BattleField 2

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the game is kew... i have the demo right now.. and blah

Disregard whatever he/she is saying.

The game is really fun. Its not entirely new, it still feels like the old Battlefield, but the gameplay has been perfected, modern weaponary, really improved infantry combat (its the best part of the game) and improved teamplay mechanics (commanders, squad leaders and vastly improved voicechat and instand commo ) makes this an unbelievable MP game. You attack positions cohiesivly while the commader is throwing down artillary at the same time, heli's drop off soldiers that resembles a scene from Black Hawk Down. Each class is pretty solid (my personal fav is special ops, im a sniper with that M4 rifle)
All in all, really good game, especially for the MP. No MP game comes close to this.
The only problems is that its a system hog, Internet assholes and a few minut gameplay issues. It also keeps stats on offical ranked servers.

I was thinking that we start a minut little KMC clan (like we always try to do). Its the type of game that clan play would improve the actual game. If anybody else plays, Smasandian is my name.

I think I'll get the game sometime during September, how good is it compared to the other Battlefield games?

Its much better than any of them.

They finally got the whole team game down pat. I would definitly recommend it.

Great to hear, looking even more forth to get it. Anything changed in pure gameplay? It's still the same ways to fly planes and helicopters etc?

Yeah I have the game too. It is one hell of a game!! Just too much fun.

i heard like u gotta have a pretty nifty comp to run it. I got a 128mb Gforce 4 ... 2.2 Ghz .. 512RAM will i need to update to a 256 mb video card?


Mor, the gameplay is generally the same. If its on the battlefield, you can use it.
The classes are more thought out but the crazy thing is that you can be the best player without actually killing anybody. You get points for kill assists, flag capture, flag defend, flag co-capture, revive (medic), healing, supplying, repairing, driver assist kills and a bunch of other stuff.
Its soo better because now teamplay is more prevelent instead of just trying to kill somebody.

I've been wanting this game for a while, but I have not bought it yet.

I have the money and the video-store is on my route home from school. By 3 PM today I'll be playing Battlefield 2.

Great game thus far. Only problem so far is that there don't seem to be that many Ranked servers. I didn't notice the difference after I had ruled one map as a Battle Commander and ha gotten like 15 kills a minute.

Hopefully I can get this for xmas, becuase Im not looking to spend 50 bucks right now. I have bigger things to save for, unfortunately.

im still on battlefield 1942 stick out tongue ...but when i get a better gfx card then i get BF2

Lol, now I understand why there were so few Ranked Servers. I had the option Only same version toggled on, and apparently only 3 of all the Ranked Servers have patched up to version 1.0.2

Ok, now after fixing some minor problem with my patch I can play on all Ranked servers. However, it seems like Norton Antivirus doesn't approve of violence. As each time I update the server list this appears and throws me out of the game:
Any suggestions?

disable the anti-virus would be a start

Well, something less drastic. As I'll surely forget to turn it off and will without doubt get a virus or two withing the week (I tend to download too much crap).

Well then you cant do anything.

Either you turn it off and play, or get viruses.
They're might be an option to allow games to be played.

Agent 69
I love battlefield 2 dare you

Originally posted by Agent 69
I love battlefield 2 dare you

Um, who are u replying to?

What PC do you recomend for a nice play on BF2? I don't have a top of the line but...

2.2ghz pent
512 ram
128mb gfx

or my laptop

3.0ghz pent
512 ram
64mb gfx

Should be good enough.

I think your video card is going to kill you though.
I have 256 9800 XT, and Im playing on medium settings.

Download the demo and see if you can play. It was released a week before it came out so its the final game

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