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Tanic Starguard, (Fallen), played by Trickster

Jedi Archive…
…File Number 01234213382…
…Subject Name
Tanic Starguard
Missing/Presumed Dead
Jedi Knight

Born on Coruscant in the upper levels, Tanic was drafted at age 2 into the Jedi academy. Finally accepted as Jedi-Knight material at age 8, Tanic’s only condition on leaving Coruscant was that his mother, who had contracted a life-threatening disease, was brought up and treated. Age 9, Tanic underwent his first off-world experience in controlling the force. For the next 4 years Tanic stayed in the Jedi academy, learning the lessons of the force. Dedicated to his mother, who was now dying, he arranged with his masters to take a month from his studies. Organising a space cruise for her, they spent her last few weeks together.

When he returned notes from his masters marked Tanic as changed, less predictable than he had been, beginning to throw himself into the psychological and trickery side of the force. Often he was found using his powers as an amusement for the other apprentices. A year after his mother’s death, aged 14, the council judged Tanic as an acceptable padawan, beginning his service as padawan to his old companion, Kay Crystal. By all accounts, the relationship between master and padawan with the pair was more one of friends, as Tanic was much like Kay, ironic and good-humoured.

Tanic worked astoundingly with Kay for the next three years, eventually earning the title of Jedi Knight. This pairing continued for another four years until a mission over the planet Garel. A story of an uncontrolled latent force-user possessing an entire space station. Upon the arrival of the two knights, with Kay on the verge of becoming a master, the puppet-master fled to Garel. Pursuing this evil, Kay commandeered two speeder bikes, and the chase continued. Eventually, as Kay writes in his report;
“The Puppet-Master took over a land train, on which he made his stand. As we boarded it, he sent dozens of the passengers to accost us. Using the Force, we easily subdued them, causing no lasting injury. In the last ten carriages we encountered no people. However, in the last carriage, before we could overcome him, our quarry unleashed the remaining passengers. At first we used the Force, but soon we were forced to pull our nightsticks, wielding them as lightsabers. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by the mindless puppets, and the brought me to the floor, more and more of them piling atop of me. From the sounds I could hear, Tanic had reached the Puppet-Master. Although I couldn’t hear the ensuing accusations, I did hear the snap-hiss of a lightsaber igniting. Suddenly the puppets increased their attacks, and I felt my spine cracking. Letting my consciousness go, I performed a meditation to avoid the pain. I do remember what I saw in those next, painful images.

Tanic, his blade flashing, scythed the passengers of the train from on top of me. I could sense a whirlwind of emotions, his mind unleashing havoc on the hapless puppets. He saw my face, my still motion, and I was aware of him looking into my eyes. I wish he could have known I wasn’t dead, only unconscious, but he did not realise. Howling, he used his sabre and cut a hole in the wall, chasing the fleeing Puppet-Master, who I later learnt fled when Tanic turned his attention to me.”

The aftermath of that failed arrest is a textbook case. Chasing the criminal into one of the gas storage plants that Garel is famed for, all that is officially known is that an explosion tore through the building, incinerating everything for miles around. Tanic is presumed dead in the explosion.

…Higher Pass Code Needed…
…Code accepted…
Welcome, Master Crystal

As ordered by the council, I have compiled any and all sightings of what might have been the human known as Tanic Starguard. However, as an unofficial document, it will not be as formal as the report.

According to a single witness at Gerul’s capital starport, a man matching Tanic’s description took a ship apparently without payment, but with the full consent of the previous owner.

Two weeks later, on Alderaan, a major shake up came about when one of the leaders of the great families was killed. It emerged after his death, that he had funded the space station in which the Puppet-Master had held court.

For the next year, killings occurred system-wide, all linked, however indirectly, with the Puppet-Master and the apparent death of Master Crystal. Each death was different and imaginative, until Tanic was faced with the crime empire of Yiu Pity. Limited holographic recordings of the scene show a figure, masked in white (the colour of justice on Coruscant), of approximately Tanic’s size and build, kicking open the double doors of Yiu’s throne room. Brief conversation ensued, almost indecipherable on the recordings, and Tanic draws his lightsaber. However, definite proof of this being Tanic is still required, as the lightsaber used by the executioner was purple, not the original green of Tanic’s Jedi days.

Apparently using the Force, the figure commands Yiu’s many eunuchs to turn upon their queen. However, when Yiu draws her blaster, they attack the masked figure. For the next few moments the images move too fast to be captured on camera, and when the picture returns, all of Yiu’s bodyguards are lying, dead, around Tanic. He walks up the stairs to her throne, using the Force to take her blaster away. Pocketing it, Tanic begins to choke the woman, and lifts her off her seat with his mind. Choking her in the air, Tanic’s blade flashes again, and Yiu’s head falls to the ground. Marching to the throne, Tanic seats himself upon it, and looks to be meditating.

That is the last known piece of evidence for Tanic Starguard’s survival. However, it is known that for the next two years Yiu’s crime empire continued to function, after a vicious internal power struggle. Rumour has it that all challengers to the throne were executed by a seared wound, such as a lightsaber would inflict. When the power struggle was over, the leader of the faction chose to leave, and firmly placed an heir upon the empire . In supposition, if Tanic Starguard was to still be alive, the announcement of Kay Crystal’s survival should have been enough to return him to the light side.

Even if Tanic were still to live, the likelihood would be that he would be alone, somewhere on the outside edge of the galaxy, with little or no allies. Almost certainly Tanic is not a threat to the safety of the Republic, or at least one that cannot be dealt with by a planetary government.

…Psychological Comment…
Although it is stated above that the announcement of Kay Crystal’s survival would have returned Tanic to the council’s heart, this is not necessarily true. How would Tanic have known that the council did not blame him for the deaths of the people he killed, or maybe he was so overcome with guilt and grief that he could not bear to look upon the face of his old mentor and friend. Maybe this kept Tanic Starguard away from the wisdom of the council, something that well increases the chances of a fall to the dark side.

Bardock Rusiam was taken to the Jedi Temple by Master Fay who brought him back from one of her missions in the Outer Rim. He was trained at the temple until he was 8 years old ( don't know if thats an appropriate age) when he got accepted by Master Fay as Padawan. For 6 years they went together on missions where Bardock learned to solve Problems by negotiatons rather than with the light sabre. When he was 14 his Master needed to go to a long mission where she couldn't take her Padawan so Bardock was transfered to An'ya Kuro (The Dark Woman). With her he went on dangerous missions and learned a whole different Jedi Philosophy. The Dark Womans teaching methods were always regarded as more brutal and raw but Bardock adopted to her teachings fast and learned how to use his powers in combat. During that time he also found his close friend Arga Reno (ally) who accompanied the Jedi on some of their missions. When he became 20 he was ordered back to Coruscant and made a Jedi Knight. Now he waits in the temple for his fist assignment

Famous Master: Master Fay as well as the Dark Woman are regarded as some of the best Jedi.

Ally: Arga Reno an Adventurer and Bounty Hunter is a close friend of Bardock for some years now.

Mentor: Bardock still has a close relationship to his old Master (Fay) although he doesn't see her often

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Rianna Xi (Blackguard), played by Lana

At a very young age, Rianna was identified as being strong in the Force and was brought to the Jedi Temple for training. She has no memories of her family or life before this, only that her homeworld was Bespin. Her mentor was a Jedi Knight named Myraline Kiros. Rianna is very quick to anger, stubborn to a fault, determined the be the best, and has a tendency to hold grudges, plus her actions are generally rather obvious and she is very blunt, subtlety not being one of her strong points. Despite these traits, or perhaps because of them, she excelled as a Padawan. She found much of the training to be boring and tedious, but since so many of the other Padawans and Knights, Myraline included, thought that she wouldn't complete her training she stuck with it, more to spite everyone than anything else. Due to her complete lack of patience her control of the Force isn't as good as it could be, and she spent most of her time practicing lightsaber techniques. She completed her training and passed the trials to become a Knight not long after turning 19.

However, she soon began to run into problems. First and foremost was the fact that she had only barely passed her trials to become a Knight; this she did not find out until later, but she had nearly failed them and they only allowed her to pass because the Council thought it would be the best way to keep watch on her and what she does. While she was very good at lightsaber duels and combat, she was horrible at the diplomatic part of being a Jedi, due to having very little patience and a tendency to say whatever's on her mind, regardless of whether it's appropriate or not. She also found the Jedi Code to be too restricting, and constantly clashed with the Council and their orders. She also frequently fought with other Jedi, who believed that she was turning to the Dark Side; indeed, she had been gradually turning to the Dark Side for several years after accidently finding a forbidden Sith text as a Padawan.

Finally, about two years after becoming a Knight, she became fed up with the Jedi and left Coruscant. Myraline, Myraline's current Padawan, and another Knight followed after her, finally catching up on Bespin. When they found her, she told them that she had renounced the Jedi Code and embraced the Dark Side of the Force. In the fight that followed, she killed Myraline and the Padawan, and injured the other Knight. However, she too was injured in the fight, and the other Jedi escaped, believing that she was dead. She carries two lightsabers, the purple one she made during her training, and an orange one that she stole from Myraline after killing her. She has a reputation for acting ruthlessly and without conscience. She's also very skilled at stealth work, and for a short time worked for a mercenary as a spy. However, the one thing she wants more than anything else is revenge against the Jedi for failing her. Not long after leaving the Jedi Order she found a small band of fellow Dark Jedi led by Nume Rand, a former Jedi Master. Despite the fact that she does not at all get along with the rest of them, she continues to work with them because she knows that on her own she would not be able to accomplish her goals.

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Bio: Xavier Kolarn
Very muscular
Species: Human but has dark silver colored eyes.
Gender: male
Lightsabres: 1 red, 1 green, and 1 he does not use that is orange
I never knew what planet I came from. The only thing I had ever known was the training as a jedi. I became a youngling highly skilled in the art of the lightsabre. It was like second nature to me. I eventually became the top in my class easily beating the number two ranked. Now i never spoke much it was not in my nature, but one jedi knight befriended me. His name was Ko Cabas. He was the closest thing I had ever had to father. He then chose me to be his padawan. I could not have been more thrilled. I respected him and loved him, but I did not take to the teachings of the jedi as he hoped. Unlike most jedi who were taught to serve others and care not of glory I reveled in it. I was always quick to prove i could fight any anyone and that i could very well be the best duelist ever. I did this in my own silent way. I picked up a bad habit of taking the sabres of defeated padawans and placing them on my belt as trophies to show I was the best. My master told me this was wrong so i quite for him. Even despite my rebelous nature I still learned many things from him. I was to take the jedi trials on my 19 birthday, but a week before it me and Master Cabas were sent on our final finish as a team. I loved one last chance to join him. We were sent to deal with a person strong in the dark side of the force who was an active slave trader. I was the one to deal his death blow after a long fight. Shortly after the battle my master sent a transmission to the council informing that it was over. The council thanked him and sent him their gratatude. Do not ask me why but this struck a nerve in me. It was I who slew him not my master he was taking my glory from me. In the heat of the moment a dark force entered me. I picked up the dark jedi's lightsabre and using his and my own attacked my master. He defended against me but i could tell he was holding back in one last deperate attempt I unleashed my anger and fought like a beast. I killed my master and as he lay on the ground dead I had thought about what I had done. I had killed tha man I most respected and wanted to be like. I knew I could not return to the jedi temple because of what I had done. Besides I knew deep inside my ultimate goal was to become the greatest jedi and that lay down the path of Darkness, but taking one last look at my beloved master I knew one thing else. Even though I would decend to the dark side I would never unleash the anger that killed him again and live a somewhat honorable life. This was my gift to a wonderful father. I took the my two lightsabres as well as Cabas's, as my first new trophy and the last piece of who I once was. I found a ship but needed a pilot. so I freed one the slaves. His name was Trax who is a great pilot/mechanic. He has become a loyal friend and acts as my personal translator since I do not like to speak much.
Now Xavier is man of silence but he lets his look speak his glory. Around his neck is a necklace made of the fangs and claws of different beasts. He wears a traditional style of jedi clothing be it a few changes. First the outer robe is jet black. Next his under shirt is a kinda of brownish red, very dark. His pants are the same color. He wears a black vest over top it. He aslo has jet black gloves and boots. He has a ghotte on his face and is bald. His cloths are loose on him to give the illusion of adding to his already impressive body build. He wears two lightsabres on his thighs and one more as a trophy for all to see he is dangerous. His ship is a custom ship he found. It is heavily armored but has two large engines to propel it. The ship itself is roughfly of freighter size. It carries basic weapons. It also came with a speeder bike and probe droid. He calls it "The New Begining".
Trax it seems thinks he owes his life to Xavier for freeing him and has become quite a loyal friend. He is tall lanky with a prune like face and green skin. Trax is his only real companion even though he does work with dark siders( he really has no choice) he sees them as unhonorable and cowardly. It is ironic how he hates dark siders but is one of them.
I will either become the greatest jedi of all time or die by the hands of one this is the only way I can find peace in the afterlife......

Lord Melkor
This is first part, I will do the second one after my exam, later this week:

Gallador Enkidu was taken to the Jedi Temple before the first year of his life has passed. He was a gifted pupil, curious to learn as much about the Force as possible, with above average general potential and strong talent for Living Force, his sensitiveness and emphathy made him particularly good at influencing minds. Yet he was too emotional to fit with Jedi model, so Masters made considerable effort to teach him how to supress his feelings. Gallador was an eager student, and worked hard to be more in tune with Cosmic Force, with good results.

But he didn`t spend most of his time on lightsaber training. Instead, Gallador became fascinated with Jedi Lore. He studied the stories of ancient jedi heroeses, how they defeated the Sith and their evil, negotiating peace and promoting cooperation between the worlds throughout the Galaxy, guiding and inspiring others- and so Old Republic was born, bringing an era of justice and prosperity to Galaxy. Gallador couldn`t wait to finish his training, so he could defend others and help maintain peace and order in the Republic- he wanted to be a peacemaker more than a warror, he considered it more "pure"

Later, Gallador was assigned as Padawan to Jedi Master Harrar-Ur, renowned diplomat and wise mentor. But as he began to travel across the Republic, he discovered it is vastly diffrent compared to his idealistic vision developed in the Temple. There was much suffering, injustice and corruption, and Jedi had to bow and show respect to greedy, corrupt politicians, who didn`t care about the well-being of their people at all, focusing solely on accumulating more power. He asked his Master why do Jedi tolerate this situation- surely they could take matters in their own hands, guiding other beings more directly with their great wisdom and insight? His Master answered that Jedi do not force their beliefs on others, this is the road to the Darkside, path that Sith have taken. Jedi are to advise, never rule! Gallador had to take this answer, but he felt that his childhood dreams have shattered. He also wondered about the reasons for which sentient, civilized beings commit evil deeds- that they are enslaved by their anger, fear-inner demons often so strong that no reasoning can help. But Jedi are able to influence weak minds and alter perception of others for a brief period of time, why they could not make a more pernament effect- it was said that Sith of old could corrupt their victims, twisting their minds through the Power of Darkside. Could Jedi not use reverse technics to heal the minds of criminals? His Mentor didn`t like this line of thought, warning Gallador that he would better forget about those dangerous ideas- using Force to pernamenty influence the minds of of sentient beings is a violation of free will, and clear path to the Darkside! Other Masters were not willing to discuss those matters with Gallador, with two exceptions- Scavione, whom Gallador deeply respected for the guidance in the earliest stages of his training, but whose cold logic made Gallador frustrated, and Master Nume Rand- who was actually quite interested in Gallador`s ideas.

A turning point in Gallador`s life came with a mission to a planet in Hutt Sector, where he accompanied his Master, who was tracking a dangerous Dark Jedi, involved in illegal slave trade, rumored to be a former associate of Kuylen, or even connected to the Sith Lord whose apprentice died on Tatooine.( I am leaving it vague so I don`t mess with Ush`s ideas). Here he discovered the abominable practises of Hutt slavers, and discovered that one of the slaves is a young girl from his own world! She begged for help, saying that she was kidnapped by pirates, and now facing a proscept of being an "entertainer" for Hutts, and she would rather kill herself than meet such fate. Gallador asked his Master for help, but he refused, reasoning that they are outside of Republic territory, on dangerous mission, and have neither time nor resources to start freeing slaves. Young Padawan felt shaken and torn apart! This girl counted on him, he was her only hope, and he felt a kind of bond towards her- she was first member of his species he has ever met, and seeing her brought memories long lost- of his mother, his people and their home! No, he could not fail her, their meeting was certainly a manifestation of the will of the Force. Ancient Jedi would surely act diffrently, they were always ready to fight evil, and not cared about politics! So he made his choice, and what followed was a rescue attempt that resulted in... failure, as Gallador was not experienced and skilled enough to prevail against the defences of powerful Hutt slaver. Fortunately, Harrar-Ur came to his rescue, but at the same time the Dark Jedi decided it is an opportunity to make a move.... and the effect was total mayhem. The Elessar girl tried to convince other slaves to rebel, and was mercilessly killed by slavers. And Gallador`s master died, striken by Darksider`s lightsaber. Than something snapped inside him, and suddenly all the discipline, control, years of training...-it didn`t matter at all! There was only pain, and sorrow, guilt and fear, which turned into anger, and finally into fiendish fury-which brought Power, strenght he never realized he had. Darksider was weakened by the previous fight and Gallador`s Darkside rage surprised him, so he was another to die that day, in that place. Hutt slaver followed, cut into pieces, Gallador didn`t even hear him begging for mercy, than he managed to escape from exploding mansion. He didn`t tell Council the whole truth, and he was a diffrent person than before... - (To be continued)



Here is my finished bio and specifics on me Ush:

My name is Kiu Dun of Onderon. My family was a major player in the politics of Onderon until we moved here to Coruscant to protect the Senator from Onderon. I was noticed by a Jedi Master named Renna Jace while she was at a meeting with my family. She noticed that I was a Miraluka and instantly took me in after she examined me.

My first mission with my Master was one to the world of Alderaan. We were to take out a Crime boss but it went horribly wrong and it ended up with my Master being captured. When I returned, the Council promoted me to a Jedi Knight and from there went on numerous missions.

One fo my last missions was to the planet of Correllia. I was sent there to help sort out a problem between two of the politicians. When I got there, I instantly found out that one of politican I was supposed to help was killed in cold blood by what looked like a lightsabre. I went out from there and met with the other politician at the location.
When I arrived, I found the politician dead on the ground and a Dark Jedi standing over his lifeless body. It was my Master.

I pulled out my lightsabre and rushed at her, hoping to at least get revenge. I was able to keep up with her for long enough that I was able to get away. She followed me and then I lunged at her and cut off her hand. That was the last I saw of her.

The next week, my sister was killed along with two of my brothers. I found out later that it was my former Master, Renna Jace.

I left the Order soon after and started to wander. I later became the bodyguard to the senator from Onderon to honor my sister and my brother's deaths. I gave up the position and trained my companion. I finally came to help the Renegades to find a way to cope with my loss.

Name: Kiu Dun
Age: 29
Height: 5'11
Species: Miraluka
Homeworld: Onderon
Hair: Black short hair
Clothes: Jal Shey Iniate Armour

General Zink

Captain REX

Bespin Bart



25 years ago the child Xorn Elias was born! 2 years later he was accepted into the order. With blinding speed and natural talent he soon became well known as the rank of Jedi Knight. Though not as strong was his spirit compared to his soul for eventually he surcame to the darkside! Monthes after he secretly surcame to evil he was on a protection mission with his old master and other fabled jedi there he betrayed them all and slaughtered all living on the ship...He stole all of the valuables on the ship and was ready to leave when he was locked inside the burning ship as it crashed landed on Tatooine.Many presumed him dead but ohh...they were far from right. Days' later he let ti be known of what happened and he became one of the most feared dark jedi known to all! Though inside Xorn is far from heartless he still regrets killing hos master And is angered by it eternally!

Xorn is a tall musculer and some0what athleticfigure with pale skin and alrge cut from thewreckage of the crashed space-craft starting from the bottom of his right-eye and ending at the lower back of his neck. He is usualy using his double bladed purple lightsaber and wearing the colors black and red.Xorn knew he was destined for greatest ever since he took his decsent into the dark side!

Xorn is a tall musculer and some0what athleticfigure with pale skin and alrge cut from thewreckage of the crashed space-craft starting from the bottom of his right-eye and ending at the lower back of his neck. He is usualy using his double bladed purple lightsaber and wearing the colors black and red.Xorn knew he was destined for greatest ever since he took his decsent into the dark side!

~there you go the whole thing!!!~


Densk Shadowtracer (Freelancer), played by Stealth Agent

Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid
Age: 19

Description: Black hair spiked up. A tan complection. He has green eyes. Strong jaw figure. His face looks young although it contains his older looking jaw figure. A small silver loop earing in his left ear. A dark black vest, a dark under robe but the robe is cut short at the shoulder length so Densk arms are completley nude. He has tan muscular strong arms. A tight jet black cuff on his right wrist, that comes up to two to three inches below his elbow. The cuff has rows of Fringe's on it. The cuff often catches ones eye with it's shiny reflection. Densk wears black pants not to loose not to tight. With a black robe belt. His master didn't approve of Densk cloth style but never made him change it. (Somewhat resembles a royal egyptian with his tanned muscular arms, vest and cuff.)

Backround Information: Densk Shaolin has a interesting life. He was born in Tanjon(a poor planet). Early in his life at the Age 2 his Mother passed away of an illness. His father was unable to move on emotionally, He was mentally unstable. One of the last things his father did was commit Densk to the Academey. Somehow he knew Densk would be eligible. Densk was always diferent then his other fellow trainees. Not strength wise, but personailty wise. He was a bit rough around the edges, sometimes. His heart isn't corrupt though he never remebered his Mother and only good things about his father. Densk motives were always for the best. He has a good heart.

At the age eleven he was picked to be a Padiwan. His master was Tunj-Dane. He had picked Densk because he seemed interesting. For the two it was awkward at first. But there relationship grew into a strong one. Tunj-Dane broadened Densk horizon. He tought him any new things. They both seemed to have different personailtys though. Tunj-Dane much more calm, and wise. Densk faster paced, doesn't think things completly out more hands on.

Then when Densk was seventeen. Him and his master were on a mission at Tatooine. They had to track down a feind(Genll) who was forging Republican Transmitions. Genll was stealing and reprogramming Repulbican tech, Viceroy Tech and many others as well as important information.

When Densk and Tunj were temporaly seperated while investigating the situation at Tatooine. Tunj warned Densk when he tracked down Genll not to pursue him untill they were both there. Densk underestimated the threat and rushed in Genll's base. It had been a setup trap. A heard of Destroyer Droids set out on Densk. His exit was blocked. Densk could barely hold the droids off. Luckily his Master got there and together they barely defeated them. Genll had escaped though.

Densk and Tunj chased him down on a hover vessel. Finally meeting him out in the middle of the desert. Genll wasn't alone. There was a suprisingly a Dark Jedi working with him. They all fought. The Dark Jedi cut Tunj down. He wounded Densk beleving he killed him.

Afterwards he couldn't nore wanted to face the council so he left it. He always blamed Tunj's death on himself. He should of never rushed in Genll's base. He should of waited for Tunj to get back. The Dark Jedi hadn't been at the base when Densk was there (he would of sensed it). Genll and the Dark Jedi must of met in the desert right before Tunj and Densk arrived. So if Densk had been more patient, him and his Master could of fully evaluated the situation surpassed the trap and stop Genll. So Densk had been living on his own in the real world(s) for the first time and has picked up some nifty tricks(Dexterity).

Weapon of choice: His purple lightsaber

hey justa little cahange now instead of having adouble Bladed Purple now I have 2 double bladed one red and the other one purple I either fight with ine or only lightn one side on each...



Thank you Ush...

darth vraya
Name: Hezrou Jones, played by Darth Vraya, male human blonde hair, black leather robe, age 23
Born into the sith. Hezrou had no choice but the darkside. He was found adept in the force by his parents(who were sith) when he was only three years old. As he grew his arrogance grew higher, and higher as did his strengh in the force. now after twenty years of training in the darkside. He's out with hopes to rule the galaxy

(oh and by the way, I changed my name. you can find my profile in the character creation thread)

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