The Battle of Capinar

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Twilight Janick
Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...


The Two Shield Towers

It's war! After Grand Admiral Thrawn's demise,
Grand Moff Tajinn, commander of the Mechanical
Angels, decided to launch an attack on Capinar,
a very important system to the New Republic.

Knowing that the fate of the New Republic might
be sealed with this planet, Admiral Naberrie
decided to send a strike force after having
scrambled herself to find the precious craft.

The Capinari have decided to handle the defense
of their planet themselves long before the New
Republic forces would arrive. General Dellant,
also a Jedi Master, put the search for Tajinn on
the top of her priorities...

Did you ask for Ushgaraks permission?

Twilight Janick
Sorry, I will ask permission right away.

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Twilight Janick
Once the permission has been granted, the bios must have this format:

Skills (not necessarily with the Force)
Weapons and other equipment

could i be like a stormtrooper?

Twilight Janick
Stormtrooper can be counted as a class. I forgot the faction thingy: either Imperial or New Republic.

Name : Zuke Zaxer
Race : Zabrakian/Iridonian
Homeworld : wandering
Size : 2 meter
Age : 23
Weight : 105 kilos
Class : Dark Jedi Knight
History : He is strong within the force. he have his entire life trained his strenght and force. He can handle both the light and the dark thanks to his now dead master. His mom and dad was killed by the jedi knights when they protected him (accident) . The jedi though he had to be taken care of because of the force within him. if he got to the dark side, he would become powerful. he fought his way out with his own crafted lightsaber. twobladed. (dubleedged) one red and one blue side. he got hunted and are now on the run. the only thing he has left is his dog, his clothes and his sabre. He also have once been attacked by an knight who feelt darkness and hate within Zuke. Zuke struck the jedi down, grabbing his sabre.
Skills : Force push, levitate, lighting foce, fire force and mindblast (make enemies confused however dont work on jedi knights, they are to powerfull in the force)
physical appearence: mystic wanderer. Always wear a dark coat and has a black band around his head that is covering his eyes and nose. only a little opening that he can see trough. he is kinda agressive, but always polite. he also has an three-headed black dog called fluffy as an companion. and 2 sabres.. his original twobladed sabre and a yellow one he stole from the dead jedi.
Fluffy has a lenght about 2 meters and a height about 1 meter and dark red eyes. he is always unleashed and obey zukes word to the letter.

name: Trey Dozek
I.D. : TX-1172
Homeworld: Coruscant
height: 5 feet 3 inches
age: 22
weight:195 pounds
Class: Leutenant in the Imperial Army
history: When Dozek was only a boy of 8, he was caught in the crossfire of the battle of Coruscant, when the Droid Army was attacking the capital in a distraction for General Grevious's kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine. Trey was racing to his home when he turned the corner into a company of Droids. As soon as they put up their blasters, they were cut down by the majestic Gunships of the Republic. one by one, they landed and deployed their troopers. they saved his life, he thought. Ever since, he trained for the day they would accept non-clone recruits into the Army. Eventually, he got his wish, and was brainwashed by the Evil Emperor. He fought throughout the Galactic Civil War with his men, and rose up the ranks. Although he has come to seen the horrors of Palpatine, he still believes in the ideals of The Empire.
Skills: Leadership among other troopers
Weapons: He took a Clone trooper's DC-17 and kept and maintained it ever since. Also he has the usual blaster pistol and thermal detonaters

Twilight Janick
Name: Janick Dellant
Race: Human
Homeworld: Naboo
Height: 5'11'' (1,80 meters)
Gender: female
Age: 19
Weight: 142 pounds (64 kilograms)
Class: Jedi Master (New Republic affiliated)
History: When Dellant was about 5, she was caught in the staring eyes of another Jedi on Geonosis when she was on a field trip. Then, King Abromy has appointed her as the Royal Air Guard commander when she was 16. But at school, her classmates thought of her as an intellectual monster because she was using the Force in exams and almost relied entirely on it. Although she is a General in the Grand Army of the New Republic, she lives a double life, her second life being a flutist in a jazz band, she is better in the New Republic fleet.
Force-skills: Mind cloud, stun, mind influence, cura, push, pull, lightning, mind read, mind break-in
Non Force-skills: Leadership among starfighter pilots
Starfighter: Naboo Starfighter
Weapons: DC-17, two lightsabers (teal and orange blades respectively)

have you got premission?

nice char btw..

are we gonna wait for other players or should T.J. start the story?

I stand ready smile

D Company is ready for deployment SIR!

~Conclude my dog from the sheet.. I'll do without him~

Lt. Dozek walked up to Grand Moff Tajinn, who was looking from the bridge of the star destroyer ( T.J. can make a name) at Capinar.

Lt. Dozek: Sir?

Twilight Janick
It's a Super Star Destroyer instead, its name is Malevolent, and Janick tries to raid one of its generator domes.

General Dellant: Concentrate your firepower on the Super Star Destroyer!

Then, a K-Wing fired an ion torpedo and (all Jedi have Naboo Starfighters Mk.II) three Naboo Starfighters opened fire on the generator dome, which blew up a little while later.

OOC- Yes, the mod even suggested to begin that RP.

Dozek was thrown from the deck when a missle hit the generator dome.

Grand Moff Tajinn: Dozek! get your men to battle stations!

Dozek:Yes sir!

as Lt. Dozek ran off to the barracks, GMT shouted "All anti-air fire on those Naboo starfighters!"

~if i am a sith.. should i be in the same ship as Dozek? or on his side?~

Twilight Janick
OOC- Just on Dozek's side.

IC- Two Capinari Amebas (Capinari cruisers; they are simply Star Trek Sovereigns with Star Wars technology) fired on the bridge.

- Use the Force, Janick!

Janick heard her former master exhort her to use the Force. She fired at random around the bridge of the Malevolent, destroying a couple of anti-fighter emplacements while a turbolaser hit her astromech droid, R2-D3.

- EEEERRRKKK! R2 screamed.

Zuke who walked the same ship as Dozek desided to go for a flight.. he walked to the hangar grabbing one of the fighters (one as the one vader is using. dont know their names) and fly out.. "lets see what thins thing can do" he said as he flew to the space battle..

When Lt. Dozek arrived at the barracks, his men had already got to work preparing for the jump.

LT.D.: alright men, check your gear, and check it again. we cant have any failures on the way over.

as all the troopers fell in to line, he lead them to the hangar, and there he waited untill they were directly across from a new republic cruiser.


immeadiatley all the stormtroopers fired their jetpacks and flew out of the super star destroyer. they were the boarding party. after about 2 minutes in space, they hit the enemy cruiser. one by one the 30 teams of 8 placed explosives on the outside of the ship and blew it up. after they were done, they all jumped down threw the hole into enemy territory. they werent going to blow up the ship, no, they were gonna take it.l

"I dont belong in space" Zuke said to himself as he landed on an emeie ship.. ahh.. ground.. as he walked out of the ship he got meet by some soldiers.. not much of a threat.. they were about 5.. he struck them down quickly with his nice sabre..

After Zuke had dispatched the enemy soldiers, a hologram of Lt.Dozek showed up on his palm.

Dozek: Sir, phase one is complete. we have made it onboard and are proceding to enemy deck. we'll meet you there.

in an instant the hologram disapeared. Zuke then proceded towards a hallway and force-grabbed another soldier.

zuke: "where is the deck?''

soldier: that..wayyyyyugh(dies)

Zuke dropped the corpse and moved towards the deck.

Wielding his sabre he walks toward the deck.. some soldiers jump furth and he strike them down quickly.. he then jump up some stairs stabbing some more soldiers.. Forcepushing a door that slams up.. he conntacted Dozek "The deck has been reached. Were are you Dozek?"

"right above you"

immeadiately the ceiling exploded around Zuke as the teams of stormtroopers jumped down into the deck, followed by Dozek. after a few moments of fighting, all were dead one the deck except for the ships captain, an old man quivering with fear, and a buitiful young warrior, clad in battle armor with hands in the air. Dozek walked up to Zuke and said to his men

"Take the girl, strip off her armor and throw her in the brig."

as she was being taken away by 20 troopers, Dozek took of his helmet and looked at Zuke.

"the captain is yours to deal with"

OOC: any one who want to join in and play as the girl feel free.

"So captain.." checking his plate on the chest. "Captain Zaled.. What to do with you? any suggestions? he walked around the captain looking at him..

Captain: Spare me.. i am just doing my job..
Zuke: So am I, old man. So am I.
Captain: I have done you nothing.. let me live, i begg you.
Zuke: well.. you have been shooting at my men.. attacking our ships.. i see that as a direct hit to me. Any last words?
Captain: Y-yes.. i wish to diAAAARGH!!...

Before he said anymore zuke stabbed him in the back.
"Great.. we have command of this ship.. the captain was old enough as he was.. you understand right? he had only a lifetime in a cage to look forward to" zuke said and then said to Dozek. Put someone to controll this ship..

Whoa, calm down. Did you get permission?

Lt.Dozek: yes sir. (takes out comlink) phase 2 complete. send over new egg. repeat, send over new egg. over

Malevolent: Copy, new egg is on its way. ETA is 5 minutes. Malevolent over and out.

As Dozek saw the Naboo Starfighters fly over, he said to Zuke, "what now, sir?"

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We got premission..

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"Lets finish this little battle" he said and pointed towards a great enemy battle cruiser.. "You think you and your men can get in there?" he asked. "I'll not get in there with a ship anyway.. i will have to take it your way.." he put an armor and helmet that would make the space..

ooc: i g2g soon.. feel free to command my char while gone.. will be gone for atleast some hours..


in the end ush tell to try this one.. i guess we got premission..

"Yes sir. but we will have to get close. once we are in proximity, we can jump from this ship to the next, but we will need to rein force this ship first, and then add more men to our ranks, but it will be done.

Zuke: good


"Gather your men.. we are going to have a boarding action" he said and smiled towards Dozek when he putted his equipment on..

yes sir, but shouldn't we wait untill the new crew arrives? And what about the girl? we did lose 23 men on our move through the vessel. if we go now, there's gonna be no chance at all that we'll take the ship. we'd need twice our strength now to take a ship like that.

"Send in the reinforcement" Zuke said in the Comm-link.. "New soldiers are comming to our aid..

"We will wait untill they come here.. I may be your superior, but you are theirs.. so you create and tell them of the boarding action"

"I'll wait here untill you are ready"
"And the girl... I'll go have a chatt with her.. meet me there instead."
And zuke went of but turned around quite soon after.. "Any questions?"

Lt. Dozek stood at attention


Zuke nodded and proceded with 3 stormtroopers at his side to show him the way to the prisoner.

he grabbed the intercom on one of the control panels and said

"all troopers report to hangar C, all replacement crew mambers, report to your stations immeadiately."

Zuke came to the prison.. the troopers was about to walk away.. "One stay here.. I would need a guard.. how would a leader look like without an shiny trooper by his side" he walked furth from the dark to the imprisoned girl. "So.. who are you? and what is your rank?" he said without showing himself compleetly..

the girl clutched the only piece of cloth in the room; a raggedy blanket.
she turned away. apparently she wasnt gonna talk right now

"I dont think you understand" Zuke said and walked into the cage, closing the door after him. "You are not in a position of not cooperate.. " he said quite angry.. "I dont have time for this" he walked out.. "I have a ship to take over" he started to walk away looking at her..
activating the com-link "Well, Dozek.. are you ready?"

"yes sir we just need to wait untill we are directly over them and have those annoying jedi in their naboo starfighters shot down. then we can make the jump"

Zuke: good im on my way down to hangar...

Dozek: C, sir

Zuke: yes, hangar C, i shall be there momentarilly

Zuke arrived.. "Give me a brief of the situation Dozek." he said as he walked down.. "I myself talked to the girl, but she refuse to cooperate. I know we have use of her. just dont know how yet" he sad.. "You know your men and how they work best.. how do you whish to make this boarding?"

Dozek once again removed his helmet, to reveal the face of Jango Fett, only with brown hair. Even though he could tell Zuke was surprised at his face, he continued.

"well sir, first, we have to shoot down those jedi, or else they'll shoot our men up while jumping from ship to another. then we have to get right over that ship, so we wont be in space that long. after that we will blow a hole in different parts of it. my teams will then jump down into the ship and make their way through the ship to the bridge, where we will get the captain."

(Naboo starfighter does a strafing run on ship)

but first we have to get rid of those fighters.

OOC: hey Janick, we need you to play, cause we cant shoot down your character

"You meen we cant jump untill all fighters are gone.. GOD DAMIT.. We will jump.. take out as may as possible.. even if we cant get them all out we will jump. we will" zuke said to Dozek "You understand me, Dozek?"

"yes, sir" Dozek mumbled as he put his helmet back on. they were right above the enemy capital ship now. it was 1 of 5 in the whole massive battle.
(Zuke nodds)
once again the troopers ignited their jetpacks and flew out of the hangar. 500 meters. 400 meters. 300. 200. and as he predicted, the jedi in their N-2 starfighters came in and flew right through them, killing at least 100. 50 meters. they came again and wiped out another 200. they were down to 400 men when they got down. After they got in to the ship and secured a hallway, Dozek counted and went to Zuke

Dozek: 1 out of every 4 men was killed

Zuke: Yes.. it was a tragical lost, but it would have been greater if we wont strike this ship down. I hope you understand that.
Zuke pierced the ship and jumped in. Striking down some unprepared guards. then looked as Dozek and his men right behind him.
Zuke: Do you have anything to say about my orders say it now. he said to dozek.."I did it so we would not loose any greater numbers..Do you understand?"

"Yes sir. but we only have 750 men for a job that requires 1000. many more lives will be lost. there are at least 900 soldiers on this ship. we will be in for a fight. but you know whats best. what is your plan for taking the ship, sir?"

"We are about 750 of us, they are 900.. the thing is we are the assaulters, and we also got the force with us." he said and ignited his sabre.. "We are to many to stick together it would be an disaster if an explostion came.. lets splitt up.. what do you say about splitting to 4 groups. We splitt up and take 4 different routs to the bridge.. Do you accept the order, or anything to say?" Zuke said..

"no sir, i follow every order you give"

"I will take 200 troopers and take another group led by one of my seargents with me, you will have 150 troopers, and the last group of 200 troopers are at your disposal. "

as they locked and loaded their guns Dozek said to Zuke,

"that girl, from the other ship, i have seen her before. she is the daughter of one of the New Republic generals. We could use her to our advantage. once we take this ship, that is.

"Yes.. and if you see any superiors here at the ship, try spare them.. but only if they are no threat.." he sent the groups away.. Contact me if anything goes wrong, he said to the groupleaders. as he walked away with his group.

Dozek was about halfway there, with 79 men already dead. they were advancing through ship quickly, dispatching all enemies inevery room they passed. after a while they came to a large conference room, with some crates piled up in a corner.

Dozek: something doesnt feel right

Stormtrooper: what's wrong siiARRRGGGGHHH!
out of no where a repeater blaster cut through the trooper. Dozek ordered his men to get down.

--Dozek to Zuke come in--

--we are pinned down in the eastern meeting room on the 5th floor. we cant move. they have a repeater blaster with plenty of ammo. we need you here now!

Zuke himself had barely enccounterd any soldiers..
--Zuke here..--
--Roger that... we are on our way..-- Zuke checked the floor.. 6th? he looked to the floor.. he pierced it and jumped down.. "come.. " his soldiers jumped down one after the other.. he heard screaming and blasting.. "Oh no" he ran towards the sound striking down the soliders from behind.. "Dozek?" he yelled.. started to fight the enemy crowd.. it was very many of them.. there was a battle in the hallway and Zuke was in the middle of both sides..defending himself.. there came soldiers from everywere.. Zuke did his best defending himself as he saw soldiers running towards his soldiers from the back "BEHIND YOU" They turned around and started fire.. "Dozeeek!"

Lt. Dozek was still pinned down when he heard Zuke's cry for help. there wasn't any thing he could do now, except wait for the laser to reload.

Zuke forcepushed an group of soldiers jumping up behind the laser. "bastard" he said as he struck it down.. he then started to fight again.. forcepush another group.. He lauched some lighting uppon some soldiers, causing them to fall down.. "Are you alright?" he shouted to Dozek.

"Yes sir, fine." Dozek said as he looked at the disabled repeater blaster. how many men do you have left? We need to push farther and get to the bridge. If we cut the head off the snake, the body will die.

"My group are almost gone.. They got attacked from behind.. we miss one group.."

"Zuke here.. Group 3.. come in... do you copy.. Were are you?"

"Group 3 copy.. we are not faar from the bridge.. what should we do..?"

"Stay there.. we are comming up."
He jumped into the crowd striking down the last ones..
He then looked at the hallway.. how awfull.. Stormtroopers everywere.. He got kind sad seeing it. "I am sorry for this, Dozek" he said.

"What? They are replacable. let's continue our advance.

--Group three initiate manuver alpha-067--

Dozek: come on, we need to hurry. there's a stairwell at the end of this corridor.

they ran up to the bridge where group 3 had already blown the door and was firing above all the gaurds heads, keeping them from firing.
Dozek: After you, sir

Zuke walk into the bridge.. "Surrender.." he shouts to the persons inside the bridge "you are dead, and you know it.. If you put your weaponds down, you maybe live.. We are in controle now" he said to the personell.

One of the guards peak up to fire Dozek.. he blast of, but zuke strike the shot back to him who fall down.. Some of the guards put their guns on the table above them.. but some started to make resistance, but they dies quickly of all stormtroopers striking them down. "Good job, Dozek, you and your men have done well... Gather the ones that have surrended and bring the commander here" zuke said kindly and looked at Dozek.

Lt. Dozek was walking over to the commander, a Mon Calamari, when out of no where two warriors jumped up. one a male jedi, the other a female fighter, also wearing battle armor. before Dozek could think how this ship too had a female warrior, he was kicked back into some troopers. one of the troopers accidentaly hit a button which closed and locked the door, leaving Zuke to deal with both the opponents

"Oh, no" Zuke said.. "You dont wanna get me mad" he said.. "YOU DONT WANNA GET ME MAD!" he charged the two opponents with his dual sabre.. fighting them both.. the warrior fought him on distance with different tricks and her gun.. while he was fighting the jedi.. "You are to weak, jedi.. Surrender.."

Jedi: I will never surrender.. he said and attacked him from above, right on the metal grip of Zukes Sabre. It was cut at half, but still funktional.
Zuke: Now you made me mad! He attack now wielding two sabres, striking him at high speed. he forcepushed the jedi into the wall and started to forceshoke the female.. "I-I-I'll give up" she said, having a hard time to breath.. He then released her, pulling her gun to him.. "Good, you will meet, probably a dear friend, he said as he forcepushed her into the wall and she fainted..

The Jedi attacked him from above, which Zuke barely blocked. he then kicked the jedi in its stomache, knocking him out with an huge kick to the head. He then walked to the door starting to pierce it with his sabres.

"stand back!" shouted Dozek as a light saber came through the door. after a minute, the door fell down, to reveal a fainted warrior and a fainted jedi.

dozek: bring the other prisnoner over to this ship and put in cell block D. Take this one( points to other warrior), remove any weapons, armor, comlinks. put her in cellblock C. Should we kill the jedi?

"Well, he might be a threat , i dont know what he is capable to do.." he said.. "take him aswell.. but if he wakes up before he is in the cell, dont take any risks.. stike him down... I'll take a chatt with him when he wake up.. be carefull"

"yes sir."

Dozek walked off the deck with 30 troopers, 20 of them having their gun pointed at the jedi at all times. once dozek was gone, a Stormtrooper walked up to Zuke

Strmtrp.: Sir, Lt. Dozek told me to tell you that you may do what you want with the girl and the captain.

Zuke looked at the girl, still in battle armor and still knocked out, and then looked at the captain.

"I will see what to do.." He walked to the captain.. "Anything i should know about this ship?"

Zuke: Sure? I wont have any use of you, if you dont have anything..
Captain: Well, there is an hiding force at the bottom floor.. about 200 men.. he said and looked conserned at zuke..
Zuke: Well thanks... you know what i hate?
Captain: No sir.. whats that?
Zuke: Traitors...
In the next second he cut the captains head of..

He looked at the girl.. he did let her lay there untill she woke up. he sat down at a close chair..

Lt.Dozek had put the jedi in a magnetic-containment field and was on his way to inspect the ship for survivors on the bottem floor with 100 of his men. He saw a lot of dead bodies and ruined equipment, probably from a the Malevolent's guns. Dozek was no jedi, but he could tell something wasn't right.

Comm-link "Dozek come in.Zuke here.. There is 200 men at the botton waiting to attack.. shall i come and help? or do you take care of them?"

~were is janick? messed ~

Twilight Janick
OOC- Sorry, I couldn't go to any computer for three days now.

IC- It is Lt. Dozek no more. It is Capt. Dozek. from the Imperial surface forces.

Comm-link: Attention all units! Prepare to fight!

Janick came back to Hangar C of an Ameba, trying to be boarded. She drew her lightsaber, charge in every stormtrooper she can find. Even if she had to deflect a few blaster shots, she was toe-to-toe with Captain Dozek (ground troops).

Dozek was at the hangar of the rebel ship thay just captured when a jedi got on board. "take this" he said as he handed Zuke a mask. he then pushed a button. and suddenly knockout gas began to fill the room the jedi was in. as the jedi slowly was falling into unconciousnous, the troopers pressed the filter button on their helmet, and set their blasters to stun. Once the jedi was down. Dozek walked over to her and said to his men

"I dont want to take any chances. Strip off any armor, robes, weapons, everything. put her in the cell block next to the other jedi and the other warrior girl. put the block on security level A" *Looks at Zuke*
That was easy.

"To easy.. i will have a chatt with her later" he said and smiled.. well done anyway..

Dozek smiled underneath his helmet at this sight. A jedi knight, a so called protector of the galaxy, being thrown into a jaill cell block in her birthday suit. He was happy with how he had degraded her. It improved the morale of his men. He watched her slowly gain conciousness as he waited for Zuke to arrive.

Captain Dozek was tired of waiting and left a Female Stormtrooper by the door to guard the female jedi (hint hint for escaping) and left for the bridge of their new ship. He had other matters to attend to.

Twilight Janick
Even if Janick was imprisoned, her troops kept on fighting and Julie (a Naboo Starfighter Mk.II pilot) launches a pair of concussion missiles into the thermal events of the Malevolent, thus starting a chain reaction which would ultimately destroy the Malevolent and damage the ship on which Janick was aboard.

Dozek became angry at the sight of the Malevolent blowing up. His son was aboard there. he became so enraged he ran down the hall to where Janick was. He mumbled something on the comlink, and a minute later, a torture droid was sent into the room with the jedi.
Dozek laughed. with no clothing on, the needles should pierce nicely through the jedi

Zuke came down to the cells and to Dozek... "What are you doing, Dozek?" he said and looked at him.. "Are you gonna torture her? why would you do that?"

her freinds just killed my.... they blew up the Malevolent. Now we are stuck on this rebel ship. Plus, i thought she would be more apt to talk with a little provoking. *points to torture droid like one used on Leia on A New Hope* She will talk. plus, this model is resistent to the force. she is helpless.

"but are you? resistent to the force i meen" he said and looked at dozek.. "she might not do anything to the machine, but you.. or any of your men are weak minded.. no offence" he said and looked at the prisoners..

"are you saying i am stupid? Besides, the jedi is behind 2 feet of titanium. She cant get out. *sounds of Janick screaming* and it looks like the droid is working.*takes comlink connected to cell* Jedi, when are you going to talk?

"No i am not.. you are one of my best men.." he said and smiled at dozek.. "Do you really think she will talk?" he said and smiled abit..

*turns on comlink again* "oh she will talk, Zuke. If she wants the droid to stop and her clothing returned.

"Well.. dont kill her... i value my opponents.. so.. take it carefully with her.. " zuke looked at the machine.. it is kinda intresting.. how a machine could work.. he would never trust anything he had not builded himself..

Yes, sir. dont worry, she wont die. you have *sounds of Janick screaming* my word she wont die......from the droid anyways. Zuke nodded, and took a seat, waiting for the jedi to give up and talk.

Dozek(on comlink to cell): Come on Jedi, just tell us about your forces battle plans, and we will stop the droid and return your clothing. but hurry up, my men are a little cold and need something to burn.

"If she does not talk soon, i will go meet her.. i have an natural talent of ehmm.." he thought for a while "convinsing people" he added and smiled while looking at the machine.. "force resistance? how?" he looked at dozek..

it has thrusters on it that can keep it afloat if she force pushes it. its is steel plated so she cant force crush it. *Janick continues to screm in pain* and it looks like it is working.

"Is it possible to creat an armour like that?" he said and got greed in his face.. "I am handy with tech crfeation." he sad and looked at the machine..

sorry, you would have to go to whoever made this droid. and they probably wouldn't tell you how to make it. *Ship is hit by lasers, lights flicker* top secret, you know. * looks at guard* make sure she doesnt get out. *guard stands at attention and salutes* lets go to the bridge and see what is going on in the battle

*walks away from Janicks cell block.*

OOC: this is what Dozek looks like.

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Zuke trusted dozek, so he waited in the cell with her... he sent the machine out and looked at her.. "Are you ready to talk?" he looked at her.. "this machine is gentle... either you talk or i'll get you to talk.. one way or another.."

after a while he took contact with dozek.. "Report in, what is happening.. do you need assitance?" he looked at the jedi girl and smiled..

"no, everything is under control. those jedi in the N-2 fighters are retreating. we have all anti air on this ship ready to fire. do you need me to help?"

OOC: This is what Dozek looks like under the helmet. if you want me to make your character, just give me a very detailed description of them. include skin color, clothing style, clothing color, weapons (there is a small selection though), etc.

"This will work fine, thanks for asking" Zuke just sat and looked at the jedi, who were tied up.. he just sat there and watched her for a while..

Captain Dozek was waiting on the bridge watching the new captain adjust to the New Republic ship when a slimmer storm trooper came up to him. the trooper took of his helmet. Dozek turned around and said

"Yes troo...." it turned out it was yet another woman Trooper.
"jeez, since when did they let Women into the Storm troopers?
the women slapped him.

Sir, I am Sgt. Zofia, and i didnt do that as a soldier, but as a woman. I have been assigned to this newly sto- uhhh "accruired" ship. i have brought 100 other troopers along as reinforcements, in case of another boarding.
Dozek: good, well Seargent, i need you to do some security work down in Cell block C. we have a jedi named Janick there. Sith lord Zuke is there interogating her.
Zofia: Yes sir, i am on my way.
Zofia put on her helmet and turned away from Dozek. as she was walking away, he couldn't help but look at her butt-plate(of armor). suddenly she stopped, came back, and punched Dozek in the face, knocking him to the ground. she then immeadiately left. a trooper looked at Dozek.
D:What? get back to work!*feels jaw*uhhhhhh, women

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Seargent Zofia

Twilight Janick
The other Jedi was taken in the same cell block as Janick.

Comm-link: Self-destruct sequence activated. 15 minutes to explosion.

When the poor interrogation droid and its owner left, Janick devised a fleeing plan:

- First, you pretend you are an Imperial entertainer, I will pretend I am an Imperial strip-teaser whose normal duty require glow rods. And in case of boarding, I'll need a DC-17. For the glow rods, I know there are the three I recognize right here.
- Then, what, madam? asked the male Jedi.
- You'll also pretend you are a strip-teaser too. The last thing that we'll pretend is that we are plain regular pilots under training. Piloting those captured N-2s droidless is like piloting a TIE Interceptor.

Having for only clothing a G-string and a bra, Janick lights two of those so-called glow rods and destroys the droid as well as the female stormtrooper but the Sith was out of range.

Captain Dozek put his company in two Lambda-class shuttles. Normally. they can house 60, but under duress they can house as many as 100 fully armored and armed stromtroopers. It is kind of odd, because under Tarkin, each squad was comprised of 7 soldiers, each platoon of 4 squads, each company was comprised of 4 platoons, each battalion was comprised of 4 companies, each regiment was comprised of 4 battalions, each division was comprised of 4 regiments, each corps was comprised of 4 divisions and so on.

Maybe under Tajinn, it worked that way: each squad has 8 soldiers, each platoon have 5 squads, each company has 5 platoons, each battalion has 2 companies, each regiment has 3 battalions, each brigade have 2 regiments, each division have 4 brigades, each corps has 4 divisions and so on.

After all shuttles left for hyperspace, Janick and the male Jedi was left in the hangar and those two N-2s took off.

Dozek couldnt believe it. The ship they fought so hard to secure was going to self destuct. He was sitting in a lamda shuttle with 100 troopers, and Sgt. Zofia. she kept glaring at him the whole time. she was still angry from before. How couls she blame him? He had never seen a pretty woman in 4 years. but his thoughts went elsewhere. like how those half-naked jedi were going to find a way past the imperial fleet without getting caught. they would definitely stand out. He just hoped that there werent any troopers stupid enough to think that those two were somthing non-existant like a strip-teaser. he didn't have a comlink. he looked at Zofia.

"uhhh, can i use your comlink?"
"Yes sir."
she handed it to him. he took it and contacted the imperial ship closest to where the jedi were.

"hello this is Captain Dozek. Be on the lookout for two half-naked jedi. have your female personell be careful. they might try the old knock-out a-guard-and-take-their-uniform trick. Dozek out"

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Dozek was relevied when he got on another Super star destroyer in the battle. The Crushing One was a large ship. he made his way to the bridge and spoke with the captain.

"sir those two jedi have escaped, but when they were captured, we took their light sabers. if they try to sneak on board any ship, we will be ready. they will stand out like a Wookiee trooper with nothing on for clothing. we confiscated all their clothing for inspection. we might find out who makes it. "

Captain: good, i will send out a squardron of fighters to intercept them. the battle has reached a turning point. both sides have had heavy losses, and are resting on the opposite sides of the planet.
*Dozek looks at TIEs fly out *

Zuke walk furth to Dozek.. "Have the jedis escaped?" he said angerd. "Find them quickly.. I will go looking for them.. and strengthen your guards... and give them direct comm to us, in case they see anything. You know were they are heading?" he looked at dozek and draged his sabre.. "I trust you dozek.. find them.. or, if this is about to selfdestruct, make sure they are on board.."

ok, just so you know, we are on another ship. also, the ship we captured has self destructed, the two jedi have escaped and are on another ship.

Dozek: yes, sir. i will find them

hehe.. oh, okey smile good to know smile

"Great.. if you do, report to me emidiatly.. i want this girl.. alive if possible" he said and walked of..

Dozek was going to check every Ship in the area for Janick, even if it took for ever. it wouldnt even be that hard. 2 nude jedi would probably stand out. he had to find them before they got disguises, even though he would be able to see their faces. there were only 10 female stormtroopers in the whole fleet, 1 of them was dead. the other 8 (not counting Zofia) were on his ship. He found 20 troopers and contacted Zofia on the hologram projector. she was already in her black jumpsuit and was putting on her armor.

"Seargent, meet me in Hangar 1 ASAP"

"Yes Captain."

afeter about 5 minutes, they were off to the first ship on their list, the Imposer

Zuke picked an jumpsuit and walked down to Hangar 1 ASAP.. "You might not need me, when you have your men, but if i follow you might loose less" he said as he putted on the helmet.. "I have nothing else to do anyway"

Sir, we would gladly acceot your help, even though the New Republic Ships have retreated to the other side of the planet for repairs, like ours, you could still help us find them. I have along with me 19 troopers, and Seargent Zofia*She salutes* we are almost to the Imposer, where we will check for Janick and the other jedi.

He saluted Zofia"Welcome, "Seargent Zofia.. good.. i can feel she is close" he said and watched at the ships outside.. "After you, Dozek.." He said and smiled..

As the pilot was setting up for Docking, Dozek took off his helmet and looked at Zofia. He almost choked up. for some reason, Dozek always felt nervous around her. he got it out of his head and said

"Seargent, you and I will take 9 troopers and search the left side of the ship, while you*points to Zuke* will take the other 5 and search the right. Got it?

"affermetive sir" he said and smiled.. "comm link if it is anything.." he looked at the men.. "Are you ready?"

Zuke nodded. they could tell they had docked with the ship when they heard the sound of the tractor beam stop. Dozek, Zofia, and the other troopers put their helmets on and exited the ship in a single file line, with Zuke folowing behind. they split up, and began their search. most of the crew and troopers were already on the planet, duking it out with the native species on Capinar. It was only them to search. Dozek took Zofia and the other 9 went to the left, while Zuke went to the right. Dozek first went to the 5 hangars, to see if any of them had N-2's in them. after about 30 minutes of going from hangar to hangar, Dozek hit the jack pot. the two damaged N-2's were lying in hangar 5. Dozek turned to his men.

"Ok, we are gonna split up. you 9 go that way*points* and Seargent Zofia and I will go this way*points*. the 9 troopers went their way. Dozek locked and loaded his DC-17. he put on his helmet and looked at Zofia.
"let's move." Zofia nodded and they cautiously proceded thorugh the many hallways. they were on their way to the laundry room, where the jedi would most likely go. after 10 minutes, they were checking anither floor. they turned the corner when they saw them. The streaking jedis. Dozek opened fire, Zofia also with her E-11 blaster. the jedi nimbly dodged their fire and rushed them. with no robes to weigh them down, they were a lot quicker than before. before Dozek and Zofia could do any thing, they were hit in the neck, knocking them out. as Dozek fell into unconciousness, he felt his helmet and gloves being taken off, as well as his whole body beong dragged. and just before he went out, he heard
"Hey Janick, think it will fit?"

about an hour later Dozek woke up. He was tied up, naked, and stuffed into a locker. He couldnt budge. He heard sounds next to him.
"At least we aren't dead."
"let me guess, youre tied up in a cramped locker with all your clothing stripped off."
"uhhh, yes. you too?"
"the jedi must have imitated our voices and told Zuke to not worry about us or something, he's probably already on another ship."
"god, i am going to get that jedi Janick. she will regret the day she did this to me. Sir, how are we going to get out of here?"
Dozek thought for a while, then thought some more. he couldn't move, not even hit the locker door with his chest.
"I guess we will have to wait and see if Zuke comes back."
He could hear Zofia sigh. the best thing Dozek could do right now was to get some sleep.

Zuke walked the ship. searching all over it.. found nothing.. after a while he got the transmittion "Sir, this sector is clear. We will check the next one, you keep searching there" zuke started to think.. "Dokano, were are you, i just want to know, so i dont need to check that place" he waited for a while.. no response.. then it came "We are in hanger 5.. no need comming here" the man said.. Zuke though "did he realy respond to Dokano?" he smiled.. "easy fooled jedis.. i better go find dozek.." he started to search, he had been jobbing with dozek so long, that he could feel him nearby.. He walked to hangar 5 and walked by his feelings.. after a while he came to an locker... He was close.. Zuke kicked in the locker and found Dozek... "What happend" he took him out and untied him.. "where is zofia.. and were are the jedis?" zuke looked at him..

Dozek fell out of the locker hard, still tied up. he looked at the shocked Zuke, who was apparently didn't expect the jedis to steal ALL his clothing.
"Zofia is in there *points head to locker* but i just wanna tell you, Janick stole ALL her clothing also."
Zuke nodded and covered his eyes. he used the force within him to pull off the locker door. Zofia also fell right out of the locker and hit the ground hard. Dozek and Zofia, still nude and tied up, looked up at Zuke. He was coming down to untie them when he got a message on his Comlink.
Zuke was thinking about what was more important. he said "sorry, i will be back soon." and left, just like that.
Dozek looked at Zofia.
"how could this day get any worse?"
as if on cue, a large sweeper bot entered the room, and swept up the two troopers. it went around the room and continued its duty, going all over the ship, with Zofia and Dozek being thrown around in its brushers the whole time.

Zuke ran to the soldiers. They were right.. they thought that dozek and Zofia was fighting them, one by one the soldiers died in all different ways, they got shot, hit down, kicked down or even force pushed into the walls.... he draw his one handed sabre and threw it right into "Dozek" who fell down, not dead but badly wounded.. he then ignited his two bladed sabre and looked at "Zofia" The female jedi looked at him, then grabbed an soldier as human shield.. "D-dont get anny closer" she said and looked at him.. "I dont care of that man" Zuke said and walked against the jedi.. "He is only obeying orders.. he is doing his job, you have no right to kill him, because you are an jedi, protector of the light.. " she nodded and fell to her knees.. "I cant do it" she said.. "I know you could not" Zuke laughed and tied her up.. before that he stipped her armour and also dozeks armor.. then he tied them both up and walked back towards Dozek and Zofia... "Without your sabres you are nothing, jedis" he smiled..

Twilight Janick
Janick wasn't in an Imperial ship, the other Jedi didn't make it to the New Republic flagship for the system, a Dunames-class battleship (an odd design using the Invisible Hand and added wings (on the tip of them, there were sublight engines as big as those installed on ISDs)). But the male Jedi still was aboard an Ameba, uncaptured, in Hangar 2.

Com-link: X-Wing Squads 5, 7 and 9, prepare to engage the TIE Fighters. Dellant out.

N-2s were New Republic equivalents of TIE Interceptors, except they had way more shields and rounds of secondary weapon (50 concussion missiles). Now that they mass-produced the fighter, they were not reserved to Jedi anymore.

Comm-link: Gray Leader, follow me to the Gruesome One. We'll hit the bridge and when the bridge is destroyed, the ship blows up.

OOC: hey T.U., why not let them escape, so we can have some more drama? cause it would kind of get boring if they were just captured again. rolleyes1

IC: Dozek was infuriated. he was being tossed and turned and kept bumping into Zofia. he knew Zuke would pursue the jedi, it was his priority, but he wished there was some way he could get out of here. the droid stopped at a hangar. they felt something touch them. Zofia screamed and kicked Dozek in the groin.
"Dont you EVER touch me in the butt again!"
"owwwwww...wait, i didnt touch you."
"then who did?"

they were lifted out of the sweeper and looked at the people they hated the most out of the whole Galaxy. Janick and that other Jedi. Still wearing all their clothes.Dozek looked worried as he was being carried over to a small Lamda.

"whe...where is Zuke?"
Janick: we used a force field dispenser on him, he's going all the way around the ship to get here.
Zofia(trying to get free): what do you want with us? you have already stolen our clothing and tied us up.
male Jedi: we are going to go across Capinar to the other side of it, where the New Republic fleet is repairing itself. and you are our prisoners.
Dozek: could you at least give us some clothes?
Janick: let me think about

and like that they put bandanas around their mouths, tied the ropes tighter, humiliated them more by using a marker and drawing marks all over their faces, put them into a tiny room, and finally tied them both up together. As their ship was taking off, Dozek could hear Janick and the other jedi faking their way past the imperial fleet. He knew the little cease-fire wouldnt last more than a few more hours, which meant whatever ship they were on would be closer to the fleet.

Originally posted by Twilight Janick
Janick wasn't in an Imperial ship, the other Jedi didn't make it to the New Republic flagship for the system, a Dunames-class battleship (an odd design using the Invisible Hand and added wings (on the tip of them, there were sublight engines as big as those installed on ISDs)). But the male Jedi still was aboard an Ameba, uncaptured, in Hangar 2.

Com-link: X-Wing Squads 5, 7 and 9, prepare to engage the TIE Fighters. Dellant out.

N-2s were New Republic equivalents of TIE Interceptors, except they had way more shields and rounds of secondary weapon (50 concussion missiles). Now that they mass-produced the fighter, they were not reserved to Jedi anymore.

Comm-link: Gray Leader, follow me to the Gruesome One. We'll hit the bridge and when the bridge is destroyed, the ship blows up.

umm, how about we say that you and the jedi did what i wrote, and put Dozek and Zofia onto a New Republic ship before she did what you wrote above. is that ok?

Dozek was on a New republic Ship is a small prison. he shivered. he had realized that he hadnt been wearing any clothes for over 2 hours. The New Republic treated him and Zofia poorly. Clearly they really hated stormtroopers. they were in a very tiny room, with just enough room for the two of them. to add even more to their humiliation, the roof was a glass dome, with a viewing area around it, so the New Republic crewmen could come and laugh at them. Both him and Zofia had iron collors around their neck, both connected to a wall, to keep them from doing anything hostile. As Dozek thought of how he would get out of there, Zofia fell asleep. She dreamed about the best thing that could happen; Janick getting killed, or worse; captured.

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Zuke walked the ships and tryed to find Dozek and Zofia... "Dozek, Zofia.. come in.. where did you go?" he said in the comm-link..

Dozek was happy at what the guards did. they gave them some clothes. they were rags and they covered little, but it was bett then nothing. he chuckled to himself and said to Sgt.Zofia

Dozek: Better late than never, ehh Seargent?

Zofia: please, call me Zofia

Dozek: uhhhh...o..ok Zogia, i mean Zofia!

She rolled her eyes and did push-ups. Dozek also started, thinking it was a good way to pass the time. he also thought about whether Zuke had any idea about where they were, and if he would come to free them.

Zuke walked the ship.. he then took his jump suit.. they are at an enemy ship, he knew that.. he walked to the hangar.. no emey fighers nearby.. he took the chanse and jumped. when he was half way to the ship an fighter aproached.. it shot but missed, and turned to take another shot.. it shot at him again, but he avoided thanks to using the force, and the shot hit the ship.. an opening, who zuke would not miss.. he jumped in and landed in an hallway.. empty.. but he then heard voices, so he hide himself in the shadows.. two soldiers walked by.. "How great, we got those prisoners.. but it was almost so i felt bad for them, when they were naked.. good that they got some cloths.. Zuke smiled.. "thank you" he walked towards the prison, trying to sneak as much as possible..

Dozek was eating his small meal they had given them. He wondered about how Zuke could ever possibly get on the New Republic Flagship without getting noticed, and if he did, how he would get them back. The door to their cell opened up, and a soldier cam in.
"you two are coming with us to the inspection room, where we will inspect you to see if we can find out where you have been. Then you will be taken into the interrogation room, where you will get a taste of your own medicine."
they took Dozek and Zofia out of their cell, and put them on a hover board. they locked their feet and hands in, and put electroshock collars around their necks. they went down the hall to the inspection room. they removed the locks, and shoved them into another pitch black room. suddenly 4 robot arms came out and ripped off the rags they were wearing. then a series of scanners went over the room, checking for anything that would help them locate any bases. Dozek realized he hadn't taken a shower in over 2 days. he was covered in dust from the sweeper he was sucked into. the scanners shut off, and the robot arms came out again, all 4 grabbing Dozek. they lifted him inot the air and then many camera bots flew around him, taking pictures. they really wanted to know where he was. they let go and dropped him onto the floor. they went for Zofia. she backed up into a corner and started to shiver. Dozek lept up and did a drop kick into one of the arms. as soon as he hit the ground, his collor sent a large volt of electricity through his body. He was recovering when he saw Zofia being picked up and inspected. Once she was dropped, the door opened and the were pushed out. they were put on the hover board and were being sent down the hall. they didn't look at the crewmembers, they knew what looks they would get. Someone threw a fruit at their faces, causing it to splatter all over them. the door opened. Dozek and Zofia's eyes widened at the sight of 2 torture droids, and a bunch of guards.
Dozek thought
"Zuke, where are you!?"

Zuke felt lucky today.. He had landed on the flagship and sneaked in.. probably when no-one was looking.. he had more luck today than ever. When he landed in the hallway no-one were there, also luck.. and then the guards who made it sure that dozek was on this ship. Now he just had to find him.. Oh more luck, an guard alone.. Zuke sneaked up om him, and broke his neck. The suit was fitting.. Great.. He walked out on the hallway after disposing the body of the guard. He started to walk towards the prison. "Even if i get them, how will i get out.?" he thought to himself. "aaw, it is always a way." he said and smiled.. then a man stepped infront of him.. "Hey, you!" he said.. zuke got a little worried about what the man wanted.. was he detected? "Yes?" Zuke said and looked to the floor.. "Do you want to come with me? there are two imperials who are about to get tortured.. i love watch them suffer." Zuke looked at him.. inside he had anger, but outside he had a smile.. "Yeah, why not" he followed the man into a room, with about 12 guards.. "Now i just wait for the right opportunity" he thought for himself as he watched dozek and zofia walking into the room, towards the torture robots in the middle..

Dozek was pushed into a chair and was locked in. Zofia was too. she was pushed in the behind by a guard. She was furious and started to punch him in the face. The guard in the observation deck fumbled with the remote and pressed the button. Zofia screamed as the collar started to shock her. she sat in the chair, and was locked in as well. The man pressed another button, making the droids spin their blades.

"Now, tell us were your re-supply base on the planet is"
Dozek: Never.
Guard: then i guess we will have to hurt your freind here.*presses button again* now dont you want to tell us something?
the tortur droid began moving closer to Zofia. she looked at Dozek and said
"no matter what, do what is best for the team!"
She screamed in pain as the blade nicked her arm.
"No!, dont do that to her!"
The blades stopped, and the droids left. then 3 guards came in and stopped in front of them.
"tell us"
a guard punched Dozek in the stomach.
"Tell us or else. *looks at Zofia*I heard that there is an opening on Tatooine for a slave girl for Grakko the Hutt."
Dozek cried out "ZUKE WHERE ARE YOU?"

Zuke walked furth. "I wish to to release these two" he said and looked at the guards. "And you are?" a guard said angered. He looked up and had a evil grin in his face. "Zuke!" he yelled as he draw his sabre and ignited it. He started to wave with his hand and the doors and windows got shut and a strong wind started to blow inside the room. He forcepushed some on the guards into the wall, striking some down with his sabre. He pulled two guards into eachother so they fainted, and the last one he started to forcechoke. "Tell me how to get out of here alive!"
he released Dozek and Zofia while choking the guard. "Are you alright?"

Dozek and Zofia were releived to get out. they rubbed their wrists for a minute. Dozek looked at a fainted guard and took his uniform and clothes off. he Finally had some decent clothes. He looked at Zofia, who was still nude. they had to find a female crewmember for her to get a good disguise. Dozek took the guards blaster and looked at Zuke

"Sir, we need to find a uniform for Zofia to wear."

Zuke looked at them. "She will have to use an male siut for the moment, we will find her an female on our way out. The only problem is i only have one jumpsuit." he let go of the guard who was dead. "Well, now to problem two. How do we get out?" he said and smiled. "There are just the three of us, so we cant take control of the bridge, we dont know what is waiting there" he looked at zofia. "Get dressed"

Zofia nodded and dragged the dead body behind the chair. Dozek could hear her moan in frustration

"everything ok?"

"I dont suppose either of you have a bra on you?"

Doezk and Zuke both blushed, and Dozek happened to say


"thought so"

in a few minutes she was done. it would be hard to pass herself off as a female guard, but it was better than nothing. they looked both ways, and left the room.

Dozek: What now sir?

well, zuke had not thought that far, he only wanted two of his best men back. "well.. ehm.." he thought for a while. "We will have to get to an hangar, so we will try to find a small way there. A way not so crowded, I dont want the whole ships soldiers comming towards us." he said, and then he thought for a while. "or do i?" he smiled. "Any suggestions?"

Zofia's Face lit up with a grin

"we could cause a distraction, make all the soldiers run there, whil we go to the hangar. we could say we were assigened there. We even might be able to take out another girl in all the chaos, then i can get out of this crap."

Dozek: That might work, but what will we use for a distarction?

"An distraction would be a smart move, but the distraction would be me, because if anyone of you two would, you would quickly get taken down, and so would the ones trying to run.. I will stay here, and draw attention. You will run in the shadows towards the hangar!" he looked at both of them.. "Then what?"

Then we will commandeer a star ship and fly back to the fleet

"And what about the decoy? Me then" he looked at them both. "If you get out of here alive, i would appreciate some reinforcement when you reached an friendly ship."

"No, you would distract them so we could get to the ship. You would then run and get on it, and we would all get outta here." said Dozek

Zofia: Hello, what do we have here?*looks at woman her size in Orange flight suit* hold on a minute.

Dozek and Zuke looked around to make sure everything was ok. Dozek nodded to Zofia, who followed the pilot into the bathroom. Dozek could hear mumbling, then some punches, then he heard something drop on the ground, followed by an unzipping noise. a minute later, Zofia came out in the flight suit.

"ok, lets get this thing started."

Zuke laughed. "Okey, lets go. I will drag my attention, contact me when you are inside the ship." He said and ignited his sabre.

Twilight Janick
Comm-link: This is Rear Admiral Whitten. Please release Captain Dozek, Zuke and Rear Admiral Praji.

Rear Admiral Praji was the first officer of the Gruesome One, a Lucrehulk ring assault carrier. Janick first remembered of him as a journalist, when he covered the 20th anniversary of the end of the Clone Wars, live, on Coruscant.

Janick fired a volley of concussion missiles towards the engines of the Gruesome One, when she took off from the flagship of Whitten, who has five Amebas under her command. However, the fifty Larvas (Akira-class hulls from Star Trek) who were destroyers, attacked the Nebulon-Bs and the Tantive-4s as well.

Comm-link: This is Admiral Naberrie. Once the Nebulon-Bs and Tantive-4s are destroyed...

Twilight Janick

Dozek and Zofia made their way down to a hangar. they told their lie, and were let through. they had to find a 3 person craft. they searched around untill they found something covered by a tarp and placed behind some crates. they pulled off the tarp to reveal a ARC-170 Starfighter, straight from the clone wars. Dozek got in the pilot seat and turned it on. it took a couple of times, but he got it running. Zofia found an astromech droid, and happened to reprogram it to follow the Empire.

"Where did you learn that?"

"Back home, on Coruscant."

"youre from coruscant?"

"there's a lot you dont know about me Dozek."

Dozek and Zofia got in. Zofia was the gunner, and Dozek would be the Rear gunner. they just had to wait for Zuke to come and pilot it.

Zuke looked back, hoping they were alright, and made it into a ship. "Okey, here we go" he walked towards the hangar. Some enemy soldiers stepped infront of him and he sliced them down directly. He was met by minor forces, no though fight. When suddently about 6 men stepped up infront of him and 6 stepping up behind him "Surrender jedi!" they commanded. Zuke looked at them and smiled. "I am no jedi" he said angered as he forcepushed them behind and launched at those infront. He cut them down, but unfortunatly the alarm went on. "oh no" he said and started to run towards the hangar.

Soldiers started to pile into the hangar as Zuke ran towards the fighter. Dozek and Zofia fired the guns, trying to hold them off.

Dozek:Come on Zuke!

Zuke threw himself into the fighter.. "go, go, go" he yelled as he shot lighting at some of the soldiers at the hangar.

Dozek pressed the button, and the 3 cockpits closed. Zofia shot open the door to space, sucking out the guards. Dozek was trying to keep back the soldiers, and panicked when he saw then doors closing again.

"Zuke, fly us out of here!"

Zuke got almost panic. He had only flyed twise. He grabbed the controles and flew of. "We are all gonna die" he thought as they lifted of and flew out of the hangar, with the laser shoots at their tail. They barely got out when the doors got closed. "Okey, can anyone take over?" he said and tryed to keep controle of the ship.

Dozek and Zofia just had a terrible shot of fear

Dozek: Sir, both of us are only trained for infantry. Besides, we cant get out of the ship and switch.

Zofia: we got N-2's on our tail *fires gun*

Twilight Janick
But that pilot who was on the ARC-170's tail was not Janick. It was another subordinate of Janick who piloted a N-2.

- There's an Interceptor on your tail, Janick! MacWire out.
- This is General Dellant. All units, fire at will!

Lizzie MacWire was a Corellian Jedi blonde who liked refitting her fighter according to fashion. What she did on her N-2 was adding a chaff gun, first intended to engage hordes of vulture droids and to confuse sensors. She also liked the Hellfire concussion missiles, so she changed the ordinance inside. She fired a few Charfire blaster shots when Janick was doing a somersault to be behind the Interceptor. *fires blaster*

- Thanks, Major MacWire!

But the triumph was brief. MacWire, who was trained for infantry, could stand on her own in a starfighter. Then, the ARC-170 was trying to dock in the closest Imperial ship who had a docking bay open. The Gruesome One's docking bay wasn't open since one of Tara's ships damaged the sphere, straight from the Clone Wars.

- Captain Tarpals and Major MacWire, we'll attack the Defendant.

The closest Star Destroyer wasn't the Defendant. It was the Gone Fission. The crew of the Gone Fission's attention was caught up in the drama for which some of the crewmen waged on the successful docking of the ARC-170, others hoped it would explode.

- General Dellant, itsa clear that the Defendant is a medical frigate.
- There's only one way to easily destroy a medical frigate of this class: hit the ''spinal cord''.
- The ships of the Federation du Trade are engaging wessa cruisers.

What did Captain Kerl Tarpals meant by Federation du Trade ships were six Trade Federation sphere starships. Kerl Tarpals is the son of Captain Tarpals in The Phantom Menace. Tara decided to engage the ships head-on. Instead of having vulture droids, it was TIE interceptors once again.

- We're tired of fighting TIE interceptors! How many did you take down?
- Nineteen! Twenty!
- Mesa destroyed 21 interceptors!

Dozek was releived when they were back on an Imperial ship. they got off and were immeadiately overwhelmed by th etroopers coming in to pat Dozek on the back. they were happy to see their captain again. they brought Dozek and Zofia to an armory and gave both a new suit of trooper armor. Dozek was pissed he lost his DC-17. He told his story to imperial recorders, and went to see the captain of the ship, while Zofia scared the Sh*t out of her new unit, so they wouldn't treat her like a lady. dozek had forgotten about Zuke , and wondered where he was.

Zuke walked out of the ship. "Man, i was a bitt worried there" he said. he then looked around, but it was empty everywhere, noone in sight.. "Well, thanks for the welcoming, you did not have to" he said and walked down from the ship.

Dozek was taling to the captain when he saw another fighter fly past the bridge. for a split second his eyes met the pilot's. It was Janick. He knew she would be shot down sooner or later. he turned to the Captain again.

"Yes sir?"

CaP.: Dozek, you are being sent down to the surface of Capinar to lead our ground troops in the battle against the native Capinnari. You will also take 100 other troopers.

Dozek: what is the objective?

Cap: The Capinnari have set up a fortress in this location* points to hologram*. they have a massive shield generator protecting it from artillery or Bombers. we need a combination of our cavarly and infantry to take the fortress . If we cant take it, then we will have to find and destroy the shield generator. Remember, we want to take it. Destoying it is the last option. Can you do it Dozek?

Dozek: Yes Sir. Will there be New Republic forces aiding them?

Cap: Yes, we have seen them in the immeadiate area.

Dozek: alright, I will leave immeadiately.

Dozek walked off the bridge and procedded to the hangar where the Lamdas were waiting. He looked at one of the troopers guarding the hangar. It was Zofia.

Dozek: Zofia!

Zofia: Trey? where are you going?

Dozek: I'm going to assist in the fighting on the ground. It will be hard, but we will win.

Zofia: *takes off helmet* Dont die Dozek, ok?

Dozek: *Get's onto ship's boarding ramp* I'll try not to
As the Ramp closed, Zofia ran up to Dozek and kissed him. He was a bit taken a back.

Zofia: I love you

Dozek: I know

*Ramp closes up. ship flys off. Zofia puts her helmet back on and watched the shuttle fly away. he saw a Trooper looking at her, so she took off his helmet and punched him in the face.*

"Ye-yes ma'am"

Zuke sat down in the hangar watching the two of them. he was quite shocked by her goodbye. "Zofia. get over here" he said as the shuttle took of.

As the shuttle descenened into Capinar, Trey Dozek thought about what just happened.

She loves me? Do i love her? how would it even work out?

He then realized that he did, in fact , love her. He thought wheter his ability as a stormtrooper were slipping. No, it wasn't. He could manage a battle without worrying over her conditions the whole time. he would have to, if the Empire was going to win this battle.

Name: Jeric Kelston.
Race: Nautolan.
Homeworld: Imperial Cruiser.
Size: 6'2
Age: 25
Class: Rogue/Renegade.
History: Jeric was born on an imperial cruiser, however the cruiser was destroyed, and minutes before it was Jeric was sent into a space pod on a planet. He was left alone, only one survivor. It made Jeric angry, at both the rebels who destroyed the cruiser, and the Imperials who left him alone. Jeric than heard of the jedi and sith. He was soon interested in the force. He learned some force uses by himself, but he knew he would need more experience. He found a Jedi, which took him into the Jedi Academy. For ten years Jeric served there, until 16, two years after he made his lightsabre. He thought he had learned alot, he then slayed his own master from anger that the Jedi had not approved him of a Knight just yet. A Sith Lord then found him, and was very interested him him. Until the age of 24, Jeric served under this Sith Lord. Becoming even more powerful than the Sith Lord himself. Jeric slayed his master Sith Lord too, and now is a Renegade who does anything he wants. Bounty hunt, or just slay Jedi or Sith for the thrill of it.
Skills: Is a master of both, the light and the dark side since he trained under both. But he prefers the Dark side more. He is a wonderful pilot and weaponry man, but likes to use his lightsaber the most
Weapons and other equipment: Not much, clone armor and a dark sith robe. He has two blaster pistols and one Staff Lightsabre.

~How can I join in?~

Twilight Janick
You already have joined in. But why do Imperial characters are more in use?

Anyway. Lizzie have more experience with Trade Federation units, but Janick followed her and went under a battle globe nozzle and fired a pair of concussion missiles into them, causing the battle globe to explode.

However, the battle of Trade Federation battle globes vs. New Republic Ameba-class cruisers is over, there's no battle globe left but an Ameba.

- Where did you fight battle droids?