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Spideys Sister
The woman sat me down and served me breakfast. Not knowing where I was and who the lady acoss from me made me a little nervous.She stared hard at me. Her Eyes darting between me and the steaming plate in front of me.
''Aren't you hungry, Deary?"
My stomach lurched at the question.
" W-who are you?" I managed to stammer.

"Oh child that isnt important not entirely. what is important is that you are alive. Oh yes lucky i found you when i did, you may not have lasted much longer." So i wasnt dead? I really couldnt express joy to the idea of being alive, knowing what i knew and having people chase me for it really wasnt something i wanted to return to. Never the less i ate the food.

"Good eat child eat, wht ever were you alone in the desert?" I dont know why but i felt like confiding in her. She seemed like she could be trusted. "I was running" i said. "Well whatever for" i looked at her strait in her eyes. "I was running from...

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Augustus Rouge
I couldn't bring myself to tell her what exactly I was running from. I wanted to let her know, she looked so trustworthy, but something in her eyes led me to believe I should'nt tell her anything. "Well..." I couldn't find the proper ending to the sentence I had began, so I thought I should change the subject."I am extremely tired. It was incredibly hot out there and I need rest. "I think I just rescued myself from telling her something I might later regret...what now?

"Oh of course dear sleep well the room is around the right" I climbed into bed and before my head hit the pillow sleep had taken me. Yet i awoke at around two am and heard her on the phone speaking of me. i knew i couldnt trust her. But what would i do?

I listened. The voice of the older woman was muffled, but I strained my ears to capture the words.

"I have her... No, she hasn't displayed any of her powers yet... Yes, I'll make sure... Taker her to you? Okay... Right away, Master."

Fear ran through my veins at once. So she already knew that i had "powers"? I would rather think of them as a curse. I knew i had to get out of there. But where would i go? it didnt matter time was precious. i opened the window and jumped out and began to run. Problem is i had no idea where i was.

Augustus Rouge
"Not good," were the first words out of my mouth. I was running toward no where. Maybe I can find another place to stay in...wait, they are not buildings here. No houses, no nothing. Were was I? "Going somewhere?" I knew it was her voice. I didn't turn around but continued to run. How did she get to where she was. She ran about a mile and the lady had appeared before her.. If I run, she'll find me anyway. "You can run, but you can't hide." There she was, standing in front of me, only this time, she had a sword in hand. "I'm assuming that's to kill" She didn't answer first, but she did almost kill me. "Why you ask?" Stupid question, I knew why she wanted me. "Take me to whom?" Before I knew it she grapped my hand and somehow I think I fainted.

i awoke in a chamber similar to my own room. My first impulse was to try the door yet when i attempted to open it i found it was locked. I remebered having used power befroe and wondered if i cast a spell on the lock would it open. i tried but something was wrong i forrgot the words. it was then i knew that they had drugged my food.

Augustus Rouge
I have a painful headache and feel myself fall to the floor. My eyes were a little blurred and I looked up at the ceiling. There was a strange painting on the ceiling. It was a monster. An ugly monster with sharp teeth and green skin. I admit I am scared. I heard someone come into my room. It was her. That lady who had drugged my food! That lady who brought me here. That isn't the most terrible thing that's happened all day. Now its the fact that she's taking of her skin! She takes all her skin off as if she were a snake and she is...the monster painted on the ceiling! Oh, God! What have I gotten myself into this time?

"what do you want with me?" i asked slured. "Oh child you posess such a marvelous gift. one my master and i wish to exploit!" So they wanted to learn of my poweres huh? well fat chance i didnt even know the answer to that question!

"You will never know." i spit at her and she made an odd sound that i can best guess was laughter. "Silly child you can hide nothing from us in due time you will tell me all i wish to know."

With that she left the room locking the door behind her leaving me to ponder my mysterious fate. Some how i had to escape the realm in wich i was captive but how?

With all my might i concentrated on one spell and closed my eyes. I still couldnt remember the words but something remarkable happened. i blacked out and when i awoke i was in an all new chamber that was bright and pleasnt.

i dint think i was the one who cast the spell. but how else was this possible. Could this be just another trick? No it felt safer this time

Augustus Rouge
OOC:We're like the only one's writing...

A woman appears behind me. I don't feel fear, though. I feel a safe ambiant and a delicacy within her. I turn to face her and she was so captivating. "Who are you?" I managed to say after staring at her long enough. "Nevermind that, come on, we have to go."
"Go where?"
"Somewhere other than here. We are still in the same place, only a different room. "
"Where are we to go? I mean there aren't any buildings."
"If there weren't any buildings, then what do you call this?"
"Wait, when I was outside...."
"It was probably an illusion or spell they cast upon you. Come on, put this on." She hands me a long leather jacket, sunglasses, and a hat. "A disguise?" She nodded and put a clock around herself. She touched my hand, I was alarmed at first. Then it seemed so fast and blurry, but we appeared outside. "Damn..." I noticed why she had cursed. The gates were closed. "Maybe I can try something with my powers?"
"Okay, concentrate." I closed my eyes and imagined the gates opening. I remembered the words to the spell, too! I heard a squeaky sound and noticed the gates were opened. The woman grapped my hand once again and we ran down the street...

And took a left. Behind us i heard an alarm sound they knew we escaped. I wondered to my self who this strange woman was but thought better of it because of the sounds of footsteps closing in.
We took another left and passed a beggar pleading for spare change.
For some reason i was compelled to help and as we ran by i dropped change.

The woman looked at me curiosly but continued to run as i follwed. my legs were burnig. "We have.... to s..stop soon!"
She nodded and slowed at a grocerie store. Strange that i never noticed these building before she entered and i followed.
We sat and as i caught my breath she asked "whats your name" i blinked baffled did she seriously not know? "Im Jennifer. uh who are you?" she looked at me and grined then answered i am lady......

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Augustus Rouge
Celeste." I thought to myself for a moment...Lady Celeste? I don't believe this .Akward name. "Ok, Lady...tell me just so I can get a basic idea that you're not some creep. Who the hell are you?"
"I am...."

OOC:I don't know...oh well, I'm having fun writing with you anyway.By the way, you like acting? I read your bio. I love acting, I'm in Acting II in high school this year.

"...No one of consequnce i can assure you that. I too have been endowed with an odd ability however no where near as special as yours." i looked at her thinking well that doesnt answer much of anything and she smiled. "in due time you shall be alright" Thinking about this i.......

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Augustus Rouge
OOC: Yep. You should get into acting instead of drama. Because drama is a little of everything, acting is only acting. That's what my drama teacher told me, so I auditioned for Acting II and made it! WOO-HOO! Last year I stared in this play called: The Role Of Della. It was so much fun!

I'll write later, I have to go now. bye!

Augustus Rouge
I felt a sudden feeling in my gut. There was something wrong. Maybe I shouldn't trust her, after all, I can't really trust anyone around here. "Okay, not really the answer I'm looking for, but I take it you're not much of a talker. That's fine." I had my mind set on a simple spell that I memorized before I even found myself in the middle of this hell. "So now what?" She smiled and my eyebrow went up in concern. "I'm going to leave you at an abandoned building. There you will meet a man that goes by the name of Shadow. He's a friend of mine. While I look for an escape, you'll stay with him for a while. I wanted to jump on her and knock her out, but then I thought..."Is he cute?" She frowned."That doesn't matter, but yes...he's hot." I nodded. "You guys dating?" She shoke her head and we began to walk again. "No. Listen, you hurt his feelings, I'll hurt you." I stepped back and stopped. "Trust me, I wouldn't mess with you unless you really annoy me." We continued with our walk and we took a number of twists and turns until we managed to stop in front of a building. She knocked on the brick wall five time, said a few unknown words and it all seemed so fast but the wall....opened. "Another dimention," she explained. "Here we will meet Shadow." We stepped in and....

To my surprise Shadow was a guy i knew in high school. "Drake?! The hell are you doing here." i looked at him wide eyed and Celeste frowned "You two know each other?" of course i knew him we were best friends since freshman year and were stil now. "of course i know him we met in Mrs brannons Drama........."

((lol we dont have acting only drama but hey i steal the show everytime even if im not the lead part))

Celeste stared at him awhile, as did I.

"Well, What can I say?" He shrugged his shoulders with a certain tint of guilt in his eyes. Almost as if he was saying 'Shit, now I have to think up an explanation.'

"You know her? Damn you Shadow!" We both looked shock as she began scolding him. "Why didn't you let any of us know this in the first place?! We wouldn't have to be in this situation if you would've let me know!" Looking back to Drake I too, wanted to know this.

"Well, " He paused, sighing. "I was sent to watch her." He turned to look at me. I began to opened my mouth to say something but he could tell so he began talking again. "It was only supposed to be temporary. They didn't know she was going to last this long. I swear though, when I volunteered for this I had NO idea it would be her. But once I found out I knew I couldn't tell anyone. I mean, she was..." I guess he saw something in Celeste's eye because he cut himself off. "I swear Celeste, no one knew she was going to last this long here. We thought she was doing fine until she ran." He looked at me accusingly.

Celeste spok up. "Well could it be the reason she lasted this long is because YOU were with her?" She folded her arms raising an eyebrow at him.

We all stood there a while, so I spoke up. "Soo...hmm..." But I wasn't too sure of what to say. So I picked up from all we've said. "Who's they."

Augustus Rouge
Celeste looked toward me and frowned. I shut my mouth, then began to speak. "I'm not staying with him."
"You have to."
"Make me." She threw a crazy look at me. "Ok, fine...but...

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Augustus Rouge
OOC: Why confused?

OOc: isnt celeste going out with whats hi face?

((I didn't mean to make it seem like he had a thing with her. What I meant by: "Well could it be the reason she lasted this long is because YOU were with her?" Was that The girl lasted that long because Shadow was with her. protectign her. I didn't intend on making it seem like anyone was dating or anything. And I think I recall Celeste stating that they weren't dating??? I don't know. Maybe I'm mixed up.))

Augustus Rouge
(Its alright. No she isn't going out with him. She just knew him some time ago.

((oh ok back to the story))

"...well wouldnt you rather stay i sense a bit of jealousy" i said trying to provoke her. She glanced at me and gave me a very evil look and i returned it with a wiseass grin. Selete left the room leaving me with 'Shadow' he looked at me and......

Shook his head as in a laughing '-can't-believe-you-just-did-that way. He reached his hand and kind of ruffled my hair jokingly, as he usually did in school. "You can be such a ***** sometimes." He laughed as he threw his arm over my shoulder. Just in a casual way, not a crushing-on-you way. "Come on." He said as he began to drag me along under his arm to...

Augustus Rouge
I pushed him off me and gave him a look of disgust. "Boy, you better keep your distance." He noticed I was serious when he intended on touching me again and I kicked him in the balls."Alright, alright, calm down freak!" I gave him another look and was happy he did not noticed. He walked me into a bedroom.

((Uhm, I didn't mean it that he was hitting on her, just in a friendly way you know. He was trying to just lead her somewhere, for a minuted I kept picturing them all at a Bus station or train station. You know how your friends come up to you and throw their arms around you and say soemthing stupid and all that. Well that's what I meant. Not him being sick or anything. But okay, whatever ((I'm not trying to say that in a mean way)) floats your boat.))

I entered my room with him behind me and looked around very impreesed it was a definate improvement to a dark cell.
"So do you like?" He asked me. "No not really" i lied. he smilied and left me to my chamber and i fell to my bed sleeping better than i had done in so long

I awoke to the sounds of.......

Augustus Rouge
((I know you didn't mean that but I decided to give it a little twist with them.))

Someone screaming. It sound like a woman, but when I went to see Shadow, it was he who was screaming. I looked in front of him and saw..

a really small spider crawling on the wall i laughed and killed it then looked at him disgusted he.........

Augustus Rouge
Was even crying, until I noticed I was also crying. There was a hugh monster in back of him! I stepped back and ran saving myself, he stayed and tried to slay the monster...

((Haha. What a twist. This is funny. Shadow, such a manly name for a sissy boy.))

Augustus Rouge

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i heard a bang and a loud explosion and turned around to see a display of beautiful bright lights i ran in the room and saw he monster die and shadow put down his glowing palms."What the hell was that and what did you do to it?" he smiled and sayed.......

Augustus Rouge
nothing..He only looked at me as if I were some sort of alien. "Everyone who has magic knows how to do that." I stiffen. "Oh, yeah of course I know how to do that too..."Not really.. I look outside a dirty window and Celeste walk in and....

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shouts "Whats with all the commotion?"i said nothing and looked out the window still. How could someone with a life as normal as me have their life suddenly change in seconds? i hsd been popular once. i was a cheerleader and people would have killed just to talk to me. So what changed? How could a life so simple change into a complex pattern of chaos only others seem to be able to cope with. in all honesty i wanted to go home. "Can i go home?" i saked tears flooding my eyes. "Please?" Shadow sighed and said softly........

Augustus Rouge
"Hell no..." Well at least he spoke softly. "Why not?"
"Because we need you."
"For what?" Celeste walks in and I turn to her. "What do you need me for?"
"Celeste, you tell her."
"No, you."
"Your older."
"It was your idea."
"Ladies first."
"I'll make an acception this time."
"Come on, I don't want to tell her."
"Nor do I."
"If you tell her I'll give you something special." His eyes widened in joy. "Not that, moron. I meant a chocolate bar or something."
"And then."
"You'll be witnessing your murder scene if you don't tell her!'
"ALRIGHT! We need need you for..."

....."A gift you possess. i know it sounds odd but you are the chosen one" i only looked down and began to cry i walked into my room and looked out the window down at the world i once believed to be normal and my playground all i wanted was my life back and instead i got this curse. it all happened that darn night when i took a shortcut home it was a mistake that cost me so for i remeber well that..........

Augustus Rouge
I shoke the thought and memory out of my mind and shoved it to a corner. I didn't know what to do anymore. Everything seemed like a stupid blur that won't go away and you keep squinting your eyes and rubbing them, trying to get in focus. But can't change it, you can't just rub the blur away. I look over at Shadow and I knew what I had to do. I had no other choice then to learn how to monipulate and work the powers I have. "Teach me." Both Celeste and Shadow seemed amused yet surprised and they gladly smiled.

"Why the sudden change of heart?" shadow asked
"I just want to go back to my normal life i want this to be over!"
Shadows grin faded into a sad and solemn look. He took a deep breath and walked over to me slowly and placed his hand on my shoulder.
"Im sorry Erica things.... can never go back to the way they were"
I looked away hiding the tears in my eyes. Somehow i already knew that my life would never be the same again. Any hope on a sense of normal relyed only on my abilty to rise above my destiny and become greater than was intended. A misson i know to be hard, lonly and yes even concidered mad; but its a chance im willing to take now to return to my life, for without it what do i have to fight for?.......

Augustus Rouge
Nah....I look over at Shadow and cast a death spell. He falls to the floor dead. "Yeah, I can get used to this."

occ:woah random!!!!!

Celeste looked at me with a shocked expression on her face and seemed as if she was frozen in time. "What.....Why? What the hell is wrong with you??!!!!!"
i could understand her anger so to avoid any fight i pulled the mask off of shadows face revealing someone who in no way resmbled him. it was a spy

Augustus Rouge
"How did you know that was not Shadow?" I looked over at the mask. "I felt it when he wasn't quite know the whole arm putting around me thing...not him, so I killed the spy. Sorry you couldn't get any information from the spy, but I just had to. He was plucking my last nerve." She nodded in understanding.

OOC:I know. I love twists.

OOC:lol im outta good ideas for now

i held a question in my mind though if that wasnt shadow where was he? is it possible that drake was in trouble at this exact moment. i wished at that moment that i could have just kept the spy alive a bit longer because i had questions that needed answered. "Is there anyway we can enter his mind while hes dead i need some answeres and i need them now!" she looked at me confused with my new found cockiness but replied "yes but only a high leveled spell caster can." i smiled and said "watch this"

Augustus Rouge
I touch the spies head and close my eyes, a white glow seems to appear and somehow the man's spirit returns into his body. "What happened? Who are you?"
"Don't play a fool, give me answers. NOW!" I slap him.

OCC: hmmmm this story has gotten too odd for me but oh well ill stay till it dies i guess

Celeste kinda blushed at the fact that i was being so forceful and looked away as i returned her gaze. I had no time for all of this i wanted things to be back to normal and i wanted that to happen now. i got the info i needed and i learned that he was being held in a cell on the third level of some undergound camp for baddies. what fun knowing my luck the third level was probably gaurded the most so with haste i made preperation to leave. Celeste looked at me and then with reluctance asked "Erica, why are you now so ambiguious to carry on with this impossible mission?" i looked at her and held back a few blazing tears and replied "i have to restore what was lost i have to go home this isnt the life for me>" she just looked away inda sad like and said in return. "I remember when i first got recruited you and i wernt so differnt with pride and passion unheard of i thought i could restore the planet to its former freedom and glory." her voice began to grow distant and i could tell that this really hit gome with her as well. "i had vowed to use all of my power to rise up beyond my limits and do what was needed but i failed miserbly and so too shall you." i didnt even try to accept what she sayed and i told her. "The real battle has only just begun celeste togehter we will win!" tears were her reply joined with a weak smile...........

((I thought her name was Jennifer, not Erica))

Augustus Rouge
No one has replied her in so long that no one really remembers the names of anyone.... why the hell did Celeste blush? She was blushing at looking another girl? She's lesbian? That's actually a good twist right there, black_goku#1, you are a genius!!!! I don't really want to continue writing here because it takes ages for someone else to reply...

Originally posted by Augustus Rouge
No one has replied her in so long that no one really remembers the names of anyone.... why the hell did Celeste blush? She was blushing at looking another girl? She's lesbian? That's actually a good twist right there, black_goku#1, you are a genius!!!! I don't really want to continue writing here because it takes ages for someone else to reply...
you started it!!! i really thought it was erica huh i feel dumb and ok i guess celeste is lesbian darnit! this has gotten odd

Augustus Rouge
I didn't start this writing thing acutally. I started about in the middle of it when no one started to come and then we began to write it alone, and then some other people came and then this... I didn't start it, though.

NO you started the not posting thing but i digress back to the story but can we rewind and change some things please??

Augustus Rouge
by all means go ahead. I started the not posting because everyone else starting not posting, so I was gonna just post all alone everyday!

ok then lets see im gonna back trace to when jessica/erica asked if she could go home

i was feeling miserable and my question hung in the air for awhile then finally drake ansered me. "Im sorry but there is no going back, life will never be what it was." i looked away from him and to the ground and a burning tear fell down my cheek. I already knew the answer before i asked the question yet my heart refused to accept it. i swallowed a big lump in my throat and walked off into my room where i sat and looked out the window at the strange new world that sourronded me when i saw him. A little boy not a day past seven was running from a swarm of something and i knew he didnt stand a chance alone. before i knew what i was doing i opened my window stood on the sill and i screamed "Obliterrast!" a searing white light flew threw my fingers and the swarm fell i.....................

((Okay, I'm going to keep my word to Black Goku and post but I need some Dirt. Because I haven't been here in a while and we rewound and redid some stuff, Can some round up what all happened and explain it to me in a nutshell? Becuase my mind is soaring now. So yah, I'll give you somethign to work with as soon as I understand fully what;s going on. Mahalo.))

Originally posted by kaiy037
((Okay, I'm going to keep my word to Black Goku and post but I need some Dirt. Because I haven't been here in a while and we rewound and redid some stuff, Can some round up what all happened and explain it to me in a nutshell? Becuase my mind is soaring now. So yah, I'll give you somethign to work with as soon as I understand fully what;s going on. Mahalo.))

((to sum it up Erica is at a building with Shadow/drake and celeste and is slowly learning what she is involved in her past is a mystery but we know she was a cheerleader and she has gotten up major strength because she wants to go home to normality))

Fell to the ground from the force erupting from my fingers. Though my hands broke my fall, I continued to rub my rear from the sharp but quick pain. Remember the small boy I quickly got to my knees and peered from the window. The little boy was face down on the ground, but the swarm had disappeared. Drake and Celeste came burstiong through the door as my feet hit the ground outside.
"What was that noise!?" Celeste shouted in her high pitched voice echoed with that accent of hers.
"What'd you break Geez!?" Drake yelled
All I did was jerk towards them with my finger to my lips. Then jogged to the little boy, who remained on the ground. I came to a slow, kneeling down beside him. I placed my hand on his shoulder then turned him over.
His pupils were dilated, most likely from the light, but a grin appeared from ear to ear.
"You...Okay?" I asked, hesitant.
His lips shook before he answered. "Tha...tha...that was...That was COOL!" He screamed, jumping to his feet.
I fell back as he did, a slight confused smile growing on my face.
"Did you see that?" He raised his fist to the air. "I was running and was like AH! Then the aliens came and shot the swarm I was like COOL!"
Typical little boy. I sat there smiling as he ran off, probably to tell his friends.
"Nice." It was Drake. His sarcastic tone made my grin drop as I stood up, dusting myself.
He had his arms crossed and shaking his head, but a hint of a grin was on his face. Celeste's arms were crosse too but she looked mad.
"Just give yourself away why don't you!" She yelled at me.
"What? It wasn't me..." I began to think up something, but a smile grew. "It was the aliens. Like whoa." I mocked the little boy and watched as Drake turned his head to laugh. If there was no goign back, I might as well start off with some humor. I didn't want to mourn forever. Besides, if saving little boys from 'swarms' by aliens was what I could do, then why not? It couldn't be all that bad.
"..." Celeste stopped the smacked Drake's arm with the back of her hand. "Ugh."
Drake looked at me and laughed.
"come on." She grabbed my arm and dragged me with her to the door.
Drake turned and watch, still laughing. I snatched his arm. "You're going down with me smartass."
Celeste dragged us to the room again, then began pacing.
"Do you know what you could've done!?" She stopped and stared at me.
"God how could you be so stupid?"She pointed her figner at me. And as she did, my thoughts of this not being so bad began to retreat. I was wrong, and I know I was going to have to learn from it. "You...

(9Hope that helped Goku, I tried to work with what I was given))

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