threads.


I don't usually post on the Harry Potter threads...

Spideys Sister
Oh, well then ignore that last post.

Spideys Sister
I don't know why I bothered starting this thread...

Why, are you not going to finish it?

Spideys Sister
Thats what I need help with I dont know if I want to...Thats why I posted it I was going to continue it ifPeople liked it..I'll start writing again.

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