Who's The Smartest Superhero Ever?

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black batman
whos the smartest superhero ever?

Parker was a genious. So was Banner. But technically Banner wasn't a super hero, I guess. And who is Iron Man, isn't that Tony Stark. I think he was supposed to be some sort of genious. Bruce Wayne may be up there, but not genious.
Reed Richards
I don't know. I'm just throwing out names for the debate.

My money probably goes to Parker. Hell, he did something at 17 years of age that Dupont and 3M and others have been trying to do for at least 100 years.

Originally posted by gentmax
Bruce Wayne may be up there, but not genious. He the greatest detective in the DCU. . . give him a little more credit.

Reed Richards.

Clark Kent/Superman

Cosmic Cube
Originally posted by Zod4Life
Clark Kent/Superman

roll eyes (sarcastic) Yeah, right.

Cosmic Cube
It's between Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner (not as The Hulk,) and Hank Pym.

I say the smartest Superhero ever is Reed Richards, but the smartest character (villain, in this case) is Doctor Octopus.

I am gonna have to disagree with you. I think Doom is much smarter than Doc Ock...

majestic. or i guess you could say pre-crisis supes, and reed

Reed Richards is usually in the center of any big decision made during a crisis (Secret Wars I and II)

He and Doom would probably be the same, but since Doom is slightly off (you know being a megalomaniac and all), Reed gets the nod over Doom.

Reed is easily the smartest superhero ever.

or Iron Man...

Hero: Reed Richards
Villain: Dr. Doom

what about that Braniac 5 (i think) kid from the Legion of Superheroes?

and before Long Pig comes storming in i'll add Deathstroke to the smartest villains list (not science smart.... just smart, smart... scary smart, smart)

oh yeah..... the Engineer from the Authority is pretty freakin' smart.... she could make Iron man or Doom wet themselves when it comes to tech knowledge

doctor octopus

Hero, scientifically: either Mr. Fantastic or Iron Man

Hero, tactically: either Captain America or Batman

Villain, scientifically: either Dr. Doom or Galactus

Villain, tactically: either Thanos or the Red Skull

K Von Doom
Who has more scientific knowledge - Dr Doom or Galactus?


Originally posted by Creshosk
He the greatest detective in the DCU. . . give him a little more credit.

How much of a detective do you really have to be to solve crimes in Gotham? Eyewitness reports of a man who resembles a penguin... wonder who it could be? a woman dressed in a catsuit... scarecrow in drag? a man with acid burns over half his face... i bet it's the riddler... nah j/k. Batman/Bruce Wayne's no idiot. But he's not a genius level mind either.

Marvel Universe
Hero: Reed Richards
Villain: Victor von Doom

(I know what I just said but) in DCU the only person I can think of is Batman. Weird - cos I don't think he comes close to Banner, Richards or Stark in a battle of the brains. Tactically he might trump them I guess.
DCU villains Luthor maybe? But that's more cunning and ruthlessness than intelligence.

Would be interesting to see a Batman vs. Dr Doom crossover.

what about Black Panther?


Originally posted by Cosmic Cube
roll eyes (sarcastic) Yeah, right.

You know I'm right! stick out tongue laughing

Actually not true, Clark Kent/Superman is really the smartest. Ever see Superman 4? Christopher Reeve battles Nuclear Man? He knew exactly how to destory Nuclear Man.

Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman): "Wait, how did you beat him?"

Superman (Christopher Reeve): "High School Physics Luthor, well you figure if your a creature born from the sun then its obvious that sun is the source of your power."

Superman: "See you in 20."

Using common sense doesn't make you a super genious lol. I always though Mr Fantastic was the most intelligent super hero or the Hulk when the banner persona was in control

i think the marvel geniuses are:

reed richards
dr. doom
and iron man

i think beast is too, but i'm not sure

forge, when it comes to building shit.

Smartest in regards to book smarts? Reed Richards

Smartest overall, including psychology and street smarts? Batman is leagues above everyone else.

Reed would be able to out-build Batman in crazy technology, but Batman would be able to convince Reed to build one for him in the process without knowing it lol. Its that kind of thing where Bruce is an incredibly intelligent guy, but Reed comes up with extradimensional shit and this wacky cosmic stuff which has to be more complicated.

Villain-wise? Dr. Doom and Lex Luthor, most likely. There's a reason why Doom is Reed's archenemy and why Luthor is such a threat without having any powers.

People like Parker, Pym, and Banner, have shown that they're really smart, but in particular fields and not well-roundedness. People like Pym and Palmer are obviously smart because of how they've created/manipulated their source of power, Banner's great for his field, and Parker's a gifted mind, but if you need someone to build you a plot device, you ask Reed or Bruce lol.

Um....are you guys retarded??? Superman's brain processes information a LOT faster than any human and he also has super intelligence in his "power list". This make Superman the smartest hero/villian ever. The second would be Reed Richards, then Batman, and then Tony Stark. There are so many genius heroes and villians that I shouldn't even go into it any farther.

If we don't count cosmics:


- Reed Richards tops them all.
- I'll say that Bruce Banner comes second, with his recent feat, which are completly over-the-top.
- In the third place, I'll say it's a tie between Iron Man, Batman, Hank Pym


- Dooms tops them all.
- I'll say that Lex Luthor comes second.
- Tie between the Leader, Osborn, Joker

Hulk is Smartest One There is!
I seriously think Marvel should just drop all other titles and just pump out Hulk comics where he out smarts everyone in the MU. time and time again.

Doctor Who

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