Queer Eye For the Comic-Character!

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This a shameless rip-off of a recent Wizard issue involving the revisioning of certain comic-book characters.

But seriously I think some character need a MAJOR makeover.

My picks:

Wonder Woman: Seriously the bikini look has to go. She needs a more Amazonian, warrior look. And some friggin weapons too.

Martian Manhunter: This is a horrible costume. Criss-cross suspenders?!

Superman: A classic look. However it needs some modernization. Maybe some darker tones. And lose the flippin underwear. A better hairstyle too.

Power Girl: A terrible costume. Needs a major revision. But of course a costume that accents her......finer aspects.

The Fantastic Four: Needs a minor touch-up.

Elektra: She needs a new look. Lose the crappy bandana.

Superboy: I don't dig the jeans and T-Shirt look. It is growing on me though.

Dr. Strange: He's had the same dusty "costume" for years. He needs something new.

Batman: I really don't like his costume. For god's sake he's supposed to be about sleath. So lose the BLUE cape and the GREY outfit. And of course the underwear.

Anyone else. I purposely avoided the X-Men because they update their costumes every other week. Especially Storm.

Yeah, Batman should start to wear something else. Similar to this:


That costume looked pretty sweet.

I LOVE the Ultimatized costumes of the JLA that Wizard gave them.

Blair Wind
Originally posted by Draco69
I LOVE the Ultimatized costumes of the JLA that Wizard gave them.

i havent seen those. can you get some scans???

Originally posted by Blair Wind
i havent seen those. can you get some scans???



X-men: if theyre gonna wear costumes, they gotta do it right. Personally I prefer the leather on some and the costumes on others (leather for wolverine- definitely- but Emma and Jean work better with certain costumes).

Cyclops- needs to get back to his old hoodless costume right before the leather update, it was sweet. Stop the human condom look.

Beast- he looks like he's wearing a diaper for chrissakes, and Cassaday draws him like a fancy house-cat instead of a lion. He needs a major costume update.

Kitty and Emma look fine.

Logan once again looks like a chubby bumblebee.


everyone looks great in their costumes except Bobby, whose costume consists of an ice covered speedo. Not cool.

Uncanny X-men
Rachel, Storm and Nightcrawler have sweet ouftits. Bishop and X-23 look smooth. Psylocke's costume is boring. She needs a sweet purple outfit.

You'd think that for as long as Spider-Man has been around he'd have more than his 'classic' costume and the black one. This doesn't count the random futuristic spin-offs and what-not...just the mainstream comics.

I like his classic costume, but something new every now and then might be cool too. One issue he ran into a tailor who offered to jazz him up in a trenchcoat of some sort...weird, but kinda cool just because it was new.


Cosmic Cube
Superman looks WAY better in that picture, Scoobless.

I like the Batman costume

Blair Wind
if you go to the site that Scoob provided....well its awesome....i felt that the flash was missing soomething though with his lighting ears gone....but it was still cool.....I think that they should do something that makes them (JLA) all feel that they should change their suits.....i for one would like to see Bats in something that shows how he got the Batman Beyond design....i mean whats with the leaving of the jaw exposed??? i mean if someone gets even a glimpse they LEAST know he's white! oh well that was my 2 cents

I don't like the costume of Rachel in X-Men. She should lose the glasses.

i dont like the ultimate flash... supes looks cool... bats looks a bit captain america like with the belt but still ok... ww is ok too... gl looks good...

The ones i like:
Ult. Wolverine's costume
Ult. Cyclops's costume
Ult. Fantastic Four's costume
Ult. Thor's costume
Ult. Apocalypse's costume
Ult. Storm's costume
Batman Begins costume

The ones i hate:
Ult. Colossus' costume
Ult. Iron Man's costume
Ult. Giant Man's costume
Superman's classic costume really needs a get modernized.
Wonder Woman's classic costume also needs to get modernized.

Blair Wind
dear god did you see Robins suit???? its terrible........but i do like Flashs is cool, it looks more.....streamlined, made for speed.....and Scoob what is up with that website??? i went to the home site but its like in chinese, or something except for the Ultimate DC part.....

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