A crazy story Oo"

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All of the sudden. he was confronted by the most famoue x-man, cheese! "My god! cheese! what the hell?"........

Wolverine: Pryo..you want some cheese bub?

Pyro: nah..give me gas mate.

Wolverine: I though you were dead?

Pyro: I've been getting that alot..I was in my grave..a comet hit me..and I was awoke..you don't believe me do you?

Wolverine: yes..I just can't believe you told me cheese gives you gas.
(his phone rings) yeah.

Scott: Logan trouble Magneto and the brotherhood has kidnapped Britney Spears.

Wolverine: again..that's the 5th time this year and it's just June.

Suddenly Sabertooth appeares, bites Wolverine's arm who turns into a...

...Wolf monkey! then from nowhere Spiderman appears and he is pissed.

Spiderman: Wolvie ..you gonna pay me my..Sabertooth..Wolverine what happen to you...I think it was possible..but you've gotten uglier.

Sabertooth: don't worry bug boy..you'll still be pretty when I get done with you..pretty dead that is.

Spiderman: ummm how about we play street fighter instead..I hear Chun Li kicks really high.

Sabertooth wanted to attack Spider Man... but suddenly Pyro jumped between them and threw a basket full of collected mushrooms against Sabertooth's face...

Ol' Creed lets out a vicious snarl as he races towards the puny boy, ready to bash his skull in, when out of nowhere his fur begins to tingle. Victor looks down to notice his fur on fire! Pyro looks on with a laugh until he realizes its not him doing it...Jean Grey is hovering, a massive bird of flame surrounding her form, a few yards away.


"Hello. I'm Jean Grey...and I have a Problem: I'm on fire."
So the four (Spider Man, Sabertooth, Jean Grey and Pyro) sat down in a circle and founded a "X-men self-help group".
Suddenly Wolvie appeared (who had turned into a wolf-monkey) and...

slaps them ALL
Wolf monkey wolvie: How can you all stand this?!?!

Jean: Just cause your a wolf monkey, is no reason to make us all fell bad!

Wolvie: I don't feel BAD!!!

Saber:*Whispers to pyro* denial

Multi-Author fiction area! eek!

Originally posted by Paola
Multi-Author fiction area! eek!

heh heh I love that smiley..um said Cable.

what smiley?!?! yelled pyro. GET IT OFFF!!!!

Where the h&ll did you come from! sreamed jean.

suddenly magneto came in with punch and pie! "Who's HUNGRY?!?!

wolvie's girl
This is no time to eat! says Wolvie. Yea! Saber says. I was just about to bash his skull in......is that bluberry or cherry pie? he says as he eats the wole pie. Wolverine looks at Pyro and says "want some?" Of what? the pie? asks Piero embarrasment "NO OF MY FIST!" Says wolverine.

I'm going to......

'I'm going to buy some bananas in Walmart! I'll be right back!" Wolvie took a basket and frisked happily on the street.
he sang loudly 'Dumdidumdidumdidum...'
The other mutants looked at him with perplexed faces.
Suddenly a charged card...

Blue up and every body died
We'll ya don it now cajun, said rogue You really skrued up this time!
Gambit hung his head in sham. Sorry chere, I just get out o' control some times.
Oh well! *spots some left over pie* want some?

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