Star Wars: Knights of the old (geezer) Republic(ans).

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Big Evil
I bought this game like a year ago, it requires so much ****ing memory I had to wait till I got my Emachines computer to play it and even then it still is a little much for it to handle. Obviously George Lucas has no concept of just "depth" in rpgs and feels you have to have 3-dimensional graphics and more pixelated madness then the Final Fantasy MOVIE.. (You know, if they just made 16-bit games with good plot people would still buy it and sense it's lesser techonolgy they could sell the games cheaper but still make a proft. "Cool people" are not the Star Wars and rpg in general consumer. So they just make'em like this to be assholes.) But that's not what this topic is about. This topic is about the blatant liberal agenda of the entire game. The Republic is seen as a foolish authority that let the badguys slip from uder thier fingers, buisnessmen are greedy sonsabitches, and the main characters who are all of the "old republic" all are annoying as hell. Let me give you a run down of each of these "heroes" and show you just how bias this entire game is..
Carth Onasi.
An angst, paranoid, soldier who's depressed that the blood of innocent people is on his hands for working for the corrupt goverment and seems to has a supersticous fear of poor people. He'd be tolerable if he didn't whine so damn much. "I don't want to talk about my cheesy done to death origin!" Fine, we won't. I'm all for the don't ask, don't tell, policy..
Bastila Shan.
She's British so we're already off to a bad start, and like most Ereupeons she thinks she's so much damn better then everybody else. "Oh lookit me I'm a jedi!" "I like my makeup!" You fricking ass-clown.. It's clear this inflated ego was suppose to take a jab at the religous fundamentalists. Too bad it fits the liberals ever popular United Kingdom community in a nutshell..
Mission Vao.
One of the few non-annoyances in the game. Relativly nice, useful, has a non-screeching voice, and is sexy to boot. She's underage? Ah, aliens don't count. It wouldn't be the first time I worked my mojo on the young ones lol! (If this is how liberals view the world I suppose this is why they defend Michal Jackson so dillegently. Too bad "16" is alot differant then "10".)
Zaalbar seems like the perfect conservative at first don't he? He's grateful, loyal, friendly, strong-willed. But even the "good republicans" seem to be viewed as hairy, rude, under-developed mentaly ape-men who can only growl and snarl at best. What open minded people in our media..
What would liberals be without thier wonderful technology? (Probably another Zaalbar.) I see alot of simalrities between droids and "new cool things" like Ipods and Mp3s.. they make alot of beeping noises and flash lights, but that's about it. And most any characters want to break these damn things after a while. Thanks alot liberals..
Canderous Ordo.
Clearly someone from Tennesee who drinks too much tequilla, has a club membership at the NRA, beats his wife, and seems motivated only by money, death, and hookers... Okay maybe not all of these are tottaly bogus concepts...
Juhani is a pissed off fem-nazi finely tuned to look like a vampire. Bad example of stupid conservatism? Not nesscarely, look out our beloved "Ann Rice" and how she's viewed by the press. No, liberals don't want a strong, sophisticated, pissed off leader in thier midsts. They want a shake what your momma gave ya' bag of infinite **** incharge. Less Rice on the plate, more Spears.
You may wonder what possible use a serial killer made of wires and metal would be to the goodguys. Simple.. HE'S TECHONOLGY! LOOKY I CAN DOWNLOAD SYSTEM OF A DOWN'S BYOB ON HIS PARTIAL MEMORY LOADER!
Jolee Bindo.
Ah, Jolee, the guy all my demo"rat" SW fans like to compare me too. The aging hippy douche who's flower power has been blinded with anger cause he's terribly old and in costant pain. (Or in my case "cause I can't get none".) It has nothing to do with the fact that today's liberals know nothing about love and compassion and just hump both animate and inanimate objects and have the brain of a bug..

To be countinued.. Da' Badguys.

that game is badass!!! smokin'

I love Hk-47. If only our modern time can have assasin droid like that...

Big Evil
How could this rant be complete with da' badguys? Read on..

Saul Karath.
The epitmy of everything the media tries to convince you is our military. A cold, hallow, plastic man who only thinks about blood and money to ingest in his endless stomache of greed. Also it's clear all those situps, training, and standing out in the hot pouring sun peeling potatoes still somehow magickaly leaves you a pale ammaciated figurine of evil..
Calo Nord.
I think Calo was intended to represent Hispanics as a whole. (Being Mexican myself.) Nord seems to "just be trying to survive". Is intolerable of stupidity and yapping, is short both in height and in temper, and though flips out and kill people the goodguys don't view him as a dispicable bastard. Because the liberals can't afford to hate ANY aliens, even the naughty ones. Good to know.. Good to know..
Darth Bandon.
Who better to represent the darkside of the political spectrum then Stone Cold Steve Austin? That beer swilling, figer pointing, sonofabitch! He wants to destroy everything we hold dear! Like the freedom to slaughter babies and clone cause we think it's cool! (And we all know how well THAT brilliant idea of the heroic liberals went in episode 2..)
Darth Malak.
Who better to represent the darkside then a hick who's victim to the tobbacco industry? That mouth peice is his false chompers cause he never went to the dentist being a redneck. (We'll not take into consideration that liberals ignore healthcare needs and that we're ALL not a rich *****..) And he's bald cause he got cancer from smoking. What a bastard! SMOKING! Let's kill him despite how he suffers everyday looking like a distorted half-man! He even mocks us by wearing red spandex! Red states! BLARGH!!
Yes, the entire marine corps is made entirely of weak-willed, bloodthirsty, jerkoffs. Because we all know military work is just an excuse to push around the little guy, not a job that has sleepless nights where you're cold and alone, defending your country from invaders and threats so guys like you can sit thier happy-pappy asses in thier comfy chairs in some cubicle raving about some arons they have to run and about how this particular brand of coffee sucks..

NOTE: As i wrote this peice Judice Preist's "breaking the law" came on.

Big Evil
Originally posted by wuTa
that game is badass!!! smokin'
It'd be more badass if the controls were simple so I could move my ****ing guy and it not lag like a b-itch because the graphics are so heavy..

Wait a minute, what's that storm trooper?!?!?

Big Evil
Originally posted by PrinceofBlades
Wait a minute, what's that storm trooper?!?!?
I couldn't find a pic of the sith trooper, it's the same crap though so who cares..

Knights of the Old Republic is one of the finest RPGs around. Whats more likely is that you're just not very good at it.

Big Evil
It's not the challenge rating or anything like that I have a problem with. It IS a good-game.

But does it have to be such a graphics whore that it lags a 2005 model computer?
Must it be so obviously liberal based?
And what's the deal with HAVING to become a jedi? (And yes, I'm aware your character is Darth Reaven..)

Hmm... shame #2 was too similar erm only took me a few minutes to grow tired of that.

Best #1 was great big grin I had mine on the xbox, so no graphic issues there...

Darth Jello
someone needs to reafirm his faith in 3d rpgs....someone needs to play ocarina of time

playing anything on an E-machine will give you a migraine... sad

Xbox is better for it and that part 2 came out which i don't think was as good as 1. I hear this got game of the year in some mags.

First of, take politics out of this forum, second, its my favorite game of all time, nothing is wrong with it.

Originally posted by Big Evil
It'd be more badass if the controls were simple so I could move my ****ing guy and it not lag like a b-itch because the graphics are so heavy..

the graphics arnt that heavy.. play half life 2 or doom 3 if you want heavy... the problem is the worse EMACHINE you used! you have a POS computer.

Emachines do suck, I'll agree to that.

*kicks stupid computer*

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